OmegaPro Review – Scam? Think About This Before Jumping In!

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Omegapro Review

Welcome To Our Omega Pro Review

Hi guys, Today we want to take a little walk through this recent trending forex trading investment company called OmegraPro.

In this detailed OmegaPro review, we want to discover what makes this company thick, if it is something you should put your hard-earned money into or just another Ponzi scheme you need to stay clear off.

First I want to commend you for taking the time to look into Omegapro before engaging in its services, it is the best way to avoid scams online and discover legit ways to make money.

In this review, we will cover the following aspects

>>>What Is OmegaPro

>>>How Does Omegapro Work

>>>How OmegaPro Really Works

>>>Why You Can’t Trust OmegaPro

>>>OmegaPro Compensation Plan

>>>Products Of OmegaPro


>>>Pros & Cons.


Product At A Glance

Name: OmegaPro

Owner: {Andreas Szakacs, Dilawar Singh} & Mike Sims


Price: $29 + Upgrades from $100 to $50,000

Rated: 1.5/5.0


OmegaPro is a company that claims to help people invest in Trading of currencies, commodities, indices, alongside other financial and investment services.

OmegaPro promises you a 300% ROI after 16 months of operating with them and also provides an avenue for you to invite other people to boost your money-making opportunity.

Even though on the surface OmegaPro looks like a very decent business opportunity, we do have reasons (red flags) to doubt its sincerity as a deeper look into how it operates makes it look more like a Ponzi Scheme.

Walk with us through this review as we share everything you need to know about how this company operates to help you make an informed decision.

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What Is OmegaPro is a Multilevel Marketing company that operates in the financial investment and Services Niche.

It was founded in early 2019 by Andreas and Dilawar, specializing specifically in Forex Trading before expanding their range of products to indices, shares, commodities, ETFs, options, etc.

OmegraPro claims to help you make a 300% ROI in forex trading investment when you trade with them over a period of 16 months.

They also provide you with the ability to make money by referring people to join the OmegraPro platform, which is typical of all MLM companies.

Omegapro Review

acclaimed owners

How Does OmegraPro Work

OmegaPro claims to deal in financial investment and services.

They claim their expert traders will show you and guide you and help you to create a regular income from currencies, commodities and indices.

That it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader or a complete novice, as they have developed a unique platform that works for you.

So in order words, they expect you to make an investment with them and have their experts show and teach you how to trade and turn this investment into consistent income.

They claim that for your investment after 16 months of trading you will be entitled to 300% RIO.

Omegapro Review

But unfortunately, that is not the case with this platform as we found out the REAL DEAL behind this platform by attending one of their webinars hosted by one of their top pro members.

How OmegaPro Really Works

From attending this webinar class, we were able to gather that with OmegaPro you are just expected to invest your money, then sit back and watch your account grow.

They claim you do not have to do anything else, as their expert traders will handle every other thing for you.

But the funny thing here is that even if you are vast in the knowledge of trading, you still won’t be able to trade for yourself as you do not have any option to do so.

We can understand that as an inexperienced trader, you may be okay having OmegaPro solely do your trading for you.

But for someone who has quite a good knowledge of how trading works, why is it that such a person can’t be allowed to trade?

Which contradicts what they claim OmegaPro is all about in the video on their official website.

“They claim their expert traders will show you, teach and guide you on how to build a consistent income through trading”

But from this webinar, we learn the complete opposite and the REAL way in which the company operates.

So it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or inexperienced, the simple truth is that you are not allowed to do any form of trading, as they claim that their expert traders take care of that for you.

You can only invest, then have access to your dashboard where you can monitor how money is being deposited into your account.

The dashboard does not show you any form of trading or how it is being done at all.

Fishy right?

Damn right, it is!

Omegapro Review

Every genuine treading platform should be able to provide you insight into what and how the trading trends go.

It should also provide you with an option of a demo account that you can use to practice.

