What Is Project 24 About {Scam} Or Worth Your Money?

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What Is Project 24 About

Hi! Welcome To Our Project 24 Review

I believe you must have come across Project 24, and you would like to know if it is the best online training platform for you to learn how to start and succeed with a niche website?

Or you probably want to learn how to successfully create and sell Niche websites to make money?

I must first commend you for taking the time to research this program, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And I can assure you that you are in the right place, as you will receive every detailed information you need to know about Project 24.

We will walk you through…

What is Project 24 about, how it works, its training and tools, pros and cons and if it is worth it, to help you make an informed decision


Product At A Glance

Name: Project 24 by Income School

Owners: Jim & Ricky

Website: incomeschool.com/project24

Price: $499/1st yr & $199/yr.

Rated: 4.5/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Project 24

Project 24 is a step by step online training course community created to help bloggers build a website, generate traffic, earn income and build a successful career.

It was created by Rick and Jim the owners of Income School and are successful YouTubers.

They have a YouTube channel where they give a lot of free lessons on how to grow a successful blogging business/ create and sell niche websites.

They do a lot of case studies on starting and growing different niche websites and keep sharing their experiences and income results frequently with their subscribers.

They claim that due to the rate of questions they have people ask on different aspects of building a website and monetizing it, they decided to create this training course known as Project 24.

And their goal with this Project 24 is to teach you how to replace your current income with passive income in 24 months.

Hence, the name Project 24.

They want to help you achieve success much faster and more reliably through the use of their system.


What Is Project 24 About


How Does Project 24 Work

Project 24 works by providing you with step by step training courses that will guide you through on how to start and successfully run your business online.



And below is what you will find included in this course.

Training & Tools (Inside Project 24)


This is the welcoming video from Ricky and Jim that helps you settle in and walks you through the summary of what the course is all about and how to get started.


The next step is joining the community, where they have active people, you can always pop in here to ask questions and to meet other like-minded people.

The owners Ricky and Jim are also available sometimes to respond to people’s questions.

It is always a great thing to have a community of people that you can always fall back on when the going gets tough or you get stuck as you go along your training.

There are people here who might have passed through the same situation that will be willing to provide you with solutions to try out.

Having this community is one great boost to this Course.

Project 24 Timeline

This timeline is a section that helps you keep track of your progress.

It gives you ideas on where / what stage you should be at a particular point in time.

For example, if you are 2 months into the course, this timeline will show you what achievement and progress you are supposed to have at that stage.

You can always use this to compare to where you are and see if there is a need for improvement or if you are right on spot.

This covers the period of the 24-month by which you are supposed to have a successful website.


This is where you find the main course training on how to get started and run your website to achieve success. It covers the following topics:

>>>60 Steps Approach To A Profitable Niche

This one covers all the possible mistakes you can make that can stall your site.

And provides you with a step by step system you will follow to avoid these failures.

They claim this is the most important training in all, as it goes through over every fundamental to finding your niche, building your website, setting up Seo, etc.

Basically everything you need to get your website started and running.

>>>Search Analysis

Where you are taught to do keyword research.

This is a very great idea on how to do keyword research and very different from what most other training platform teaches.

They are not just using keywords based on keyword tools but want you to write topics based on what is being searched for presently.

But this also requires common sense to know what keywords will be the golden nuggets.

But no worries as they will also teach you how to analyse those results you get on search engines to know how to beat your competitions.

>>>Picking Profitable Niche

Here they talk about how to pick the niches that can be profitable for you in the long run.

>>>No Nonsense Seo

Here they teach you how to write effective and efficient blog posts that can be favoured by the search engines to obtain rankings.

>>>Web Traffic Snowball

This one walks you through how you can utilise your social media to gain more traffic fast to your website

>>>Email Marketing 101

This one walks you through on how to effectively build an email list on your website.

>>>Myth Busters

Here they burst the myths people teach about internet and Seo.

>>.Hire And Train Writers

Here they show you how you can hire and train writers to help with your blog posts in order to scale your business.

The great thing about this section is not just walking you through on how to do this, but they also provide you with video tutorials that you can give to the writers that will teach them exactly how to write a blog post and how to post them on WordPress.

This way you won’t have to spend so much money hiring professional writers.

They also give you ideas of where to get writers that you can hire at low prices.

>>>Photography Start

In this section they walk you through how you can take your own pictures and use them on your blog, depending on your niche.

They claim this is a great way you can get people to even trust you more, as images with personal touch to them will make people feel more comfortable to come back and visit your blog or trust what you say to them.

I totally agree with this idea., it makes a lot of sense.

>>>Reviewing Your Site

They can go through your site and give you suggestions on areas you need to improve.

>>>Improve And Speed Up Your Writing

Here they share some hacks on how you can manage your time to get things done faster.

>>>Monetise Your Site With Ads

Here they walk you through on how to monetise your site with ads and also showing you the right time to get started.

>>>The Success Mindset

This one is more like a motivational section.

This helps you to get in the right mindset you need to run and succeed with your business.

You will need to have the right mindset to be able to take on this journey as you may not encounter success as easily as you may hope.

This section will help to keep you motivated to keep pushing forward no matter what.


