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Hi! Welcome to Our “The 700 Profit Club Review”

700 Profit Club is a product that promises you can make over $700/day in about ten minutes of just starting to use its System, and I must confess, its an appealing offer

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make such huge amount of money in such minimal time, with little or no effort, cause I would!

Or won’t you?

I bet you would, and that is why you are here, possibly to learn all you can about this product. To know if  700 Profit Club is a scam or if it will be that product that will help you achieve all your financial freedom dreams

First off, I want to commend you for taking your time to research about this Product, it’s the best way to stay scam free. Be rest assured, you will find all the details and the hidden truths you need to know if this Product is the right one for you, and if its worth your time and investment, in this The 700 Profit Club Review.



Name: 700 Profit Club

Owner: unknown


Price: $77.79 + upsells

Rated: 0.1/5.0

the 700 profit club review


The sales video starts out by assuring you of making up to $700 every day of your life with just 10 minutes of your time with no added effort

But for you to achieve this, you will have to first register your domain and have your website hosted by a web hosting company known as Coolhandle, as this will ensure you get the automated magic website that will make sure you make as much money as is being offered to you.

the 700 profit club review

the 700 profit club review

I couldn’t help but laugh out really hard when I got to this stage in the video, as it dawned on me that this is nothing but a scheme to get you sucked into this System. And to confirm this, we went ahead to dig deeper to really know what this System is really about, and will be revealing that to you shortly.


Even with all the talks of making as much as $700 every day in about 10 minutes, nothing was ever mentioned as to how you will make this money.

You are only given the assurance that once you followed the given steps, all you will have to do is sit back and watch as dollars roll into your account daily. This is basically one huge red flag, as this is very common with scam or low quality products. Every get-rich-quick products are something to be weary of. Below are some of these products we’ve reviewed recently, you can have a glance through and see the pattern they all share..

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Steps To Setting Up Your Magic Money Making Website With CoolHandle
1. Select your Domain Name & Get Your CoolHandle Hosting account: in this first step, you get to choose a domain name, either from the already selected ones, which they assure will be best for search engine presence and generating income, or you can choose to pick your own domain name. You then go ahead to create your coolhandle account by putting in your basic details

the 700 club review

2. Select Your Hosting Plan: here you get choose which plan you want to go with, you will be given details of all the offers they have available for you to choose from, but have in mind that everything id at a minimum of 3 monthly plan

the 700 profit club review

3. Activate Your 700/Day Cashflow System: finally with your setup done, you will then make your payment of about $77.95 and gain access to the member area where you can now have access to this System to start making up to $700/ day.the 700 profit club review
How 700 Profit Club Really Works

Unlike what this product claims it will help you achieve, it has none of your interest at heart what so ever

Giving you the assurance that once you register with CoolHandle, then you can be sure to profit from their System and have their team do all the work for you while you relax and enjoy the profit is nothing but bullshit

The only reason they want you to register with Coolhandle is because they are affiliated with this company, and for every one they are able to lure into registering with this site, they get their own Commission from CoolHandle. So the more people that register, the more money 700 Profit Clubs makes.

There is no such thing as an automated system to help you generate $700 + in about 10 minutes, making money online simply doesn’t work that way no matter the method used.

You need to invest time and effort with a lot of hard work to start making any decent amount of money online, so anyone promising you any automated instanta money making machine is only out to rip you off.

The 700 Profit Club Scam Signs (Red Flags)

Below are a few of the things to look out for in scammy and low quality Products,which are very much present in this one

Limited Slot/Time: from the very beginning of the sales video, you are made to believe they have a very few slots available and if you don’t take action immediately, you will lose your spot.

Even mid way through, you are promised a free money making website that will expire in 20 minutes if you don’t take action to make the purchase before the 20 minutes run out

I can assure you, this is just one of their tactics to get you under pressure and have you act immediately in fear of losing out. With this tactic, you won’t be able to do any research or even have time to assimilate what exactly this product is about before jumping in

Hyped Income Claims: telling you that you will be making up to $700 dollars a day in less than 10 minutes without actually doing anything is a very huge red flag, this is what scammy Products do. You may be thinking, how do they cover the costs of all these if they are offering it for free

But the truth is that they are not bothered about such things, as they know well enough that all they need is for you to make that initial payment where their profit lies, and then gamble on getting you to buy into more money making products to attain Success.

