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Paid Surveys USA

Welcome To Our Best Paid Survey Sites (USA)

Hi guys! Today we want to take you on a walk through our most favourite Paid Surveys USA list for those of you who love taking surveys no matter how tedious and time-consuming they can sometimes be.

Although this list is made having the people in the United States in mind, if you are here and you are not in the US, you can still go ahead and signup with them, as most of them, are available worldwide. We will state specifically anyone that is strictly the US alone.

And before we proceed, we would like to give you a few tips to help you keep in line and on track to achieve success with completing surveys.


>>>Always remember that to be successful with taking surveys, you should fill out your profile first once you have signed up and gained access to your member area

>>>Try to lock in surveys once they are made available so that you don’t get cut off once the quota gets filled.

>>>Finally, always try to answer questions as truthful as possible, most of these survey panels use what they call the “Trust Score” that helps them determine insincerity and inaccuracies in one’s answers

And if this happens, it can lead to your account being suspended or in some cases banned. Now we won’t want that to happen not especially if you’ve put too much effort in that panel or have accrued money not yet cashed out.

That said, let’s get started with our top 10 that is worth it, starting with our most favourite as number one and the rest in no particular order as they are all great.

10 Best Paid Surveys For The US

1. Prolific

Name: Prolific ( formerly known as Prolific Academy)

Owner: Damer and Bradley

Website: prolific.co

Price: free

Payment Method: PayPal

Payment Threshold: $5

Prolific formerly known as Prolific Academy is a survey panel that rewards users for participating in academic research studies.

Prolific stands as a crowdsourcing platform where academic researchers who need participants in their research studies come to find the people who fall into the demographic they are looking for.

Which means that Prolific helps researchers find the right participants they need for their research studies and ensure these participants get paid after successfully completing a survey.

The unique thing that makes Prolific different from other survey sites is that they are based on Academic research and you never get screened out midway in a survey.

Another great thing about them is their transparency, as you will be shown how much each you will make for each study you complete and the duration.

They also have an hourly rate of $6.50, this ensures that you don’t get surveys that may last for 40 minutes and pay you $0.20 to $0.30.

Each survey is calculated based on nothing less than this hourly rate, while some others go ahead to pay much more than this rate.

Signup Process

To take part in Prolific Academic surveys you will have to first create an account with them.

You will fill out a form with your basic details like name, age, email, password, etc

You will be sent a confirmation email, which you will need to click on the link to verify your email and fully activate your account.

Next, you will need to answer some screening questions.

This is very important as this is what they will use to determine which demographic you fit into and be able to match you to surveys.

Then you will also need to verify your PayPal email and phone number.

Also, make sure to complete your profile section.

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Or Simply Get Started Here

2. Mindswarms

Name: Mindswarms

Owner: Bassett And Partners

Website: mindswarms.com

Payment Method: PayPal

Minimum Threshold: $50

Mindswarms is a market research panel that allows you to participate in paid research in the form of Video survey reviews and pays you for each one you successfully complete.

The only downside to Mindswarms is the fact that it is only video-based and if you are the type that doesn’t like being seen on camera then this is not for you.

Mindswarms pays quietly nicely for very survey review you are accepted for. Each survey can earn you between $50 to $75, which means instant withdrawal once completed as that meets the payment threshold.

Signup Process

You will first need to create your account where you add your email, password and select username.

Next, you create your profile, in this section, you are required to add your basic details

>>>Full Name






>>>PayPal email, etc.

Next, you record your profile video (Here you are required to record a video that will be used for your profile)

This video is what they will use to match you with surveys, so you need to make sure it is done properly.

In the video, you will be asked some pre-screening questions and you have about 60 seconds to answer each.

Once done, you will have to submit the sample video before getting qualified.

If the video is not accepted, you will be allowed to redo it.

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Or Simply Signup Here

3. Pinecone Research

Name: Pinecone Research (USA) Paid Surveys USA

Owner: Nelson Company

Website: pineconeresearch.com

Payment Method: PayPal, Cheque or Gift cards

Minimum Threshold: 300 points ($3)

Pinecone is another great surveys site without the hassles.

