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Seeing you are here today, my guess is you are also wondering what is DollarClix.com all about and if it’s a genuine way for you to make an extra income, right? Well good news is we have done all due diligent research on this site to bring you this very detailed DollarClix Review. So sit back and have a nice read as all is unveiled.


Name: DollarClix

Owner: Opinion Capital Inc.

Website: dollarclix.com

Price: free

Rated: 2.5/5.0

what is dollarclix.com- real income opportunity?


DollarClix.com is a website that claims to be one of the highest paying GTP (get paid to) sites that will pay you when you partake in taking offers on their website.

These offers include taking surveys, watching videos, taking offers, entering contest, winning jackpots and using promo codes.

This site is said to have been around since 2015 and have paid out about $212,936.29 in cash and 504,604.05 in points’ to it’s members worldwide.

It is both a cash and points based system, which is really very good as you can choose which ever works best for you.


First of all, you complete their signup form with your basic details like name, email address, username, password, etc. You will be sent a verification email to your inbox, which you need to click on to activate your account or you can just copy the code included in the email and paste it on the registration page where it is requested and click activate, once done, you can proceed to your profile or member area to complete offers.

Payment threshold

The payment threshold is just a $1, and payment can be made on a daily basis. So once you hit a dollar, you can request for payment.

You can get paid in cash or points’ through PayPal($1), Payza($5), Bitcoin($5), Amazon(500 points), or Tango card($5).

They also have a points’ converter, so that when you earn points’, you can always convert them into cash.

Ways to earn money on DollarClix
Surveys: DollarClix is partnered with lots of survey companies that you can choose from any of their surveys that are available on a daily basis, you can always choose the one you want to participate in, then fill your demographics and if accepted, you can complete the survey, once successfully done, you get credited for that.

Note that you will need to fill out your profile in order to be able to participate in these surveys, as it helps them to tailor surveys according to your demography.

what is dollarclix.com- real income opportunity?
Ads: I think I will say this is the worst way to earn money here, as watching an ad for a minimum of 5s can barely earn you $0.001, well you can imagine how many of these you will need to watch to even make up to a dollar in a day.
Referral: this is definitely the best way to make money here, as you get to earn on both your referrals and the referrals of your referral. For every money your referral makes, you earn 20% of it for life. And also earn 10% of every money their own referrals make, for life too.

You also get a $0.25 bonus for every one that signs up under you. So, this definitely is a good one if you have a very active downline, which means more money for you even with less work.


Contests and jackpots: users are selected randomly to participate in their contests to win a specific amount.
Income proof: you can also get paid for displaying your income proof in the forum for others to see evidence of payment made to you at some point.


It is free to join DollarClix, once you complete and activate your registration, you can then start earning. You also get a 10 points’ bonus for signing up.


This is one of the best ways you can earn on this platform, when you refer people to DollarClix, you will earn 20% of whatever your referral earns, which is known as your level one referral earnings and then 10% of their own referral earnings, known as your level two referral earnings. I.e. you earn from your direct referrals and also the referrals of your referral.

what is DollarClix.com- real income opportunity?


  • Free to join
  • Open to many countries
  • Many ways to earn money
  • Very low cash out threshold
  • You can earn more with more referrals referred


  • Without many referrals, making any substantial money takes a very long time
  • Can only use Firefox on their mobile app
  • You can get disqualified in the middle of taking a survey, and all time spent is wasted as nothing is earned

what is DollarClix.com- real income opportunity?


DollarClix.com is most certainly a legit site you can make money from depending on what you are looking for, want to just make some little change, then definitely go for it. But if you are looking to make enough to boost your income or want to make enough to quit your day job then it’s most certainly a no-no.

No matter how much money you make using DollarClix, you can not make enough to substitute your day job, for a more substantial way to do so, check out our alternative way below.

VERDICTwhat is DollarClix.com- real income opportunity?



Name: DollarClix
Owner: Opinion Capital Inc.
Website: dollarclix.com
Price: free
Rated: 2.5/5.0


Here is the thing…

Rather than spend hours on end on DollarClix trying to make enough money to make ends meet, we advice you to use this same time to start and grow your own online business.

I know this might sound like an awful lot, especially if you already have a day job that keeps you on your toes, but the good news is..

It won’t cost you a fortune to get started and you can work at your own pace and time! Though, you will have to put in a lot of hard work to succeed at this.

All it takes is for you to build a website and blog about something you are passionate about or something you have an interest in that will be helpful to people seeking information on that same topic. You can then monetise your website by joining affiliate programs and make recommendations to your readers, so that when someone purchases any of these products or services through your site, you get paid.

Good thing about this is that once you start making money with this, it becomes a reoccurring or passive income.

Why we recommend this?

Little or no start up fees

No inventories

No stock taking

No bookkeeping

No packaging/delivering of goods

No morning alarms

Work at your own time

Best of all…

Passive income stream

And your route to financial freedom.

To succeed at this, you will definitely need all the training and support you can get and that is why we will recommend the best affiliate marketing/work at home online community, Wealthy Affiliate, that you can join for free and get started today to build your own business and free yourself from the hassles of day time job.

what is DollarClix.com- real income opportunity?


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