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Before I venture into our today’s topic of work from home jobs for stay home moms, I want to start off by saying a very big kudos! to you momma.

Taking care of a little one (s)and running a home I can say is the most strenuous and time-consuming unpaid job I know, but also the most rewarding of them all.

And being home can sometimes mean a less source of income for the family. Good news is, it doesn’t have to be so! We have taken our time to pick out some lucrative work at home jobs that you can easily engage in to improve your source of income.



I choose to start with this, because baking is a gem in a haystack!  this is something that comes naturally with a lot of we moms, and to some it is a great hobby.

So if you are the type that loves to bake, why not turn your passion into a thriving business. It doesn’t need to cost you anything more than your normal baking budget for a start, but this time rather than bake and share with just your family, you can extend some to friends and even few acquaintances, letting them know you are starting a baking business, so they can patronise you.

Better still organise a little get together with family and friends, bake something really sumptuous that will make their jaws drop, then kindly inform them of your intentions and ask for their support.

You can also create awareness in schools within your area, possibly the ones your kids attend and offer your services. If you do this, always remember to go with samples so they can have a feel of your specialty.

And before you know it, people will start making orders and gradually your business will grow. You can choose to involve in different baking recipes, but it will be easier and more focused if you start out with just one. For example, you can dedicate your self to making great cakes, or cupcakes, doughnuts, croissants etc. Rather than dabbling with everything.


Loads of companies these days prefer to hire virtual assistants to the normal traditional personal ones. And this creates a great opportunity for stay home moms, you can now choose the time and hours that soothes you to work.

Bear in mind that you will at least have some basic secretarial administrative skills to pull this off, as your work can be within the ranges of customer services, book keeping, managing emails, receptionist duties, transcription of videos/audio files, manage and update social media accounts etc. Depending on what the company wants.

The payment threshold varies from one company to the other depending on your duties. Within the minimum range of £10-£15/hr and upwards in the UK, and about $15 and upwards in the US.

You can enlist with company like upwork for a start, see what others are charging and know how to bid your price. Always remember that starting out, you may not get the best of payment but as time goes on and you get more trusted clients, you can increase your price. Other sites to check out include;

You will need a laptop or PC, good internet connection and possibly a video app like Skype on your system and a home work space for this venture.



Buying and reselling products can definitely be a very good way to earn some cool cash if done well. You can choose to do this with online market places available through eBay, amazon and of recent Facebook.

We advice you to do some quality research on the items you are interested in before venturing. As like every other bussines, there are always risks involved

You can read our post on best ways to make money from home, to gain more knowledge on how to get started selling on eBay and amazon market place.

If you don’t think the above is for you, and you are good in crafts making or even own antiques you will love to sell, then Etsy is the market place for you.

Etsy allows you to enlist your unique crafts and antiques to sell to people who are interested in them. It is free to join etsy, but you have to pay $0.20/£0.15 to enlist your items four about 4monthsor until they sell.

And also pay 3.5% transaction fee and 4.0%+£0.20 for payment processing once you make a sale. You can head over to to find out more.



If you are the type of mom that loves having and being around kids, then this is definitely for you. You can now get to make money while doing what you love, taking care of your kid(s) alongside other people’s kids for a couple of hours.

Childminding is a very rewarding business, one that you can eventually turn into a full time income source. Here in the UK, you will need to register with Ofsted or a childminding agency within your local area.

It is important to follow every guideline set out for this, to avoid legal issues. Some online courses are even made available for you to use.

Just make sure your home is child proofed and very conducive for little ones, you will definitely have inspectors around. Don’t give them any reason to doubt your capabilities.


Well! what say you! How about running an ironing service for those who do not have the time or strength to do so for themselves. To start up ironing service, you will consider two things;

Registering with an agency: this makes it a lot easier as the agency will handle most of the dealings directly with the clients and only deliver the clothes for you to iron and then get paid. You must be able to at least convince them on how good your services are. I think an average pay should be about £8-£15/hr, depending on your agreement.
Start up your own ironing service: this may prove a little daunting and more stressful in the beginning, you will need to do a lot of advertising to get known, then you add the handling of invoices and inventories, and maybe possibly delivering these clothes back to the owners.


