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what is ez bay payday about

Hi! Welcome To Our EZ Bay Payday Review

How does making over five hundred dollars every single day using a platform known as eBay sound to you?

Great! Right? Because that is what EZ Bay promises you can achieve once you plug into their secret System, and I believe you are already wondering what is EZ Bay Payday About?

You would like to know if it is that System that can really help you attain your financial goal as it claims, or if it is another scam product just out to rip you off?

First.off, I want to commend you for taking your time to dig a little to find out what exactly this System is all about, as it is the best way to stay scam free. And be rest assured you will find all you need to know about this product in this Review, as we have taken our time to expose every hidden truth.



Name: EZ Bay Payday

Owner: Steve Richards

Website: ezbaypayday.com

Price: $37 + downsell & Upsells

Rated: 1.0/5.0

what is ez bay payday about


From the sales video, the owner who claims his name is Steve, starts out by showing you lots of screenshots of income claims from his PayPal account, made from using his System and assures you, you will be able to make up to $500/ day within 24 hours of using his System, by utilising eBay’s billion dollar market place. He claims all you will need to do is put in about 20 minutes of your time every day and his Secret System will take care of every other thing on autopilot

And even assures you, you can get started in under 3 minutes and 5 clicks

what is ez bay payday about

but how true is this?

When I come across Systems like this, who makes such claims, I do have my reservations about their authenticity, but like they say, you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, so Let’s dive in fully and see exactly what makes EZ Bay Payday thick .lol

By the way he claims he makes up to two thousand dollars every day consistently, I can’t help but wonder why he isn’t giving you same assurance since his System is this “tried and tested secret System” that takes care of everything

I mean, if it can help him make such amount daily, why won’t it help you make as much too?

Or maybe it has a different setting when it comes to others using it.


You are meant to understand that this System works in 4 simple ways, as listed below;

1. Login in

2. Pick a Product to Sell

3. Connect your EZ Bay Payday Cash Magnet

4. Make Money

Easy peasy right?

Sounds like something anyone can do with ease..

But hold your bubbles… don’t go bursting them right now, until you learn what this System is truly about..

But first, Let’s take a look at some hidden truths we discovered about this System in the cause of our research

EZ Bay Payday Scam Signs (Red Flags)
Sobby Life Story: when a System starts out by telling you a sobby story about the struggles and difficulties the owner went through before finally discovering his secret System that has helped him make head way in life and then gives you the assurance you will make same

You need to understand all this is just a way to get you to trust them, to make you believe they understand what ever you are going through because they’ve been there too. And this makes you trust them enough to believe in their lies and give them your hard-earned money without taking time to think about it

Limited Slot/Scarcity: this is another way too, one that I am afraid really works well. Once you hear you’ve got very limited slot available, one that you might lose if you don’t act immediately, this will make you act on impulse to secure a position before you even have time to dwell upon how this product really works.

What you need to know is that this is just one of their tactic, because for as long as this product exists, it will keep admitting people while still claiming limited spot that never ends

False Testimonials: these acclaimed users of this product, who have gone ahead to make claims of incomes made using this System, are nothing but paid actors who have been hired from a freelance website known as Fiverr.com. These guys are paid a minimal amount of money to play out a written script, because I can assure you they know nothing about how this System works, let alone how much it can generate you. These ones’ below have even featured in other products like AZ Sniper, Million Dollar Replicator, AZ Formula, that we’ve reviewed here.

what is ez bay payday about

what is ez bay payday about
what is ez bay payday about

yet another product called AZ Sniper

what is ez bay payday about

what is ez bay payday about

what is ez bay payday about

what is ez bay payday about
Upsells (Hidden Cost): I bet you think once you pay $37 you will be on your way to making thousands using this System?

Sorry but that’s a No! No!

Here is what awaits you once you buy into this System

3 different upsells;ez bay payday

Heaven knows how much each of these costs, but I can assure you it’s no were near the amount you paid to have access into the member area. Upsells are always on the higher side, as your initial cost is more or less an enticement to get you into the System first, and then made to buy into the upsells or be left hanging..

One more thing though, this Steve also claims he stumbled upon a picture on Facebook, with his dropout college school mate who now lives in opulence, but a search of this image reveals this is a stock image that has been used on various sites for one reason or the other.

what is ez bay payday about

what is ez bay payday about

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe any System that will go to so much length as to hire paid actors and use stock images, really have anything good to offer. If this System has really seen as much Success as it claims, I believe we will be seeing testimonials from genuine users and not some paid actors.

What is EZ Bay PayDay About Really?

