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Have you heard of transcribe anywhere, and you are wondering, what is transcribe anywhere about? Well we are glad you popped in here, as we will give you a detailed insight into everything you need to know about this course, find out if it’s for you and if it’s worthwhile or another scam program that wants to suck you in. So seat back and enjoy this brief review.


Name: transcribe anywhere

Owner: Janet Shaughnessy

Website: www.transcribeanywhere.com

Price: free/ $597/


What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing?


This is an online course that is meant to teach you how to become a professional transcriptionist and to be able to make a living out of it, and will also provide you step by step guide to finding work.

In summary, it is meant to provide you with the below listed:

  1. Transcription equipment and where to get the best deal
  2. Software and Hardware-links+free downloads
  3. Text expanders and shortcut keys
  4. Transcription style guide
  5. Time coding instruction
  6. Establishing and calculating rates
  7. Easy to use transcription templates
  8. Step by step guide to finding a work
  9. Sample clients contract
  10. Seven practice levels containing 60+audio and video files with answer keys
  11. Lifetime access to course materials and all future updates
  12. Lifetime access to its student supportive Facebook group.

What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing?

The owner of this course is Janet Shaughnessy, who began her journey working from home as a medical transcriptionist in 2007, she later branched out into general and legal transcription and ended up forming her own company known as Zoom Transcription Services.

It was while running this business that Janet realised that a lot of people have this misconception that transcribing is just about listening and writing what you hear, and this has made transcription very difficult for people to do, and inorder to help people learn and understand better how transcription works and how to be successful with it, this her online course transcribe anywhere was born.

We will go into details of the course in a bit, but before then lets understand what transcription is all about.

What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing?

What is transcription

Transcription is listening to an audio or video file and turning it into written text. That is, you listen to an audio or video file and you write out everything you hear them say.

Transcription jobs are in high in demand, as people, companies, organisations sometimes need audio files or and video files translated into written text so that people can read it and understand it better. Not everyone has the attention span to go through audio or video files, they read and understand it better as written text.

Also, inorder to be found by search engines, companies definitely need written texts. Even Vloggers, they all need this written texts for their videos to be found.

The transcribe anywhere courses

There are two main courses involved here; the general transcription and legal transcription courses. Then there is a free mini course for each of them. Lets have a peek into all three of them.

The free mini course: these courses are meant to help you get a grip on what transcription is all about, and its overall concept. The good thing about these courses is that they will help you figure out if transcription is for you and if it’s the path you want to take. Then you can decide to go further with the courses or take a new direction, as Janet rightly said, transcription is not for everybody. The general transcription course is a 7-lessons mini course (transcription foundations) and the legal transcription course is a 4-lessons mini course across 4days. So i gues one course each day.(will teach you an overall insight into legal transcription)

General transcription: theory and practice: is the first all-inclusive multimedia education system that will get you from newbie to polished professional between 2-4 months. It comes with 6 modules:

Module1- laying the foundation

This will teach you the basis of transcription, the right equipments to be used, the general transcribing style, the type of general transcribing jobs and formatting a transcript.

Module2- essential skills for Excellent transcription

This will teach you more of what you learned in module1, but mostly focus on teaching you correct usage of punctuation, spellings and critical thinking skills you need to become an effective and proficient transcriptionist

Module3- time saving tools for efficient transcription

This teaches you how to use resources to gain efficient speed. You also get to learn time coding for video production, how to use shortkeys for 102 most frequently used English phrases, also using transcription templates.

Module4- practice dictations

This module consist of 7 lessons on practise dictations, you start with the clear audios in simple short videos, to audio only files with non American English accent, to transcribing strict verbatim style, to multiple speakers, to poor audio quality and research skills, to time codes, ans finally transcribing audios with foreign accents.

Module5-building your business

These modules basically provides you guidance to setting up a home based transcription business, finding freelance work, and includes extensive resources to finding work with larger transcriptioning companies.

Module 6- final exam and certification of completion

Upon completion of transcription theory and practice, you will be invited to take a final exam, which will be graded by a human being and receive valuable feedback in areas that needs further studies or upon passing the exam you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Note: Certificates are not awarded automatically, you will have to demonstrate proficiency in all the topics covered to obtain one.

What is Transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing?

Legal transcription theory and practice: this course implements multimedia contents with online learning tools to effectively prepare students to master the act of transcribing legal proceedings from audio or video into text documents for clients in the legal field.
Media used within the course:


Video presentations with audio

Screencast tutorial demonstrations

Practice dictations with answer keys(25+practice files in 9 levels)

0nline and email support forums.

There are 16 modules and units in this section.

Module 1- gaining understanding and appreciating what legal transcription is all about. And the skills needed to master the act of transcription.

Module 2- tools of the trade

Learning about the software and hardware requirements employed by legal transcriptionist and where to get the best equipments at the best price.

Module 3- legal terminology

Learning of both English and Latin legal terminology definitions and quizzes also included.