You see, once you make your initial payment, you will be provided with a personal adviser, however this adviser is more of a marketer as they do nothing but try to lure and pressure you into buying more of what they have to offer you in order to make head way, and seeing you are not making any profits yet, you might be tempted to go for these offers. Don’t fall for that, that will be more money wasted.

Done For You Website: this is nothing but a pre made website templates in different niches where you are supposed to drive traffic to. This is not going yo work for you at all, as Search engines do not rank or display duplicate contents on its first pages, your chances of succeeding with this kind of sites is zero, unless you are willing to go for paid traffic and end up spending turns of money that may end up being a waste if you don’t know what you are doing.

the 700 profit club review


To gain access to 700 Profit Club, all you have to do is purchase your domain and hosting from CoolHandle

the 700 profit club review

the least promotional bundle


  • They claim you can have a 30 days back money guarantee, but since this product is not marketed by CluckBank, I don’t really know how true that is, given all the lies they’ve told so far


  • False Claims
  • Hyped Income Claims
  • Upsells
  • No known Owner


This Product is definitely one we do not recommend for the above stated reasons, and we hope that The 700 Profit Club Review has helped you realise this product is nothing but scam in our opinion, and you are not going to generate anything like $700/day in 10 minutes as it claims.




Name: 700 Profit Club
Owner: unknown
Price: $77.95 + upsells
Rated: 0.1/5.0


Making Money online and up to $700 a day is definitely attainable, but you do have to understand that you don’t achieve this instantly through any automated System

It takes your hard work, patience, perseverance, dedication, time and the right training to see any Success.

You need to ask yourself if you have what it takes to achieve that and if your answer is yes, then its time to stop wasting time on all these get-rich-quick scheme products that will only end up ripping you off, and get this free step by step guide that will teach you the right way to make money and the right training platform that can really help you to successfully build a sustainable online business.

the 700 profit club review

That is it for today, hope you found this Review post helpful. Do kindly share to help others.

What’s your thoughts on 700 Profit Club, have you had any experience with it or do you have any questions about it? Feel free to leave your comment below and we will get back to you soonest.



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Shellykh · January 31, 2019 at 5:13 am

Thank you for making this informative article that help us watch out for these scammers. To me, there is really two red flags that tells you the program is a scam: The owner is hidden, and make big claims that you can get rich quick. The other thing I notice is that there is a upfront minimum monthly pay for 3 months for the hosting plan, but as soon as your 3 month is up, your 30 day guarantee is also up! Very fishy to me

    admin · February 17, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    Yes, that is really very fishy. Thanks for pointing that out. Because by then you won’t be able to request a refund. Very smart on their part.

    Thanks again

Marvin · January 31, 2019 at 5:16 am

OMG, I came from your Maru Voice article and I thought that was a waste of time, 700 profit club is next level waste of time.  As far as Im concerned, if you visit this site and after 1 minute think that 700 profit club it is a legit opportunity, you would be out of your mind. Thank you for this thorough review on the CON that is 700 Profit

francis · January 31, 2019 at 5:18 am

Its is great that you have provided a review on another quick rich scheme.  I would never get hooked on claims of making $700 dollars a day with so many upsells.  This is classic get rich quick scam.  If the owner is unknown why would you trust the 700 profit club in the first place.  I totally agree with you that this especially if it is done for your system.  Anything that sounds easy is a red flag for me.

Thank you for a great review and letting the truth out.

Hanna · January 31, 2019 at 5:19 am

Thanks for this article!

That is too ovbious – totally a red flag!  Earning 700$ in a day after you joined??

It is just so unfortunate for this people doing this – and who are the targets?  Those people who are trying their best to make money online.

I am glad you noted at the end about one of the best platform in creating your own online business.

All the best!

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