For example, if you are a total novice who would like to test the waters of trading, this demo account is what you would use to practice until you get the hang of how things work.

And I believe if OmegaPro is truly trading, they should have made that option available to members.

For this reason and a few others, we will mention below are why we doubt the legitimacy of this company and why it looks more like a Ponzi scheme.

Which is why we would advise you to think about them before jumping in if you intend to use this platform

Why You May Not Trust OmegaPro

The truth is that after attending the webinar that was supposed to give us more clarity into what OmegaPro was really all about, I ended up with more questions than clarity.

These are questions you should get answers to before delving into any kind of binding contract with OmegaPro to avoid having regrets in the long run.

OmegaPro Is Not Registered Or Regulated By The FCA

The first thing that one needs to do before jumping into any trading platform is to make sure it is operating legally

This is by being registered and regulated by that country’s financial regulators.

This is to ensure some form of safety for you and your investment if things go eerie.

But even though OmegaPro claims to be operating from the UK, there is no proof of its legal operations in this country as it is not registered under the FCA.

This is a big red flag because if anything goes wrong with this company, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to help you get your money back.

OmegaPro Is Blacklisted By The AMF

The French financial regulators AMF has also found some reasons to believe that OmegaPro is not a broker you should trust or invest with and has hence enlisted it in their blacklist.

You can find the details here

OmegaPro May Not Be A Real Broker

Like mentioned earlier, a real brokerage company should be able to provide you with a demo account and also access to a trading platform

But unfortunately, OmegaPro is unable to provide any, your dashboard only gives you access to your daily earnings and also shows you how Omegapro supposedly makes its money from the trading but no real access to the so-called trading platform.

One of their members that I asked about this tried to justify it by saying OmegaPro, doesn’t deal directly with the trading but instead partners with two other trading platform that helps them with the trading.

And unfortunately, they won’t also give me the name of these trading platforms.

But this will make you wonder if they are not a direct brokerage then what is it with the claims of having a sophisticated artificial intelligence on their platform that supposedly helps them with the whole trading algorithm to get the best results?

Why is there no trading demo account?

Why can’t you have access to the trading platform to assure you there is actual trading going on?

Why is OmegaPro not regulated?

Why is OmegaPro blacklisted by the french top regulator AMF?

How exactly do you get up to 300% RIO in just 16 months of investment?

The truth is that there are so many why’s that come with this company that it is difficult to ascertain it’s Genuity.

The fact that you can not be allowed to trade, or even have access to any trading platform to see things for yourself is enough to see this as another Ponzi Scheme.

Just think about it.

OmegaPro Compensation Plan

Direct Commission

You can decide to make your investment with OmegaPro and earn up to 300% in returns after 16 months as they claim.

You can also have access to your daily earnings, but if you choose to withdraw you’re earning then you won’t be entitled to the 300% return on investment.

And to be able to withdraw earnings you must have a minimum of $500 in your account.

Recruitment Commission

OmegaPro also allows you to become an affiliate by inviting others to join the platform in exchange to earn more money.

As an affiliate, you get paid 5% of the funds invested by the people you recruit.

Residual Commissions

OmegaPro uses a binary compensation structure, where one person is at the top of the binary structure which has a downline of left and the right team.

See image below

Omegapro Review

Binary Structure

As an affiliate, you will be entitled to these maximum weekly commissions depending on your investment.

Free Member Affiliate – – $150/ week

Start Up affiliate – – $500/week

Basic Trader Affiliate – – $2,500/week

Light Trader Affiliate – – $5,000/week

Pro Trader Affiliate – – $5,000/week

Advanced Trader Affiliate – – $15,000/week

Tycoon Trader Affiliate – – $18,000/week

Premium Trader Affiliate – – $20,000/week

Master Trader Affiliate – – $25,000/week

Elite Trader Affiliate – – $35,000/week

VIP Trader Affiliate – – $50,000/week

Any leftover funds are carried over the following week

Leadership Pool

OmegaPro also implements 3 different pools for their top producers.

