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What Is 5 Minute Profit Sites

HI! Welcome To Our 5 Minute Profit Sites Review

Updated 1st Of June 2020.

How exciting will it be to come across a System that can provide you with a Software that can help you build your very own website in five minutes?

And not just that, but can also generate for you, over five hundred dollars per day?

Awesome right?

Well, that is what this system claims it can help you achieve, and I believe you must be wondering…

What is 5 Minutes Profit Sites about, is this System for real, can it truly build me a money-making site in just five minutes, or is 5 Minute Profit Sites a scam?

I want to first commend you for researching about this System before giving it a try, as these days a lot of money-making systems ends up being low-quality products or outright scams only out to rip you off.

That is why we have taken the time to look into 5 Minute Profit Sites to uncover everything you need to know about it and how it works in this thorough and detailed review, to help you make an informed decision.

Our review covers the following…

>>>What Is 5 Minute Profit Sites

>>>How Does 5 Minute Profit Sites Work

>>>Why 5 Minute Profit Sites System Is Unreliable

>>>The Major Downside To This System


Pros And Cons.


Product At A Glance

Name: 5 Minutes Profit Sites

Owner: Sam Smith (Spokes Person)


Price: $37 + upsells

Rated: 1.0/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.


What Is 5 Minute Profit Sites

Five-minute profit sites is a System that claims it can provide you with a free Software that can build you a money-making website in just 5 minute and 17 clicks.

It claims that with this done-for-you website, you can generate over five hundred dollars every day, just like that, with little or no effort.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, let’s proceed to find out…

What is 5 minute profit sites

How Does 5 Minute Profit Sites Work

To get started, you have to first purchase your membership with $37 dollars, then you get access to the member area, where you can now have the Software build your website in 5 minutes and 17 clicks as they claim. lol

Following the steps below…

Set Up Your Website

Once you have gained access to your member area, you click on create a website tab, then you join ClickBank and generate an ID (if you are already a ClickBank User, you just input your Click Bank ID)

Note, ClickBank is an affiliate network that allows you as an affiliate to promote products from different merchants and earn commissions in return.

So once you register with them, they will direct you to this affiliate network to create an account and get your ID.

By the way, this is something that you can do on your own without even paying money to 5 Minute Profit Site to get access.

Choose Your Domain

Next step is to choose a domain from the readily available ones, ones provided by 5 Minutes Profit Sites. Have in mind that these are subdomains that you can not lay any claims to.

Add Email Service

This is the final step, where you get to add an email service, which has been chosen for you already. So it doesn’t matter if you like this email service provider or not, or if you are not even ready for email services, as they’ve already decided it’s what you have to use.

To worsen the situation, you can not skip this part, you must sign up with AWeber email service provider to get the code needed to have a complete Site setup.

Secondly, no one would tell you that this AWeber is a subscription-based tool that you will have to pay for on a monthly basis as the cost of signing up with 5 Minute Profit Sites does not cover this fee.

And I believe this fee is about $19 or more per month for the basic plan as at the time of writing this review

Once done, you are now expected to start making tonnes of money per day, which of course you know is not possible because the method of making money which 5 Minute Profit Sites promote does not work that way which makes this system unreliable.

What is 5 minute profit sites

Why 5 Minute Profit Sites Is UnReliable

Done-for-you Systems

What 5 Minute Profit Sites teaches you to do is what is called affiliate marketing, which enables you to sell or promote other peoples product so that ones someone clicks through your link to buy any of your recommended products, you’ll earn a commission from the retailer.

But the way 5 Minute Profit Site works will not see you earning a dime immediately the system is set up let alone making over $500 per day, simply because affiliate marketing does not work that way.

I know it may sound like a great idea to have your website already set up and ready to go.

But if you are familiar with how the online marketing business works, you will understand that for you to start making money with your site, you definitely need tonnes of traffic (people) visiting your site and hopefully buying a product or two through your site for you to earn a commission.

And the best way to get traffic is acquiring free ones through ranking (appearing in first pages) of search engines. But with a done-for-you site, this is not possible, as such sites do not rank in search engines because they always contain duplicate contents.