Module 4- essential skills for legal transcription

Mastering the act of proper spellings, punctuation, and Capitalization rules for transcriptionist

Module 5- Microsoft word for legal transcriptionist

Learn to properly notate transcripts, use short cuts to increase typing speed and accuracy and employ spell check and other functions of their word processing software to produce accurate and readable transcript.

Module 6- legal correspondence and practise dictation

Mastering the documents produced by attorneys and other legal professionals

Module 7- legal process and court procedure

Gain knowledge of different kinds of law and how a case moves through the legal process

Module 8- forms and templates

Familiarise with the legal documents used in judicial proceedings.

Module 9- practise transcription of court proceeding

Master transcribing court proceedings with recorded audio practise file.

Module 10- depositions

Gain understanding of the deposition process and will have completed several practise deposition transcription

Module 11- law enforcement

Students will experience transcribing various types of law enforcement transcripts

Module 12- conference and legal association meetings

Students will master the act of transcribing legal meetings and conferences from recorded vidoe files

Module 13-time coding for legal transcriptionist

Students will be proficient at producing legal documents that includes time stamps.


This module supplies links to various tools and resources used by the legal transcriptionist

Module 15- final exam

This exam tests all the skills learnt in the course, upon successfully passing, students will be awarded certificate of completion and will move on to learn how to build their legal transcription business.

Module 16- building your business

After passing the exam and gaining proficiency in the art of legal transcription, students will learn to market their new skills.

This is just a peek into what these courses have to offer, to have access to every detail available just click on the website link in the beginning or ending of this post to get direct access to the website homepage.


Enroll in the intro courses: Firstly Janet suggest you enroll in the free mini course, to help you test the waters, see and learn the overall summary of what transcription is all about.
Decide if transcription is for you: with the mini courses taken, you should be able to decide if this transcription is what you really want to invest your time and future in.
Choose a course: once you are certain this is for you, you can go ahead and decide which area you want to focus on, and then  choose the course to start with.

Strive to succeed: you must then work deligently to become an excellent transcriptionist

Find work: you will then follow instructions as given or stated to find work.

What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or make money transcribing?

Do excellent work and repeat: you should then do a satisfactory work and repeat the work. You can then continue with your working experience.

That about sums it up, just be sure transcription is really what you want to do, so that you dont just waste your time and money. So we lay emphasis on the free mini course! Make sure to take them first, it’s a free course so take advantage of it, even if you are not sure at the beginning, the free course will help you know what to decide.

What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing?


Separate fee applies to each of the transcription courses. For general transcription: Theory and Practice, the all for one time tuition fee is $597. Or you go with the newly provided pay as you go option

Level1: Learn

Access to module1 and 2 for 30days

Lifetime membership to Facebook group

Option to upgrade at any time even after 30days. You just get to pay the difference.

For the price of $127.

Level 2: Practice

Access to level 1, 2,3, 4 for 60 days

Lifetime membership to facebook group

Option to upgrade at any time

You only pay the difference to move up.

For the price of $362

Level 3- build+market

Life time access to entire course

Lifetime membership to Facebook group

Lifetime update to course materials

Direct access to instructor and assistants

Learn how to set up your own business

Learn how to market effectively

Final exam and certificate

Just about everything is included in level 3

For the price of $597

For Legal transcriptioning: theory and practice: the price is $697, everything inclusive.

And the pay as you go option

Level 1- module 1 to 4 for 30 days

For the price of $197.

Level 2- modules 1 to 9 for 60days

You can upgrade at any time

For the price of $497

Level 3- all modules

You get everything inclusive

For the price of $697


Free mini course to get started

Learn to become  profesional transcriptionist

Learn to build your own business

Work at your own pace.


Course might be on the high side for some.


The owner of this course is and remains a successful transcriptionist over the years, and there is no doubt her course is genuine and will teach you all you need to know to be succesfull in that field. So yes, transcribe anywhere is not a scam but a legit course that can help you maximise your chances of making money with transcription. But does that mean it is for you? No! This is something you have to discover for yourself by taking their mini course before proceeding headon.

VERDICT What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing?



Name: transcribe anywhere
Owner: Janet Shaughnessy.
Website: www.transcribeanywhere.com
Price: free/ $597/$697/ pay as you go.
Rated: 4.0/5.0
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What is transcribe anywhere about-scam or legit way to make money transcribing


That is it for today, and thank you for your time, hope you found this post useful, if so please kindly share with others. Have you tried this transcribe anywhere course yet, If so what do you think about it? If you have any questions or contributions to this, kindly leave them in the comment box below.

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This is a well written and detailed review, giving all any one would need to know, about whether to follow up on transcribe anywhere.

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    Thank you John

Salomon · September 11, 2018 at 6:28 pm

Hi, there
Thank you for the great info about this course, I will try this free one first and see how it is, but I think after I read your article at this is an excellent course to buy, I have always won to know more about transcription and how to get money from it.
Again thank you so much.
Best regards

    admin · September 13, 2018 at 1:22 am

    You are welcomed Salomon, we are always happy to help, do give it a try and then see if its what you did like to invest in. Best of luck

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