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what is the best way to make money online in 2018


With the growth of online businesses, the internet has now provided a vast means and numerous ways for people to now earn money online, engaging in different activities. But just as this is the case, it has also provided the means for scammers to take advantage of innocent people searching for means to make ends meet, by taking advantage of their innocence to rip them off, by providing them with fake products/services, or low quality ones with numerous upsells that never end.

Seeing that you are here, makes me believe you are probably weary of this, and are wondering what is the best way to make money online in 2018 and beyond?

be rest assured you don’t need to wonder anymore, as we are going to provide you details of not just the best way to make money online, but one that is tried and true.

This is a method that will help you build your own business with little or no investment, and provide you with the means to generate passive income and can eventually help you obtain that financial freedom you so much desire.

Note: One of the reasons that a lot of people don’t succeed online is because they have this mindset that you can get-rich-quick with online businesses and when they start out and do not get this result, they quickly get frustrated and then give up on their dreams. Some try seeking a faster route to success and end up in the hands of scammers only interested in ripping them off. Hence, another failure knocking at the door.

But we can assure you that first with the right mindset, patience and a lot of hard work, you will not only succeed at this, but will start generating income on a daily basis to a point where you can literally take some time off your business and still make money on a daily basis.

Always remember that Rome was not built in a day, it takes little step by step input to get there. Just like you will start any offline business and nurture it to fruitfulness, so applies to a business online.

So you need to ask yourself..

How much do I want this?

How much do I want to quit this rat race and be my own boss?

Am I willing to do all it takes to get me to a stage of stability and financial freedom?

If your answers to these questions are positive, then I congratulate you as you are definitely ready to do this to succeed online.

Now, what if I told you the best way for you to make money online in this 2018 and beyond is simply by turning your passion into a thriving online business?

Yea right!

what is the best way to make money online in 2018- Beginners guide

turn your passion into a thriving online business

That thing you’ve always loved and engaged in as a hobby, can literally make you from hundreds to thousands of dollars each month over and over again, with no further effort from you on the long run!


Simply by using your acquired knowledge in your passion to help people solve their problems online.

Now I know you must be thinking…

Is she insane or is this a kind of joke?

How is that even possible?

I get that feel, I once felt like that when we first got started. Like..

How does helping people put money in my pocket? Or

How does that even create a business for me?

But just you stay with me, and I will unravel the mystery before your very own eyes, and just like I did, you will also see it is no mystery at all, but a genuine tried and true method that works.

But before we go into how this works, let’s take a look at why this is the best way for you to make money online right now..


Little or no investment to start up

  1. Be your own Boss
  2. No inventories
  3. No packaging and deliveries involved
  4. No direct dealing with customers
  5. No early morning irritating/frustrating alarm, reminding you of what busy day lies ahead
  6. You won’t have to deal with an emotional draining job anymore on the long run
  7. Work at your own pace and convenience
  8. work from anywhere

Most importantly

Creates you an avenue for passive income

Finally, your route to financial freedom.

What more can you ask for!

So let us find out how this works in a nutshell before going into details.

1. You have a passion, you write articles about this your passion and post them online.

There are companies who offer products/services on your chosen passion online. You partner with them and get a unique link that gives you access to their websites

You place these links in between your articles as recommendation to your readers.

People who have needs in this same passion of yours comes online to find solution to their problem, then ends up finding your articles. Through reading your article, they find the link, click through it to get what they need based on your recommendation.

Once they make a payment for a product or service through this link(s) of yours, you get paid a commission by the company.

Which means every time someone clicks through your links in your articles and makes a purchase, you most definitely get paid! And that’s it!

This process of you being a middle man between these companies and these people who buy their products through your link is known as affiliate marketing, while you, are known as the affiliate, and the link is considered the affiliate link.

So let’s take a look at an example to make this clearer

Note: in the beginning, it is better to focus on a specific aspect in your passion, say you are passionate about dogs, since this would be a very broad topic on it’s own, it might be a little overwhelming to deal with everything dog, so it’s better starting up with a specific branch and with time branch out to other aspects.e.g

Dog hubbies

Dog hygiene

Play toys for dogs

Potty training for dogs. e.t.c.

All these are aspects you can branch into with time. So Let’s say you get started with dog hygiene, you write article on how to take care of your dog’s teeth, then you become an affiliate with a company selling products on how to take care of dog’s teeth, you then add this affiliate link to your article. Now people are searching for how to take care of their dogs teeth, they come across your article, read it, like it and decide to follow your recommendation, so they click on your link and make a purchase, once this is done, you get paid a commission by the company.

Why this is the Best Method

Statistics has shown that there are about 40,000 search queries on the internet every second on average, which translates to about 3.5 billion searches per day. these are people searching for solutions to their problems or answers to their needs, and this keeps growing every day!

Now, imagine this…

You have this one article, and with this rate of people online on a daily basis, and you have tens to hundreds of them searching for how to take care of your dog’s teeth and ending up on your site and then trusting your recommendation, they go ahead and buy from them. can you imagine how much this can make you

Now think of you having about 100s of these articles with people visiting and making purchase every day..

Can you see your income potential!

It gets’s better….

This one article can continue to generate you income as more and more people click through your link to make purchases over and over again, thereby generating you passive income.

what is the best way to make money online in 2018- Beginners guide

income potential

Passive income simply put, is a reoccurring income you make through a given source, with little or no further effort added to the income source.

