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what is az formula about

Hi! welcome To Our AZ Formula Review

Did you come across AZ Formula? A product that promises you will make $2,000 every single day by using it’s System. I bet that must have increased your adrenaline flow and made you really excited, but that gut feeling still makes you wonder what is AZ Formula about really?

You would like to know if it’s the real deal that can truly help you achieve that financial freedom and have a comfortable lifestyle, or is AZ Formula a scam only out to rip you off?

First off, I want to commend you for taking your time to check this Product out, it is the best way to stay scam free. Be rest assured that in this Review, we will be exposing everything you need to know about AZ Formula to help you decide If it’s worth your time and money.



Name: AZ Formula

Owner: Steven Cook

Website: azformula.co

Price: $37 + Upsells

Rated: 0.1/5.0

what is the az formula about


In the AZ formula sales video, the owner who claims his name is Steve Cook, starts out by assuring you he is nothing like the other money making internet gurus, who are only out to rip you off and enrich themselves

He claims his new System the AZ Formula is the only real System that has been created to help you achieve success online and attain financial freedom

But is this really the case?

is Steven Cook any different from the other gurus?

Is his System really that much desired Product to help solve your financial needs, and make you over $2,000/day?

what is az formula about

Read on to find out..


There is no stated formula on how this System will help you make up to $2,000 every day. They claim all you have to do is fill in their form, activate your account, then sit back and watch your profit grow. When a product hammers only on how much you can make with it’s System with no proven method, run as fast as you can!

Though there are mentions of affiliate marketing and then e commerce, which are two different business models, goes to show that the owner of this System does not even know what he is talking about.

Affiliate marketing and e commerce are two different business models and there is no way his automated System can operate both. It’s either affiliate marketing or e commerce. You of course may not figure this out as you may be new to how all these works, but being in this business for a while now, it’s easier to spot all the inconsistencies.

For the fact this Steve doesn’t even know exactly what business model his System operates is another huge red flag.

AZ Formula Scam Alert (Red Flags)
Fake Owner: the owner of this AZ Formula who claims his name is Steven Cook And represents himself as the one in the image below, is nothing but a fake personal.

Doing a reverse image on google, only lead us to discover this image is nothing but a stock image, which has also been used by other websites.

what is az formula about

fake Owner

what is az formula about

what is az formula about

I don’t know about you though, but when a product has to go to the length of using fake images and probably fake names to represent itself, that is one significant reason for me not to trust it or even take it seriously. Except anyone has any good explanation to give me on the reason why they need to use false representation, I would believe it is nothing but a scam.

False testimonials: hahaa.. (lol) this is getting really ridiculous, the rate at which these people will go, just to get you to part with your hard-earned money! This guy below is nothing but an actor, who seems to be featuring in every one of these products. He offers a gig on a freelance website known as Fiverr, and here is an example of another product he testified to.
what is az formula about

actor from fiver

what is az formula about

what is az formula about

same guy in another product called AZ Sniper

I don’t believe a Product that truly works to help people generate income will have any need to hire paid actors to give testimonies

or what do you think?

I believe it will have genuine members who have had Success with the System, come forward with their testimonies instead.

Upsells (Hidden fees): they make you sign up with their System with the assurance that all you need is to pay just that one time low fee of $37 to gain access to this System and start making thousands a day

But that is an absolute lie, the low entrance fee is just to lure you into the System were you now have upsells awaiting you. And if you are unable to invest more on this upsells, you will see that your initial investment will be a waste, as you will be provided with little or nothing valuable to help you make any money. Here is what awaits you on the inside

what is az formula about

Limited Spot: this is another very annoying tactic they use to get people sucked into their System, and unfortunately this seems to have very good effect.

When they create this false scarcity/ limited time available, it is just to make you quickly jump into buying the product in order not to miss the opportunity, before even realising what exactly the product is all about, and people fall for that

That is why I commend you at the beginning of this post for doing your research, because those who don’t, simply fall for this lie and before they know what is really involved, they would have already lost their money, which is really sad..

No Known Method: you should stay clear off any System that promises you would make thousands of dollars within a short period, or upon just starting to use their System, especially when they claim everything will be done for you on autopilot.

All these are signs of scam products. So you know, there is no such thing as autopilot System that will help you start making money online instantly. To make money online takes time and effort, you will need to work very hard and lay a solid foundation before you start making any reasonable amount of money.

The only ones who make such quick money are these scammers, but they never last long, they are only out to grab what they can and then go create another fake product.

But even they, had to work hard and took time to perfect on their act and product. They didn’t wake up one morning and start generating thousands.

what is the az formula about


You have to pay $37 to have access to this product and it’s member area, were upsells awaits you


  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • Not a trustworthy System
  • Fake Owner
  • False Testimonies
  • Upsells


With all the above stated reasons, in our opinion, we believe AZ Formula is a scam, as it doesn’t offer you much value for your money and will not help you achieve any of it’s claims. If you buy this System hoping to make up to $2,000 every single day upon starting up, you will be greatly disappointed. Just so you have that in mind.




Name: AZ Formula
Owner: Steven Cook
Website: azformula.co
Price: $37 + Upsells

Rated: 0.1/5.0


Making money online is definitely attainable, but it’s not what all these products cut it out to be. If it were that easy, I believe every Dick, Tom and Harry will be digging into it right now.

It takes time and real hard work to make money online no matter the method being implemented, don’t ever believe in any secret, automated few clicks garbage, because those will end up failing and disappointing you.

We always recommend what we believe to be the best way to make money online, which is the business model we and several other successful people use to make money online. It’s called affiliate marketing, which involves you recommending other people’s product to your audience and when anyone buys any of these products through you, you get a commission. It’s really a very simple process when done the right way. It only takes hard work, patience and time to start earning a passive income with this, and Let’s not forget, the right training..

In this Our free step by step guide to making money online, we have outlined everything you need to know, how this method works and learn about the platform that can really help you build a sustainable and successful business online.

what is az formula about

That is it for today. Hope you found this Review post helpful? If so, do share to help others.

Have you had any experience with AZ formula or do you have any questions about it? Share with is in the comment box below, and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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