What Is iBuumerang About {Legit MLM} Or Pyramid Scheme?

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What Is Ibuumerang About

Hi Welcome To Our iBuumerang Review

There has been so much controversy surrounding the MLM marketing scheme.

Many have always considered them all like a pyramid scheme, scam or a total waste of time.

Simply because most only sell recruitment and no services which see the lower members in the chain losing money rather than making them.

But the truth remains that not all MLM are pyramid schemes, scam or a waste of time.

There are genuine MLMs’ out there that one can certainly make money from.

But to be successful in MLM business you must make sure you are a very good salesperson, one that can do recruitment.

That said, we want to take a look at this new MLM company iBuumerang.

Let’s discover What is Ibuumerang about, how does it work, it’s compensation plan, is it legit or simply a pyramid scheme, and is it the right business model for you.

Before we proceed further, I want to commend you for taking the time to research this product, it is the best way to avoid scams online.


Product At A Glance

Name: iBuumerang

Owner: Holton Buggs

Website: ibuumerang.com

Price: $49.95 to $1,000

Rated: 2.5/5.0

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What Is Ibuumerang About

iBuumerang is a recently launched MLM Travel business that was created by Holton Buggs.

And works in collaboration with Xstream travels who handles all their travel-related services.

Holton has been in direct sales and network marketing business for over 29 years.

He started out making less than $500/month in his first 7 years of network marketing.

But in the last 10 years, is said to have built a network of over 3 million distributors, generated over 3 billion sales, and even mentored over 45 people to become millionaires.

Which makes me say, he does know what he is doing.

His aim of creating iBuumerang is to provide travellers with a reasonable discount on travel plans, hotel reservations and rentals and also provide people with the means to make money by promoting their services and recruiting more people to join the company.

This will provide a very big savings’ opportunity for those who love to travel or those who travel a lot, through discounts in their hotels, rentals and resorts bookings.

Holton claims he wants to change the way networking business operates and that is the idea behind his creation of iBuumerang.

This ensures that the only way its members can get paid is when their customers can save.

Which means you as a member can only receive commission when someone you refer is able to save from using iBuumerang services.

For example, if you invite Mr A.

Mr A, books a reservation through iBuumerang

Mr A can get a generous discount from his reservation (either hotel, rental or any services available)

Once he receives this discount.

You will then get your commission.

This does make iBuumerang sound like a legit MLM business and not a Pyramid scheme only centred around recruitment.

Well, let’s keep digging to discover more…

How Does Ibuumerang Work

First, to qualify as a member you will need to purchase a package from the four available options:

Standby Affiliate package @ $49.95/month

Coach Class package @ $250 + $49.95/month

Business Class package @ $500 +$99.99/month

First Class package @ $1,000 + $99.99/month

For each package, you purchase you will be given what they call Boomerangs.

Boomerang is simply a 5 digit code that you will offer to your referrals, this gives them access to the iBuumerang iGo booking platform.

For each of your Boomerang someone uses to book a trip, you will get a commission.

How Can I Make Money With iBuumerang

There two main ways to make money with iBuumerang is by selling their services to people and also recruiting people to sell the services as well.

Direct Sale

You make money with direct sale when your referral uses your boomerang to make a booking through the iGo platform (simply called the iGo search engine)

For everyone that does this, you will get 25% of their commission.


This is more of where the making money lies with MLM businesses.

In recruiting people to join iBuumerang, you will be building your downline and this means that for everyone you recruit and the one’s they recruit will create an avenue for you to earn residual income

Simply put, you will make money from people you recruit, their recruit, their recruit and so it goes through your downline.

You see why this is the more lucrative way to succeed with MLM.

But the problem remains being able to recruit people to build that downline.

iBuumerang Compensation Plan

This is one of the most difficult aspect of MLMs’ they always make the compensation plan difficult to understand

I guess that way people really won’t understand all that it entails.

But the image below shows a quick break down of what it is all about, you should watch this video, as explained by Buggs himself.