But here is the thing..

The secret to being successful in this business, is to focus on the “helping people”


Because when you provide quality information that truly helps people, they will learn to trust you and anything you recommend to them, and will keep coming back for your articles and can recommend you to others, and this way your brand grows. So the more helpful you are, the more people will trust you and will keep coming back to you, the more audience you will acquire and the end point is..

The more money you will make!

Hope that makes sense to you.

Now let’s look at the breakdown of how this really works

It follows this simple four steps that I will explain below

what is the best way to make money online in 2018- beginners guide

how this method works

1. Niche: this is known as something you are passionate about or something of massive interest to you. This is of massive importance, as it is the sole foundation of starting your own business. You might be someone that has passion for more than one thing, but for a start, you need to think of just one that you can feel comfortable and excited talking and writing about for a very long time.
2. Website: building your website is the second step in creating your online business, and it is so crucial, as this is where you will post all your quality articles for people to read. Without a website, it will be more difficult to run your business as you will always have to look for platforms to advertise your links and look for people, but  with your own website, the opposite is the case, as people will come to you instead.

And don’t worry about this, as you can now literally build your own website for free in less than a minute!

Watch this video to see how it is done in less than a minute

what is the best way to make money online in 2018- Beginners guide

click to watch video

Easy right?

3. Attract visitors: now there are many ways to get people(visitors) to your site, you can go through ads, social media marketing, email marketing, organic search.etc. And what we will be dealing with is mainly organic search, as with this method you do not need to pay a dime to get people to your site, all it takes is for your article to appear in first pages of the search engines which is known as ranking.
Once you are able to rank your articles in search engines using method known as SEO, and keyword research, then visitors will always find their ways to your site.
4.Revenue: now once you have people visiting your site on a daily basis, then you can have them making purchases as we talked about earlier, and once they make a purchase, you get paid a commission.

So, that is just the simple process.


Now the question is how do you get started

Training: the first thing you will need as a beginner just starting out is a well-equipped training. You need a platform that can give you a step by step guide on how to start and run your business online by turning your passion into a thriving business, teach you about Seo and keyword research to help you rank on search engines, so you don’t have to pay for traffic.
Hosting: as much as you have to get trained on how and what to do, you will definitely need a hosting platform for your website.
Support: you will need all the support you can get to thrive. Both in growing your business, and in times when you have problems with your site, you will need to have support available to you 24/7

Now knowing that the internet is filled with so many scams, we always love to recommend to you the most amazing platform Wealthy affiliate that we know can help you succeed at this.

Why do we recommend wealthy Affiliate?

Most importantly, it is free to signup, so you do not need your credit card details to give them a try. You sign up and see for yourself what they have to offer you and decide if it is what you want.

Everything you will need to run your business available in one place.

Also important because it is the same platform that has helped us from complete newbie to owning and running this website successfully, and

Upon signing up, you will have access to:

>>>Two free websites

>>>10 free step by step Entrepreneur Certification Lessons

>>>10 free  step by step affiliate Bootcamp Lessons.

>>>Support from Community

>>>Access to added training from the community constantly

>>>And a host of other added advantages.

Feeling excited and ready to do this?

>>>>Proceed here!<<<<


what is the best way to make money online in 2018

That is it for today, hope you found this post useful, if so kindly share with others.

If you have a question or suggestion, kindly drop them in the comment section below, and we will gladly get back to you.



Chris · November 3, 2018 at 2:27 pm

There certainly seems to be a lot of potential for making money through these sorts of businesses online – just from the few subject examples you gave alone!

I am however a little bit worried about how difficult this sort of thing is – what is the learning curve like and are these sorts of businesses newbie-friendly?

    admin · November 3, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Thanks for stopping by Chris, to answer your question, this business model is very newbie friendly like I said this is a beginners guide that has shown and explained to you everything involved in the simplest of forms and once you sign up with this training playform, everuthing will be taught to you at your own pace with the opportunity for you to get great support witjin tje community too. Hope this helps.

coolbudgetfamilyholidays · November 3, 2018 at 2:28 pm

Fantastic Article, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. Having the opportunity to write about a niche that you are passionate about with the potential knock on effect of creating income is an amazing opportunity.

As an aside just working through the training programme at Wealthy Affiliate allows to you to really develop your website building and social engagement skills in a friendly community environment.

    admin · November 3, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Hi! That is well said, working around your passion makes it easier for you to enjoy what you do and not gef tired or fustrated as time goes by.

    And yes if you have been fortunate to find yourself in Wealthy affiliate, then be rest assured you are in the best hands you can ever wish for. With time and hardwork, your income potential knows no bounds.

Chris Chong · November 10, 2018 at 4:03 am

What a superb beginner’s guide for earning legitimate money online via a world renowned platform like Wealthy Affiliate. I believe the platform is definitely a no-brainer choice for anybody who’s deciding to start a website and start HELPING PEOPLE by creating awesome content on the internet.

Start to see some profits rolling in as a result of solving problems for anybody who’s lacking the knowledge of building a successful website / online business.

Cheers! Wish to see more great reviews like this in the near future 🙂

    admin · November 15, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Thank you Chris, we hope to keep bringing them to you.

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