What’s The Best Survey Site To Make Money? {Prolific}

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What's The Best Survey Site To Make Money

Hi! Welcome To Today’s Topic On The Best Survey Site To Make Money

For ages now, surveys has remained a very good way for people to earn a bit of extra income online

But due to the fact that majority of them don’t pay well, some ends up disqualifying you after wasting you precious time and effort, while others are simply scam who are rather out to get the most they can from you, you find yourself frustrated or even discouraged

The good news is that there are definitely good surveys sites that will actually pay you for your effort and time spent

And today we will share with you the very best of them all.

So what’s the best survey site to make money you ask?

It is simply called Prolific ( formerly known as Prolific Academy).

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So What Exactly Is Prolific

Prolific is a survey site that is revolved around academic studies.

It is more like a crowdsourcing platform where all walks of academic researchers come to engage any kind of participant they want for their studies.

In exchange for participating, the researchers pay the participants some incentives.

This is the best survey site for anyone who wants to make a reasonable amount of money from surveys.

Because with Prolific you never…

Get screened out of a survey

Receive a survey you are not qualified for

Spend ages on end answering questions on a survey that was supposed to last 10 to 15 minutes

I mean you don’t get any of those BS you receive from most other surveys sites that can be very frustrating.

Instead, they ensure you get surveys you are qualified for, and even if the researchers want something specific, they will mention it on the onset so you will know before joining the study.

For example, you might get a study that fits your demographic, but the researcher may want you to use a laptop specifically for the survey for some reasons.

Now if you wanted to complete that survey on your smartphone, this won’t be possible since they made a specific requirement.

Another example is when you qualify for a survey but then the research may involve the use of webcam and headphone

If you do not have one or both of these items, that means you can’t qualify to take part even though you are a match. Hope you get my drift now.

They also make sure every research pays a minimum of $6.50 per hour on every survey, which is quite cool.

This means even if a survey is just a minute, you do not get less than 10 cents per minute for any survey.

And when they say it’s a minute or two minutes survey it never exceeds that, except if you take longer to complete it.

I know most survey sites will claim to pay this amount for surveys of about 5 to 10 minutes

But the problem is that this 5 minutes always ends up in 15 to 20 minutes because of the time you will need to spend answering qualifying questions.

At the end of the day after spending that much time, you may still be told you do not qualify.

You never see that with Prolific.

Getting started With Prolific

First, you will need to register and create an account with them by filling in their sign up form.

>>>You complete the form with your basic details like name, age, email and create a password, etc.

>>>You will be sent a confirmation email which you will need to click on the link to verify your email and fully activate your account

>>>Next, you will need to answer some screening questions

>>>This is very important as it is what they will use to determine which demographics you fit into and be able to match you with surveys.

>>>You will also need to verify your PayPal email and your phone number.

>>>Once done, it is always to your advantage to complete your profile section.

The more complete your profile is, the more surveys you can be eligible for.


What's The Best Survey Site To Make Money

How To Make Money With Prolific

The only way you can make money with Prolific is by completing surveys

There used to be a referral program where you can earn 10% of your referrals first earning but that no longer exists.

So you will earn money for every survey you complete that is approved by the researcher.

Every survey will indicate what the survey is about, its hourly rate and the exact amount you will be paid.

And will include additional requirement if any.

You will also be given an estimated time to complete the survey.

For example, if a survey is meant to last 5 minutes, you may get an additional 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey.

If you are unable to complete the survey within that additional time given, you will be automatically timed out.

Which means you won’t get paid for the survey.

How To maximise Your Earning Potential

Install Prolific Browser Extension

One thing some people complain about is that they do not get enough notifications for studies, which means they hardly get to make much as a result.

What they fail to realise is that Prolific hardly send out notifications so if you are waiting days to receive notifications before completing surveys, you will see you won’t make much because you may probably receive less than 4 notifications a month while there are several surveys available.

The best thing to do is to install their browser extension which notifies you instantly when there is a survey available.

This is a no brainer, as you won’t be able to complete all the available surveys you get notifications for each day.

Lock-In Immediately

Surveys are constantly released and so also do they get filled up.

There are so many people waiting for these surveys that the spaces get filled up immediately.

So for your best chance at completing these surveys, immediately you get notified, lock in your position.

By this I mean you should quickly accept to participate immediately, then take your time to read through what they need you to do.

For example, when I newly joined the platform and received my first study, it still needed a few more participant so I was busy reading through what the survey is about, and before I finished and tried to lock in my position I was told it was filled up.

I was greatly surprised as how little a time it takes for spaces to fill up.

I learnt my lesson that day, so first I lock in my position and then read through carefully before engaging in the questions.

Be Truthful With Your Answers

Always answer every question Truthfully, remember these researches are being used by people to better lives one way or the other.

Trying to manipulate answers may end up giving the researchers wrong results, above all, they review these answers you give, and if they find any inconsistency that will mean rejecting your survey, which means no money for you.

Keep To Time

For every survey they give, they always include an extra couple of minutes, which means even if you are a slow reader, you still get some extra minutes to complete each given survey.

But if for some reason you are still not able to do so, you will be timed out automatically

Meaning you will not get paid for that survey, so always try to keep to time.


What's The Best Survey Site To Make Money


Always Input Your Code

This is very important, as this code is what they use to know you.

This is another great thing about using Prolific, they never keep asking for your details over and over again

All you need do is input your prolific user ID at the beginning of every survey.

You will also receive a code at the end of each survey, you should make sure to copy that code and slot it in the section provided on the prolific page, this is your proof that you successfully completed the survey.

Some surveys may just redirect you and ask you to click on the link, once done this will automatically input the code for you.

Generally, the surveys are fun and once you can keep to these few things I mentioned above, you will surely see yourself bagging home good money in no time.

There are surveys that lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and pays over the hourly rate

If you are fortunate to get two or more of such in a day, that’s over $10 in less than two hours.

Tell me what survey site beats that?

In Conclusion

Prolific is definitely a survey site you should give a try if you really want to make money by taking surveys without hassles and frustration.

All you need to have in mind is that you can never become rich or financially free by participating in these activities.


>>>Sign Up With Prolific<<<


Here are some other ones you can also use, to boost your income


OhMyDosh (UK Only)




Gener8 (ads)

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What's The Best Survey Site To Make Money


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