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So a few days ago, we got an email invite, to join this supposedly amazing survey site that will teach us weird tricks to make over $3,500 per month taking online surveys!

Personally, my jaws dropped and my eyes almost fell from it’s sockets as I couldn’t help but wonder, what is Take Surveys For Cash.Com, what is it all about. What weird trick could it possibly have that can help me make such amount of money simply from taking surveys?

Seeing that you are here right now, I am guessing you have the same questions and want answers before engaging any further right?

Well good news is, we have taken our time to research this platform and are happy to relay all our findings to you in this Take Surveys For Cash Review. The best you will ever have to read, as we expose every hidden truth.


Name: Take Surveys For Cash

Owner: Jason White

Website: takesurveysforcash.com

Price: $39/$27/$12(downsells) &$37/$24/$24(1-click upsells)

Rated: 0.3/5.0

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?


Take Survey For Cash is a website/ platform that promises to teach you weird tricks to help you maximise your chances at taking surveys to enable you make up to $3,500 per month taking such surveys.

Take Survey For Cash is owned by a guy who claims his name is Jason White, and according to him, he has been in the survey taking business since 2009 and have earned over $274,000 just taking these surveys.

His mission he says is to teach you the exact same way so you can take surveys and earn huge Cheques’ like him, and he very much prides himself as the King of paid surveys.


Firstly you will have to signup with your hard-earned money to even have a glimpse of what Jason has to offer you.

This does not speak well of this system, and is a very huge red flag that such product is either a low quality one or a complete scam as it often turns out to be.

With your signup comes the big surprise..

What is take surveys for cash.com-make $3,500/month takimg surveys for real?


What Jason White does for you, is provide you with list of different survey companies that you will still have to signup with to try out there surveys, and there is no guarantee of success in these things.

If you are familiar with taking surveys, then you do understand what we are talking about here, if not, here is how online surveys mostly work.

Taking online surveys explained in a layman’s language

There are companies looking to improve their products and services to better satisfy the people who use these products/services, and the best way for them to achieve this is none other than engaging real life users like you and me to know exactly what needs to be done to improve their products.

For them to achieve this, they have to find a way to reach us the consumers and that is where survey sites come in, all they have to do is pay these survey sites some money and they in turn pay you incentives to offer your opinion.

The last time we checked taking online surveys can only earn you from pennies to about $1 for spending about 1 minute to 30-60minutes of your time. And in very rare occasion you might be able to make about $3-$5 on a single survey but this rarely happens.

The only way we know you can make over a $100 to about $300 in taking surveys is if you belong to a focus group, mostly this demand that you meet up with some group of people at a chosen venue to review products. Can take up to a couple of hours or days depending on what review is being done.

For example, we’ve come across a focus group that will pay about $300 for test-driving an automobile at a given place and time for a couple of hours a day. But have in mind that the criteria needed to qualify for this included being an engineer and having a vast knowledge of the product in question. So it’s still not just a piece of cake and it’s not a survey done online.

Now back to Jason and his weird promises

Here is the problem with his system

Jason shows us a photo of a cheque comparison of him making $3 to making $500 just for taking a single survey!-all lies

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?

Really! I dont think so!

This is very ridiculous as no online survey site will pay you such amount of money just for taking one survey. To heighten his deception is the fact that the $500 check is nothing but a photoshoped image. Just go ahead and compare it with the $3 cheque which seems to be a real one. You will see how fake the cheque is and that is a huge red flag!

He also shows us a screenshot of his PayPal account, displaying how much he claimed to have earned taking paid surveys- more lies

There is nothing in this picture to prove this money comes from taking surveys. For all we know, he might have made the deposits himself just for the sake of this screenshot.

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?

Fake income proof

Finally, and most ridiculous of all is this screen shot of him claiming to go on vacations with his family for three to four months and does paid surveys in between for just a couple of hours to cover the cost of their vacation.

I can’t help but laugh at this, if i didn’t know any better I would have said this is the real deal but since I do know, I can assure you it’s all hype! More sweet reason to get you trapped to buy into his system. Even if his family is on vacation in the most remote of places, no way a couple of hours of survey can ever pay for that. Jason is just playing on people’s ignorance to make himself wealthy, please do not fall for that.

He said you will also get a $50 incentive on completing your first survey.

Well who knows how true that is, since it’s obvious everything his said so far is a big fat lie. We definitely won’t go for that. For you to even get such amount of money, after your first paid survey might take you months as it can possibly take you that long to reach a pay out threshold for some of these survey sites.

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?

Here is the hidden truth you need to know..

You and every other person who signs up for this system enriches this man’s pocket!


Well there is something called affiliate program, companies use this to gain more people to join them through offering incentives to already existing customers, or to people who are willing to promote their products.

And how they do this, is by offering you something called a unique affiliate link, so that when someone clicks through your link and join that program, you get a commission.

So Jason here blabbing about all the money he makes, is simply not from taking these surveys but from getting you to sign up with these survey sites through his affiliate link, embedded in every survey site invite he sends your way.

