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Back in those days when I was still scouting the internet looking for ways to earn extra income, surveyeah used to be one of my favourite go to” survey sites, as it provides me the avenue to take very short surveys for a little more than the other survey sites paid.

And seeing you are here today, I guess you want to find out if it’s a scam or legit way for you to make some income right?

Good for you then, as we have everything you need to know detailed in this Surveyeah Review. So grab yourself a cup of whatever drink you love the most and enjoy this read..


Name: Surveyeah

Owner: operated by Tradatech Srl


Price: free

Rated: 2.0/5.0


Surveyeah is a platform or website that offers you the opportunity to make little extra income in form of cash or gift cards by taking surveys from their numerous clients.

In order words, surveyeah stands as the middleman between you and numerous companies who wants to improve their products/services through the opinion of the real life people who use their services.

surveyeah review- what you need to know!


First you need to choose the country you are residing in, then fill the signup form and submit, go to your email and click on the activation email sent to you, then login to you profile.

You will have to wait for surveys to be sent to your email, and if you choose to take such survey, you click on the link and it will take you to the survey site to complete the survey.

Have in mind that for every survey you choose to complete, you still need to answer a few demographic questions, which will determine if you are qualified for the survey or not. These questions sometimes takes more than 10-15 minutes, after which you might still not qualify for the said survey.

You also need to know that even if you are fortunate, and successfully takes’ the survey, you also do not get paid until the survey period is over i.e. until their target is met. So if it’s a survey that is meant to involve 200 people and is to last for about 3 months, you will have to wait for that 3 months or until the 200 people have completed the survey and the survey is tagged “closed” before you can get paid.

One other thing to have in mind, is that there are some surveys available to you when you login to your profile, for every of these surveys you choose to complete, you do not get paid. You are only paid for those sent directly to your inbox.

How much can you make with Surveyeah?

Interestingly, at the beginning, surveyeah paid quite well, at least better than most survey sites do, you could literally take a 5-6 minutes survey and earn about 0.32p to 0.60p, unlike some others that will pay you same amount for about 15-20 minutes survey. But these days it seems they are now inline with how other survey sites pay for their surveys.

Looking at how much they pay now, it ranges from 0.25p to 0.80p for 5- 20 minutes of your time. Even though they claim to pay up to £4, we are yet to see any one earn that much on one survey.

Depending on your location, the amount of survey you will receive will greatly vary. As someone in the UK, the maximum I ever received in a month was 20 surveys invites and minimum of 4 invites. This is excluding the reminder emails they sometimes send across to remind you of a survey that was sent to you earlier, that you haven’t attempted or declined.

But of recent it has stayed between 2 and 6 invites. This might be as a result of no longer taking the surveys or probably what they just have available.

Payment threshold

Depending on where you live, payments are made in euros, dollars or pounds.

For cash payments, they use PayPal and minimum for cashing out is either €10, £10 or $10.( used to be £4,$4,€4).

You can also request for Amazon giftcards when you have a minimum of €20/$20/£20.

Payment comes through within 24 to 48 hours of making your request.

You can also decide to donate to Charity.

surveyeah review- what you need to know!


It is free to register with Surveyeah, all you need is choose your location and sign up with your basic information.


  • Free to join
  • Make some extra income
  • Available in 52 Countries


  • Unlike sites such as swagbucks, inboxpound or OhMyDosh which provide you with other means to make money, Surveyeah is strictly taking surveys only.
  • You can end up wasting too much time trying out a Survey and end up not qualifying for it.
  • High payment threshold
  • Not too many surveys available In some areas


In this Surveyeah Review, we would like to say that although Surveyeah is not a scam but legit way to make extra income, we do not think it is worth the time you will have to invest in it to make pennies, as you can utilise this time for something much better. Check out our alternative to Surveyeah below.

VERDICTsurveyeah review- what you need to know!


Name: Surveyeah
Owner: operated by Tradatech
Price: free
Rated: 2.0/5.0


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surveyeah review- what you need to know!

That is it for today, hope you found this post useful, if so kindly share with others.

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