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Textbroker Legit

Hi! Welcome To Our Textbroker Review

Do you love to write?

Do you want to make money from home writing?

Would you like to work and get paid at your own convenience?

Well, Textbroker is a system that claims it will help you achieve this.

But is Textbroker Legit and can you truly make money writing on their platform?

We are glad you decided to check this program out before investing your time in it, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legit ways to make money online.

In this review, we will walk you through What Textbroker is all about, how to get started, and how to maximise your chances to make a steady income from home or anywhere using this textbroker platform.

We will cover the following aspects

>>>What Is Textbroker

>>>How Does Textbroker Work

>>>Types Of Orders For Completing Jobs


>>>Pros & Cons

>>>Our Fial Thoughts


Product At A Glance

Name: textbroker

Owners: Sario Marketing GmbH

Website: www.textbroker.com

Price: free


Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Textbroker

This is an online-based platform that connects you with people or companies in need of your writing expertise and then pays you when a transaction is fully done.

Simply put, textbroker stands as a middle man that brings you together with clients that needs you to do a writing job for them, and when this is done, they go ahead to pay you for your services.

Textbroker is owned and operated by Sario Marketing GmbH which is headquartered in Germany.

Note that Textbroker deals with two different sections, that is the author side and the client side, so if you are looking to outsource content, then textbroker is also for you.

Though in this review, we are focusing on writers’ aspect.

Textbroker Legit

How Does Textbroker Work

Textbroker works by allowing you to signup to their website and write articles for clients in exchange for money.

You can get started in these 5 simple steps

Signup Process

From their homepage, you will need to select the Register as an Author tab, fill in the form with your basic details, agree to their terms and condition and submit.

they will send you an email with an activation link, make sure to click through that link to fully register your account.


textbroker uses a star rating system to determine where to place an individual from the beginning.

These are rated between 2-5 stars, 2 being the lowest rating and least paying, and 5 the highest rating and most paying.

Once you have signed up, you will be required to write a short article of about a few hundred words, in a chosen topic.

This article is what will be used to determine where you will be rated for a start.

Though from what we found out, most people are rated 3 stars for a start, and it’s a fairly good place to begin.

It is important that you really put in your best at this, this determines your future going forward with textbroker. As you already know, the higher the better.


Once you submit your article, their team of editors will evaluate your article based on some criteria like spellings, grammars, punctuation, organization, etc.

This takes roughly about two weeks to process, then you will be sent an email on where you are rated and how to proceed.

Author Profile

Once you have received your rating, the next thing is to create your author profile.

Here, it is also very important you create a very captivating profile with every necessary experience you have to boost your chances of finding and keeping clients.


This is the final and most expectant stage in all this, where you expect to get paid.

But before that, you will first need to complete an order by writing at least one article for a client.

From your member area, you will have access to different offers available, and once you have picked an order from one of them to work on, and completed the order to the satisfaction of the client, you will then be paid.

The minimum threshold for payment $10, which is paid on every Friday. To make sure you receive your money on Friday, once you have a minimum 0f $10 in your account, request for payment on Thursday.

Textbroker Legit

Types Of Orders For Completing Job Offers.

Open Order

With this type of order, payments are made per word by textbroker, and every word has its specific price at the different star rated levels.

You can also choose from the list of orders available the ones you would like to work on and complete, following full instructions given by the client.

If the client is satisfied with your work, you will get paid, else you will be asked to revise it.

You can choose to do this or let the job go back to listing. But if you choose to revise and the client still isn’t satisfied, it will be rejected, and you won’t get paid.

Textbroker payment per word on each level

Level 2 – 0.7 cent/word

Level 3- 1 cent/word

Level 4 -1.4 cents/word

Level 5 – 5 cents/word

How much can you make doing this job?

This solely depends on the level you are in, and how many jobs you are able to complete each day, as you are entitled to do as much as you can, provided you complete each order and get approval for it.

Let’s do a calculation based on level three, which is the more rampant one.

At level 3, you get paid 1 cent, if you are able to write a 500-word article 2 times a day and get approval for each one, depending on your schedule.

That means you make 1,000 cents which equal $10. And if you are able to do this 3 to 5 times a week, then you are looking at between $30 – $50 a week and about $120 – $200 monthly.

Now, this is just to give you a rough estimate, as your commitment will determine if you make more or less.

If you are fortunate to move to an upper level, then the more money you can make.  So there is a great potential here.

Direct Order

With this type of order, you deal directly with the client. The client will be the one to decide to work with you personally, but it is up to you to decide the price you want to get paid per word.

Once you are in agreement with the client, you can then execute the job, and if the client is satisfied, you will get paid.

If you are fortunate to get the direct order from a client or more, and you are able to retain such client(s), you can make much more money to boost your budget.

Team Order

in this order type, you have to be part of a team to take part, it is mainly for clients with projects. And the client gets to decide how much to pay per word.


This is one of the newest attributes of textbroker, writers can now apply to become proofreaders and get to earn extra income.

To qualify for this, you have to take their very high-quality test and have a score of about 90% to be considered. If you fail, you have three months interval to try again.

Textbroker Legit


It is free to join textbroker, however, once you are approved, you are required to submit some necessary documents before you can fully startup work.

Some of these documents some members deem not necessary for such a freelance site. But we believe the request for this is in order to validate your identity.

Note that textbroker is now available in other countries, you must select the country you belong to, in order to register.


Easy way to make money from home

No special skill set required to get started

Lots of job offers to choose from, once you can scale to level 4

Free to join the website

Weekly payment

Low payment threshold

You get to learn new things and broaden your knowledge


Low-income source

Not much job for people on level 2 and 3.