Pinecone Research panel pays you $3 for every survey you complete on their website, and even more for product testing.

Their surveys are centred mainly on consumer research and last anything between 10 to 15 minutes

Secondly, if you qualify you can get to test products before they hit the market, and even get paid for it, and if you are lucky you may get to keep the product.

Signup Process

You will need to first register and be accepted by Pinecone Research before you can participate in their activities

To do this, you will need to sign up through an already existing members’ link or find one on ads banner across the web, and if fortunate you can sometimes get to sign up directly from their homepage

When you click on the link, you will be asked to fill in your basic details, like your name, age, phone number, email, etc.

And answer one or two other demographic questions, you will then agree with their terms and condition and submit the form

If you are accepted, they will send you an email to confirm your acceptance, and if not you will be told at that point.

They will either decline your application out rightly or keep your details for a while longer to see if something comes up for you.

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Or Simply signup Here

4. Swagbucks

Owner: Prodege LLC

Website: swagbucks.com

Payment Method: PayPal, Gift Cards, Donation

Minimum Threshold: £5/$5

Swagbucks is not simply a survey site, but a GTP (Get Paid To) website that allows you to partake in day to day activities on their website to earn money.

Which means it provides you with other ways you can make money order than completing surveys.

Swagbucks creates an avenue for you to participate in activities like Shopping to get cashback, taking Surveys, watching videos, downloading Apps, playing video games, browsing the net, etc

And a lot of other tasks, to earn what they call SB, which can then be converted into cash via PayPal, or you can choose any Gift card of your choice.

Signup Process

Signing up with Swagbucks is easy, just fill out the registration form on the homepage with your basic details and submit.

You will receive an activation link through email which you are expected to click through to fully activate your account.

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5. Prizerebel

Owner: iAngelic Inc

Website: prizerebel.com

Payment Method: PayPal, Gift Cards

Minimum Threshold: $5

PrizeRebel is an online GPT (get paid to’) reward site that engages you in different online activities like mostly taking surveys, watching videos, completing small tasks and taking offers, and then award you points for each one successfully completed.

These points can then be turned into gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Signup Process

Signing up with Prizerebel is easy, just fill out the registration form on the homepage with your basic details and submit.

You will receive an activation link through email which you are expected to click through to fully activate your account.

Next, you will receive a link on the homepage that will give you a tour of the website and get you familiarised with how everything works.

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Or Get Started Here

6. Survey Time

Name: Survey Time

Owner: Survey Time Inc.

Website: surveytime.io

Price: free

Payment Method: PayPal, Gift cards

Payment Threshold: none

Survey Time is a survey panel that rewards members with instant cash and gift cards for giving their opinion and feedback on different survey topics.

We love Survey Time very much because like Citizenme and Qmee, you get paid instantly once you successfully complete a survey. It doesn’t matter how much the survey paid.

Signup process

You can signup to Survey Time using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.

Or you can choose to use your email address

Next, you will fill in their profiling question which they say will take about 7 minutes to complete

This profiler will help them offer you the surveys that fit your interests.

You will then receive an email from Survey Time to confirm your email

Make sure to click through that link to activate your account.

You will also need to verify your phone number to be able to redeem your rewards

They claim these verifications are necessary to protect your interest and make sure it is you who receives a reward when claimed.

With this done, you can now start to access your member area to see which new surveys are available.

You can also receive surveys through text, email and web notifications.

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Or Simply Signup Here

7. Offernation

Name: Offernation  Paid Surveys USA

Owner: 99 Ventures Ltd.

Website: observation.com

Price: free

Payment Method: PayPal, Amazon Giftcard, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin

Payment Threshold: $1, Bitcoin ($40)

Offernation is a GTP (Get Paid To) website that rewards you for participating in activities on their website.

Which means you get paid for all surveys, tasks and offers you complete on their website.

The best thing about this website is that the minimum threshold is quite low at $1, which means you won’t have to stay too long before reaching that.

Sign up Process

You do this by filling in the signup form on their home page with your basic details.

Details like your Full name, address, email and password and then add a username.

Then you also add your payment account details.

You must also agree to their terms and condition and privacy policy before your account can be created.