This is so unfair because he isn’t just making money from you when you register with him, but he also makes money from you for every survey site you join and that makes it a win-win for him.

He has been doing this for years and will continue to con innocent people into this, so of course from the money he makes scamming people he can definitely go on vacations and pay for it within hours!

And that is not the last of it, if all the above stated is not enough prove for you, we hope this one does it. Below is what his affiliates are supposedly entitled to make if they are able to convince you to buy into his scheme. Now think about $100,000 a month at your expense, you can then imagine how much he personally makes in all these. So why would he still want to waste his time taking surveys?

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?

supposed amount his affiliates can make per month

Wonder where all this money comes from?

Here is where…

You! If you signup with his system And every other person who signs up too, as his system isn’t just a one time payment, it’s filled with the first downsells to get you to buy in, once you do, you will be made to pay more to gain more access (upsells) and not just once but three good times in a one-click upsell!

Of course when you join and do not see any good results, you would be convinced to upgrade to get better ones, and before you know it you are paying for something that will end up not profiting you.

With the one click upsell, We believe once you make the first purchase, you have automatically agreed to the rest as we are made to understand. One needs to be careful with all these people or you end up biting more than you can chew.

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?

3 times one click upsells


Take Surveys For Cash comes with a paid membership, starting from $37, but when you want to refresh the page, you get offered $27, and then $12, but if you don’t try to refresh the page, you end up paying the first amount without the knowledge the other two exist. After this, comes the one-click upsells.


  • At least you have a 60days money back guarantee, so if you mistakenly bought into this scheme, you have the chance of getting your money back.
  • We know people might say at least you will get access to lots of survey sites, but we beg to differ,  as this is in no way a positive for you, because you can have access to all these survey sites for free.
  • You don’t need Jason and his weird tricks to do so. It only takes a few clicks from your mouse on the internet.


  • Nothing to benefit from this program
  • Full of hype
  • Three times upsells in form of  one-click upsells

what is take surveys for cash.com- make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?


Take surveys for cash.com owned by Jason is nothing but a scam website that is out to scam you from the little you have. It’s not offering you any weird tricks or whatsoever. You are not going to make any $3,500 per month taking any kind of online paid surveys. So beware of this system.

If you want to try out survey sites that can actually help you earn at least up to $200-$300 per month, then we recommend you give the following a try, they have other activities you can partake in, aside the surveys that will help boost the income you earn. They are known as GPT” sites.

What is Swagbucks.com?

What is OhMyDosh

Is Prizerebel legit-or is it a scam?

Inboxpound legit-9ways to make money from this website(UK)




Name: Take Survey For Cash
Owner: Jason White
Price: $39/$27/$12(downsells) &$37/$24/$24(1-click upsells)
Rated: 0.3/5.0
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Making money online, is something that is 100% legit, but what matters is the way you choose to go about it. If you can have the mindset that there is nothing like get-rich-quick scheme on the net, then you are ready to make money online.

The best thing we do, is recommend to others the exact same thing we do that has gotten us this far, so you too can take that step and save yourself tonnes of heartache with scams.

We recommend you start affiliate marketing, as this is one of the very best module to success in the online world.

You build a website, then you get to write(blog) about things you love, to help people who need help in that same area. By doing this, you can also recommend products and services to them and when they buy any of these through your recommendation, you get paid by the owners of the product.

It’s really the best for the following reasons:
  1. Zero to little start up fee
  2. Be your own boss
  3. Do what you want whenever you want to
  4. Work from anywhere
  5. No inventories or stock takings
  6. No shipping to worry about
  7. Above all, it’s an avenue to create passive income stream which with time will lead to your financial freedom!

Now to get to all this, what you need is a system that will teach you all you need to know and build your business and also support you every step of the way.

For that, we recommend the most amazing one we know, Wealthy Affiliate, the same one we started with as newbies with zero knowledge, that has helped us get this far. Let them help you too. The best of it all is it’s free to signup with Wealthy Affiliate, no need for your financial details. So if you are ready to make money online, then get started now, you can read our review on why it’s our #1 recommendation here.

What is take surveys for cash.com-make $3,500/month taking surveys for real?

That is it for today, hope you found this post helpful, if so please do share with others.

If you have any questions or contributions, kindly drop them in the comment box below.

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Alenka · October 8, 2018 at 10:53 pm

Thank you for alerting us in regard to yet another scam product online.

Filling in surveys is a laborious job. And so very boring. You spend your time (always longer than advertised) filling it in, and then, the company might reject it, without as much as providing you with a single reason why. I just dislike the idea of doing the surveys so much.

This product is a clever system, and it works only for its owner. He get email addresses that he sells on, then his pay through the affiliate links, and via membership fees. Nice. 

And for the poor, easily convinced souls that it is easy to earn huge amounts of cash online, there is precious little to do but accept they’ve been scammed. Hope many come to your website to read this article and save themselves money and time!

    admin · October 10, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Hi Alenka, thanks for your comment, I also hope people will read this and stay clear off this product. It’s so sad at what learnt these scammers go to take advantage of innocent souls just seeking to better their lives.

