What Is My Freelance Paycheck About – Scam Or $3k/Month?

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What Is My Freelance Paycheck About

Hi! Welcome To Our “My Freelance Paycheck Review”

Did you come across My Freelance Paycheck and are wondering what it is all about?

Do you want to know if it is a legit business model that can help you get started in freelance writing and start generating as close as $1,000 to $3,000 every month?

Then I commend you for taking the time to research this product, as it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this detailed review, we will walk you through, what is My Freelance Paycheck About, How does it work, and help you discover if it is legit, and the right business line for you to follow.


Product At A Glance

Name: My Freelance Paycheck

Owner: Laura Pennington

Website: myfreelancepaycheck.com

Price: $47 + upsell

Rated: 4.0/5.0

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What Is My Freelance Paycheck

My Freelance Paycheck is a program that is supposed to teach you how to get started and establish a freelance writing job.

It was created by Lauren Pennington.

Laura claims she used to be a teacher who got tired of her teaching job sometime in 2011.

And then decided to find out the ways to make money online, but unfortunately everything she stumbled upon turned out to be a scam, and they each drained her of the little savings she had.

Long story short, a friend of hers called her up and advised her to put her writing skill into good use.

And that is how she set out seeking for writing opportunities online, and what she discovered went ahead to create the financial freedom she has today.

With her years of experience and trial and errors, she decided to put everything together to help others know the right things to do, and how to get started with freelance writing, and this led to the creation of her cash-generating machine she calls…

My Freelance Paycheck!

Now she wants to help you achieve the same success she has without making the same mistakes she did.

Laura claims you do not need to have:

any formal writing skill

special college degree

Or previous writing of content online

Or special insider contacts

And you do not need to worry about training or how to write content, as her course has got you covered.

All you need is to follow her steps as directed in her program and put in the hard work to start seeing results.

Sounds pretty cool to me, but is this the case here?

Will this course see you have success with freelance writing like Laura claims?

Well, let’s dig into what this program is all about to find out…

How Does My Freelance Paycheck Work

Once you make your payment of $47, you will get instant access to download the content of My Freelance Paycheck.

With this you will get:

My Freelance Paycheck Main Book

>>>This main book covers the main part of what you will learn and make use of from this program, this main guide book will teach you

>>>How to understand freelance writing opportunities and discover how to identify clients with money

>>>How to attract these clients

>>>How to properly market yourself

>>>How to be a confident freelance writer

>>>How to set your self up for long term success

>>>And much more…

This is about 156 pages of downloadable PDF.

This also includes four bonus chapters:

>>>The 5 common mistakes of freelance writers

>>>How to determine your writing rates

>>>Why you need to have amazing work samples

>>>6 real stories from successful freelance writers

My Freelance Paycheck Audio Book

This is an audio MP3 version of the complete training created to help guide you through your freelance writing journey.

It runs for an hour and 30 minutes long.

My Freelance Paycheck On-Demand Video Training

These are high-quality on-demand video training that covers everything you need to know ;

>>>from landing clients with money to developing the perfect marketing plan

>>>To building your Upwork outsourcing profile for freelance writing.

>>>This contains over 10+ training videos

A Quickstart Guide To Making Freelance Profits From Upwork

This guide will walk you through how to get set up with Upwork.

>>.With specific How-To instructions on setting up your profile

>>>Picking categories

>>>Getting work samples in place

>>>Finding projects


>>>And much more…

Success Multipliers

This one provides you with inspirational and confidence-building stories from highly successful freelance writers.

These writers provided their uniquely individual methods that have helped them to achieve success.

The program also provides you with additional places to source for works and how to get the best of the best.

I like the fact that Laura makes it clear that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or some automatic push-button money generating machine to make you millions while you sleep.

She also made it clear you won’t start making hundreds to thousands by just starting with her program, but it is something that takes time and hard work.

And with the right direction, you will start building up your income.

The secret she says is to be precise and meet deadlines, this way you can retain happy clients that will be willing to stick with you.

What Is My Freelance Paycheck About

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Laura’s program has three membership packages

Digital package

This is the basic package that you get with $47.

This package gives you online access only.

You get:

>>>My Freelance Paycheck Main Ebook

>>>My Freelance Paycheck MP3 Edition

>>>On-Demand Video Training

>>>Upwork Quickstart Guide PDF

>>>Success Multiplier PDF.

Digital & Physical package (Everything)

This package will give you access to both online and hard copy and will cost you $99.95 ( shipping and handling included)

With this package you get:

>>>My Freelance Paycheck Main Book and PDF

>>>My Freelance Paycheck CD and Online access

>>>On-Demand Video Training CDS & Online Access

>>>Upwork Quickstart Guide PDF & Book

>>>Success Multiplier PDF & Book

Physical Package

This one includes just hard copies, and you will pay $99.95. (With shipping and handling)

With this you get:

>>>My Freelance Paycheck Main Book

>>>My Freelance Paycheck CD Edition

>>>In Demand Video Training CD.

>>>Upwork Quickstart Guide Book

>>>Success Multiplier Book


  • It is a legit program
  • Great training resources to become a successful freelance writer
  • You can make money with this program
  • 60 days money-back guarantee


The only con I see with this program is that you will be made to sign up for another similar program that bills you monthly.

The good thing is that the first month is a free trial and if you choose not to continue, you can cancel at any time.

The bad is that if you do not remember to cancel, you will automatically be billed the next month. So you just need to make sure you remember that to avoid losing your money.

In Conclusion

Is My Freelance Paycheck a scam? No, it is not in our opinion.