Note: you will be asked if you want to receive marketing emails from Offernation, you don’t have to tick this box if you don’t want to receive these emails, it doesn’t affect your registration.

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Or Simply Signup Here

8. Rewarding Ways

Name: Rewarding Ways

Owner: 99 Ventures Limited

Website: rewardingways.com

Price: free

Payment Method: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Skrill.

Payment Threshold: $1

Rewarding ways claim to be the best “Get Paid To” (GTP) website that will reward you for taking online surveys and completing offers on their website.

It is a sister site to Superpay.me and Offernation and is owned and managed by 99 Ventures Limited which is located in the UK.

And just like Offernation, the minimum threshold is also $1 and you can get paid within 24 hours after the request.

Signup Process

You will first need to register to create an account with them.

You will provide your basic details like your full name, your email and home address, then you choose a username and also create your password.

You will also have to fill in your preferred payment details at this point, then agree to their terms and conditions before proceeding.

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Or Simply Signup Here

9. Superpay.Me

Name Superpay.Me

Owner: 99 Ventures Ltd

Website: superpay.Me

Price: free

Payment Method: PayPal, Skrill, Payza or Bitcoin, Tango and Amazon gift cards

Payment Threshold: $1

Superpay.Me is a survey panel that helps you make money quickly and easily online by participating in activities on their website.

Activities such as completing surveys, online tasks, watching videos and taking offers, etc.

Signup Process

Fill out your basic details on the signup form from their homepage and also your payment details and submit

You will receive an email with an activation link

Click through the link to make your account fully active.

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Or Simply Signup Here

10. Branded Surveys

Name: Branded Surveys  Paid Surveys USA

Owner: Branded Research Inc.

Website: surveys.gobranded.com

Price: free

Payment Method: PayPal account, Branded Pay, Gift cards, Or Dwolla account.

Payment Threshold: $10

Branded surveys is an online community that rewards you for voicing your opinions through taking surveys on their website.

They stand as the middle man between you and big market research brands that are looking to improve their products and services through the opinion of people who use these products and services.

These surveys are provided to Branded Surveys by the market research clients, on behalf of Fortune 500 companies.

Then Branded Surveys provides these surveys to you in return, and once you complete each one, Branded surveys will send it back to the market research clients, who will review it, and if accepted the stated amount for the survey will be deposited in your Branded Surveys account.

Signup Process

You need to complete the signup form on the home page. Providing your name, email and password.

Once submitted, you will be sent a link that you are expected to click on to fully activate your account.

You can also sign up using your Facebook social media account if you choose to.

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Or Simply Signup Here

Final Thoughts

Taking surveys can be a good way to earn a few bucks, as long as you remember that you won’t get rich completing these surveys.

But if you are here and are looking for something that could help you earn consistently online to make ends meet or serve as a full-time income source, check out our best recommendation.

This can see you earning $100s to $1,000 per month online consistently.

You just need to understand that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you will need to work hard and put in the required effort, time and consistency to achieve success.

Whoops! That brings us to the end of today’s list guys. Hope you found our Paid Surveys USA list helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience you would like to share with us, drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.


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Teboho Lekhanya · August 17, 2020 at 1:50 pm


Thanks very much for a very important article on how to make money online / how to work from home.

I like the fact that you, having done the research and assessment on our behalf as Readers, have committed yourself about which one of the survey websites is the best; the rest is up to us. And then of course you have suggested the most reliable and promising method of a sizeable income; I am already part of that Community.

About the survey sites again. You said you “will state specifically anyone that is strictly the US alone.” And I see this is the only company that is listed thus: “Pinecone Research (USA)”. Does that mean it is the only US based company?

Warmest regards.

    admin · August 21, 2020 at 1:07 am

    Yes, Teboho the one’s with the USA specifically means only for the USA, but the one without it means you can also try it out even if it is not in the US.

    Hope this helps.


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Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am very sure the quality informations here will be of great help to anyone who come across it. I have already saved this post so I can go over it again to carefully select which will best suit me.

Thank you for sharing this with me, its helpful!

    admin · August 21, 2020 at 1:05 am

    You are welcomed Joy. Hope you enjoy them and come back to share your experience with is.


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