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what is profit genesis 2.0 about

Hi! Welcome To Our Profit Genesis 2.0 Review


Waking up in the morning, opening up your laptop as you sip your coffee, to behold over $4,000 dollars sitting right there! in your account! All this generated automatically from within the hours you slept.

Won’t that be amazing? Won’t that feel like the best thing that has happened to you in a long while? Because that is what Profit Genesis 2.0 claims you can attain once you buy into it’s System. I believe this will make you wonder what is Profit Genesis 2.0 about, is it a legit System that can really help you generate over $4,000 overnight or is it just another scam out to only rip you off.

You will be right to wonder at such, and I commend you for doing your diligent research to know what this System is truly about. It’s the way to stay clear off scam.

Be rest assured that we have full details of everything you need to know about Profit Genesis to find out if it’s the right System for you or not, so read on..


Name: Profit Genesis 2.0

Owner: David Miller

Website: profitgenesisreloaded.com

Price :$37 + Upsells

($1 for 2 weeks trial & then pay $36)

Rated: 1.0/5.0

what is profit genesis 2.0 about


From the sales video, we are made to understand that this System was created by a man who claims his name is David Miller

David goes ahead to tell us about his sobby life history of how he had to strive and struggle to try to make ends meet as a plumber in order to take care of his little girl

As a result of this, he fell into so many scams from trying “shiny objects” marketed to him by the so called internet gurus

And at the end of the day, after trying all these things for weeks and months he ended up making only $3.00 from taking Surveys.

Blaa.. blaa.. blaa.. blaa..

You need to understand that all this sobby stories about massive suffering and struggles is just to get your emotions running high

To make you think yes! here is someone that can relate to my situation

And when that happens you won’t have any reason to doubt his intentions but trust him enough to simply buy into his System without second thoughts

He further went on to say how he finally met with his high school mate Benny, when he went to fix 7 golden pipes in his house (golden pipes indeed!) And heard him clicking away at his mouse repeatedly..

He ended up asking Benny what he was doing and Benny told him everything about how he is making 7 figures from the internet and would only teach him the secret on one condition

You won’t believe what the so called condition is…

That he agrees to share this secret with every one else once he starts making money.(yea right!)

What baffles me is why this so called Benny didn’t share his secret with others all the while

Why wait till he met David before insisting David had to promise to share this secret before exposing it to him

Something sound fishy here? You bet!

Our dear David has suddenly become our mediator..

Well lets see if he lives up to expectation


This is another funny part of things, throughout the sales page, David never mentioned exactly how this System will work to generate you all this thousands of dollars week by week

The only thing he talks about is how much money you can make, by following three simple steps, this is a very huge red flag, one that is common with scammy Systems. They never tell you what exactly you will be doing or how exactly this System works.

what is profit genesis 2.0 about

But given that he in the beginnig of his sales page, he said something about opening an online shop and with a few clicks and he started generating money, our best bet is that it’s dropshipping.

With dropshipping, you only get to display virtual goods in your store, and when someone orders for it, you simply get it from the main producer, add your own little profit to the initial cost and then ship it directly to your customer.

And this isn’t something that is done with just a few clicks of the mouse in 15 minutes of a day, it just doesn’t work that way.

There are lots to be mastered, aside setting up your online shop. So like every other business it takes time and effort. No secret System does it.

So if you are really interested in dropshipping as a business model, which by the way is a legit business model, this free Shopify guide will help you learn and understand better.


will cost you $37 to purchase this System’s membership. But when you try to leave the page, you may receive this pop up, to try it just for one dollar for two weeks and then pay $36 thereafter. Then comes comes the upsells

Profit Genesis 2.0 Scam Alert

Hyped income claims: no matter what secret method a System claims it has, there is no way you can just set up an online business, especially as a newbie and start generating thousands. This hyped income claims is just to get you excited enough to quickly get the secret method that will end up being a disappointment.what is profit genesis 2.0 about

Can you make money with dropshipping?

Yes you can, but just understand you will never make such huge amount upon just starting a new business.

FalseTestimmonials: this ruins any credibility this System might have, given that these are paid actors and stock images used to represent people who have used this System. No quality System will have the need to higher paid actors or go as far as using stock images to provide testimonies of their System.

what is profit genesis 2.0 about

what is profit genesis 2.0 about

our sweet couple is just a stock image






what is profit genesis 2.0 about

another stock image

what is profit genesis 2.0 about






Hidden fees (Upsell): You are made to believe you will be paying a one time fee of $37 to have complete access to this System

But that is not the case here, as you will be bombarded with upsells to help scale your business.


  • 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like what you get, you can always request for your money back within the first 60days

You will get some Basic training


  • Not enough training to really get you started
  • Over hyped income claims
  • False testimonies
  • Upsells



If you are still wondering what is Profit Genesis 2.0 about? We can simply tell you that, although it’s not a scam, it’s a low quality product you shouldn’t waste your time or money on. And for the facts stated above, we do not recommend this System.




Name: Profit Genesis 2.0
Owner: David Miller
Website: profitgenesisreloaded.com
Price :$37 + Upsells

($1 2 weeks trial & then pay $36)

Rated: 1.0/5.0


No matter what you want to venture into in an online business in order to make money

You should always have in mind that you will have to put in hard work, persistence, patience and time. This is the basis of attaining Success online

Coupled with good training and Support needed to excel.

Here is our free step by step guide to making money online and the platform that can provide you with that training you will need to succeed.

What is your situation?

Are you willing to do what it takes to break out of it?

Learn to make money online the right way, and save yourself from scam/ low quality products

That is it for today. Hope you found this Review Post helpful? Kindly share to help others benefit from it.

Have you had any experience with Profit Genesis 2.0? Share your thoughts below?

And if you have any questions, please ask away.. and we will be glad to get back to you.


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