What Is Mindswarms About?

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What Is Mindswarms About


Hi! Welcome To Our Mindswarms Review.

Unlike every other survey panel we’ve come across, Mindswarms appears to be very different, as it literally pays you $50 for every survey you take, within 20 minutes!

Yea, you heard right!

This will definitely make you wonder, what is Mindswarms about, how does it work and how can you make this kind of money with them?

That is why, we’ve taken our time to look into this system, and in this review, we’ve detailed everything about Mindswarms that you need to know, and tips on how you can maximise your chances of success.


Product At A Glance

Name: Mindswarms

Owner: Bassett And Partners

Website: mindswarms.com

Price: $0.00

Rated: 3.0/5.0


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What Is Mindswarms About

Mindswarms is a market research panel that allows you to participate in paid research in the form of Video survey reviews and pays you for each one you successfully complete.

Simply put, Mindswarms stands as the middle man between you and companies who want to conduct market research to improve their products and services.

The company pays them to set up a research, they encourage you to participate in their research, and once successfully done, you get paid.

How Does Mindswarms Work

Before you can join Mindswarms, you will need to, first of all, create an account, in three simple steps:

1. Create Your Account

This first part is where you add your email and password and select a username.

2. Create Your Profile

In this section, you are required to add your basic details like :

>>>Full Name






>>>Paypal email, etc.

3. Record Your Profile Video

Here you are finally required to record a video that will be used for your profile

This video is what they will use to match you with surveys, so you need to make sure it is done properly.

In the video, you will be asked some pre-screening questions and you have about 60 seconds to answer each.

Once done, you will have to submit the sample video before getting qualified.

If the video is not accepted, you will be given an opportunity to redo it.


What Is Mindswarms About


4. Applying for Surveys

You will always be sent an email to participate in a survey review or you can also log into your account and go to your dashboard to see if there is any available survey.

Once you see one available, it is best to lock it in immediately before the slot fills up

Once you have locked in a slot/ accepted an invite, you will be asked to answer some application questions,  you need to answer and submit this.

The researcher will then review your answers and decide if you qualify or not.

If accepted, you will receive a qualification email within 24 hours to do the survey.

5. Completing A Study

Once you receive an email invite that you’ve been selected to participate in a study, you can log in through the link on such email, or log in to your Mindswarms account, go to the “active studies” section on your dashboard, and click on the start button.

The study usually consists of about 7 questions, which you will have to record a response to each one within 45 to 60 seconds.

6. Payment

Once you successfully complete a survey, without being flagged by the researcher, you will be paid $50.

Payments are made straight into your PayPal account within 48 working hours.

Though some users claim they received their payment within 24 hours of success

App Alternative

Mindswarms also have an app, available on iOS and Android devices

You can download it to.answer surveys on the go.

How To Earn With Mindswarms

The best way to make money with Mindswarms is by answering and recording video survey reviews.

Tips On How To Maximise Your Chances

Receiving emails for surveys or locking in one from your dashboard is the easy part.

The hard part is actually being accepted to participate in that survey

As you will still have to answer qualification questions for each of that survey, alongside other chosen members,  before the final decision on who gets to participate in the said survey goes out.

To be sure you get qualified for a given survey, you should;

>>>Respond to those qualifying questions immediately and send it in

>>>But most importantly, make sure your sample video ( video profile) is of good quality

>>>Answer the questions asked in a very clear and understandable way

>>>Be confident, and know exactly what you are talking about.

The reason for this is that your qualification is determined by that video sample you submitted, alongside the qualification questions.

These people know what they want, and there are hundreds of other people who may qualify for this same survey, so they will definitely want to pick the best ones, given the amount they will have to pay you for it.

You will probably get invited to more surveys but end up qualifying for little.

Which is why you must always strive to create the best sample video you can, so you can always be among those qualified for that survey.


It is free to register with Mindswarms, just fill in the signup details and you are good to go

Mindswarms Complaint

From our research of this platform, the following are what seems to be the major complaint users have:

Not Qualified for surveys

Some of the users seem to get frustrated by the fact that they have been invited to so many surveys over the months, which they answer the qualifying question but never got accepted.


Majority of the users also complained that no one ever got back to them to say if they were accepted or not, to participate in a given survey after answering the qualifying questions, they see this as not being professional, as they were left hanging, not knowing where exactly they stand.


What Is Mindswarms About

Source: SurveyPolice


Mindswarms Requirement

These are few things you will need to have in place in other to be able to participate in Mindswarms research activities

>>>High-speed internet connection

>>>A webcam with high resolution

>>>A microphone and speakers

>>>A modern web browser (Chrome 60+ and Firefox 52+)

>>>The latest version of Adobe player software

>>>Paypal account

>>>Garments (this is basically letting you know you need to be modestly dressed when recording your video survey.)


  • A good way to earn extra income
  • Paypal accepted
  • Cash-based system
  • Available to the world


  • Not easy to qualify for surveys
  • Only video-based survey reviews

In Conclusion

Is Mindswarms a scam? Not at all, it is a legit system that does pay you when you successfully complete a survey.

You just need to have in mind that these surveys don’t come in regularly, and you won’t be making a full-time income from partaking in surveys.

So if you are not camera-shy, and you are just looking to make a few bucks, you should probably give Mindswarms a try.

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What Is Mindswarms About


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