Note: iBuumerang was initially known as Countdown4Freedom until its prelaunch when the name became iBuumerang. We were not able to find the reason for this change.

So don’t get confused when you watch the video and see Countdown4Freedom rather than iBuumerang.

Direct Sales Compensation


What Is Ibuumerang About


Recruitment (downline) Compensation


What Is Ibuumerang About


In all, you can see that the higher the level you are in and the more your downline grows, the more money you will be able to make.

But like I mentioned earlier, the problem lies in being able to build that downline.

Is Ibuumerang Right For Me

This is a very serious question you need to ask yourself before getting involved in this business model.

MLMs are often frowned at because it always turns out to be a pyramid scheme or even if legit, majority of the people that gets involve end up losing their money rather than making more.

The leaders and people in the upper levels always end up being those that benefit from the whole settings.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the same will apply with iBuumerang, but since it is a fairly new company, just a couple of months old…

Only time will tell how it will turn out, but most people that started from the onset of the business are the ones that make it the most.

The main reason why most MLMs aren’t favourable is because the percentage of commission offered isn’t always great, hence the need to recruit people in other to earn more.

And as time goes by, less and lesser people are interested in joining or those who already joined and are unable to recruit others get tired and quiet

When they do this, all the money they already invested is lost on them.

And this affects the downline of whoever recruited them.

Imagine when this happens to hundreds of recruits, it means at some point the company may not be able to hold up or have commissions to payout.

Which results in most MLMs folding up after a couple of years.

For more clarification on your rate of success with an MLM business, check this out.

So you need to ask yourself…

>>>I have the capacity to recruit people?

>>>Am I a good salesperson?

>>>Do I have what it takes to build and maintain a downline?

>>>Do I have what it takes to market iBuumerang Socially?

>>>Above all do I have the money to invest in these higher packages to be able to earn something reasonable?

>>>>Having in mind there is a monthly recurring payment of $99.99.

So do you have what it takes to hold this forte?

If not, then I guess this is definitely not for you.

You will be better off with our recommendation in the next section below.


What Is Ibuumerang About


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There are four levels of membership with iBuumerang:

Standby Affiliate membership @ $49.95 /month — gets 5 Boomerangs

Coach Class membership @ $250 + $49.95/month — gets 10 Boomerangs

Business Class  membership @ $500 + $99.99/month — gets 25 Boomerangs

First Class membership @ $1,000 + $99.99/month — gets 50 Boomerangs


  • Legit business model.
  • Good way to save on travel.
  • Can make good money if you are good at recruiting people.


  • Not easy to make money
  • You will need to recruit tonnes of people to make a reasonable income
  • You will have to purchase a package to get started.

In Conclusion

Is iBuumerang a scam?

No, it is not.

It is one of very few MLM that isn’t a pyramid scheme since it does offer physical way to earn money aside recruitment.

But that does not make it any easier to make money with it.

Seriously if you know you are not good at not just talking to people, but being able to convince them to do what you want them to do, then this is not a good business option for you.

I believe the best way this will favour you is if you are someone who often travels, then you can take advantage of the basic offer and get savings’ on your travels and rentals.

Then using the Boomerang will just be an added advantage if you can get someone else to use iBuumerang services with your code.

A better option will be for you to build a website around travel niche and get it ranked on search engines so you can market iBuumerang to people and other travel-related products through affiliate marketing.

This second option I believe will be a better option for you rather than running after people, you will have people coming to you instead.

This way you get to build your own business and learn to generate consistent income for yourself.

Moreover, you don’t have to base on a travel niche, you can build your business around something you are passionate about.

For more details on how this works, check out our next section below




Name: iBuumerang

Owner: Holton Buggs

Website: iBuumerang.com

Price: $49.95 to $1,000

Rated: 2.5/5.0

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What Is iBuumerang About


Well, there you have it. Hope you found this post helpful?

If so kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of what is iBuumerang about?

Or have you got any questions/experiences to share with us?

Drop them in the comment box below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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