What Is Bonus Junkies – Scam Or Make $500 To $1,000 Daily?

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What Is Bonus Junkies

Hi! Welcome To Our Bonus Junkies Review

Given the situation the world is in right now and with the total lockdown and absolute uncertainty for the future, finding ways to earn income online will definitely be at top most of our mind.

And I know that stumbling or being invited to join Bonus Junkie a program that claims it can help you start making $500 to $1000 daily starting today will seem like a huge opportunity right?

But What is Bonus Junkies exactly and can it really help you achieve all it claims or is it yet another influencer scam only out to rip you off?

I must first commend you for taking the time to research is a program, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legitimate ways to make money online.

And be rest assured that you will have all your questions answered in this detailed review.

We will cover the following in full details…

>>>What Is BonusJunkie

>>>How Does BonusJunkie Work

>>>How Can You Make Money On BonusJunkie

>>>BonusJunkie Complaint

>>>BonusJunkie Scam Alert

>>>How BonusJunkie Really Works

>>>Pros & Cons

>>>A Legit Way To Make Consistent Income Online.

Product At A Glance

Name: Bonus Junkies

Owner: unknown

Website: bonusjunkies.co

Price: free

Rated: 0.3/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is BonusJunkies

BonusJunkies claims to be the number one social media influencer network that can help you start making $500 to $1,000 daily starting today simply by referring people, completing tasks and taking offers on their website.

They claim to be the middleman that connects influencers to top cooperation and help social media users make money from their account.

They claim to have started operations in March 15th 2015 somewhere in Amsterdam to create that opportunity where influencers can promote for advertisers to make good money.

And as of 2018, they claim to have worked with over 300 known brands which helped their network explode to become the number one social media influencer network with the highest paying offers and best usability.

Hmmm… this sounds awfully familiar and I couldn’t help but check out some other sites that we have reviewed here that made these similar claims.

And yes! I was right, about me page of BonusJunkies turns out to be the same with one of these sites we have reviewed known as Click4Kash.

Everything about their about me page is exactly the same thing except were the names of the sites where interchanged.

Unfortunately, Click4Kash turned out to be an absolute scam, which now heightens my belief that we are backing up another one of these scams here.

But I guess we just have to proceed to discover the truth behind BonusJunkies.

How Does BonusJunkies Work

BonusJunkies work by allowing you to register and complete activities on their website to receive monetary rewards. Their system works in the following steps…

Join BonusJunkie

You have to first register and create your account with your name, username, email and password.

You have to agree with their term and conditions and your account will be activated instantly.

Share And Earn

Once your account is active, you will have access to your dashboard where you can choose the activities you want to complete and receive the reward attached to it.

You will also have access to your unique referral link that you can use to invite people to join BonusJunkies


Once you start to complete activities and referring people, your reward will accumulate in your account and once you reach their minimum payment threshold you can request for payment.

The minimum threshold is $150.

They claim to make payment through PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash app, Venmo and Mailed Check.

How To Supposedly Make Money On BonusJunkies

Sign Up Bonus

BonusJunkies will instantly credit $30 to your account once you have created your account, making this the first money you will make with them.

But as exciting as it feels to instantly make such amount of money, so it is disheartening to realise you can’t even have access to this money except you make up to $100.

Completing Offers And Surveys

They claim they will pay you $60 for each offer or survey you complete on their task wall. I decided to participate and try out one of the offers and below is what happened…

I decided to complete an offer that seemed very simple, where I was to choose between Coke and Pepsi which one I preferred to receive the said $60 as a reward and chance to win £100.

What Is Bonus Junkies

Upon clicking on the offer and selecting my preference, I was automatically led to a new page that offered me a £100 Visa Card instead and simply asked for my name and email to receive it.

What Is Bonus Junkies

Well, I felt it was reasonable and thought since they already have that detail I can as well proceed but as I filled in my name and email to proceed, more information where required and before you know it I was expected to give them more personal data including phone number and even home address and postcode.

Please have in mind that every detail I used on this website is fake, I had no reason to give them my true identity since I suspect them to be a scam, but for the purpose of this review, I had to follow through with the offer to discover the outcome.

Then I had to agree to their terms and condition to receive calls from their third-party partners before I could proceed.

