PollPay Review – The Real Deal Or Just Sweet Talks?

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PollPay Review

Welcome To Our PollPay Review

Hi guys! Today we want to talk about PollPay.co.uk, a survey panel that caught our attention with its catchy and interesting invite on the homepage.

PollPay claims that their surveys are very short, micro to be exact, not more than a minute or two and not more than 5 questions and that they pay cash.

They promise that you won’t have to spend long periods on taking surveys or easily get screened out of their surveys.

I mean if you are a survey lover, those are the things you would look out for when signing up with a survey site.

Which is why we decided to sign up and give it a run and then bring you this detailed PollPay Review to help you make an informed decision.

We will cover the following aspects

>>>What Is PollPay

>>>How Does PollPay Work

>>>How Can You Make Money On PollPay

>>>PollPay Complaint


>>>Pros &Cons;

>>>Our Final Thoughts


Product At A Glance

Name: PollPay

Owner: BHP Lab Ltd.

Website: pollpay.co.uk/site

Price: free

Rated: 1.5/5.0

What Is PollPay

PollPay claims to be the 21st-century survey panel that claims to pay you for completing short/micro surveys in exchange for rewards.

PollPay is owned and operated by BHP Labs Ltd an independent test facility that provides a wide range of engineering and scientific measuring, testing and analyzing services to Numerous industries throughout Ireland and the UK.

One thing you need to know is that PollPay is often confused with Poll Pay by most people but they are two different panels.

While PollPay is registered under pollpay.co.uk, Poll Pay is registered under bitburst.net and runs as a mobile application.

PollPay Review

How Does PollPay Work

Even though PollPay claims to pay you for taking just short/micro surveys in form of poll that are 5 questions or fewer, we discovered this is not exactly true and we will walk you through the process of what we discovered

Signing Up With PollPay

We signed up from the homepage using our basic details and submitted the form

Then I was emailed with a link to activate our account

Which I did immediately and gained access to member area with the hope to complete my first few surveys and bag a few quids.

Note that you can also signup with your social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google or Yahoo.

But unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as I expected I had to first answer a few profiling questions then read the 4 tips on how to get started and make the best money from the site.

What the tips talked about was confusing because it turned out to be a short guide on how to sign up with other survey panels to take longer surveys to maximise my chances of making money

They also made it clear that in the cause of taking surveys with these sites that I may get screened out of surveys or disqualified in some of the surveys.

And these surveys will have pre-qualifications questions that I will need to first answer to determine if I qualify for the survey or not.

Boy, was I disappointed?

To say the least! Because our main reason for checking this survey site out was because it claimed they offer short micro surveys that don’t exceed 5 questions and you don’t get screened out but this wasn’t the case.

We were never able to access their so-called quick surveys even after spending several hours on the site checking it over and over again.

But the page never loaded as you can see from the image below

PollPay Review

But once you click on the panel offer section it immediately takes you to the page where you can join the panels they suggested automatically, simply by clicking on the select button.

We didn’t bother selecting anyone since we are very familiar with the survey sites they were offering, sites like Inboxpound, Toluna, MySurveys and Global Test Market.

The thing is, these are the normal regular survey sites that put you through frustration like most other panels so there was no need for us to sign up.

Instead of signing up with these sites, you will do better with sites like Swagbucks, Ohmydosh. Prizerebel and Offernation

They also have surveys from a third-party partner like Peanut Labs which you will have to signup with differently.

For me, Peanut Labs is one of the worst survey companies out there because even though they have countless surveys available, you can hardly ever qualify for most, and not just that, you will have to answer repetitive screening questions always.

So signing up with them was a no-no for us.

PollPay Review

How To Make Money On PollPay

Sign up Bonus

Once you have successfully signed up with PollPay, you will instantly be rewarded with 300p which equals £3.

Completing Surveys

This seems to be the major way to make money on PollPay but you may have to sign up with the other sites before you can earn anything reasonable here.

like I said earlier, we spent several hours on this site but was unable to access any single quick survey from them.

And since we are not interested in signing up with the other sites that meant we didn’t make any money up to the time of writing this review.


The good thing about PollPay is that they reward you in cash that you can request for once you reach the minimum payment threshold of £10.

Payment is made via

Pay Pal

Bank Transfer

Or Gift cards

PollPay Complaint

From our further research into PollPay, we discovered that they seem to have more positive reviews in the past years than in the recent ones.

Although they have a 3.1-star rating on Trustpilot we realised that most of the positive reviews were from people who use the Poll Pay app and not PollPay.co.uk.

So a lot of people seem to be confused about these two different sites and have reviews mixed up.

Below is an image of the most recent complaint that we found from a user on PollPay.

PollPay Review


It is free to signup with PollPay.


Free to sign up

You may earn a few bucks

Survey offers available

Cash payment available


Very low-income source

We never got access to the quick surveys

No referral scheme

No access to support team

You may have to signup with other survey sites to even make any money.

In Conclusion

Is PollPay a scam? We won’t say PollPay is a scam because they do provide you with legit survey panels that you can sign up with to earn money but overall we don’t think the site is worth the hassle.

If they remained true to their words of providing quick surveys that can only take a minute or two then it may be worth a try but that is not the case.

We would rather recommend a better survey panel like Swagbucks, Prizerebel or you can even check out our top 10 survey sites for the UK.



Final Thoughts

I know that you’re checking out survey sites because you want to find a good way to earn extra income or even full-time income from the comfort of your home.

But the truth is that even though you can earn a few bucks taking surveys, they can never serve as a means to replace your regular job.

Which is why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate for those who want to achieve this.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can see yourself earning £100s to £1,000s per month consistently through affiliate marketing.

But you need to understand that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, you will need to put in hard work, effort, time and consistency to achieve success.

That will be it for today. Hope you found this PollPay review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience with PollPay that you would like to share with us, drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.


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