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We recently got an email about this new survey site, and decide to give it a look, so here we are to talk about what is opini surveys, and if it is worth your time.


Name: opini surveys

Owner: Asia Opinions

Website: opinisurveys.com

Price: Free

Rated: 2.0/5.0


This is an online based survey website that allows it’s members  to complete surveys based on variety of topics in exchange for money. These surveys can sometimes be in form of focus groups, if the clients require some physical response from a group of people. They sometimes offer product trials too.

They also have an online community, where people who are not members can also join to talk about brands and products and shaping the future with these products. So even if you are not registered with their survey sites, you are free to join their online community.

What is opini surveys-is it worth your time?


Signing up: to be eligible to take part in their surveys, you must first of all signup with your details, you then receive an email to click and confirm your email address, and once done, your account becomes activated.

Create your profile: the next thing you do is log into you member area, and fill in your profile and demographics, this is supposed to help them know which surveys will best soothe you and to be able to send across such surveys. You also get to choose how many surveys you want to receive each month, between 1, 3 and six or just decide to let the system make the choice for you.

Select reward: this is quite new,  as you would have to decide what form of payment you will like to receive, from onset, you can either choose an amazon giftcard or payment by Paypal and the system locks it in.
Taking surveys: when it comes to taking surveys, you will either wait to receive invites through your email or you log into your account to find out if you have any available one. Unlike some other survey sites that have lots of surveys to choose from, it’s not the case with opini.

Each survey ranges from between 5min to 25minutes there about and payment of about $0.40 to $3 for each survey successfully completed.

Payments: there are two forms of payments, through paypal or amazon giftcards. Payment threshold is $12.50 for the US and £8 for the Uk.

Once you reach this amount in your account, you can then request for payment. With paypal its instant but for amazon giftcard, you have to wait up to 4weeks from the moment you request for it. Kind of strange, since giftcards are usually the easy ones to get hold of.

By the way to receive amazon giftcard you will need a minimum of £10, UK based though.

Note: for every withdrawal you make through paypal, you will be charged 2% of your earning. The charges are being made by paypal according to them, so always have that in mind.
You should also note that you don’t start to receive surveys immediately after filling your  profile and demographics, it takes upto 24hrs to days or never, if you dont fill in your details after registrations

What is opini surveys-is it worth your time?0


It is free to join opini surveys. You just fill in your details, activate your account and you are ready to go.


How much can you make

Looking at about $3 per survey as an average to be made, and not having more than 6 surveys to complete in a month, then we should say you can roughly make about $18 in a month. But always have in mind, this is just on the high basis, i.e. you won’t be getting upto $3 in each survey, nor can you qualify for the 6 surveys sent across, asuming you get up to 6 surveys in a month. But you are roughly looking at $18 dollars at the end of the month with nothing less than 25 minutes on each survey.


  • Free to join
  • Make little money from here
  • Low payout threshold


  • Limited availability of surveys
  • Screening out of surveys
  • No incentives for being screened out of survey
  • Too long to wait for amazon giftcard reward


So we now know what is Opini, and we also know it is a legit system, the next question is if its worth your time? In our opinion, if you are just looking to add some extra money to spend around, or you are just a student looking to gain free giftcards, then for sure Opini is worth your time, just click on the website url to go straight to opini surveys.  But if you are looking to make money online as a source of income, or extra income to pay bills and stuffs, then we do not recommend this. Just scroll down and have a read of our alternative way to making money online.

What is opini surveys-is it worth your time?


Name: opini surveys

Owner: Asian Opinion

Website: www.opinisurvey.com
Price: free
Rated: 2.0/5.0
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What is opini surveys-is it worth your time?

That is it for today, hope you found this post useful, if so kindly share with others. Have you tried opini surveys before? If so kindly share your experience with us. Your questions are also very much welcomed.

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Krazymommy18 · August 26, 2018 at 3:32 pm

I personally have had wonderful luck with Swagbucks! I’ve been doing it for a year now and I’ve made hundreds! I use it to pay for diapers!

    admin · August 27, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Waow! That is lovely to know, definitely a way to make extra income. The good thing is you dont get limits to how much you can make, so as much time as you have to invest in it, will yield more income for you. That is the advantage of gpt sites over survey sites, they have other avenues for you to make money rather than only surveys

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