For this reason, you will be required to invest more money to get paid traffic through ads and believe me, this will really cost you a lot especially if you don’t understand what you are doing.

It gets worse because paying to drive traffic to your website does not even guarantee you will make sales especially if your traffic isn’t a targeted one.

Which means you could end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on paid traffic but not making a dime!

Email Subscription

From the very start, 5 Minutes Profit Sites requires you to sign up with an email service provider, which by the way you will have to pay separately for.

This is not a good idea for a business that is just getting started, it takes time to build a list before you can start making any profit through email.

And for a stater who doesn’t know anything about list building yet, every month you cough out about $19 to pay for a subscription that may take a long time before you can benefit from it.

On the other hand, you may succeed in building a list but end up not benefiting from your email list at all, because once they buy from any of those low-quality products that are provided by 5 Minutes Profit Sites that do not live up to their claims, they will ask for refunds and probably mark your emails as spam or even unsubscribe from your list as they will no longer trust your recommendations.

Hidden Cost (Upsells)

This is very common among most of these make money online products, you are made to believe all you have to invest is just that initial amount.

But once you purchase the membership, you will realise… oh no! things aren’t what they seemed like! As you are required to pay more money before you can benefit from the system.

In the case of 5 Minutes Profit Sites, you will be hit will 3 different upsells! You can be sure to invest over $200 or more in these upsells.

Excluding the money, you will pay monthly for auto-responder and the ones for generating traffic. So you are in for a big spend.

Hyped Income Claims

In their sales video, they talked a lot about high-incomes and went ahead to provide supposed proof of income.

But I can assure you there is no way they can make such huge amount of money within weeks of starting an affiliate marketing business. It’s all hype just to get you excited so you can jump on their offer.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make good money with affiliate marketing, but it is something that takes lots of time and hard work, I know this very well because it is the same model that we use.

You don’t just set up a site and then it starts generating income. You will need to work hard at it and nurture it to fruitfulness.

Besides, one of their income claims displays vendor, which means those sales is from selling their own products, and not exactly an affiliates’.

What is 5 minute profit sites

Really insane!

Free Software

They claim they are giving you their Software worth almost $500 dollars for free, but then you have to pay for the hosting, I guess this is supposed to get you excited that you’ve somehow hit jackpot, what an amazing and generous offer.

Not to burst their bubbles, but a System like Wealthy Affiliate will give you access to their website Software builder for subdomain sites like this one for free, with free hosting and free lessons to get started with your online business. So there is absolutely nothing special about 5 Minute Profit Sites offer.

Limited Offer

once a System comes up with limited offers/ offers only in your region, that is a sign such System isn’t to be trusted. This is a tactic used by most scam systems to get you to act on impulse and jump into their offer without finding out exactly what it is about and if it will be of benefit to you.

I can assure you that if you check back continuously, this same offer will still be available to you and everyone in the same region.

What is 5 minute profit sites

I don’t think so…

The Major Downside To This System ( You Do Not Own Your Business)

When you buy into this System, then you have your site built and hosted with them.

This gives you limited access to this site as you do not have ownership of it, which means you do not own your own business!

Even after paying all these money and investing in one or two other upsells or pumping as much money as possible to make this work, if 5 Minutes Profit Sites decides to pack up tomorrow (close down) there goes all your investment!

Secondly, you are only limited to promoting ClickBank products and whichever ones 5 Minute Profit Sites makes available to you, which men’s your source of income is very limited.

So if I were you, this alone will make me have a second thought about investing in this business Module.


It will cost you $37 to purchase 5 Minutes Profit Sites membership, and then comes the upsells.


  • 60 days money-back guarantee. You can always ask for your money back if you’ve already bought into this product and don’t like it, within the first 60 days.
  • Some useful information


  • False claims
  • Hidden Costs (Upsells)
  • Misleading Sales Video

In Conclusion

If you are still wondering, what is 5 Minutes Profit Sites all about, then I can assure you it’s just a System out to make as much money as it can from you, rather than one with your interest at heart.