What Is Project 24 About



When it comes to tools, Ricky and Jim go ahead to recommend to you the tools they feel are the best that can help you achieve success as you grow. your business.

What I love most about this is that these are tools they already used or are still using, which means they have had experience with them.

I also love that they are very transparent about which of these tools they will earn commissions from if you go ahead and purchase any of them.

Private Coaching

They do offer a private coaching section, where you can have one or both the owners have live conversation with you on any problem you might be having with your site.

They have the :

>>>Standard Coaching Call

This involves just one of the owners, he will help you with all the issues you need assistance with.

And the cost for this coaching is $599.

>>>Premium Coaching Call

This one you will have both the owners speak to you on an hour call via Skype.

The cost for this is $899.

Member Only Podcast

Here Ricky and Jim share everything about their different websites, the experiences they have, and how they have been able to scale their incomes.

They also talk about the latest tips on Seo, marketing and monetization strategies to help you grow your business.

It consists of different seasons:

>>>Season 1– Campers Report Gets Monetized

They share with you on how they grew their camper site from $2,000 to $8,000 just by making few changes to their monetization technique.

>>>Season 2 — Project Rexburg

This is more of a case study on how they got a physical office and hired writers to help scale their business.

This season walks you through every step they took to finally achieve success.

>>>Season 3– Blogger Finances

Here they talked about personal finances for bloggers, like dealing with taxes, etc.

Submit Milestones

Here you get to share with others the first milestone on making money.

This will be the first $5 plus you earn through your website as you move along


The training course comes with a community of like-minded people who you can share any problem you encounter along the way with, these people will help you to figure out difficult situations as you journey along.

A Library Of Courses

You will gain access to a Library of different courses that will help you as you go along building your business.


To become a member of Project 24, you will need to sign up with a total of $499 for your first year, and then $199 in subsequent years.


  • Legit Training Program
  • Transparent to the core
  • No upsells
  • Great training tutorial & videos
  • Great Community
  • Podcasts and Vlogs for members only
  • Different search Analysis method
  • The owners are active in the platform
  • So many success stories from members.


  • The starting price is quite exorbitant, not everyone can afford to pay such amount, especially as a beginner.
  • You will have to pay for your website and hosting somewhere else
  • You will have to pay separately if you need coaching, which adds to the cost.
  • They claim prices will keep going up as the courses are updated.

In Conclusion

Is Project 24 a scam? Not at all…

Project 24 is truly an amazing training course that can help you get started to build and grow a successful passive income business.

Would you achieve that in 24 months?

I would say that depends on you. It is possible if you put in the necessary hard work and consistency and time that contributes a great deal to how much you can grow your business.

So aside from providing you the guidelines, you will need to be ready to take actions and follow every step of the training and carry out every task you are given in order to achieve this goal.

This is not just for Project 24, every legit program will require you to put in the hard work and effort to build your business, and let’s not forget the time factor too.

Any product promising you millions with little or no work is only out to rip you off.

Always remember that.

The next question should be is Project 24 Worth its cost?

In my personal opinion, the initial cost of $499 that first year is too exorbitant, but given that it has no further upsells, I did say it is way better than most training programs out there that their entry point costs less but will frustrate you with upsells.

But does this mean you should invest in it?

To this, I will say it depends…

And we will provide you a few things below, to put into consideration to help you make that informed decision.




Is Project 24 Worth It?

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a great training course.

In fact one of the best training courses in the industry.

But to get started you need to ask yourself…

Do I have $499 to pay for the first year to start this training program?

In the case I don’t start generating income by the end of the first year, do I have an additional $199 to invest yearly.

What if I have issues and need help, can I afford to pay $599 to $899 just to get an hour live chat from the owners?

Can I afford to pay $50/year for the Acabado theme, which is yet another yearly extra cost?

Or go for the 100 years license for $99?

And have in mind you will also have to pay for your monthly/ yearly web hosting, email marketing tools, theme, etc.

Do I have an alternative training course that can serve me this same purpose?

If you are someone who can not afford an outright $499 to get started, especially if you are still struggling financially then this may not favour you.

And for those who fall into this category, we recommend another great training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

These two platforms have almost everything in common when it comes to their training technique.

They both focus on building out your website with quality content and then monetizing.

The major difference I see is that Project 24 uses another technique for Search analysis ( depends on direct search from search engines)

While Wealthy Affiliate encourages the use of keyword research using keyword research tools like Jaaxy to up your rankings.

Secondly, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with an all in one platform, meaning it provides you with both website builder and a hosting platform to run your business at no extra cost.

The keyword research tool used is also free as long as you are a premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate also does not charge for any special coaching classes.

The owners are always available to assist when they can.

Note that I said when they can because I am not going to lie to you and say you will have access to them round the clock, that won’t be possible as they definitely have other things and people they have to take care of too.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with a flexible premium plan, for those who can’t afford as much as $499 for a start.

You can Pop In Here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

And, once you deliberate on all these, the answers you get should help you make your decision.

>>>Check Out Project 24 Here<<<


What Is Project 24 About


Hope you found this review and suggestions helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of What Is Project 24 About?

Or do you have any questions/ experience you would like to share with us?

Drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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