PaidVerts Review – Scam Or A Good Way To Make Money?

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PaidVerts Review

Hi! Welcome To Our PaidVerts Review

PaidVerts is a Paid To Click (PTC) website that claims to pay its members for completing different activities on their site.

But is PaidVerts legit as it claims, can it help you earn reasonably or is it yet another scam only out to take advantage of you?

I am glad you decided to check this website out before engaging in it, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legit ways to make money online.

And in this PaidVerts review, we will uncover everything you need to know about this website and how it works to help you decide if it is worth your time and effort.

>>>This review covers the following topics

>>>What Is PaidVerts

>>>How Does PaidVerts Work

>>>How To Make Money With PaidVerts

>>>PaidVerts Complaints


>>>Pros $ Cons

>>>Our Final Thought.


Product At A Glance

Name: PaidVerts

Owner: Linstow LP


Price: free/paid option/daily tax

Rated: 2.0/5.0

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What Is PaidVerts

PaidVerts is a Pay To Click (PTC) platform that pays its members for viewing ads and completing other minor tasks and offers.

PaidVert is owned and operated by Linstow LP and has been in existence for about six years now.

They claim to have over 3 million users and has paid out $9,056,499 to users.

How Does PaidVerts Work

PaidVerts work in two ways, you can either buy ads( pay to display ads) or get paid to watch ads and complete other tasks.

Buying Ads

Buying ads is for people who want to promote their business, so they come to PaidVerts to have their business promoted to people through ads.

What they do is pay a certain amount of money to get traffic (people to view their ads)

So if you have a business or maybe a blog that you want to get people to visit more then this is the group you fall into.

You can get an ad pack for about a dollar which will give you 2400BAP. With this, you will get 50 visitors to your website with a 30 seconds duration each.

Get Paid To Watch Ads

This is where you get paid to watch ads and complete other tasks, and this is our focus for today as we proceed.

PaidVerts Review

Signing up

Before you can get started with PaidVerts, you will need to complete the signup form on the homepage of their website.

You have to supply them with your basic details like username, email, age, gender, date of birth, etc

You will have the opportunity to also include the name of a referral if someone invited you to join so that the person will receive a commission.

You then fill in the captcha and submit the form

You will receive an email with a link to activate/Verify your account

Make sure to click through the link to have your account up and running.

Note that they lay emphasis on registering with an accurate date of birth because that is what they use for their payment verification.

So if you ever use a fake date and then somehow forget it, then you have little to no chance of ever withdrawing your money.

Earning BAP

Before you can start engaging in any activity on PaidVerts, you will need to earn what they call Bonus Ads Points (BAP)

Bap is the monetary unit on which Paidaverts revolves, even though they claim to pay you for every ad you watch, you will also have to pay them for these ads, and also a daily tax of 100 BAP.

For example, once you have gained access to your member area, you will have an ad available for you to watch to gain your first BAP. They call this your signup bonus.

With this BAP you can now have access to your daily available ads that you can watch to earn more BAP but at the end of the day, no matter how much you can make, or not make, you will have 100 BAP taken from your account as the daily tax.

And also some amount of BAP withdrawn as payment for the ads you watch

Which means no matter how you make for watching these ads, some percentage of it will still be taken away, and you will also end up paying 100 BAP as daily tax.

So if you are unfortunate and do not make much on a particular day, you may see yourself losing more BAP than making it.

They claim the reason they impose the 100 daily tax is to know those members who are serious about earning that money.

I believe they aim to keep members on their toes, to make them active members, because when you remember you will lose 100 BAP every day, that will make you want to invest more time and effort to earn enough even after the daily deduction.

The more of these BAP you accumulate, the better-paying ads you will receive.

As you earn these BAP you will move up the Levels as shown below

PaidVerts Review

The levels are down to 15 levels, wasn’t able to get it all on the screenshot. This is so you have an idea of what it looks like

So you can see that as you move up in the levels the more BAP you will have access to. And with more BAP comes higher paying ads.


PaidVerts uses different types of processors when it comes to making payments.

As a result, they do not have any specific minimum threshold as each processor has it’s own minimum withdrawal limit.

So the number you will be able to cash at a point will depend on what processor you decide to go with.

Even though they have a variety of payment methods, unfortunately, PayPal is not one of them, which I feel is a bummer as this will discourage a lot of people from using this.

Note that you may also be liable for processing fees, which may also vary. Depending on your method of payment.

The payment processors they use include…

Solid Trust Pay



Perfect Money




PaidVerts Mobile App

PaidBerts has a mobile app that you download from Appstore or Google Play Store to enable you to watch ads and complete minor activities on the go.

Ways To Make Money On PaidVerts


Clicking ads is the major way to make money on this site.

Each day you will receive about 20 ads to watch to earn BAP between Monday to Friday.