Writing jobs are very much sorted after these days, especially with many companies going online and loads of blogs and websites being created daily.

Most of these people seek people who can help them with their contents at different stages, and that is where you come in.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be a perfectionist with words to make money writing online.

All you need is the guidance, how to get started and where, and what to do to attract the right people, which is what My Freelance Paycheck will help you achieve.

You can be successful with My Freelance Paycheck, and you can also get to make up to $1,000 to $3,000 or even more every month if you stick to the rules and do things right.

Nonetheless, I must not fail to mention that there are other writing platforms like Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, and even Upwork, that you can enroll for free and bid for jobs on your own.

But like they say, if you want to be successful like someone, you need to follow the same steps they followed to achieve success.

My Freelance Paycheck is more of that guidance steps for you, especially if you are just a total newbie.

But it is up to you to decide.

Below are some tips to help you achieve success

What Is My Freelance Paycheck About

Tips to Attain Success With Freelance Writing


As a beginner, always known that you won’t start making money immediately, as most of these clients usually go for people who already have great reviews, good ratings, and higher success rate.

So you need to be patient and build up your profile, starting with a low pricing and before you know it, you will start making good money

Keep To Your Deadlines

Another thing is to always make sure you meet up with your deadlines, just as Laura stated, this is one basic requirement if you want to be successful.

Meeting up with your clients’ demand will make them want to come back to you, and this means more income for you.

Be Accurate

Make sure you understand what your clients want you to do. Don’t take any short cuts, instead try to add more value to what you are asked to do.

This will even see you getting bonuses from some clients.

Proofread Your Work

Though you don’t need special writing skills or be a perfectionist to make money writing, it is always better to try to make sure your articles are presented with minimal errors if any at all.

And for this, you do not need to go hire any professional proofreader, using writing tools like Grammarly can help you achieve that.

Just be creative in your ways and build up your profile the right way to attract the right clients, then your success will know no bounds.

On the other hand, if you love writing and don’t have the money to invest in this program, our alternative in the section below will be ideal for you, so check it out.




Name: My Freelance Paycheck

Owner: Laura Pennington

Website: myfreelancepaycheck.com

Price: $47 + upsell

Rated: 4.0/5.0

>>>Check Out My Freelance Paycheck<<<

Alternative To My Freelance Paycheck

What Laura teaches you is great, and even though you can get to make good money with it, it still leaves you at the mercy of people.

Rather than stick with a work at home job, why not create your own business with writing

You can write about things you are passionate about to help people solve their problems.

And instead of seeking out clients to write for to make money, the reverse will be the case!

People will be the ones seeking you out, and you will still end up making money.

Why this is a better offer is that it creates an avenue for you to not just make money, but to also earn passive income.

Which means you will even still get to make money years to come from one single article you wrote years ago.

Imagine when you have hundreds of such articles?

Can you imagine how much that can help you generate without any further effort from you?

To find out every detail on how this method works and to get started for free, Check Out Our Free Make Money Online Guide Now!


What Is My Freelance Paycheck About


That is it for today. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of What Is My Freelance Paycheck About?

Or have you got any questions/ experience you did like to share with us?

Leave them in the comment section below, and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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Charles · October 3, 2019 at 2:27 am

Yeah thank you very much for taking your time to do a quick review of My Freelance Paycheck I have come across the website a couple of times but I haven’t been chanced to read more about it. From your review I do think the website is what the price given the amazing features it is going to offer to writers and freelancers who desire to make money. What are the basic requirement one must posses before joining the platform as a newbie?

    admin · October 12, 2019 at 12:49 am

    nothing much, except the willingness to write.

Rick · October 3, 2019 at 2:46 am

It sounds interesting but even if you’re not the best writer, you would still need the time and drive to make something of this. It would be a great thing for some people.

I have been thinking about hiring some writers this year. Does her site say anything about how to sign up for or request some writers to do some work for you?


    admin · October 12, 2019 at 12:39 am

    Rick am not sure she does that. I know her program is more of a course for those looking to make money with freelance writing.

    #You may have to fug that out through her website.


Wendy · October 3, 2019 at 2:46 am

It is nice to know that you feel My Freelance Paycheck is not a scam. I love to write and was thinking about doing this, but honestly I don’t want to pay the $47 especially knowing there is an upsell. So I am going to take you up on your alternative. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like it has a lot of training. I’m going to try it out. Thanks for this review.

    admin · October 12, 2019 at 12:37 am

    You are very much welcomed Wendy, In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a great alternative.

    I mean why write for others when you can write for yourself and make much more money, make your own rules and decide when or when not to write. 

    lets face it, when you write for people, you still don’t own your time, as you will be compelled to meet up with deadlines which may fall at a time you may want some relaxing, you get my drift.

    We believe doing it for yourself will be a lot more beneficial.

Carol5162 · October 3, 2019 at 2:52 am

I really believe in freelance writing platforms as this is what got me started in my online journey. From the course series, I see she covers almost every question any freelance writer will want covered. The problem with this type of information I believe, is that someone else can get for free since it is downloadable. A paying student will not like to think that what they are paying for could be downloaded and re-sold and given for free. I however like that the course has testimonials to back-up freelancing work. Nothing gets me motivated like successful users. Thank you for this helpful post.

    admin · October 12, 2019 at 12:29 am

    You are very much welcomed. thanks for stopping by

Desiray · October 3, 2019 at 2:55 am

It is nice to see that a program is legit these days. There are so many scams out there I really don’t know what to trust anymore. That being said, My Freelance Paycheck sounds pretty interesting. I might want to try it out. Can you really make money even if you have no writing experience because I would think that you would have to have at least some background? 

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