What is Crazy Cash Club About {Scam Exposed?}

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What Is Crazy Cash Club About

Hi! Welcome To Our Crazy Cash Club Review

It is quite impressive to be boldly told you will make money even if you don’t want to, as Crazy Cash Club claims right?

Makes you wonder What Is Crazy Cash Club About, how does it work and why does it make such a bold claim?

Well, I want to first commend you taking the time to check it out, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this review, we will expose what this system is all about, how it works if it can truly deliver what it claims or if it is simply a scam you need to stay clear of.


Product At A Glance

Name: Crazy Cash Club

Owner: Martin & Roger

Website: crazycashclub.com

Price: Basic $10 & VIP $200 + possibly More packages

Rated: 0.3/5.0

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What Is Crazy Cash Club

Crazy Cash Club is supposedly a money-making opportunity that helps its members start making money right from their first day of registering as an affiliate.

It was created by Martin and Roger who claim they have discovered 6 roadblocks that other affiliate use that makes it impossible for their affiliates to make money.

These roadblocks include:


The program will be very expensive for you to promote as you will have to invest huge amount to be able to promote them

Monthly Fee

The products will demand you pay a monthly subscription even after your huge investment to get started.

He claims these monthly subscriptions definitely do not come cheap and this is another roadblock that will make it impossible for you to make money as their affiliate.

Information overload

They claim these other affiliate programs will fill your head with information you won’t be able to process, at the end of the day making things a lot more difficult and confusing for you…

Which means you will end up not really making money as their affiliate.

Tire Kickers

This one represents those that l

Pre-launch their products with free offers making hundreds of people to sign up under you.

This makes you think you will be making lots of money as you have so many people signed under you but you will end up realising that those sign-ups will not bring you any money ad most will not be willing to make further investments that would have made you the commissions., and this brings you back to square one.

Fear Of Recruiting

They claim this is another reason many people don’t make money with other affiliate programs, that majority don’t have the boldness to talk to people and this makes recruitment very hard.

Which means without being able to recruit people, you won’t be able to grow your downline and this means you won’t be able to make money either.

But with Crazy Cash Club or rather Make Money Even (MME) or whatever the name of their product is, as it seems to have two different names and the MME is what was used throughout the sales video.

Which makes you wonder what exactly they are selling to you, Crazy Cash Club or Make Money Even?

Anyways like I was saying, they claim with Make Money Even affiliate program, they have removed all those roadblocks for you.

Making it easier for any of their affiliates to make money even right from their very first day.

I guess what they are trying to tell us here is that they have removed the roadblocks they set initially when they launched this product.

Because when Crazy CashbCub was originally created back In 2014, they made promises to people that they will earn up to $16,000 on their very first day.

They had to create packages that cost hundreds of dollars that people had to buy into so that they can make money once their referrals buy one or more of the same product.

So basically you were allowed to sign up for free and then buy one or more of the packages listed below and when any of your recruits sign up for free and purchases any of the packages you will then make money.

Packages include:

>>>Monster Cash Mini-Webinar System for $157

>>>CrazySplash Click Thru Pages for $97

>>>20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors for $54

>>>5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors for $17.

To worsen the situation, all these packages does not help you make money nor teach you how to make money.

Some just offer you ideas on how to increase your referrals and the others are just random traffic that may not even get anyone to signup through you.

Fast forward to a few years now, and they seem to have the need to get rid of the roadblocks they created which they claim is used by other affiliate marketers.

So without all these roadblocks, especially the high ticket packages, let’s see what this Crazy Cash Club has to offer now…

How Does Crazy Cash Club Work

Crazy Cash Club works simply by recruitment, it is just a business model that involves members recruiting others to join in order to make money.

And this is an MLM referred to as Pyramid Scheme. A system that simply does business by recruiting people without offering any kind of product or services in exchange for money.

To become a member of Crazy Cash Club you will need to register with $10, unlike before when it was done for free.

Although they claim it will be returned to your member account and you can withdraw it with your commissions once you start making money.

Once signed up, they claim you will be provided with a free lead magnet and already made sales ads.

All you will need to do is to copy and paste these ads to your social media networks as many times as you want so that people can click on it and join the program and you will make money.

I will elaborate more on this in the compensation plan, but before then let’s look at why Crazy Cash Club isn’t the right business model for you to engage in.

Here Is How To Start Making Over A Thousand Dollars A Month Online

Why Crazy Cash Club Isn’t For You.

I want to believe you are checking this product out because you want to make money and probably earn a consistent income or probably establish a solid business for yourself right?

Well then, this program isn’t going to help you achieve that because it is simply a PYRAMID SCHEME! Pyramid schemes are MLMs that are solely based on recruiting people to join the program in order to make money.

