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Hi! Good to have you here right now, knowing you are doing your due diligent research to find out if this website is legit and if it can truly help you startup a profitable online business, especially from home or in mobility. What is incomeshops.com, is my well researched and detailed review on incomshops, that will help you understand everything, you need to know about this site, how it works, its merits and demerits, and if it will truly benefit you.


This is a website/platform that allows you to buy and build a website to run an online store in a chosen niche, and to market products from external retailers in this chosen niche.

Niche can be reffered to as your passion, something you love or have very keen interest in. Though not every one tend to have this passion for something, if you fall in this category, you will do well to choose something that you can easily relate with.

You get to choose from over 7 million products from about 1,924 retailers, this is very good as it does not limit you, but gives you access to choose from different retailers to market their products. For example, if your chosen niche is baby bath essentials, you can choose from different retailers selling this baby bath essential products, like amazon, tesco, sainsbury etc. And can promote all their products in your store.



Basically the process used by incomeshops is what is known as affiliate marketing. And affiliate marketing is the process by which you sell other retailers products/services online and get paid commission for it.

Simply put, you get to promote other people’s product in your online store, and when people come to click through it to the retailers site, and then buy the product, or any other product, as long as they clicked through your link, the retailer will give you commission.

Incomeshops retailers commission ranges from 5% up to 20%, so depending on what products you choose to sell and the retailers you are dealing with, you will be able to figure out how much you can earn precisely.

For example, if you are marketing a product that sales for £100, for each one you sell, you get 20% which is £20. If about 10 to 20 people get to buy this product through your site in a day, that is roughly £200 to £400, in just one day! Amazing right!!

With incomeshops, you can choose to buy from one of two categories of shop, the pre-made ones which are already preloaded with categories and already priced products ready for your use. Or you can choose to go for the custom one, where you can organize the products you want by yourself and select which retailers you want to deal with, at least this saves you the time for researching affiliate programs on the net. you also have the ability to add banners, logos, and change the color and layout of your site.

Note: before choosing to buy any of the set two shops, you must already have a niche, something you are passionate about or you have interest in, and also knowledgeable about as this plays a huge role in determing your success.

If you have this already set out, I suggest you go with the custom store and set it up in a more pleasing and unique way. But if you find it difficult to figure out what niche to start with after much deliberating, then I think the pre-made one should work for you.

On the other hand, you can still choose to go with the custom one then pay a little extra to have their designer to help you with the designs, but you still get to choose the products and retailers you want.


Once you have chosen your niche, you also choose a name for your shop, then you go ahead and select from the payment package, the one that most suit your need, by this I mean choosing the package that you can leverage the most given your experience or lack of it.

For example if you are a total newbie with absolutely zero knowledge about everything, especially not even knowing what niche to choose from, you will want to choose from the more expensive packages that will give you more benefits, as you will need every available feature to help you every step of the way.

After selecting the package, you move on to select the product types from the list of boxes provided. There are 500 products per pack, so depending on your chosen package, you get to select this accordingly. You can always come to change this later if you don’t like the ones you have chosen.

From the image below, I have chosen the 3rd package/plus plan which entitles me to 2,000 products, which means 4 packs, and I have gone ahead to select 4 different packages.


Once done, you go straight up to the payment section to make your payment and your shop is up and running, fully set up to go!

Note: in affiliate marketing it is better to focus on one specific niche, since you will be writing quality contents, you will want to focus on just one thing you can manage well, for example you might choose to go with the health and beauty niche which in my opinion is still very vast, you can still get to bring it down to a sub niche like facials, which will be easier for you to deal with.

So having so many products categories to choose from isn’t really that beneficial to you, especially when you have to pay more to get more products included. The only way you might get to benefit from this is if you can choose from categories that are somewhat related, like I did in the picture below


I choose health and beauty, food and beverage, entertainment and DIY. I know just looking at this, you might not see any semblance but let me explain further. As this project is one you will be involved in for a very long time, if along the line you run out of things to write on facials like I mentioned above, or the health and beauty, you might start to incoperate this other ones gradually, in a subtle way..