If you think you can handle all this on your own, then its definitely worth the try, as everything you make definitely goes into your pocket.

Your best option for advert at the beginning maybe word of mouth, as this does not cost you anything. You can speak to friends and families, acquaintances or even local shop owners around you.

Maybe once you get started you can then make little business cards to give around and ask shop owners within your area to let you paste some fliers on their doors.


There are a few things you will need to get started in this business;

  • First and foremost make sure you live in a house that is smoke free, this can be a serious put off to potential customers, as no one wants to have their clothes back filled with smoke smell.
  • Good quality iron or two, in case of emergency.
  • A good quality ironing board.
  • Enough supply of hangers for putting ironed clothes.
  • Garment bags to put over the hanger and cloth.
  • You will need tag papers for tagging the clothes to avoid mix ups.
  • Then bags for storing different clothes for before and after ironing.


Lots of people are getting into the act of blogging as it now proves to be a great source of income and the best of all, a means to earn passive income. Passive income simply put, is money you make with little or no effort and it keeps re occurring at intervals. But before you can start making passive income, you must have taken time to grow and nurture the business to a certain stage.

This basically applies to blogging. It takes loads of hard work, time and dedication to nurture before it can start generating income for you and then the passive income stream follows suit.

For example, if you start blogging today, note its important to blog about something you are passionate about or at least very much interested in, as this will make the journey less of a burden and more of a hubby kind of thing, thereby making the process easier.

As you blog for a some time, you can then monetize your blog, either through advertisement, affiliate marketing or even sell your own products/ services depending on your niche.

Once you start making money from any of this channel on your blog, as time goes on with little or no effort from you, as long as people visit your blog and makes purchase at anytime of the day and from anywhere in the world, this very blog will keep generating this income even while you are sleeping or on a vacation, this is known as passive income stream.

With the right training, community and support beside you, your success is assured. It all depends on how much you want to succeed in this.

If you think this is for you, then click here to join this community, where you will be taught everything you need to know from building your own free website to setting up your own business.

Joining is free, no credit card required. And you have 20 free lessons on entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing to help set you up. With loads of community support as you journey through every step.

You can test it out and see if it is for you or not. You can also click here to read my detailed review on this site.



So if you are the type that have long luscious hair that end up in the salon bin, now is the time to change that, let those locks of yours make you money! Yes you heard right! Sell your hair to make money.

Lots of companies are in demand of natural hairs to make wigs, extensions and hair pieces, especially for those who suffer from hair loss.

Selling your hair can actually bag you as much as £200/ sale! Hold your horses! I havent landed yet! There is more to this than just picking a scissors and chopping your hair off.

For your hair to qualify for this, they must be in their natural form, meaning no dye or any form of chemical usage on them. And they must be pretty long healthy and luscious.

Below are a list of companies that will be willing to pay you for your hair, you can check them out and find out their individual guidelines.

  • banbury postiche


Just like survey sites, focus groups engage you in product testing and research. In this case it is mostly done in groups with people meeting at a particular chosen location to test a product or discuss about one. Some can also be done by telephone interviews, lasting between 30minutes to an hour.

Depending on your schedule, you can always find which one works for you better you may have to leave your home for about an hour or so.

The pay for focus groups can range between £50-£200 for each task done, depending on how many minutes or hours involved and the company you are dealing with. You may even get to take some products home.

Below are some focus groups you can checkout

  • (US).
  • focus

That is it for today!


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Hope you are able to find one which soothes your need, and don’t forget to come back and share your experiences with us. And if you have any suggestions kindly drop them in the comment box below. your questions are also very much welcomed.

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Melissa · June 22, 2018 at 12:07 pm

This is a great review! So many things I hadn’t even thought of, like Ironing! There is definitely money to be made in reselling items. It can be a lot of fun finding things to sell, but you do have to know what you are doing in order to make money. I think I am going to stick with blogging 🙂 First of all, I can blog from anywhere at anytime, this makes it very easy to work around my family’s schedule!

    admin · June 23, 2018 at 1:00 am

    Well said,blogging takes alot of hard work but it also has its benefits. So you are definitely on the right path

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