What Is The Instant Cash Solution?

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What Is The Instant Cash Solution?

Hi! Welcome To Our Instant Cash Solution Review

Instant Cash Solution is a product that claims it will help you start making $3,000 to $5,000 every single month by just using its simple copy and paste system

But given the rate at which scams are flooding the internet these days, you will surely have your doubts about this system and its claims

And you would surely want to know what is the Instant Cash Solution all about, how it truly works and if it can help you make over three to five thousand dollars per month as it claims.

First off, I want to commend you for taking the time to check this product out, it is the best way to avoid scams online

And in this Instant review, we will reveal and walk you through everything you need to know about this system and how it works to help you make an informed decision.


Product At A Glance

Name: Instant Cash Solutions

Owner: Rich Meyer

Website: instantcashsolution.com

Price: $100 – $500

Rated: 1.0/5.0

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What Is The Instant Cash Solution About

The Instant Cash Solution is a done for you system that is intended to help you make from $3,000 to $5,000 dollars per month by posting Pre-written ads on Classified Ad sites and Social Media.

It was created by Rich Meyer, who claims their mission is to help 1,000 families earn a life-changing income from the comfort of their home.

He also claims Instant Cash Solution is perfect for:

>>>People who need more Income

>>>People who are struggling financially

>>>People who hate their jobs

>>>People who are tired of scams

>>>People who want a better life




>>>College Students

>>>Retirees, etc.

The Instant Cash Solution?

Rich claims all you will need is to invest at least 20 minutes daily posting their pre-written ads on Social Media platforms

Which will give you the opportunity to make money and become your own CEO

But how true can this be?

And can you possibly make money from copy and pasting ads with Instant Cash Solution to truly become your own boss?

Let’s find out below..

How Does The Instant Cash Solution Work

According to Rich Instant Cash Method works in the following way :

>>>Purchase one of the memberships

>>>Post their pre-written ads on Craiglist, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

>>>Post these ads every day from 7 a.m to 7 p.m

>>>Send email swipes to your Prospects that responds to your ads

>>>Once anyone joins Instant Cash Solution through you, you earn money

>>>And finally, you monitor your account and watch the money fill up with $50 to $500 payments.

Looking at this, it all seems very easy and straight forward

But in reality, it isn’t as simple as Rich makes it appear and I will explain why in a moment.

First, let’s look at the Packages available and what each one offers you

Bronze Package

Gives you access to :

>>>Classified Ads Training Course

>>>Classified ads sites/Directory

>>>Display Ads

>>>ICS Marketing System

>>>Multiple ICS Capture Pages

>>>Multiple ICS Landing Pages

>>>Built-in Autoresponder

>>>Contact Management System

>>>Genealogy Tree

>>>24/7 ICS Member Back Office

>>>Weekly Training

>>>Training Videos Library

Silver Package

The Silver package comes with everything in Bronze package plus :

>>>Text Message Ads

>>>SMS Marketing Training

>>>Domain Name Training

>>>ICS Sizzle Call

Gold Package

>>>This one comes with everything in Silver package plus:

>>>Facebook Image Ads

>>>Facebook Marketing Training

>>>Ebook Library

>>>Email marketing training

>>>Free Vacation

Platinum Package

Everything in Gold Membership plus :

>>>ICS Banner Ads

>>>Social Media Marketing Training

>>>Webinar Sales Training

>>>Personal Development Training

>>>Vip Priority Support

>>>Top Compensation Plan

What Is The Instant Cash Solution?

With that said, let me now explain why Instant Cash Solution isn’t anything like Rich is making it out to be

How Instant Cash Solution Really Works

This system is nothing but a High Ticket Program or a Pyramid Scheme as some will choose to call it

High Ticket Programs are Products that require you to buy into higher levels in order to make money from them, by recruiting other people to join the same program

For example, with Instant Cash Solution you are required to:

>>>Purchase a membership

>>>Put up ads they give you on Social Media and Ads sites

>>>These ads will contain your links

>>>When someone clicks on any of your ads and joins Instant Cash Solution, you get a commission

But here is the problem with this system

Pay To Play

You can not make money in any other way, except you are able to recruit someone who joins the same membership you are in

For example

If you join the Bronze Membership

You can only make money from someone who joins the same Bronze membership

If someone you recruit joins a higher membership, then you will not earn any commission

Rather, the commission will go to your sponsor who is above you

So, if you are in bronze membership

And you recruit someone who joins Silver Membership

The Commission you would have earned will go straight to your higher sponsor instead

Which means for you to even think of making a reasonable amount of money with this system, you must be willing to pay for the higher membership

Or you may remain stagnant with no further progress


You are totally limited to what you can do with your business when it comes to Instant Cash Solution

As you are going to be promoting only ICS. You do no have access to any other product or services.

And except you are able to get people to join through you, your investment may as well be a waste of time and money


Even though Rich claims to offer you adequate training for your business

You are not taught how to establish or run an online business

But solely on how to market Instant Cash Solution through ads

So all you learn is just how to promote ICS on different platforms.

How You Get Paid

In this case, unlike other systems that will pay you once you make a sale, ICS requires you to deal directly with your sponsor

When you join, it is expected that you pay your money directly to your sponsor

Likewise, whoever joins under you will pay their membership fee directly to you, except for the admin fee which goes to Instant Cash Solution.


This is an aspect you will really need to think about before deciding to join Instant Cash Solution, as your sole success depends on this

How well will you be able to recruit people to join this program?

I know they make it sound like it’s so easy to just splash ads all over platforms and then start making money just like that

But it’s not as easy as that

If you frequent Social Medias, you will that people no longer respond to such ads as before, given the rate of scams online

Besides Social Medias now have strong rules against spamming

Once they take note of your frequent posting, your posts may be taken down or your account even closed

So except you will be paying for those ads, which will cost you loads of money, I don’t see how this will work.

No Refund Policy

Unfortunately, with Instant Cash Solution you don’t get any refunds, you do not have that opportunity to test drive and see if it is worth it or not

Once you make your payment, that is it.

So you may want to think about all the above listed before deciding to join.

The Instant Cash Solution?


There are four membership levels in Instant Cash Solution, and here is how much each one costs

Bronze Membership: $100 + $29 admin fee (one time payment)

Silver Membership: $200 + $29 admin fee (one time payment)

Gold Membership: $300 + $29 admin fee ( one time Payment)

Platinum Membership: $500 + $79 admin fee ( one time payment)

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  • You may probably earn some money


  • High Ticket Program
  • You will only be marketing ICS
  • You can only make money when you recruit others

In Conclusion

Is Instant Cash Solution a scam? We do not want to tag this system a scam, because you can probably make some money through them

But this is not a business model we will encourage you or anyone who is just getting started in the online world to venture into.

Systems like Instant Cash Solution never last long, at some point people will realise what it is really all about and stop joining, and since there is no real product on sale here, it will eventually pack up.

Which, I believe is not something you are looking forward to.

But this is our opinion though, I hope our review has provided you with enough details to help you make your own decision.

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Not Recommended


Name: Instant Cash Solutions

Owner: Rich Meyer

Website: instantcashsolution.com

Price: $100 – $500

Rated: 1.0/5.0

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What Is The Instant Cash Solution?

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