Tribe Village Surveys – Scam Or A Good Way To Make Money?

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Tribe Village Surveys

Hi! Welcome To Our Tribe Village Review

The internet is filled with so many sites that make promises to enrich people just for giving their opinions and completing tasks but at the end of the day you find out that the majority of them never deliver.

Which is why we want to take a closer look at this Tribe Village Surveys panel that we recently discover to see if it will be worth your time and effort or if it will end up being a scam and a waste of time like most others.

And I am glad you took the time to research this panel before engaging in it, as it is the best way to avoid scams online and find a legitimate way to make money.

Be rest assured that you are in the right place where you will have all your questions about this survey panel answered as we reveal everything you need to know in this detailed review to help you make an informed decision.

This review covers the following in details…

>>>What is Tribe Village

>>>How Does tribe Village Work

>>>Ways To Make Money With Tribe Village

>>>Is Tribe Village Worth Your Time

>>>Pros & Cons.


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Product At A Glance

Name: Tribe Village

Owner: Tribe Research Agency


Price: free

Rated: 2.5/5.0

What Is Tribe Village

Tribe Village is a UK based survey panel that has promised to reward you for giving your opinions to big brands who want to better their products and services through the opinions of people who use these products.

It is owned and operated by Tribes Research which is an agile and innovative agency launched by two senior market research professionals.

Tribe Village aims to help big brands find the specific people they need for their research, people who will give them the very specific opinions they need in order to improve their products, which is where you come in.

By connecting these people to the big brands, they get paid for their services, while these big brand also offer rewards to people to help encourage them to keep giving their opinions.

How Does Tribe Village Work

Tribe village will reward you for completing surveys for different brands that they are partnered with, and also for answering polls. But before you can get started with their activities you will need to first register with them.

Sign Up Process

Because of how serious Tribe Village takes the (GDPR) Data Privacy Protection, they provide you with a form detailing how your data is used and protected, which you must consent to before proceeding with the signup process.

Once you have consented, you will proceed to signup with your basic details like your name, email, employment status, address, age, etc. Then you click on the submit button

You will receive a confirmation email from them to activate your account, make sure to click on that link to fully activate your account.

Completing Activities

Once you have activated your account you will have access to your member area where you will have the first survey waiting for you. This survey is tagged “A Survey To Welcome You To Tribe Village” This survey is for them to get to know you better to tailor surveys suitable to you. you will be rewarded for taking this survey.

After this, you can start receiving other surveys to complete to earn rewards, and you can also choose to complete polls to earn rewards too. Each activity you complete will have your reward deposited in your account until such time you reach the payment threshold.


Tribe Village is a point-based system, which means they pay in points which can be converted into monetary values to earn gift vouchers. These points are called tribe points.

And 100 tribal points equal £1

The minimum withdrawal threshold is 500 tribal points which equal £5.

Payments are made in the form of Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Tribe Village Surveys

Ways To Make Money With Tribe Village

Sign Up Bonus

This will be the first reward you will get from Tribe Village, as you will receive a 20 tribe points bonus once you complete your registration


Taking surveys is the major way you can make money with Tribe Village, for every survey you receive, the amount and duration will be included. Surveys mostly pay between 0.10p and £1 on rare occasion and can last between 10 to 30 minutes or more.

Some of the surveys may offer you an opportunity to be entered into a price draw instead of receiving tribe points.

You need to know that even though most surveys are sent across to you, you will not always qualify for all of them, unfortunately, that is part of the trend that runs with survey sites in general.

So if you are new to taking surveys, don’t get angry and frustrated when you get screened out in the beginning or middle of a survey even though it was sent across to you as a match.


you can get to give your opinion on a trending topic on polls to also receive some points.

Tribe Village Community Forum

With your progress across the platform, you may be invited to participate in their community forum to also earn some rewards.

Tribe Village Surveys

Is Tribe Village Worth Your Time

I guess to answer this you will first need to know how much you can make using this site, but the thing is that it depends on a few factors like…

How much time do you have to invest?

How many surveys are available to you and how many will you qualify for?

How much can you make?

Taking surveys can be very tedious and time-consuming, if you are familiar with taking surveys then you will understand what I am trying to say here, but if you are not, then you need to know that taking surveys can take you hours just to earn pennies.

For example, a survey may claim to last for 30 minutes and will pay you 60p, only for you to realise that the screening questions alone can take up to that stated time before the survey actually begins, and if you are unfortunate you may spend all that time and not qualify for the said survey, which means that 30 minutes was a total waste.

Then you may have to consider another one that may end the same way or if you are fortunate, you may qualify. This is how the process goes through all surveys that you will attempt so how much time you have to put into all these matters.

If you do not have very much time you may end up not being able to finally find a survey you qualify for. at a given period.

Another thing to consider is your region, some regions may not have surveys always available, like in third world countries, this can limit the amount you can make in a given time.

On the other hand, you may receive lots of surveys but your demographic may not match for most of them which mean you won’t still be able to complete them.

The most important is knowing how much you can make and unfortunately there is no specific amount to be made as each survey comes with its duration and amount.

You just need to know that the more time it takes the higher the amount to be made, so on average, a 15 to 45 minutes surveys may see you making about 25p to £1 at most and this does not include the screening time.

Another factor to consider is the fact that when it comes to Tribe Village you will only earn gift cards as there are no cash rewards.

For me considering all the above factors I don’t think it is worth it at all, but then it all depends on you and what you are looking for.


It is free to join Tribes Village


  • Legit survey site
  • earn a little extra income


  • No cash rewards is a huge minus for me as I prefer cash to gift vouchers
  • You may not qualify for the majority of the surveys depending on your location
  • easy screening out of surveys
  • very low-income potential

In Conclusion

Is Tribe Village Surveys a scam? No, it is not, you will earn points for completing surveys but I believe the most important question is if it is worth your time?

Which I believe it is not, I would rather encourage you to try out these top 5 survey sites that do not screen you out of surveys and can help you make more money for your time spent.

You can also consider these regulars ones simply because they always have loads of surveys available for you to try out.


CitizenMe ( Hassle-free)




But like I mentioned earlier, it all depends on what you want to achieve, if you are after earning few extra quids not minding the hours and effort put into it or you just love taking surveys, then you can give it a try and see how it goes.





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Tribe Village Surveys

Well, there you have it. Hope you found this review post helpful?

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