All 3 Pools contains 1% of the total turnover produces in the company each month.

Qualification is based on your total monthly turnover in your team and your leadership rank.

Below is the criteria needed to qualify for one of the pools.

Pool #1. Generate $16,000/month in your weaker binary team volume and 24,000 in your stronger team volume

Pool#2. Generate $60,000/month in your weaker binary team volume and $90,000 in your stronger team volume

Pool #3. Generate $400,000/month in your weaker binary team volume and $600,000 in your stronger team volume.

There are also rank achievement bonuses that you can acquire as you continue to advance in their affiliate ranking system by meeting up with some criteria.

Omegapro Review

Payment Method

omegaPro payment method is as shown on the image below, and as said earlier, if you want to withdraw your earnings, you can do so any time you have a minimum of $500.

Omegapro Review

OmegaPro Products / Services

From what we’ve discovered so far, there is no visible evidence to back up the claims that OmegaPro deals in Forex trading or any form of trading at all, or even any other financial services, we can only see that it operates a recruitment scheme where people invite others to earn a commission.


To get started with OmegaPro, you will need to first pay a one-time fee of $29, then you can choose to invest with any of the available packages as listed below.

No matter the package you chose to go with, you will be entitled to a trading output of 0.45% of the money you invest.

Below is a screenshot of an example shown by the webinar sponsor.


Omegapro Review

Trading Levels

Start Up – $100

Basic Trader – $500

Light Trader – $1,000

Pro Trader – $3,000

Advance Trader – $5,000

Tycoon Trader – $8,000

Premium Trader – $10,000

Master Trader – $15,000

Elite Trader – $25,000

VIP Trader – $50,000

Omegapro Review

Virtual Lottery

You will have to reinvest 10% of your earnings to be used to purchase a virtual lottery ticket run by the company.

There is no solid information on how this lottery is operated or what you will be entitled to if you win such lottery.


You can make money for a period

You have different packages to select from


Not a transparent company

You can lose all your investment

Company is not regulated and therefore is assumed to be operating illegally

No clarification on how the trading that makes you money is done.

Too many red flags

You can make the most only through recruitment

In Conclusion

Is OmegaPro a scam?

I have seen people jump to the defence of this company when tagged as a scam all because they are making money daily from there investment even when they don’t know exactly how that money is generated.

What they fail to understand is that every Ponzi scheme will continue to make you money to a certain time before finally packing up.

And this is because they keep circulating the money being invested by recruits and as long as people are joining the program, there will be money to circulate until such time when less and fewer people can be recruited

And at this time the inflow of money decreases drastically till the point where there will be little or nothing to circulate.

This will be the point where you find out you have lost all your investment and no one can be held accountable for it.

Look at the case of Mobe, how many years was it in operations and running before the FTC finally capped it down.

All we can say at this point is that from all we have gathered so far concerning OmegaPro gears towards it being a pyramid scheme.

And we would advise you to stay clear of this company or make sure you have the answers to the why’s we have mentioned above before investing with it.

I have seen so many MLM companies that operate like OmegaPro that turned out to be nothing but scams.

The telltale signs are always assuring you of making so much without evidence of how it is possible

And when there is no physical products or services involved in its operations.


Not Recommended


Final Thoughts

If you must involve yourself in trading, at least invest with a registered brokerage. A company operating legally.

With this, you can have some peace of mind and assurance of possible refunds if something goes wrong.

On the other hand, with the way our world is going right now at these uncertain times.

We believe starting up something for yourself, that you will be in control of and see how it grows into a financial success will be in your best interest.

You can learn how to start earning up to $100s to $1,000 per month through affiliate marketing.

This is so good because you need very little start-up fee and you will be able to manage things yourself and run your business on your own terms.

For more on how to achieve this…

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That is it for today. Hope you found this OmegaPro review very helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or contributions to make concerning OmegaPro, feel free to use the comment section below

And we will get back to you soon.



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