What Is Univox Surveys {Legit?} Is It Worth Your Time?

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What Is Univox Surveys

Hi Welcome To Our Univox Surveys Review

Surveys have always been a great way for people to earn little extra income online.

But the problem arises when you spend those hours and put in so much effort and end up without earning a dime.

Which is why we want to take a look at Univox Community, a survey site we recently discovered.

Let’s find out, What Is Univox Surveys all about, how does it work, and will it be worth your time and effort.


Product At A Glance

Name: Univox Community

Owner: Market Cube LCC

Website: univoxcommunity.com

Price: free

Rated: 1.5/5.0

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What Is Univox Surveys

Univox Community is a Survey panel that allows you to participate in survey activities to earn rewards.

It has been in existence for many years now and is operated by Market Cube LLC.

Univox stands as the middle man between you and big brands (companies) who want to improve their product and services through the opinion and experience of those people who use these products and services, which is where you come in as a consumer.

The topics covered ranges from Technology to Entertainment, Fashion, Politics and the likes of them.

Univox is a point-based system, which means they reward you in points which can later be converted into cash and gift rewards.

How Does Univox Work

Univox claim to work in these three simple ways:

Create an account

You will first need to register with your basic details to become a member of this panel.

You will need to give details like your name, address, age, location and email address with a created password.

Once you submit this, you will be emailed with an activation link

It is important that you click on that link to fully activate your account

Once done, you can now have access to your member area.

Here you will also need to complete your profile (demographics) which helps Univox decide which surveys to send across to you.

Take Surveys

This is the activity proper, you will be emailed with survey invites that you are expected to complete to earn rewards.

Univox claims their surveys are easy and quick to answer.

Earn Rewards

For each of the surveys you successfully complete, you will get rewarded.

Your rewards will be added to your Univox account until you reach the minimum threshold to request for withdrawal

Payment threshold

The minimum points for withdrawal is 2,500 points, where 100 points equal $1.

So 2,500 points equals $25.

This varies slightly with their different levels, which we will elaborate on as we progress.

Rewards can be paid in cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Tango Card and Virtual Master card.


What Is Univox Surveys

Ways To Earn With Univox

Signing up Bonus

This will be the first money you make with Univox, as your account will be automatically credited with 200 points ($2) once you successfully sign up.

Taking Surveys

This is the major way to earn from Univox, you complete surveys sent across to you and get rewarded.

Surveys can range from 5 to 45 minutes or more and you can earn from anything between 0.20 cents to $2 which rarely happens.

Referral Scheme

Univox gives you the opportunity to invite friends and family to get rewarded.

You receive a unique link that you need to share with people.

Once you are able to refer up to five people who each completes a survey, you will be rewarded with $5.

And for every one of them that attempts up to ten surveys, you can also earn $1.

Bonus For Unsuccessful Surveys

For every survey you are sent to complete but do not qualify for in the long run, you will be compensated with 5 points.

App Download

You can also earn money on the go by downloading the Univox app. The app is available on Android and iOS.


What Is Univox Surveys

Is Univox Surveys Worth Your Time?

Taking surveys is surely a good way to earn very little income, you must understand that these earnings’ are really very small they do not cover for any reasonable expenses, except you have several hours to invest into it.

Which brings us to the question, is it worth your time?

Making barely a dollar after spending over 45 minutes to an hour completing a survey, and these surveys do not come in frequently.

Most of these surveys you won’t qualify for out rightly, and some you may spend over 30 minutes taking, only to be told you are not qualified and then receive 5 points.

I mean when you look into it overall, you may qualify and successfully complete fewer than 10 surveys in a month.

And even at $1 per survey, that just equals about $10.

Unfortunately this does not meet the payment threshold, meaning you will need to invest more several hours for another month or two to be able to reach the payment threshold of $25.

So roughly, it can take you almost 3 months or more or a little less to reach this payment threshold (depending on how time you have to put in)

Is that really worth your time and effort?

Won’t you love to put this time and effort into something that will be more productive and yield better dividends for you?

If so, read on to find out a better alternative.

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It is free to join Univox Community, however, the earnings’ withdrawal threshold varies in the 4 level membership they have, as shown below

Ambassador Level

This is the highest level at Univox, every Ambassador member can start redeeming their earnings’ from 1,000 points which equals $10.

Premium Level

This level follows the Verified users level and users at this level can make withdrawals from $1,500 points which equal $15.

Verified Users

This is the second level after Basic, users at this level can request for withdrawal once they hit 2,000 points which equal $20

Basic Level

This is the first level as a beginner, users can make a request once they hit 2,500 points which equal $25.

The maximum withdrawal threshold for every level is $100.


  • Legit
  • You can earn some money
  • Different payment method
  • Cash via PayPal
  • Compensation for unqualified surveys
  • App available for mobile users


  • Very little can be made
  • Disqualifying for surveys
  • Not much available surveys
  • No good support system
  • Payment issues

In Conclusion

Is Univox Community scam?

No, it is not, but with time, its reputation seems to have gone downhill.

From our research, it is clear that several of their members are no longer happy using the platform, as the most complaint they have is as listed below

Univox Complaints

Not getting accredited for surveys taken

Not getting paid when the threshold is met and request for payment made

Not many available surveys/ not qualifying for surveys ( this one is very common amongst survey sites)

Account termination once the threshold is met.

The most disheartening is not getting any help from the support team at Univox, when their help is needed.

With the above listed, we do believe that even though this survey site is legit, it probably isn’t worth your time.

But if you love taking surveys and don’t mind the time and effort needed to complete them, there are better surveys sites that you will benefit more from.

Sites that can even give you more ways to earn money other than taking surveys, And can offer you a lower payment threshold.

You can check out the below listed:





Maru Voice

Lifepoints (UK)


I mean you can explore these options to make better use of your time and effort.

This is our opinion though, we hope we have provided you with enough details to make your own decision.

But if you are here because you want to find ways to make consistent income online to supplement your income or fully attain financial freedom, our next section below will benefit you the most.




Name: Univox Community

Owner: Market Cube LCC

Website: univoxcommunity.com

Price: free

Rated: 1.5/5.0

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What Is Univox Surveys


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