Even though you are meant to understand that all you need to do is follow the four simple steps stated above to start making money, I want you to know it’s not quite as it looks, because when you gain access into the member area, you are confronted with four totally different steps;

1. Watch this video for instructions: This step just takes you through what this System is about generally
2. Register for The Vip Workshop: Well you did believe at this point you will already have access to the training on how to start making money with eBay, but instead this very step takes you to a totally different product. A webinar by a guy named John Crestani that teaches you how to make money using his Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System, even though it’s a legit System, but one that will cost you lots and lots of money. You can read all about it here.

What I am yet to understand is, whatever John Crestani’s webinar has to do with making money online with eBay. Really beats my imagination. I believe this is just a way to make you spend more money

3. Activate Your Exclusive Free Website For VIP Members: this is the most ridiculous of all, here you are promised a free website, only when you click through to obtain your free website, there awaits more money for you to spend, as though they claim their website is free, you will still need to.pay almost $150 just for hosting which happens to be with CoolHandle, whose services are a bit exorbitant.

Even though you are told from the sales video you won’t have anything to do.with products, affiliate marketing or even a website. I wonder why you are now being led to buy one that it’s hosting is so.expensive. Still, at this point, nothing has been said about how you will make this money on eBay

4. Our Highest Recommended Online Product: how ironic is this, Steve claims this is their highest recommended product to help you generate a full time income online, even after claiming his System is that secret Autopilot System that will lead you to your financial freedom, this makes me beg to ask; why on earth do you need EZ Bay Payday if it takes another System to fulfil your financial needs? And worse still, this recommended product is nothing but CB Cash Code a product we’ve reviewed some time ago and highly do not recommend

Guys at this point, if ever I had any trust in this System, it’s all lost here, cause its clear this System isn’t what it’s cut out to be.

After these four steps, you finally get to some modules of training courses where you are finally taught how to drop ship on eBay, from selling on eBay, to finding buyers, how to set up your stores, how to add products to your store, how to complete your order after making sales.etc.

It is mostly an overview of how to drop ship on eBay.

As a starter, it might seem like a lot to learn from, but if you’ve had experience with this before, it will be of no much value to you.

After this section, you are then led to some more videos from other people that also have absolutely nothing to do with dropshipping on eBay.

The Truth About EZ Bay Payday

This Steve guy makes his System seem like it’s so easy to get started and run a business with dropshipping on eBay, but it’s not as easy as that. His general overview courses may help you get started, but it’s not going to help you establish and grow your business. Ez Bay Payday mainly goes to profit the owner, because once you buy this product you are immediately led to other products that you should also invest in, and for every of this products you buy, Steve makes more money because he is affiliated with all of them and gets his own commission once you pay. So it doesn’t really matter if you make a dime or not, and Steve did not go out of his way to invent his Secret System just to help you, it’s more about making the best money he can from you. That is just the truth here.

Here Is What You Are Not Told

Before you consider doing dropshipping with eBay, you will possibly need to have some money to invest as a starter, as the fee for your first few transactions will not be released immediately, which means you will need your own personal money to make payments for these products before it can be releases to your customers. So.technically, it’s not a business you can start with zero investment

Secondly with eBay dropshipping, you get to offer customer services, if any problem arises, you will be the one dealing with the customer directly.

what is ez bay payday about


To purchase EZ Bay Payday membership, you will have to invest $37, which can possibly come down to $17 if you try to leave the site. Then comes the upsells and more products to pay for inside the member area.


  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Some basic training


  • False claims
  • Fake testimonials
  • Upsells


Given the above stated facts, we do not recommend this product, as in our opinion it’s nothing but a very low quality product that will not live up to it’s claims.

But at the end of the day, it’s your decision to make.




Name: EZ Bay Payday
Owner: Steve Richards
Website: ezbaypayday.com
Price: $37 + downsell & Upsells
Rated: 1.0/5.0


It is possible to make money with eBay dropshipping, but nothing as simple as EZ Bay Payday makes it look like, not only will you have to make investments as a starter, but you will also deal with the customers when it comes to refunds or support and this can be very tricky at times if you don’t know what you are doing.

Instead, we prefer an easier method, which is what we and millions of other internet marketers use to make money daily online. With this method, you can literally get started without investment, and you don’t need to worry about dealing directly with customers.

All you need is to be willing to work hard and invest time and patience to start seeing result. Also, you will need a training platform that can guide you through every step of the way

This Our free step by step guide on how to make money online will show you everything you need to know, and how to get started for free.

Don’t get caught up with products that promises you thousands in a few hours with just a few clicks of the mouse with little or no effort invested, you will only end up being disappointed. Get Our free guide now, learn to build your own Sustainable Online business..

what is ez bay payday about

That is it for today. Hope you found this Review post helpful? Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on EZ Bay Payday?

Have you got any questions or comment? Leave them in the comment box below and we will get back to you soonest.


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