What Is Influencers Earn {Scam?} Our Eye Popping Discovery!

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What Is Influencers Earn

Hi! Welcome To Our Influencers Earn Review

This is fast becoming the order of the day.

Systems claiming to be the number one social media influencer network that can help you make hundreds to thousands by performing some tasks and inviting people to join their program.

But at the end of the day, they’ve all turned out to be faux.

And here comes Influencerearn.com with the same bold promises.

Makes you wonder…

What is Influencers Earn about?

Is it any different from the other supposed influencer networks that are already in existence?

Or will it turn out to be the same as the others?

Well, I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this system, as it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this detailed Influencers Earn review, we will expose every hidden thing you need to know about this system to help you make an informed decision.


Product At A Glance

Name: Influencers Earn

Owner: ??

Website: influencersearn.com

Price: free

Rated: 0.3/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning £100s To £1000s Online.

What Is Influencers Earn About

Influencers Earn is yet another system that claims to be the number #1 social media influencer network that can help you make hundreds to thousands by simply using your social media account.

They claim to have been in existence for over 10 years now and have been able to pay out over $52,000,000 to their members and have about 175,000 members.

The aim of Influencers Earn is to help you become influential by making money off your social media accounts.

How so?

Let’s proceed to find out…

How Does Influencers Earn Work

Influencers Earn works by simply asking you to refer people to join their network and earn rewards in return.

You can also complete activities like taking surveys and completing tasks.

And this follows in these steps:

Sign Up

You sign up with them by creating an account with your basic details like your name, email and password

Complete Activities

Once signed up, you can then complete available tasks and refer friends to earn money.


Once you have earned enough to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can request for cash out.

Payments can be made through PayPal, Cheque, Bitcoin, etc.

Payment Threshold is held at $250.


What Is Influencers Earn

How Can I Make Money With Influencer

They claim you can make money in the following ways:


The first money you are supposed to make is the signup Bonus.

Once you complete your registration this amount will be added immediately to your Influencer Earn account.

Unfortunately, you do not get access to this money until you have referred a certain amount of people and also complete some tasks.

Referral Scheme

This is the major way you are expected to make money from Influencers Earn.

As they claim to pay you $2 for everyone who clicks on your link and an additional $10 for those who eventually sign up through your link.

Complete Tasks

They have an offer wall where you have different tasks to be completed

For each one, you complete you will earn $30

Download Apps

You can also download different apps and play games to a given level to earn $20


You are provided with different surveys to be completed and earn as much as $30.

In A Simple Breakdown

>>>Bonus Point — $25

>>>Referral Clicks — $2

>>>Refferal Signup — $10

>>>Activities Completed — $30

>>>Apps Downloaded — $20

>>>Surveys taken — $30

>>>Create YouTube Videos — $50

>>>Post on Instagram — $50

>>>Facebook Post — $10.

>>>Twitter Submission — $10.

Only if these were for REAL…

Unfortunately, they are not!

Influencers Earn is simply a scam system only out to exploit you and here are the eye-popping reasons…


What Is Influencers Earn


Why Influencers Earn Is A Scam

False Years Of Existence

I want to start with this just to show you how Fake and Unreliable this system is.

They claim they have been in existence for over Ten Years now and have paid out over $52 million to their followers…

But this is absolutely a blatant lie, as this domain was just registered about 3 months ago.

On the 25th of September to be precise.

Makes you wonder how exactly a domain that was just recently registered could have paid out the whopping sum of $52 million dollars to users and how on earth has it been existing for over 10 years?

Why the need to lie?

Just to make you think they are credible and can be trusted.

But as you can see, the opposite is the case.


What Is Influencers Earn


Sign Up Bonus

This is another huge Red flag, promising to pay you $25 for simply signing up to their website.

This is to lure you in without delay or hesitation.

But come to think of it, where exactly does that money come from?

I know they claim to generate this money from ads, but seriously…

Who are these companies that have so much money to give away?

Where exactly do they display these ads that earn them so much money that they can afford to give away $25 to everyone that signs up with them?

Your guess is as good as mine…

They don’t know what they are talking about.

The best you can see any legit system that gives members Bonus for signing up is not more than $5.

This is because they truly earn revenue from ads and can’t afford to give more so as not to lose.

Terms Of Use

Did you know they said you must be ninety-nine years or older to use their services?

Yes, you heard me right!

Ninety-nine (99) years of age.

How old are you again?

Less than 99?

Then what are you doing on their website?

This means you do not have any right for legal claims.

So even if they scam, use your data to their advantage, or do anything unlawful to you, you have no rights against them.

Except of course you are 99 years or older…


What Is Influencers Earn


Social Media Accounts

I must say they tried a little better than other influencer networks we have encountered so far.

They went further to create Social Media accounts and didn’t use the exact same testimonials that others used.

Unfortunately, their Instagram link led us to nowhere, and the Twitter handle takes you to someone else’s account.


What Is Influencers Earn

This person then redirects people to the actual influencers earn account.

Take a look at the account below and tell me if this looks like a brand that has been in existence for over 10 years?

Account registered in October and just 401 followers, for the past 10 years?


What Is Influencers Earn

You Never Get Paid

Do you ever wonder why they promise to pay such huge amount of money?

The answer is very simple…


This whole Influencers Earn setup is a Big Scam!