On this note, we definitely won’t be recommending this System to anyone, as we don’t see how it will benefit you at all


Not Recommended

Affiliate Marketing Done Right

Making money with affiliate marketing is surely something that works like I mentioned earlier, it is the same Model we use.

But to be successful in this line of business, there are guidelines to be followed, added with tonnes of hard work and Patience.

It doesn’t work overnight, or by the click of a button.

You will first of all figure out your area of interest or passion

Build a website, which by the way is easily done now.

Watch the video below to see how easy it can be


What is 5 minute profit sites

Click image to watch video

Learn to attract Visitors to your Site. By this, I mean free organic visitors, lots of them

Finally, start generating income.

This is basically a nutshell of how making money online through affiliate marketing works.

You can check out this program that can help you get started and follow the necessary steps and be on your way to building your own online Empire today!

What is 5 minute profit sites

Well, there you have it, hope you found this review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience with 5 Minute Profit Sites that you would like to share with us, leave them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.



Louis · January 31, 2019 at 5:07 am

I literally opened my mouth when I saw there was a system that would take o my 5 b minutes a day for me to earn over $500. I knew definitely it had to be sketchy or its a miracle.

Made me wonder, after setting up your website for you, will they also help you out with content generation?

I don’t believe in this program, thanks for the review. I know a lot of people would find it helpful before deciding on joining.

    admin · February 17, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    What they will help you with are duplicate Contents that will never rank on search engines, which means you will have to invest heavily on paid traffic to even think of making headway with this System.

    That is why we encourage you to learn how to build your own website, write quality content that will rank and get you lots of free traffic so you won’t have to pay anyone for that.

    Here is Our Free Step by Step Guide that will help you understand how everything works and help you get started. 

Seun Afotanju · January 31, 2019 at 5:16 am

This site lacks a lot of credibility, they actually mislead people mostly newbies  who knows nothing about making money online into purchasing the membership, just to enrich themselves. I actually smell fraud from a distance whenever I see sites like this. Thanks for this piece of information, keep it up

    admin · February 17, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    You are most welcomed. Glad we were of help.

Mike · January 31, 2019 at 5:25 am

Good point on the part about you not even owning the business you start with them. It makes it look more like you’re an employee. An employee who’s paying out of pocket to start the job. A job which probably won’t even yield returns anyway while you get billed month after month to use services for customers you don’t even have yet. It’s not you’re business, and you’re not getting customers. It’s their business and you’re the customer. And that’s the scam.

    admin · February 3, 2019 at 3:29 am

    Exactly Mike! Because it doesn’t matter if you are making any money or not, as long as you are paying your monthly dues, the owners of this product gets richer

    So in truth, you are the customer, you are basically their business.

    All what they tell you, is just to get you to take out more money to fill their own pockets, not in your best interest at all.

enrique vanegas · January 31, 2019 at 5:58 am

Thank you for sharing ¨WHAT IS 5 MINUTE PROFIT SITES – SCAM OR $519/DAY¨. I´m debating whether to call it scam or low quality product. Let me explain why.The business model mentioned it´s called affiliate marketing. Llike you said in the sales video. As an affiliate marketer,  you will work as an intermediary between  companies and  customers. You will be promoting other people´s /companies products or services and you will earn a commission for each sale you make. I can say that this is an amazing business model when used the correct way, but the way that FIVE MINUTE PROFIT SITES, as described by you, teaches to do it is not a good way.As I learned at WA, if you really want to build a profitable online business using the affiliate marketing business model, then you will need to build it properly from the moment you get started.As you may well know, building a website is not a big deal these days, there are tools that will enable you to have your website up and running, in no time .As a matter of fact, building a website is not even the first thing you do, you will first have to choose the proper niche because it´s important that you build this business around a topic you love . I agree with you what FIVE MINUTE SITES provide is not enough to earn the kind of money they are talking about.

    admin · January 31, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Thank you, Enrique, for your contribution, Learning everything from A-Z in affiliate marketing is the best way to grow a sustainable business, and the sooner people get t to understand that the better chances of avoiding scam. Getting things done the easy way always leads to disappointment and possibly losing all one’s investment in the long run. Hopefully this post will help people understand things a lot better.

    Thanks once again

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