What Is Viewsbank.com {Scam} Or Is It Worth Your Time?

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What Is Viewsbank.com

Hi Welcome To Our Viewsbank Review

Today we want to share with you another survey site we recently came across called Viewsbank.

One that claims it can help you earn some extra income whilst letting you engage with other like-minded people on its platform.

Let us see if it lives up to its claim or will it turn out to be a waste of your time.

But before we proceed, I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this product, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this review, we will walk you through…

What is Viewsbank.com, how it works, pros and cons to help you decide if it is worth your time?


Product At A Glance

Name: Viewsbank

Owner: Consumer Intelligence

Website: Viewsbank.com

Price: free

Rated: 3.0/5.0

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What Is Viewsbank About

Viewsbank is an online community where you get paid for completing activities, like taking surveys, polls, mystery shopping, home assignments, etc.

you can also get to interact with like-minded people in the community.

It is owned and operated by Consumer Intelligence which has been in existence since 2003.

They aim to allow you and I give our opinions to brands who need them to improve their products and services and get paid in return.

How Does Viewsbank Work

To get started with Viewsbank you will need to first create an account by signing up.

Sign Up Process

You need to fill out the registration form at their homepage with your basic details.

You will be asked to input your name, email and password and then choose a username and submit the form.

Once done, you will receive a confirmation email from them.

You need to click on that email to activate your account.

You will receive a profile survey you will need to complete immediately after signing up and a further 2 or 4 profiling surveys depending on your profile.

The answers you provide will help them match you to projects that are appropriate to you.

Completing activities

Once you have activated your account, you can now get to complete different activities on the platform, depending on what you qualify for.

They have activities ranging from:



>>>Mystery Shopping

>>>Assignments( also known as work at home projects).

For every task you get, it will display what reward you will receive and how long it will take to complete such tasks.

Viewsbank Payment

You can accumulate rewards in your account until you reach the payment threshold.

The payment threshold is £12, and once you reach that, the money will be automatically paid into your PayPal account.

Just make sure to verify your PayPal email, and make sure it is the same with the one you signed up with.

Payments are made on the second Tuesday of the next month once you have accrued up to the £12 threshold.

Which means if you have up to £12 or more in your account in the present month, it won’t be paid out until the second Tuesday of the next month.


What Is Viewsbank.com


How Can I make Money With Viewsbank

Completing Surveys

There are always surveys available to be completed to earn rewards.

According to most users, the surveys are short and interesting.

You may receive invite to participate or log into your member area to check out what is available.

Home Assignments

You can receive tasks to be done in the comfort of your home and once completed you will be rewarded.

Product Testing

You may receive products to test and give feedback in return.

And the nice thing about this is that you may get to keep the product and at the same time get paid.

Focus Group

If you are fortunate, you may be invited to participate in Focus group research.

Focus group research always pays very well, depending on how long and what is involved, you can see yourself getting paid up to £100 or more for participating in one study.

The downside to this is that you may probably get to be in one or two in a year, that is if you qualify at all.


You can participate in polls to earn rewards.

You can also create your own poll for the community and if your poll trends, you will get paid £10, and everyone that voted to make your poll trend will receive 1p.

So imagine if you can create trending polls endlessly, that assures you of £10 for every one of them.

Referral Scheme

Viewsbank refer a friend Scheme is one that allows you invite people to join Viewsbank using a unique referral link that is assigned to you.

Once anyone joins Viewsbank and complete activity, you will be rewarded.

Mystery Shopping

You can also be invited to participate in mystery shopping to earn rewards.

As long as you keep to their rules and complete your assignment as requested, you will get rewarded.

They claim their Mystery shopping could earn you up to £130.

The Unique Quote Research Project

This is an ongoing research study conducted by Viewsbank.

And for every time you allow them to use your data during this specific research, you get paid £5.

Prize Draw

Some of the surveys and activities may reward you by entering you into prize draws or contests.

You can also enter into any of the competition on your own.

If you are fortunate to be a winner if it’s a cash reward it will be paid into your PayPal account.

If not, you will receive the stated prize.

One thing to note here is that activities are assigned on a first come first serve basis, so once you receive invite and are interested in that activity, make sure you lock in your spot immediately.

And for the ones that have a specified time to be completed, make sure you complete it at that given time to receive your reward.

Viewsbank App

You can download Viewsbank using APKPure App for Android.

You can also download it from the App store.

This makes it easy for you to complete activities to earn rewards on the go.


What Is Viewsbank.com



  • Legit
  • Various ways to make money
  • Earn a little extra income
  • If you qualify for Focus group& Mystery shopping, you can earn more.


  • Low-income potential
  • Payment made only through PayPal
  • You can get screened out or not qualify for surveys.

In Conclusion

Is Viewsbank a scam?

No, it is not.

You can get to earn little extra income from completing activities with them.

You just need to remember that the income potentials here is not promising, as you can only earn a few quids per month.



Is Viewsbank Worth Your Time

I believe this is the most important thing you need to ask your self.

And I believe the answer depends on what you are looking for.

Would you rather earn £10s or would you rather go for £100 to £1,000 per month?

Would it be worth it to spend hours completing surveys just to earn pennies?

Or would you rather spend the same hours to build a business that can earn you hundreds to thousands of pounds per month?

That is why I believe you are in the best position to answer this question.

If you feel you just need to grab some little cash from the internet, you can give Viewsbank a try.

And I will also include 5 other reputable sites you can try out to maximise your earning.




Poll pass


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What Is Viewsbank.com


Well, there you have it. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of What Is Viewsbank.com?

Or do you have any questions/experience you would like to share with us?

Drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.


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