What Is Spidermetrix {Scam} Or A Good Side Hustle?

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What Is Spidermetrix


Hi! Welcome To Our SpiderMetrix Review

We stumbled upon this cool but weird survey site called Spidermetrix, and though they have been in existence for very long, they didn’t seem to be making that much wave.

So we decided to lie low for a while and take a deep dive into this system to discover what its all about and if they can live up to their claims of helping you earn cash for a few minutes of your time.

Our discovery is what we will be sharing with you below.

But first I want to commend you for taking the time to research this system, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this detailed review, we will walk you through…

What is Spidermetrix About, how does it work, how can you make money from it, its pros and cons, if it is a legit system or another scam website just out to waste your time, to help you decide if it is a good side hustle or not?


Product At A Glance

Name: spidermetrix

Owner: Mr Jerry Evas

Website: spidermetrix.com

Price: $0.00 (free)

Rated: 2.5/5.0

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What Is Spidermetrix About

Spidermetrix is an Australian based online survey panel that rewards you for completing activities on their website. They allow you to give your opinion to brands that need them to improve their product and services and in return reward you for your opinion.

Once you become a member, you are considered a Spider.

Spidermetrix was founded in 1999 by Jerry Evas but became fully operational on June 26, 2000, and is also supported by a great team with expertise in Information Technology, Business, Psychology, Marketing, Graphics and Advertising.

Spidermetrix surveys are centred around a variety of topics like















>>>And a lot of others.

How Does Spidermetrix Work

To start earning a few bucks on spidermetrix you need to become a member to enable you have access to the various ways to make money.

Spidermetrix Signup Process

You will need to head over to their homepage and signup by creating an username ( login) and choosing a password and then submit, this leads you to another page where you will also fill in your basic details like name, age, postcode, address, etc, and then submit

you will receive an email with a link to fully activate your account and answer your profiling questions, this will be the first survey you will have to complete.

The completion of your registration and the profiling questions will earn you a total of 10 points.

Earning Points

Once you’ve completed your registration, you will have access to your member area/dashboard where you can now select activities to complete to earn money.

For every one you choose to complete, the amount and time will be stated before you get started, allowing you to know how much you can make for each survey.


Spidermetrix is a point-based system, which means they pay you in points which can then be converted to cash or equivalent in gift cards and vouchers.

Payment threshold

Their minimum threshold is 300 points before you can request for payment. Where 1 point equals 10cents

Which mean 300 equals $30. So you will need to have at least $30 to make a request. And payments are made on the first week of every month.

For example, if you can make up to $30 before the end of January and request for payment, you will receive your reward in the first week of February.

Payment Method

Payments are made in form of cash via PayPal

Amazon Gift Cards

Auctions – you use your points to bid on item that you desire which is available at a given time. To participate in the auction, you need to be observant to know when it’s available.

Donations – You can also choose to donate your points to the world vision Australia to help the less privileged.


What Is Spidermetrix


How To Make Money With Spidermetrix

Bonus Points

This will be the first money you will earn on the platform. You will get credited 10 points once you complete your registration and profiling questions.


Surveys are the major way to make money with Spidermetrix. And you can earn anything between 1 point to 8 points typically. There are two types of surveys

Quickie surveys

These surveys usually take 1 minute to get through, and it offers 1 point rewards, it’s also the most common you will get.

Normal survey

This survey type is very rare, you hardly come across it. It takes about 8 to 20 minutes or even more to answer the questions.

They carry the highest points, usually 8 point or in some cases when up to 20 minutes you may earn up to 13 points. And even more, if the survey exceeds this time-limit.

One unique thing I love about this site is that they display surveys with the available countries.

Which means you will know which surveys are available to your country in real-time. You will also get to see the ones that are coming soon.

Referral Scheme

You can also make money by inviting people to join Spidermetrix. When they want to register, they will have to input your name as their referrer so that once they complete a survey, you will earn 1 point.

You are entitled to this one point for every survey each of your referrals complete.


You can also get to take part in their different competitions to earn rewards. In these competitions, you will have the chances of earning 50, 1,000, 500 Australian dollars.

Spider Auctions

Here you can use your points to bid for PayPal deposits. For example, they may have a $13 PayPal deposit to give away, you have the opportunity to bid for this, but at the end of the given period, the highest bidder will get the money.

