What Is Jeunesse MLM About – Scam Or A Good Source Of Income?

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What Is Jeunesse MLM About

Hi! Welcome To Our Jeunesse MLM Review


What went we give to stay youthful and vibrant huh!

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have always strived to do whatever it takes to stay not just youthful, but possibly become immortal if possible.

And here comes Jeunesse with the promise to help us achieve that.

At least the staying young and vibrant side of it.

Makes you wonder what is Jeunesse MLM about?

Will investing in their product really help me stay young and vibrant?

And can this be a worthwhile business model for me?

First I must commend you for taking the time to research about Jeunesse before getting involved, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this detailed review, we have revealed everything you need to know about Jeunesse, how it works, its compensation plan and if it is a legit MLM or simply a pyramid scheme, to help you make that informed decision.


Product AT A Glance

Name: Jeunesse Global

Owner: Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis

Website: jeunesseglobal.com

Price: $29.99/$49.99 ($19.99/yr)

Rated: 2.5/5.0

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What Is Jeunesse Global About

Jeunesse Global is a beauty, health and wellness-based MLM Company that provides you with the opportunity to use and also engages in sales and distribution of their product to make money.

It was created by Randy and Wendy in on September 9th 2009 at 9.00 p.m ( with much significance to the number 9) as they claim the number 9 to them represents longevity.

Randy and Wendy claim their mission is to create a positive impact in the world by helping people look and feel young while empowering each other to unleash their potential.

Their main focus is on youth and anti ageing skin care products, and also a nutrition and with loss supplements to help you stay young and vibrant.

Even though Jeunesse was established in 2009, it reached an amazing $5 billion worth of cumulative sales worldwide within 8 years of its establishment.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the company is centred around what humanity most desires (youth & Vibrance).

Just as it has grown in so short a time, Juenesse has also had a couple of lawsuits where they’ve been accused of running a misleading business opportunity, being a pyramid scheme, their products being a scam and not providing the acclaimed benefits and even providing false income reports.

So if you are looking to invest in this as a business opportunity, you will do well to tread carefully.

How does Jeunesse Work How

The company deals in the sales and distribution of beauty, health and wellness products.

You can deal with them directly as an end-user/Direct Sale or become a distributor and also deal in recruitment to boost your earning.

Direct Sale

You can purchase goods from Jeunesse directly as an end-user but have in mind that they will be at a more expensive price.

But if you sign up as a wholesaler and go on auto-ship, you will be entitled to their wholesale prices and may even get an additional discount.

You can also buy the products you want and sell directly to your end-users.

This method can only favour you if you just have the intention of using these products as this will help you cut on cost.

But depending on direct sales to succeed with MLM is a pretty thin chance.

You hardly ever make headway at this level as the commission made is very minimal.

Hence, the need to recruit and build a downline to increase your chances of becoming successful


This is where the money lies in Legit MLM Companies.

When you recruit people to join Jeunesse you will also earn a commission from whatever those people earn and also from the people they recruit and so it goes on…

These people are said to be your downline

The more people you and your downline can recruit, the more your downline grows.

And for every one of these people who makes sales, you will get a certain percentage of those sales as commission

And this goes on till your seventh level(downline)

So you can imagine the income potential this has, and why it is the more lucrative way to succeed with MLM

But as always, the problem remains being able to recruit people who will be willing to stay and help build that downline.

As unfortunately, majority of these recruits tend to give up along the way when things don’t turn out the way they are promised it will.

And this can potentially lead to one’s downfall.

This is a real serious issue to think about before engaging in Jeunesse since they seem to be more centred on recruitment than the sales of the products.

Which means your success here will be determined mainly by how many people you can bring in and not how much product you are able to sell.

Jeunesse’s focus on recruitment as its major means for distributors to make money more than sales of the products is a cause for concern as this kind of activity is regarded as a pyramid scheme by the FTC.

This certainly put the company’s legitimacy into questioning.


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Jeunesse Compensation Plan

Jeunesse compensation plan allows you to earn in 6 different ways:

>>>Retail Profit

>>>New Customer Acquisition Bonus

>>>Team Commission

>>>Leadership Matching Bonus

>>>Customer Acquisition Incentives

>>>Diamond Bonus Pool.

There are also 14 Ranks to be attained., These ranks are attained by how much you are able to build your team and the sales you generate.

Retail Commission

You will need to pay the amount of $29.99 or $49.99to obtain your starter kit which gives you access to;

>>>A Retail Store

>>>Shopping Cart

>>>Management System

>>>Promotion Tools

>>>Team Building Tools.

>>>And with this, you can earn commission on two of the available ways to earn.

