Points2Shop Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money?

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Points2Shop Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Points2Shop Review

Updated August 2020

I guess the saying that first impression matters is truly reasonable, as my first impression of this site wasn’t a very nice one, as I had a very bad experience with it from the very beginning.

Will elaborate more on this at the end of this post, so keep reading to find out what happened.

So is Points2Shop scam only out to exploit you or is it a legit website that you can earn money from?

Well, we had to sign up with this website in order to bring you this detailed and in-depth review and user experience to help you decide if it’s worth your time and effort.

This review covers the following…

What Is Points2Shop

How Does Points2Shop Work

How can You Make Money On Points2Shop

Points2Shop Compliant

Pros & Cons

Our Final Thoughts


Product At A Glance

Name: Points2shop

Owners: Mat (Matjog) and Janna (little rose)

Website: points2shop.com

Price: Free

Rated: 2.0/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.


Point to shop is one of the largest free reward programs that allow you to earn points and cash with online activities.

These activities include completing surveys, taking offers, playing games, shopping and watching videos.

Points2Shop is owned by Mat and Janna and is operated under Points2Shop LLC and has been in operations since 2007.


Points2Shop works by providing you with the opportunity to complete activities on their website in exchange for monetary and gift card rewards.

Signing Up

You have to first register and create your account by choosing a username, email and password.

You will receive an email from Points2Shop with a link to confirm your account, make sure to click on that link to fully activate and access your account.

Note that it is important to fill out your profile once you register as this helps them know the best surveys to send your way.

Once this is done, you can now access your member area to discover different ways you can make money on the site.

Ways To Make Money On Points2Shop

Bonus Points

the first money you will make on Points2Shop is the bonus signup points, Points2Shop will award you an instant 250 points once you successfully register your account.

Completing Surveys

Points2Shop is partnered with a lot of market research companies that provide you access to different types of surveys that you can complete in exchange for rewards.

Each survey will require you to go through a screening questions first which will determine if you qualify for that survey.

This can sometimes be frustrating and very annoying as most of these questions can be very repetitive and will cost you several minutes that you don’t get paid for.

Whatsmore, you may end up attempting several screening questions and never qualifying for most of those surveys.

But for the ones you are successful with, the amount and time it will take to complete the survey will be stated.


There are also different kinds of offers that you can complete to earn a reward.

Some of these offers are free while some you will have to pay money or deposit some amount to complete them.

Most trial offers will require your credit card details as they are subscription-based.

So if you decide to take any of such offers, always remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends if you do not wish to continue with the offer.

Or your card will be automatically charged and offer renewed at the end of the trial period. Which means you may end up losing more money than you made


There are also different types of games available, both from point2shop platform and their partner sites.

To play any of the game to win points, you have to first deposit some points then play the game with another member and whoever wins, takes the money.

The only one you can play as a newbie is free and there are no points awarded, as this is just to help you get used to the playing game environment at point2shop platform.

You must attain a certain level in the system to qualify to play these games and they are played between two members.

As for the games from their third-party partners, you will have to install and then play to a certain level before you can be credited with points.


When you have earned points, you can choose to use it to buy things from the listed retailers they are partnered with or do your normal shopping through their link, provided the retailer is partnered with them and you might qualify for a cashback on some items.


Points2Shop Scam

Refferal Scheme

You also get the chance to earn money by introducing friends and families to join, and for every refferal that joins and completes $3 worth of survey, your account will automatically be credited with $3 and you also get to earn 15% of what they earn in surveys for a lifetime.

Contests/Lottery Draw

 There are different contests available, from individual ones like the daily surveys completion, high value and refferal contests and the team merit contests.

At the end of each contest, the winner (s) earns a given amount of cash.

There is also a weekly lottery draw, and to qualify for these draws, you have to earn tokens from the spin2win popups you get when completing an offer, and this can come as either cash or more lottery tickets.


Points2Shop uses both points and cash-based systems to reward its members.

Cash rewards can be withdrawn as cash or be converted to points to earn gift cards or do shopping.

But points reward can not be converted to cash and can be used for gift cards and also shopping.

To obtain your first reward, you must have moved from the user mode to the first honorary level which is the bronze level and been active for at least 2 months.

There are various ways you can redeem your points, you can use them to shop online, you choose what you want within the provided items in the site or from their retail partners.