Which means there is no money to be made by you or anyone else who invests their time on this system.

All that money you see deposited in your account as you complete tasks and refer people is just to get you excited and convinced you are making money.

Just try to request for payment and see what happens…

Nada! You get nothing…

But of course, they won’t outright say…

We are jot going to pay you this money…

No, they will instead come up with flimsy excuses for why you can’t get paid.

They may even ask you to complete more tasks and refer more people for the payment to be made.

But at the end of the day, nothing happens.

And if you try to give them any trouble, they will lock you out of your account or even ban you.

And guess what…

There is nothing you can do about that!

After all their terms state that you must be 99 years to use their website

Secondly, it also states that they have the right to terminate your account without reasons.

How Influencers Earn Really Works

if you are still wondering how exactly this system is a scam / how do they benefit from you if it is totally free to join?

Here is the thing…..

Influencers Earn lure you in with irresistible $25 bonus.

Then have you complete activities from their third-party partners( mostly scam websites)

They also have you bring in more people to do exactly the same thing they have you do.

By doing this, you and every other person who signs up have just handed them your data at a platter of gold

These data is what they sell to their third party partners to make money off you.

Not only this, once your data has been sold, you will have these third-party partners begin to bombard your phone and email with unsolicited calls and spam emails.

Secondly, they have offers that require you to give them your phone number in order to receive updates before you can get paid, then you think..,

Oh, it’s harmless and you give out your number to these people…

Before you know it, you will realise you are being charged for every promotional message they send your way.

Thirdly there some tasks that will require your credit card details even to use their free trials and before you know it, you will be charged for things you did not bargain for.

The worst-case scenario in all this is being hacked.

You make yourself vulnerable by providing your details to these unknown and untrustworthy websites.

Your filling in every detail they request gets them one step closer to hacking your account and using your details or milking you dry…

Seriously…. for your own safety, this is one site you need to stay away from.

Nothing here works in your favour.

Yes, you do not pay anything to get started, but what you lose is way more than that.

Because just signing up with your basic details and inviting others who will also invite more people to sign up is really all they need.

That data you give them when you sign up is worth hundreds to thousands to them when they eventually sell them.

So it doesn’t matter if you complete any other activity or not, the bottom line is…

They get what they want from you.

A win-win situation for them.


It is absolutely free to join Influencers Earn network


  • Absolutely nothing


  • Data harvesting Scheme
  • Scam
  • False years of existence

In Conclusion

Is Influencers Earn a scam?

Yes, it is in our opinion.

This isn’t a website you can trust, it is just exactly the same with the ones that came before it.

The likes of Kash Tree, Paid4Clout, Rain Money, Nice Kash, to name a few.

They all claim to be number one influencers and to make you rich by using your social media account which never happens.

Seriously this system has absolutely nothing to offer you, it is just a data harvesting scheme.

Your data is all that truly matters to them.

And it’s obvious this business line is making these people money.

As we can see more and more systems like these launched lately.

If you are looking to just grab some extra cash off the internet, I will be pleased to share a few legit ones with you below…


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What Is Influencers Earn


Well, there you have it. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of What Is Influencers earn?

Or do you have any questions/experiences you would like to share with us?

kindly drop them in the comment box below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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Jake · December 27, 2019 at 3:56 am

Hi,  I had a good laugh when I read your rating Of this program. A good quote someone told me recently was that there are two types of people. the first type is those that are trying to get rich quick And second type is those that are trying to make money from those who are trying to get rich quick. So it looks like guys are the latter.

scams and get rich quick pyramid schemes are coming out faster whenever. as the saying goes a sucker is born every minute. I wish that what had more incentive to do the right thing today. it amazes me that people are willing to steal from others and scan them all the name of making money. what the heck are they even thinking?

    admin · December 27, 2019 at 11:25 am

    Very funny quote I must say…

    Your friend really captured the scene.

    Until people learn there is nothing like get rich quick, those that seek to exploit their ignorance will continue to make money off them.

    Hopefully these reviews will help a lot of people realise the truth behind every get rich quick Scheme.

Paul · December 27, 2019 at 4:17 am

I have recently came across Influencers Earn and as you know very well the number of scams and products that under-delivers with low-quality keep increasing on a daily basis. So I wanted to do some research on Influencers Earn and your through review is a greater help.

When there is no information about the creators or the information about the founders is hidden it’s a big red flag for me.

Oops! $250 payment threshold is very high. I do have worked with similar type of sites in the past and the challenge is in withdrawing the amount.

Paying for clicking the links and referring people is the same statements and claims used with those sites I worked in the past and they never paid. You have also provided proofs on why you are not recommending it. Your review saved my time and trouble.

    admin · December 27, 2019 at 11:19 am

    We are glad to be of help Paul.

    Sites like this are better avoided.

Paula · December 27, 2019 at 4:23 am

Wow. This is a crazy scheme. You have to be age 99 or above? Who would even be doing this at that age? I think I heard about this scam recently, actually. It becomes pretty obvious after you pointed out that they registered their domain 3 months ago and they claim to have been in business for over 10 years. Thanks so much for doing the homework. It is appreciated…

    admin · December 27, 2019 at 11:17 am

    You are very much welcomed Paula.

    Glad to.be of help.

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