No increase in the amount paid per word, no matter how long you work there

Some difficult clients to deal with

Your ratings can drop due to slight mistakes made. Making it more difficult to sustain a living through this means


Is Textbroker Legit or is it a scam? We would like to conclude that textbroker is legit, and you can make money using this system.

The amount to be made varies, depending on your situation. You can make a full-time income if you are fortunate to get to level 5 and have some trusted clients you deal personally with.

You must also be willing to dedicate your time, be consistent and work professionally to keep scoring great job offers and retain your clients.




Our Final Thoughts

Textbroker is definitely a good way to make some money online from the comfort of your home if you are okay with the way the system works.
But if you are like me, then you would have the following thoughts running through your mind…
why have a middle man between you and your success?

Why have to struggle unend to make better ratings for an improved income

Why make money for others when you can literally use your talent to create your own income stream?

Why slave to satisfy others and get paid peanuts?

Why not build your own website and let your writing make money for you by creating a passive income stream.

Yes, that is possible, you can now create your own website and make money writing articles on a niche you are passionate about.

With this, you will have hundreds of thousands of people coming to you and patronising you and not the other way around.

Which means the amount of money you can make will be limitless and you won’t be depending on star ratings and keeping clients to earn a living.

For more on how to achieve this…

>>>Take A Step In Here<<<

Note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you have to be ready to work really hard to grow your business to achieve success.

What you get when you join
  • It is totally free to join, absolutely no credit card required
  • 1 free website
  • 10 Lessons on Entrepreneurship
  • 10 Lessons on affiliate Bootcamp
  • A Host of community help.

Give it a try today and if you feel it’s not for you, then go for textbroker.


Textbroker Legit

That is it for today, thank you for your time and hope you found this post helpful, if so, kindly share with others.

Don’t hesitate to drop us your comments, suggestions, or your experience with textbroker if you have any. Your questions are also very much welcomed.


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Jerry Huang · August 1, 2018 at 4:42 am

Thanks for this in-depth review about textbroker. But instead of trying to make money from textbroker, I’m actually thinking of outsourcing my content creation to textbroker.

Do you think textbroker is a good place to outsource my content? Is there any other better alternatives?

Would love to hear your opinion on this.

    admin · August 1, 2018 at 4:59 am

    Sure thing Jerry. Our research has shown that it is one of the best outsourcing sites on the internet. You can get different qualities of contents, depending on what you choose to go for. There are three types to choose from; the open oder: where you can have your order listed and wait for writers to get back to you. Or you go for a direct order, where you choose a specific writer of your choice to do the job and finally the team order, but for this last one, you will only need it if you have a project at hand. So it all depends on what you have in mind. But as for getting quality contents, you surely will! Hope this helps.

    Nb: if you get a content you are not satisfied with, you can still send it back to be revised. Or reject it on the long run if it doesnt meet the standard it should.

    Another site worth trying out is Upwork. We havent digged into them yet,but have read positive reviews about it.

Benji · August 1, 2018 at 8:51 pm

Thanks for informing me of this service; I hadn’t actually heard of it before today and I was certain I had scoured the net for every way to make money for writing, so it’s great to read about something new! In what ways does a site like this differ from a freelance site like Upwork? Is it the fact that it is based specifically toward writers?

    admin · August 1, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    Textbrokee is simply for writing. You can either outsource contents or register to be a writer. Registration is free, if you want to consider giving it a try.

Fleur Allen · August 1, 2018 at 11:56 pm

Thanks for this review Queen, I had not yet heard of Textbroker. As a blogger, I’m always interested to see what options are around to potentially meet new writers. It also sounds like a platform where you can find out ‘how good your writing is too’ according to their criteria at least. I think worthwhile even for that one aspect.

    admin · August 2, 2018 at 9:40 am

    Sure Fleur, even for that purpose alone its worth giving it a try. Though we have the impression most people end up on level 3, no matter your writing, as we encountered people with different writing capabilities that ended up in the same level 3.if you ever give it a try, please come back and let us know how it turned out. Cheers.

Stephanie · August 3, 2018 at 6:57 am

Great review, it’s nice to see an honest review of Textbroker. I’ve been looking into ways to make money online writing, but like your suggestion, writing for your own website is the best way to get paid for it…and it can lead to a passive income that pays you for years and years.

Thanks for sharing this! All the best!

    admin · August 3, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Thanks Stephanie for stopping by, am glad this review was of help to you.

Jo · August 4, 2018 at 8:53 am

Hey Queen, an awesome review once again!

I have not heard of Textbroker before, but it sounds like a company that rates quality above quantity, and for this reason I think we bloggers could maybe use it to acquire quality content in the event that we are unable to create our own. I will definitely bookmark this post.


    admin · August 4, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Thanks Jo, am glad you found this useful. And yes, it isnt just for those who seek to write, one can easily outsource quality contents from textbroker too.

Reyhana · August 5, 2018 at 5:45 pm

I believe that although it is a good way to make money online, I think that TextBroker has become very competitive now and this like you said, if you are a writer with a level 2 or 3, you are not able to get that many jobs because MOST people will be within that category.

You may be a little luckier if you are within the level 4 and make more money, but I don’t think the time that it takes for you to write up the articles will be worth the money you get in the end.

I’m happy that you are also recommending to get rid of the middleman between you and your clients. Affiliate marketing is definitely the BEST alternative to this kind of work because you are writing articles not for a one-time pay but for residual pay.


    admin · August 5, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    Thank you Reyhanna for your input. Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go!it helps you do your own thing at your own time, and make all the money residually, rather than competing with thousands of others for same project. But i guess for those who dont think they are upto the challenge, can stick with textbroker as an option. Thank you once again

watch detailed article and enrich · January 15, 2020 at 1:21 pm

It was always a dream of mine to work at home. And now I understand how real this dream is, and how easy it is to start working from your house.

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