So if for any reason you are unable to watch your ads, that means you will lose the amount of BAPs you are supposed to earn that day and will also lose an extra 100 BAP as daily tax.

So if you want to get things rolling to make money here, you will need to be very consistent from the beginning because the more ads you can watch to earn BAP, the better your chances of getting better-paying ads.

As a beginner, you will be shown ads only worth less than half a cent to 1 cent. You can imagine how many of these you will need to watch daily to start making headway.

But as time goes on and you continue to move up the ladder, you will get to the point where you can start receiving ads worth up to $0.05 or more.

Bonus BAP

You can also get the chance to earn some Bonus BAP once you complete your daily task for each given day.

But this will also come in the form of ads, the difference is that you won’t be paying to watch these.

PaidVerts Review

Referral Scheme

PaidVerts allows you to invite others by providing you with a link that you can share with people.

Once someone signs up through your link and completes activities, you will earn a commission

You are entitled to 10% of your referrals earning from watching ads, and 1% of their earnings for the ads package they buy, for a lifetime.

Completing Minor Tasks And Offers

PaidVerts provides you with the opportunity to earn money by taking offers and completing tasks

However, before you can have access to the reasonable offers you must reach certain criteria.

You will be required to view at least 50 ads in the past 7 days or spend at least $10 in BA purchases in the last 30 days.

So this isn’t a system that you can signup and decide to go for the offers first as you can see.

Watching those ads and accumulating a huge amount of BAP plays a big role.

Click Grid

This is a game that allows you to win $100 or up to 1 million in BAP.

To play this game, you will need to click anywhere on the cubes displayed on an image for your chance to win.

But you will still need to watch about 30-sec video ads before you can see the result.

Each click on the image will cost you 1 BAP and you have the chance to try 20 times.

If you are feeling lucky, you may hit the jackpot within these rounds of play, if not you may see yourself losing money.

For example, if you play 20 rounds and only wins about 5 BAP at the end of it all, that means you just lost 15 BAP. Ouch!


You can also get to play games to earn more BAP. You just select from the available ones, the one you would like to play.

Always remember that you will need to pay for every one of these games as you engage in them.


You must be 16 years and over to be able to register with PaidVerts and registration is open people all around the world.

They also have the following upgrade levels…

Recycler Pro Upgrade

This offers you the chance to buy a non-refundable premium membership upgrade that will cost you $0.05

With this upgrade, you will be entitled to receive more frequent recycled ads

And this upgrade will remain valid until such time you can make at least $1 watching ads.

You have a time frame of 18 hours to watch these ads from the time of upload. If you’re unable to watch them within this given time, the ads will be recycled and passed on to someone else.

SuperUser Upgrades

This consist of two upgrade options:

First Upgrade

This will cost you $2.99 and will give you access to ads worth $0.01 to $0.49

2nd Upgrade

This will cost you $19.99 and will give you access to ads worth $0.50 or more.

Each of these upgrades lasts for 7 days but if you do not make back your initial investment before then, you will get an extra 7days again.


If you do not want to receive any more low paying ads, then you can buy this package for $10.

This helps you filter these ads as much as you want but it is still not a guarantee you will end up with high paying ones.

For example, you may end up filtering ads that pay less than half of a cent only to end up with the ones that pay half a cent.

You can see that it doesn’t make much difference and spending $10 may not be worth it in the long run.


  • Free to join
  • Earn a few bucks
  • Different ways to earn
  • Different payment processors


  • Very low-income potential
  • You will have to pay to earn
  • Time-consuming and stressful
  • Most ads pay less than half a cent
  • You must log in every Monday to Friday
  • No PayPal Option

In Conclusion

Is PaidVerts a scam? PaidVerts is not a scam as you will be able to earn some cents using the platform.

But the truth remains that before you can make anything reasonable on this site, you will be willing to invest as many hours as possible and probably spend a couple of bucks to kick start things.

Even though PaidVerts portrays itself as your Knight in shining amour, at the end of the day you will realise it’s not the case at all.

For every ad you watch, you still have to pay for and not just that you have to give up 100 BAP daily as tax.

So even though they offer you up to 300 BAP as a start-up bonus, you will see how fast that money will dwindle.

Except you are willing to spend endless hours to keep building up your BAP or you go for the option of paying for bigger packages which I don’t think is a good idea at all.

Bottom line is that we don’t see this as a great way to make good money knowing there are better money-making opportunities out there for you to explore.

But it is up to you to decide if you want to give it a try.


Not Recommended


Final Thoughts

We believe you are doing this research because you want a good way to start earning money online.

And within this review, we have highlighted some great ways we suggest to our readers to try out to earn extra income.

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PaidVerts Review

Well, there you have it, hope you found this PaidVerts review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience to share with us, drop them in the comment section and we will get back to you.



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