You will earn commission on the retail profit and the new customer acquisition bonus.

Retail Profit

As a retailer, you are entitled to a 35% commission from the sales you make.

Or you can choose to go with their Preferred Customer Program which allows you to just buy the products for your self and then refer two of your friends/family members. One on left team and the other on your right team, you will earn;

$50 bonus

2 free bottles of Luminesce serum

60 points.

You can choose to continue like this and earn these commissions repeatedly.

New Customer Acquisition Bonus

At this stage, you will become an associate and can sign up distributors and when your distributor buys any of these packages, you will earn as follows;

Basic Package for $199- you will earn $25

Supreme Package for $499 – you will earn $100

Jumbo Package for $799 – you will earn $200

Ambassador Package for $1099 – you will earn $250.

Recruitment Commissions

Before you will be qualified to earn a commission from recruitment you will first need to earn up to 100 PV (Personal Volume) and enrollment to distributors, one on your left team and the other on your right team in a month.

At this stage, you will become an Executive and be qualified to earn Team Commission.

Once you accumulate 300 CV(commissionable Volumes) on one side of your team and accumulate 600CV on the other side, you will be entitled to $35 team commission.

This continues as you earn more of the specified amount on each side.

Now you are qualified to become a team leader and earn team leadership bonuses.

Team leadership bonuses give you access to earn a 20% commission of the sales from your direct referrals team earnings.

You will also earn 15% of their own direct referrals team earnings (your 2nd downline)

You will also earn 10% of your third downline team commission

And 5% from your 4th downline team commission

And this continues up to the 7th level of your downline.

For Customer Acquisition Incentives you will need to signup a retail customer, Preferred Customers and wholesale customers and earn 5%commisions on your first level distributions

You can continue introducing customers like this to earn up to 30% commission on this level.

Diamond Bonus Pool

To earn diamond Bonus commission you will have to first reach the rank of Diamond leader.

Once a Diamond leader you will become eligible to earn some percentage from the total of the company’s global sales.

With the more sales and recruitment you are able to achieve, the more ranks you will attain and the more commissions you are entitled to.

Watch the video below for full clarification.




It will cost you $29.99 or $49.99 to become an associate of Jeunesse, this covers the cost of your starter kit. You can then buy one or more of their products. And then $19.99 annual membership fee.


Let Us Show You How To Start Making Over A Thousand Dollars Online Monthly

Is Jeunesse Right For Me

This is a very serious question you need to ask yourself before getting involved in this business model.

MLM is often frowned at because most times it always turns out to be a pyramid scheme or even when legit majority of the people who get involved ends up losing their money rather than earning more.

This is because they are sold a dream that never materialises.

Given that Jeunesse is mainly centred on recruitment, and not just that, you will also have to meet up with a specific amount of sales volume to be qualified for commissions.

This alone, makes people invest in what they do not need just to meet up with their targets, and before you know it they won’t be able to sell off those products and then it becomes a huge loss to them, some even end up in debts.

The owners and the people at the upper levels end up being those that benefit from the whole set.

The main reason MLM isn’t favourable is that the percentage of commission offered on a retail bases is always minimal, hence the need to recruit people to earn more.

And as time goes by, fewer people are interested in joining or those who already joined and are unable to recruit others too, get tired and quit.

When this happens, all the money they already invested is lost on them.

And this will, in turn, affect the downline of whoever recruited them.

Now imagine when this keeps happening and hundreds of people give up and quit.

That means at some point the company may not be able to hold up on its compensation plan or even have enough to pay commissions.

Which results in most MLMs folding up after a couple of years.

For more clarification on your success rate with MLM business check this out.

So you need to ask yourself…

>>>Do I have the capacity to recruit people?

>>>How much people do I have that will be willing to join me?

>>>Am I willing to lose friends and family over trying to make money?

>>>Am I a good salesperson?

>>>Do I have what it takes to build and maintain a downline?

>>>Do I have what it takes to get Social and market Jeunesse?

>>>So do you have what it takes to hold this forte?

If not, then I guess this is definitely not for you.

When people try to recruit you, they never go in-depth into what it takes, they make light of the situation and might flash a couple of hundred dollars they’ve made just to entice you.

But until you get in and commit, then you realize what it really takes to be successful with this business model.

So you need to take the time and weigh your options seriously, think about the things we mentioned above and then decide if its what you can battle.

On the other hand, why battle about a business, when you can get into something simple and straight forward but requires hard work, which is what we recommend for you in our next section below. You can give it a try.

Products Of Jeunesse

Health And Wellness Products

>>>AM and PM Essentials – Multivitamins with minerals and botanicals.

