With the steady growth of internet based businesses, the need for online writing jobs has continually increased, as these companies need the help of writers to create quality content for their websites, blogs, and social media pages to rank in search engines and to attract loads of visitors. And today, our writer help wanted review is solely based on a company that is willing to teach aspiring writers, bloggers, authors, freelancers etc, on how to scale their writing skill to become the best they can be and most importantly, possibly earn steady/full time income stream by landing the best of these job offers, or go as far creating their own writing business.

So if you fall into any of these categories, or even seeking for work at home jobs, kindly read through to see what this platform has got to offer.


Name: writer help wanted

Owners: Alice Seba& Ron Douglas


Price: $47 & downsell $27

Rated: 3.5/5.0


This is a website designed to teach aspiring writers, bloggers, authors and even those that want to work from home, the best ways to scale your writing skills to maximise your potentials of making money through your writing. And if you want to go higher, they will also train you on how to start your own writing business.

Writer help wanted review


Well once you subscribe with them, you will have access to the member area, where you are provided with all the necessary tools and step by step training modules and video tutorial to teach you how to scale your writing skills and use it to make up to $1500 a week, or even better train you to start your own online writing job business.

Upon starting up, according to the owners, you will be thought the three main critical mistakes writers make that causes them to be unsuccessful, as listed below, and also the best way to fix these mistakes. Then comes the training proper.

The 3critical mistakes writers make

1. Not knowing where to find high paying writing opportunities

2. Simply thinking that writing well is enough

3. Failing to learn from, and model successful writers who have already accomplished your goals.

Writer help wanted review

They claim these are the 3critical mistakes most writers make, based on the interactions they’ve had with students they trained all over the world, and they will help you fix these mistakes.


We do not really see much of support that will be offered on this member area, from the owners, except if you connect with them on their Facebook page, here we are meant to understand you can get one on one support from them once in a while. But they do have a sound training module.

5 step by step training modules available to you

The writing market-profitable ideas in a competitive market place: according to them, this module includes an overview of 34 wide open writing markets and ways to make money with each idea. They will show you how you make money by being a service provider in that market and how to transform that service business into more passive income opportunities. They will teach you how to do some work today and get paid for it over and over again.

Writer help wanted
Profitable ideas in a competitive market place.


Get paid now-find writing jobs online: Even if you are a new or aspiring writer, or you have been way into writing but want to start making money immediately, they say this is the right module for you. This module teaches you how to:
  • Find the best work on freelance job sites
  • Explore help wanted ads without being sucked into scams and bad leads
  • Grow your contacts to keep the work flowing
  • Create ways to secure writing jobs more easily than you could ever imagine

And once you have the cash flow coming in, then you scale up to module3.

Writer help wanted review
Module2: find writing jobs online
From jobs to a business- get long term work: in this module, they say you will learn how to turn the tables around, and have clients seeking you out, rather than the other way around. This module covers the following area
  • How to find your specialty and set yourself apart from the competition
  • How to price your services effectively, so you can get the most income in the least amount of time possible
  • How to get your first clients and expand your client base
  • How to avoid common mistakes of working with clients, and avoid those difficult clients
  • How to scale your business and build a team, so you don’t have to work so far.
Writer help wanted review
Module3: long term steady work
Get paid while you sleep-creating passive streams of income: in this module, they claim to have plenty of ideas and strategies for you to earn from your writing over and over again. And will show you how to inexpensively outsource the writing work to others to earn more while working less.
Improve your skills- writing persuasively and building authority: according to Alice and Douglas, this is another important module for everyone, as this module will show you how to develop your persuasive writing skills and establish your authority in your niche. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with clients or have ventured into more passive income projects, success is much easier when you learn the skills outlined below
  • Growing your confidence, so you’ll be perceived as the best writer in your niche
  • Connecting to your audience through writing style and voice, so they can’t wait to hear from you again
  • Learn the art of persuasive writing, so your potential clients and customers will gladly hire and buy from you without hesitation.