Then place your order, after which point2shop takes care of the payment and delivery of the product to you, while the points will be taken from your account.

Alternatively, you can choose to be paid in cash or gift cards and you select which method you want, ranging from Amazon gift cards, games gift cards such as Xbox 360, the world of warcraft, Nintendo, e.t.c.

Or Retail gift card such as Argos, iTunes, toys R Us. etc. The gift cards value varies in points.

Cash payments are made to your PayPal account or Cheque payment ( this method valid to only USA members as at the time of this post).

You can also donate your points to causes, as members are allowed to create genuine causes and when a certain amount of money is generated through these points, it will be given to the said cause.


Points2Shop Scam


Points2Shop Mobile App

Points2Shop now has a mobile application that you can download to complete activities on the go. This will enable you to earn more points and cash as you move about your day to day activity.

Points2Shop Compliant

My Personal Experience

My first impression of point2shop wasn’t really a good one as the first offer I was presented as the best offer for me was a survey.

I had to fill in my demographics and take the survey, upon completion when I clicked to end, I was presented with an error page.

And even though it was acknowledged that I completed the survey, I never got paid for it.

All the time and effort I put into completing that survey turned out to be  total waste of time.

Nonetheless, I continued my use of this site to get accurate knowledge on how things really work.

And I am sorry to say my opinion of it hasn’t changed as it wasn’t worth all the effort.

There has also been a lot of complaint from users of being banned, or account getting blocked and tagged cheaters.

Coupled with more negative reviews to positive ones more recently,

Even as of August 2020, there is still no positive improvement that we see on this site. the most recent reviews are about a year old and most of them are still negative reviews.

Which makes you wonder if people are still using or making any money from the site at all?


It is free to join point2shop as long as you are over 18 years or 13 with parental consent. There are also levels you will have to reach progressively which determines how you make money.

Honour levels

There are 7 honour levels involved in this system namely the bronze, silver, the gold, platinum, Elite, Diamond and then Legend.

Starting out as a newbie you must first complete a primary task set out for you, then take offers before you can move to the next level which is the bronze.

This applies to every one of the levels. Once you attain each level, then the offers and every other thing attainable in that level will be unlocked.

Note that with each level comes new tasks and more offer limits to be met.

Promoter Membership

There is also Promoter Membership but unlike the other honour levels, this has to do with the number of referrals you can bring, the more people you introduce the better chances you have at getting to be a promoter and earn more money.


Free to join.

Lots of offers to choose from.

A mobile app, you can download and use at anytime and anywhere.

Make a little money.


You don’t get paid until you reach the bronze level which takes about two months to attain.

Aside from taking offers, you must complete tasks set out by points2shop before you can move up an honour level.

Most unpaid offers are surveys.

You don’t qualify for most surveys even after spending some time in completing them half-way through.

Navigating through the site is very tedious.

To qualify for points in partner game offers, you must attain certain levels.

Spend hours and make peanuts.


Points2Shop Scam

In Conclusion

Is Points2shop Scam? We don’t want to tag this site a scam as you can get to earn some money from it and their activities are legit.

The truth is that overall, we do not think it is worth the hassle, especially when there so many other sites like this that offer you better options like Swagbucks, OhMyDosh, Prizerebel and This our Top 5 surveys sites to check out.


Not Recommended

Final Thoughts

We know how frustrating it can be to spend so much time and effort on something and never truly accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Which is why we know that Points2shop isn’t worth your time, and recommended those other sites to check out if you just want to grab a few bucks off the net.

But if you want to achieve financial freedom or at least want a reasonable income source, then click here to discover how you can start earning $100s to $1,000s monthly through affiliate marketing.

Points2Shop Scam

Have in mind it’s not a get rich quick scheme, you will need to put in all the necessary effort and time needed to succeed on this.

Well, that is it for today. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

if you have any questions, comments or ideas to share, please leave them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.


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Melissa · May 21, 2018 at 8:36 pm

Thanks for this review. I haven’t heard of this program before, however, I am a big fan of reward programs. I’m glad I came across this review before trying it out. I don’t want to waste my time.

    admin · May 23, 2018 at 4:09 am

    Hi Melisa, good to know i was of help to you.you might want to consider, the others listed below, they are really great and fun to use.

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