>>>Reserve – Delicious food blend that contains grade seed extract treated in resveratrol, aloe Vera powder, acai berry extract and green tea-leaf extract.

>>>Monavie Active – An antioxidant blend of 19 fruits, including Brazilian acai berry and also plant-derived glucosamine.

>>>FInItI – this Jeunesse’s most advanced supplement to date. It contains a unique blend of ingredients.


What Is Jeunesse MLM About


A proprietary blend of FInItI contains a combination of fruits and vegetable extract that helps you to live your best life.

>>>Zen Weight Management Products – made up of body cleansing, amnio acid shakes, protein shakes and dietary supplement.

>>>Mind Gel Pack – dietary supplement clinically shown to support memory and reduce mental distraction.

>>>RevIta Blu – a vital supplement drink that contains blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry, aloe Vera and coconut water powder.

>>>MX20 – A dietary supplement drink containing more than 70 trace minerals and black organic folic and humid acid.

Evok Essential Oil Blend

These are said to be expertly crafted with Mother Earth’s exquisite elements to embody and enhance the benefits of each represented Y.E.S.

Beauty Products (Youth. Enhancement. System)

>>>Instantly Ageless – tightens and smooths the skin appearance within 2 minutes. It effectively reduces the look of under eyeballs, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores and lasts up to 6 to 9 hours.


What Is Jeunesse MLM About


>>>Luminesce – anti ageing skin care line that restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to reveal your unique glow.

>>>NV Beauty Line -formulated with APT- 200, it includes Foundation, Primer and a bronzer that give you an enviable professional airbrush finish.

>>>Naara – a food supplement that combines 11000 hydrolysed collagen with beauty promoting nutrients to help support youthful-looking hair, skin and nails.


What Is Jeunesse MLM About


>>>RVL Head care Line – the treatment gently hydrates strands and boosts volumes to reveal noticeable healthier looking hair.

Consist of Shampoo, conditioner and scalp infusion treatment.


  • Legit company
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • evergreen market


  • Appears as a pyramid scheme
  • products are way too expensive
  • Would be hard recruiting lots of people
  • not a viable business option

In Conclusion

Is Jeunesse Global a scam? No, it is not.

But that doesn’t make it any easier to succeed with it.

Seriously if you are not good with any of the above mentioned on how to succeed, then no need wasting your time with this.

And like we mentioned earlier, if you love to become an affiliate, it would be easier for you to build a website, write about something you are passionate about, and then monetize your website/blog, through affiliate marketing.

This is a much easier way to go because you will have people coming to you rather than you run after them to patronize you.


Legit/Not Recommended


Name: Jeunesse Global

Owner: Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis

Website: jeunesseglobal.com

Price: $29.99/$49.99 ($19.99/yr)

Rated: 2.5/5.0

Better Alternative To Jeunesse MLM

Making money online is possible.

Making money with affiliate marketing is very much possible.

It takes finding the right method and training to gear you in the right direction.

Once upon a time, we were at this same place you are now.

I didn’t bother with MLMs because I have had an encounter with them several years ago when I knew nothing about how they operated, and it didn’t turn out well.

I also engaged in different activities online and searched and searched for more ways just so I can earn a reasonable amount to support my family.

We made money through all these GTP sites and apps and surveys, but never enough to make ends meet.

Until I stumbled upon a post just like this one you are reading, that encouraged us to do exactly what I am encouraging you to do right now.

To create a website and start your blog and then monetize it through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a very simple and straight forward way to make money online.

And not just that, it creates the avenue for you to earn passive income too!

Instead of you chasing after people to build a downline to earn a commission,

You will instead write contents that will bring hundreds and thousands of people to you and help you earn income over and over again even while you are asleep.

What could be better than that?

Today, I am grateful we heeded that advice, as it has helped us to start generating more income online.

That is why we choose to also recommend this tried and true method hundreds of thousands of people are using to make money online today.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it takes time and effort to start seeing positive results.

But you also can achieve your financial dreams using this method if you are willing to put in this much-needed hard work, effort and time needed to succeed.

If you are ready to take that bold step, start with this Free Step By Step How To Make Money Online Guide.

This Guide will walk you through the process of how this method works, and give you free access to the best online training platform that can help you get started. {No Credit Card Details Required}

If you are serious to make money online, now is the time to take that bold step.

Get Our Free Guide Now! and take the first step into achieving your financial dreams.

What Is Jeunesse MLM About

Well, there you have it. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others. What’s your take on this review of What Is Jeunesse MLM About?

Or do you have any questions/experience to share with us?

Kindly drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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