Which means they do not offer any physical products or even services to people.

A genuine MLM offers people two ways to make money, one by direct sale of their product(s) or service(s)

And two by recruitment, at this stage you get to bring in people who will become your down line and this gives you the opportunity to make more money from them.

So the more downline you build, the more money you can make but this is from your downlines also making their own sales and not just recruitment.

So what’s the difference right?

Well real MLM offers products and services, which means there will be a continuous inflow of money as long as their products or services are worthwhile.

So not only will people be willing to buy their products, they will also be willing to bring in others to benefit from it also, even if some don’t sign up they still end up paying to use the products/services and this keeps things moving forward.

But a pyramid Scheme that only recruits people to make money means that at some point there will be no further inflow of cash.

Let me explain better…

>>>You join Crazy Cash Club and pay $10

>>>This $10 is supposedly given back to you

>>>Which means you joined for free

>>>Now you recruit some people to join as well

>>>For each of them, you receive $5

>>>Yea you just made $25 and you are happy

Of course, if it continues like this you will keep making more money

But the sad news is nobody really wants to depend on recruiting people to make consistent income

Secondly, just like they mentioned in their video, very few people have that zeal to do recruitment

Which means at some point, some or all of those people who signed under you will realise there is nothing for them here.

Some will try but fail to recruit others.

Or may not have any more money to invest in other higher packages to get higher commissions

Which means no money for them, and when this starts to happen, you will see them giving up and looking elsewhere.

This will definitely start to affect the inflow of cash, and the lesser the money comes in, the lesser you can make.

And before you know it, this business goes bankrupt and then closes down.

But before then those at the top would have conveniently made all the money they want to.

Even the $10 they claim to give you back, for those who are not able to make any commissions and give up, they will also have to forget about that money because they can’t withdraw it without making further commissions.

Which means a win-win situation for the owners.

Imagine hundreds of people join and are not able to recruit anybody, that means thousands of dollars for the owners of Crazy Cash Club and total loss to those members.

That is why any MLM strictly based on recruitment is considered a pyramid Scheme because they never last long.

Give or take a couple of years if at all they get to years, and you will see them fold up.

Secondly telling you to copy and paste your ads on social media as much as you want is simply BS.

As I am sure you do know that these days, social media do not condone spamming, so except you are ready to have your accounts suspended or banned then you will do well to stay away from this product.


What Is Crazy Cash Club About


Here Is How To Start Making Over A Thousand Dollars A Month Online

Crazy Cash Club Compensation Plan

You are entitled to $5 for every signup you get.

For the first 10 people you will sign up, the commission of $5 each from 5 people will be passed up to your sponsor and the other $5 each will be for you.

It goes in the order of one for you, one for your sponsor

Which means you will get the commission for the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th persons

And your sponsor will get the commissions for the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th persons.

After this for every other 5th person you sign up, the commission will go to your sponsor

So after the 10th person, you will get commissions for the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and the 15th goes to your sponsor and so it continues.

This will also apply to your down line too.

Those that signed up under you will each pass up commissions of their referrals as mentioned above.

For the VIP membership, the same method applies but here you will make $50 commission for every $200 signup.


You will have to first signup with the basic membership with $10 per annum and you can then upgrade to VIP membership at $200 per annum.


  • I don’t really see any benefit Crazy Cash Club has to offer you.


  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Hyped income claims
  • Recruit people to make money
  • Not a solid business model
  • You must buy into each membership before you can benefit from it.

In Conclusion

Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam?

We want to believe it is since pyramid schemes are considered scams.

Some people may argue that you will get to make money using it, but the truth remains you are not really making any money, this is more like taking money from some and giving to others.

Which means at some point when there isn’t anyone else to get the money from, those whose money has been taken at the bottom will be left dry and hanging.

So while you will be happy you’ve made some money, there will be others crying that they have lost all their money, that is if you don’t happen to be among those who wouldn’t recover their money.

On the other hand, how long is this going to last?

How long will you depend on waiting for people to click on your ad and register before you can make a dime?

And what happens when eventually people realise what this program is all about and decide to stay away, how exactly will you keep making money?

Just a few things you need to ask your self before deciding if it is worth it.

Affiliate Marketing is a genuine business model and one of the best which millions of people use to earn money online, and the same one we use too.

Check out our next section below and see how you can get started and really make money.


Pyramid Scheme, Not recommended.


How To Earn Consistent Income With Affiliate Marketing

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What Is Crazy Cash Club About

Well, there you have it. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of What Is Crazy Cash Club About?

Or do you have any questions/experience to share with us?

Drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.


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