And the good thing is that you will get your points back if you do not win in the bidding. And you can always try again.

Features Of Spidermetrix


This is their official newsletter with news and information on what is going on in the site.


With Spiderchat you can share ideas and communicate with your fellow members in the community,

Spider Panel

This one consist of a limited number of their best spiders, they claim these spiders represent the view and opinion of the general population.


What Is Spidermetrix



It is free to join Spidermetrix, all you need is to fill in your basic details to register.


  • Legit system
  • Earn a little extra cash
  • Lots of available surveys to complete (mostly the Quickies)


  • Low-income potential
  • not a lot of Normal surveys available
  • You can get screened out or not qualify for surveys
  • Depending on your demographic, you may not qualify for the majority of the surveys
  • Minimum threshold is too high, will take ages to reach cash out.

In Conclusion

Is Spidermetrix a scam? No, it is not.

Spidermetrix is not a scam but as they claimed, you will earn some extra cash for your time spent completing activities on their website.

You just need to understand that like any typical survey site the income potential is always very low. Which means you won’t be making any much money here let alone becoming rich.

I love the fact that they were transparent about that, not like most other site that will claim you can make over $200 t00 $300/month but never delivers.

Knowing that Spidermetrix is legit, I think the most important thing to ask yourself is if it is worth your time or is it a good side hustle for you to engage with?

Let’s check it out below…




Is Spidermetrix Worth Your Time

I want to believe this will depend exactly on your definition of side hustle and what you are looking for.

Do you want to earn pennies with several hours of hard work invested or are you looking for an opportunity that can help you earn $100s to $1000s consistently?

The good news is that you can achieve any one of them.

If you are just interested in making a few bucks, then you can sign up with Spidermetrix or go with these more rewarding survey sites without the hassles.

But if the latter is your case, then you are better off engaging with a site that can help you achieve this goal like Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to achieve this through a method known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple and straight forward way to make money online once you understand the concept.

The good news is that you can signup with Wealthy Affiliate for free ( No Credit Card Required)

This will give you the opportunity to learn and understand what the process is all about and if you are up for it.

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What Is Spidermetrix


Well, there you have it, hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of What Is Spidermetrix?

Or do you have any questions/experience to share with us?

Drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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David nelson · March 14, 2020 at 2:22 am

When I started out online Business everything wasn’t going too well so needed a side hustle and it had to be online based and a friend introduce me to surgery sites….. during I search for legit survey sites I encountered a good number of them and most of them were scams while the others where low paying and lack surveys.

After sometime I stumbled on spidermetrix and it was on of the best I ever used as there layout was second to none and they had slot of survey to choose from……..they were really good at that time but I don’t know of now….

    admin · March 18, 2020 at 11:22 am

    Thanks for sharing with us David

ccav66 · March 14, 2020 at 2:30 am

I had never heard of spidermetrix before and even more surprising is they have been around for so long. I have done many survey sites in the past and as you mentioned most promise you more than you actually get. The only one I am still a member of is swag bucks,you can earn some decent change on the site. After reading your review on spider metrix I believe it is one that even though not a scam I will be avoiding my time is much more valuable that ten cent per point.

    admin · March 18, 2020 at 11:20 am

    Thanks for your humble contribution Ccav.

Lalita · March 14, 2020 at 2:31 am

Your guide on Spidermetrix is awesome for everyone. While reading I know that Spidermetrix allow us to give yur opinion to brands that need them to improve their product and services and in return reward us for our opinion. As we know it is not a scam and we will earn some extra cash for our time spent completing activities on their website. but now a days I found wealthy affiliate and it is the best in every way.

    admin · March 14, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    Thanks for dropping by Lalita, by the way, I love your name.

Parveen · March 14, 2020 at 1:43 pm

Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on Spidermetrix and find it very useful for everyone. While reading I know that Spidermetrix is not a scam but as they claimed, you will earn some extra cash for your time spent completing activities on their website. Wealthy Affiliate will teach us how to achieve this through a method known as affiliate marketing. Thanks for your perfect guide.

    admin · March 14, 2020 at 3:55 pm

    Yea Spidermetrix is not a scam but your income potential is definitely very low, which means it is not ideal for someone looking to achieve financial freedom. 

    Which is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in, so if that is what you are looking for, you can give Wealthy Affiliate a try. It is free to get started.

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