What Is Bonus Junkies

Below is the list of companies that you should expect to bombard you with calls, marketing emails and even text messages all in the name of signing up to win a gift card that you have no guarantee of.

What Is Bonus Junkies

You will think this is all it takes but nope! Once I finished the signup, I was taken to the next page where I had to complete another set of survey that collects more personal data from me before taking me to yet another offer.

This offer is from a website called National Consumer Center and the offer is called the “silver offer” which displayed different types of offers from different companies that I had to complete at least one.

What Is Bonus Junkies

Unfortunately at this point, I didn’t bother to go further because I am familiar with the National Consumer Centre and the way their offers work.

They would require you to complete this silver offer, then a gold one and two platinum one.

The silver offer is free but the gold and platinum involves investing your own money. before you can finally have that reward.

What Is Bonus Junkies

Now, think of all the stress you have to go through to finally get to this stage. The most annoying part of it is that you are at a loss no matter what you decide to do.

Nobody told you that you will have to pay for something at the end of the day before qualifying for the reward.

So if you give up at this stage like I did after discovering you will have to involve your money, they still profit from all the data you supplied them in the course of trying to win the £100 visa gift card.

If you chose to continue then you will have to make multiple purchases to qualify for the gift card.

And you will be surprised that at the end of the day the money you will spend on the long run may turn out to be higher than the reward you will earn.

You can see how an offer that started as n innocent offer asking you to take a simple poll suddenly leads to offer of $100 Visa card reward and before you know it, it has become something that will cost you more than you bargain for.

But you won’t know all these until you are already deep into it. This shows how shady BonusJunkies is.

Creating Youtube Video

You can also create and upload YouTube videos to promote BonusJunkies following their given guidelines, to make as much as $50.

Posting On Social Media

You also have the chance to share posts about them and create videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TokTok, Snapchat, etc, to make as much as $50 on each network.

Referral Scheme

With the unique link provided to you when you signed up, you can get to invite people to join BonusJunkie and for everyone who does, you will receive $15, and also $2 for people who just click on your link but don’t join.

You will also be entitled to a 15% commission from what your referrals earn on the platform.

This would have been a great and lovely way to make money from home if only this site is legit and truly delivers, but unfortunately, they are not!

And below I will expose every hidden truth about this website and why you can not trust them for any reason.

BonusJunkie Scam Alert ( Red Flags)

False Income Claims

Below is an image of their leaderboard where they display how much their top members are making.

You can see the number one on the board had made over 4 million dollars. Please tell me how this is possible for a site that just started operating less than a month ago.

You can see how they use figures like these to deceive people into signing up with them!

What Is Bonus Junkies

False Years Of Existence

They claim to have been in existence since 2015, have paid out over $158,670,000 to its members and have over 730,000 members

But a quick search on Whois domain directory reveals something shocking!

It shows that this domain BonuJunkies.co was just created on the 2nd of April 2020 which means it is barely 3 weeks old at the time of this review

And if this is the case, then there is no way these statistics they provided would be right.

These people are just lying through their teeth just to get people to think they are authentic and can be trusted, but you can see the opposite is the case here.

If they do not have anything shady to hide, why lie about their very own existence, or what do you think?

What Is Bonus Junkies

Bogus offers

I want to show you how fake this website is by using yet another of their offer as an example.

This Amazon offer below requires you to sign up for a 90 days free trial and they claim they will pay you $60 for taking the offer.

What Is Bonus Junkies

Now, below is the same offer from two different legit sites that we use ( Ohmydosh and Swagbucks) offering members £2, and 150 Swagbucks for completing the offers

What Is Bonus Junkies

What Is Bonus Junkies

Think of it, why would these two other sites pay members such low amount while BonusJunkies pays as much as $60?

The answer is simple, these sites are legit ad they truly pay their members for completing activities while BonusJunkies is very shady and will never pay anyone anything.

I mean from the lies they have told so far, from their existence to the unrealistic income claims, there is no way you can expect them to pay you anything

Besides where will they get such amount to pay to users when they don’t even make that much from the advertisers.

So they only use high value to deceive people to join them and complete offers while they pocket the money.