So, if I run out of thing to write on health and beauty, I can go ahead and incoperate the food and beverage category by writing about what kind of foods and beverages can help boost our health and improve our beauty, you get my drift right..

Or you incoperate the DIY section by writing and educating people on the best DIY’s that can help improve their health and beauty and how they can actually do it. So goes for the entertainment.


incomeshops provides you with basic training on how to get started, and learn everything you need to know about how the website operates and how you will be running your bussines. They also educate you about the importance of seo and how to optimize your site to be seo friendly, to be easily found in the search engines.

For those who are stuck on what articles to write for their niche, for a little extra cost, incomeshops will take care of that. They can also get you social media likes and follows, which is really not recommended.

Available tutorials and downloadable PDF booklets.

Live chat support available for the three higher packages, excluding the basic package.


There are four types of membership packages:

Basic: this plan goes for £19.95 monthly or £169.95 yearly (30% discount).

Plus: this goes for £29.95 monthly or £249.95 yearly (30% discount).

Pro: the pro plan goes for £39.95 monthly and £329.95 yearly (30% discount )

Premium: the premium plan goes for £59.95 monrhly and £499.95(30%discount).



  • Good for beginners with no knowledge of where to get started and have the money to invest from the second package.
  • Walkthrough video on how to get started
  • Available tutorials and PDF booklets.
  • Seo optimization for most of the packages
  • Social integration
  • Mobile friendly websites, which is very important.


  • Basic package is not really that beneficial without seo and live chat support, as they both are criteria for a newbie to succeed online
  • Very expensive to get the best value
  • Limited access for designs and control over your website
  • Offering services for social media likes, not the best way to go, as this can literary ruin your seo
  • Websites are subdomain websites
  • You do not get to own your site, which means leaving incomeshops is leaving all you have worked for behind.


I can confidently say that Incomeshops is legit and a system you can benefit from, but that is if you have all the money to invest at any point in time when you get stuck along the way. For example, if along the line you realize you can’t write quality contents, then you did have to pay extra huge sum of money to get it done for you.

Same goes for customizing your websites, gaining social media likes and every other added features. So, you can benefit from this system alright, but the main question is, does it worth all that money? Absolutely not!

Here, I am going to introduce you to a system and community where you can learn to do all these things for yourself, without having to pay so many extras’.

This community is called Wealthy affiliate and here you can get:

2 free websites, hosted for free

10 Lessons free on Entrepreneurship, getting started

10 Lessons free on affiliate bootcamp.

With everything, you need to know on how to start and grow your own business online, with community support and tutorials.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, for more detailed info, please read my #1 Recommendation here.


Name: IncomeShops

Owner: Vyport International Ventures

Website: www.incomeshops.com

Rated: 4.4/5.0


That is it for today, thank you for taking your time to read through my review. If you have any question or comment, please kindly drop them in the comment box below.


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Igor · May 30, 2018 at 8:43 am

Hi Queen,
very nice post about online making money possibilities. I will check incomeshops.com. Due to my membership at Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t have to much time for many other opportunities, but thanks to your review, it sounds interesting.

Thanks for sharing!

    admin · May 30, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    You are welcomed Igor, its truely a nice way to start up an online bussines, my only contention is thw prices!

Roka · May 30, 2018 at 12:49 pm

Thanks for this detailed review on Incomeshops. Now I will also try it.

    admin · May 30, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    You are most welcomed Roka. Do so and let me know what you think.

Melissa · May 30, 2018 at 7:23 pm

This was a great review!

I think the idea of the company sounds great, however, I am very careful to join any company that does not offer full support.

Affiliate Marketing is a huge industry with a lot of different aspects. I think support is key to anyone who wants to be successful.

    admin · May 31, 2018 at 3:52 am

    Truely said Melisa, it sure is. Without suopport a newbie and even some advanced marketers will find it difficult to succeed.that is why its good to stick to somewhere you can get all the support you need without having to pay more and more for it.

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