Stella · October 9, 2018 at 12:50 am

Well, I don’t think there can be any real success online taking surveys. Although, I suppose you could maybe make some pocket money if you wanted to spend the time. I wouldn’t pay someone to do it, though. Like you said, I could find that info myself. I’ve been checking into affiliate marketing, and it seems like the better way to go.

Thanks for all of the info about Take Surveys for Cash! 

    admin · October 10, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Takind surveys is definitely not whort your time, speaking from experience, I had to engage in a lot of them when I started out seeking for best ways to earn money online. Yes affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to go. And if you havent, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate platform, wjere you can get all the support you will need to get started and grow your online business

Sarah · October 9, 2018 at 1:07 am

Hi there! Thanks for putting this together – how long does it take you to take these surveys? I feel like I’d not get other things done that could benefit me more, but I’m not sure what the real pay off is. Also, how successful have you been w/ affiliate marketing so far?

    admin · October 10, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Hi Sarah, surveys are not really my strong soothe especially not one I did have to pay to get them. Best advice is stick to affiliate marketing. It does take time and lots of hardwork but i can assure you at the end it’s all worthwhile. You can make money starting out slow but then it keeps growing and best of all its your best channel for residual income. If you havent already, do give it a try. You can always sign up with this Wealthy Affiliate community for free and test the waters to see if its what you like.

CravenATAT · October 9, 2018 at 1:07 am

I have attempted to make money on takesurveysforcash and I completely agree with you 0.3/5.0 rating. I essentially had to pay money to get none in return. You hit all the points as to why to avoid the site, as you mentioned focus groups are the only real ways of achieving a bit of income. You said it is all hype – which it definitely is, as the bank account picture doesn’t prove his money came from surveys- for all we know it probably came from scamming others! Amazing insight into the world of scam surveys. I also agree with affiliate marketing, as I have been making a sustainable income for quite some time without having to put in much money at all! I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate!

    admin · October 12, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Hi Craven! Thanks for you for sharing your experience with Us. I do hope a lot of people will realise how scammy these prodicts are and stay away from them. I am glad you habe found a better way and are already makimg money. Surely Wealthy Affiliate is always our best reccommendation for any one looking to make money online. Cheers

Brandon · October 9, 2018 at 1:12 am

Very thorough review about that platform. I dabbled in the survey department for a little bit, just to give it a try but it really felt tedious and with every survey, I was being asked to enter my info constantly – not a fan of that.

There are a few other platforms that I have come across and thought about but I feel very comfortable with Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer. 

    admin · October 12, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    good for you Bradon, all the best.

Laura · October 9, 2018 at 1:17 am

This is horrible. Thank you for showing us this scam. They are everywhere and people like Jason White are stealing money our of everyone’s pocket. 

Now what is this Wealthy Affiliate thing? It looks like I don’t have to pay any money to take a look at it. Can I make money right a way? Will I have to do any work to get this money. I didn’t look at it real close but I did book mark this site so I can go back and take a look later. 

thank you so much.

    admin · October 12, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Hi Laura! Thank you for your input, they are really horrible people and We hope to keep exposing them. To your question. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and even stay a free member as long as you want. You get the free lessons to help you get started and try out things to see if it’s what you are looking for.

Simon · October 9, 2018 at 11:18 am

My jaw dropped too when I saw the advert – making $3,500 per month for completing surveys. I always presumed you’d get paid $1 – $2 and $5 if you are willing to spend a few hours writing a thorough review.
Then I understand that he’s accumulating wealth through affiliate links. For Jason not to be truly honest here makes this Taking Cash for Surveys system confusing & fraudulent, it’s a pure scam. Problem is – how many people fall for this scam and invest in the upsells that funnel money Jason’s way.
I hate scammy schemes like this. If you want to make money writing reviews, blog about your passion. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn.
All the best,

    admin · October 12, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    Way to go Simon. Seriously it’s better for someone to start a blog and write about their passion, than waste time on programs like this, as they have absolutely nothing to offer.

Stephanie · October 9, 2018 at 3:48 pm

Hi Queen, thanks for sharing this review! I’ve seen SO many people promoting this scam product and it’s a shame cause innocent newbies are falling prey to it.

The income claims are so unrealistic, and I can’t believe he’s basically charging you for a list of different survey sites.

A genuine list of sites can easily be found on Google…completely free.

He’s even making false claims about what Affiliates can earn, so they end up promoting this rubbish thinking they’ll earn up to $100,000.

Having reviewed so many scam sites, I’ve gotten really passionate about exposing them and doing my best to help people stay away.

Thanks again for sharing!

    admin · October 12, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    You are welcome Stephanie, I am glad you’ve also made it your mision to expose them and their massive lies. I am sure very soon this program will be shut down as it has absolutely nothing to offer anyone.

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