Clone Website

The About Us page on BonusJunkies happens to be the same one on Click4Kash and yet another one called EarnBucks. The only difference is where they just had to change the individual names of the website.

At some point, BonusJukies referred to itself as SurveyJukie, which shows you they are not bothered about what they present to people as long as the can lure them in with high payouts.

What Is Bonus Junkies

What Is Bonus Junkies

Fake Sign Up Bonus

This is the first sign that will ring a bell in the ears of anyone who has used or is conversant with how GTP sites work because no legit surveys/GTP site will offer you as much as $30 just for signing up to a free program

The highest you will ever see will be within the range of $2 to $5 or $10 at most because they know they will genuinely pay you this money so they don’t exaggerate about it.

The only reason BonusJunkies offers you a $30 bonus for signing up is because they know it will entice you to quickly signup and secondly. After all, they know you won’t get a penny from them.

Beware Of Their Video Testimonials

If you ever come across any video promoting BonusJunkies, do not believe whatever they say, it is clear that BonusJunkies promises to pay them $50 for each video they create.

How BonusJunkie Really Works

BonusJunkies only works to favour its owners, they do not have your interest or the interest of their members at heart.

Their free access and $30 sign up bonus is their bait to get people hooked into their system.

The thought of making instant $30 just for signing up will have you register with them quickly without hesitation, and for every single person that happily registers, automatically gives them access to their data at a platter of gold.

So you get a free signup, they get your data, then they sell these data to other marketing companies and pocket the money.

While these companies will bombard your email and phone(if you made the mistake of giving them your number too) with unsolicited messages, sometimes even phone calls.

If you have experienced something like this, where you keep receiving emails, texts or calls from companies you’ve never had any transaction with or heard of before, and you are wondering how did these people get my details, well this is an example of how they do so.

Aside Selling your details to marketing companies, it could get worse if your details end up in the hands of scammers who may end up trying to hack into your account or you may even end up having your identity stolen (nightmare).

They will also have you complete tasks and surveys and pretend to deposit the money you earn each time in your account but in truth, once their third-party partners pay them for any of these activities you have completed, they pocket the money.

When you have worked hard and reached the minimum deposit to make a withdrawal, you will realise that you can’t get paid as they will keep coming up with flimsy excuses and if you pressure them too much they will end up locking you out or banning your account.

They do not pay people any money because they don’t make it.

Advertisers don’t even pay them that much, and they are supposed to pay people from the cut they get from the advertisers, so it’s a simple logic, they can not pay more than they make or where will the money come from?

They just tell people what they want to hear just to lure them in because they know they won’t be making any payment to anyone at any time.

They also know that before people will realise the truth of what is going on, they must have invited several others to join them and they take advantage of those too.

So it is a total win-win situation for them at the detriment of their members.

BonusJunkies Complaint

So far, we haven’t come across any complaint registered against BonusJunkies but that is understandable since they are a fairly be site, one not even up to a month old.

But as time goes on and people are unfortunate to end up on it, then the complaints will start coming up.


It is free to register with BonusJunkies


  • There is nothing positive about this website


  • Scam and shady website
  • Data harvesting scheme
  • false promises
  • false income claims
  • False years of existence.

In Conclusion

Is BonusJunkies a scam? Yes, it is, a big fat scam that you need to stay away from.

It is obvious that BonusJunkies is only out to exploit and take advantage of people and will not help you make any money let alone making up to $500 to $1,000 daily.




A Legit Way To Earn Consistent Income Online

I know that we are in such times when things are so difficult and our future unforeseen, which makes it a great time for us to try to find ways to make money online to make ends meet.

But sites like BonusJunkies or any other one who promises a get-rich-quick scheme will never help you achieve that because they are only out for themselves.

The good news is that there are legit sites that can help you achieve financial freedom online to ensure the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

Wealthy Affiliate is our most recommended site because they will take you by the hand and guide you step by step on how to start and successfully make money online consistently through affiliate marketing.

The good news is that you can get started for free, no Credit card details required, which will give you the chance to engage it and know what it is all about and how it can help you take care of your family in this season.

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What Is Bonus Junkies

Well, there you have it, hope you found this What is Bonus Junkies review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience with BonusJunkies that you would like to share with us, drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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