There you have it, with all this equipped training, you should be on your way to success


Writer help wanted offers you a one time membership fee of $47 and a downsell of $27. You can also tap into their Elite Writer’s Lab membership for just $1 for 10-days if you join now.

Writer help wanted review


  • An avenue to learn more and improve your writing skill
  • 60days money back guaranty
  • Real training modules and tutorials
  • Step by step training modules
  • Very affordable
  • Ability to learn from others who have been where you are
  • Providing up to date job listings.



Writer help wanted is a legit program you can benefit from as an aspiring writer but most as an established writer and if you are looking to scale your writing skills to further create income from online writing job opportunities.

However, if you are just a beginner, or an aspirer we recommend you join this online community known as Wealthy Affiliate that will help you get started for free and teach you from basics everything you need to know about writing and how to turn your writing into a thriving business. (Scroll down to find out why we recommend this community).


Name: writer help wanted
Owners: Ron Douglas&Alice; Seba
Website: www.writerhelpwanted
Price: $47
Rated: 4.0/5.0


Why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate community instead

Writer help wanted review

That is it for today, thank you for your time and hope you found this post helpful, if so kindly share with others. Don’t hesitate to drop us your opinion, suggestion, or even experiences. Your questions are also very much welcomed.


Writing for cash, it is tempting. But I’m afraid it will take a lot of time to earn little money.
Of what I’ve seen so far, there is a huge competition amongst writers and to find the well-paid jobs is not easy.

I’ check it out a bit more, thanks 🙂

Your welcome Stefan, it is because of the huge demand for writers that this program is especially suited for those who arlready started and are looking to scale thier wriring skills to make better money

That’s a very thorough review however it sounds like the program isn’t necessarily suited for beginners. I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and the training that’s provided is exceptional and second to none. That’s a great comparison between the two that you’ve included in this review.

Yes Helen, we believe it is more suited for people already in the writing bussiness, where they can actually learn more to improve their skills. Hence we recommend WA as a better alternative for beginners and mostly aspirers

Seems to be a good step by step training however, I recommend a more specialized education in this area as you have recommended, wealthy affiliate is the best solution. Thank you for this review it was very interesting.

Thankyou Katherine for droping by. I strongly recommend WA for any one who is just starting out and then can grow and try other courses just to add to their knowledge base and improve better.

Thanks for this post on writer help wanted, it would appear that they have produced a series of modules that consist of a complete business model.
If you have the right mindset you can achieve anything you want to and a little guidance in the right direction for someone in this state can work wonders.
I have taken the The Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting from AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) – very good grounding in copywriting – and would probably look at something like this – as it is a one time payment- to add value to the copywriting course.
Do you feel that as a copywriter you can make a living or do you think that affiliate marketing is the way to go?
Many thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi Phil, in my opinion, can you can make a good living as a copywriter or affiliate, i think it has more to do with where you want to chanel your energy. They both can be a source of passive income, which i believe is always the ultimate goal. Its just about finding what soothes you best. For me i choose affiliate marketing, though i wont mind broadening my writing skills. So yeah it all boils down to what you want the most.

Hello queen, thanks for the wonderful review about the program, which is of course I’ve never heard about it. By the way, I would like to provide some of my opinions regarding the review.

it is good to know it is a legit program, and i am sure people will truly benefit from this program as when they have more knowledge about writing.
i also agree that a beginner will be better starting up with WA as it is very newbie friendly and will benefit them the most.

yes Chris as a starter its better to start up with WA will be thaught all you need to know from the the scratch to build your on bussiness. but if you have already mastered your writing, it will be good to join the program and improve your knowledge base.

Very informative review. I had no idea that writing could be a business and didn’t know how detailed it was. Thank you so much for taking the time to give a review. I really learned a lot.

I will pass this on to someone I know who was thinking about being a writer for Fiverr. This will put her in the right direction.


Thank you Mattew. I am glad this post is of help to someone. Please can you kindly let us know how it goes with your friend? So that others will also benefit from her experience.

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