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Hi there! This our Neobux UK review is mainly focused on the UK version of this platform, for those of us in the UK. We want to find out basically, what Neobux has got to offer you, if it’s a good money making platform and most importantly, is it worth your time? So ride with us to the end as we uncover every detail in this review.


Name: Neobux
Price: free/ $90 yearly
Rated: 1.5/5.0

Neobux uk-is it worth your time?


This is one of the biggest and oldest paid to click (ptc) websites around and it engages’ people from all over the world. They basically pay you for ads viewed on their site, as they have advertisers who pay them for each ad that you view. So Neobux stands more like the middle man between you and the advertisers.


Sign up: all you need is to fill in your details with your email address, and submit then you will receive a confirmatory email with a validation code from them, you should copy that code, go back to your signup page and paste it in the column available for it, then click on submit and once it validates, you will be asked to login and once you do, you can then have access to your member area.
Completing activities: the main activity here is the paid to click ads, each day you get some ads which you have to click on to get paid. There are other offers to be completed too, including micro jobs and games that will help boost your earnings
Payment: Their payment threshold is really very low at the amount of $2 to start cashing out, and for every other cashout you make, an additional $1 is added  until you get to $10, that will then become your minimum cashout threshold. And as at the time of this review, payments are made through skrill, neteller and most recently Airtm.
Mini jobs: these are micro tasks offered by a third party, and according to them, for each $1 you earn from doing mini jobs, you will get 18% bonus as a standard member and 30% bonus as a golden member.  You can earn unlimitedly from the bonus offered and the amount is paid instantly for every $1 you earn.

You will also earn about 12% commission from what your direct referals make from completing these mini jobs. The commission you can make from them are also unlimited. These commissions are credited 24hourly between 7 to 7.04pm server time.

Neobux uk-is it worth your time?

Ads: for every ad you click on, you can make between 0.001 to 0.1cents, and each one lasts for about 32seconds. Just clicking ads isn’t enough, you must pay attention to the server time in order to also get your refferal clicks to be credited. This server time is the time within 24hours, that you have to click on the orange coloured ads to make it valid.

Note: you are not allowed to view adverts on your mobile or iPad, as it can lead to permanent suspension of your account.they say it must only be clicked on using a mouse.

Offers:these are activities you can complete to earn coins, and since they are credited in coins, we really do not know the exact amount in cents, but you can later redeem them for cash, they include paid trials, coupons for shopping at specific places, surveys, watching videos and downloading apps. Some times these offers do not validate after you have taken them, so always take screenshots incase an offer does not validate, this will be your evidence when you reach out to the support team. Without enough proof, you may not get any positive response.
Games: for each game you play, you earn $0.001, and to make sure you get credited for every game you play, you must play each one for at least 2minutes, and not more than 250 game sessions in every 24hours. Anything more than that and you won’t be credited.

If you are playing a multiplayer game, you must win the game and then click on the ” I am ready button” to get credited for that game instantly. Without doing so, you get nothing.

Surveys: these are by far, the best ways to make money on these platforms, but that is if and when you qualify for them. Do always remember screenshots! Screenshots! Screenshots! Very important, you don’t want your efforts to definitely be in vain, so make sure to have them just incase your surveys are not validated, they only, can serve as your proof.

Neobux uk-is it worth your time

Referrals: there are two types of refferal system available;

Direct refferal: once you have spent at least 15days and clicked on nothing less than 100 ads, you can get to invite people using your unique refferal link, and for every ad they earn from, you also get a commission.

Rented refferal: once you start making money, you can get to rent refferal from neobux, they are in badges of 3 to 100. As this refferals will help increase your earnings if managed well. It can also cause you loss, so for your best interest, you should make use of the Autopay and AutoRenew to minimise any loss.

Renting referrals will cost you 0.6 per 3refferals to about $20 per 100 refferals.

Neobux Hacks:

  1. Try to be very active and start making money from ads and surveys
  2. Once you start earning, first thing is to rent refferals, keep them active then rent more refferals, as the more refferals you can rent and maintain, the more definite you are sure to make more money. But be warned you can also loose money here if you do not get the ropes right.i.e. if you end up with inactive referrals, best to recycle them and move on.
  3. It is advisable to upgrade to gold membership, which will cost you about $90 per year, as this will double your comissions, including the ones you make from your refferals. But we strictly advice you to make this money first, and then re invest it. You definitely dont want to cough out such amount from your pocket and end up loosing it entirely. Remember shit happens, So play it safe.
  4. Always be truthful with your direct refferals, let them know exactly what is involved and what it takes, so that when they do join, you have more positive hope they will stay active, cause that is the only way it favours you too.
  5. Login more than twice a day to have access to more ads

Neobux uk-is it worth your time?


Joining Neobux is free, all you have to do is fill in your details, activate your account and get started. You can also upgrade to the gold membership by paying $90 for a year.


  • Free to join
  • Make little extra income


  • Too many rules
  • Have to pay to make more
  • Ads can only be clicked on computer
  • Ads wont be credited if not clicked within the server time

Neobux uk-is it worth your time?


Neobux UK- is it worth your time? As far as we are concerned, neobux is a very legit website, but earning stipends in hours is definitely not worth your time. But if you think you have that much time to spend on it, then go for it but if you are looking for something more sustainable and can serve as full time income, and provide you with means of generating passive income, then read our alternative to Neobux below.



Name: Neobux
Owner: unknown
Price: free/ $90 yearly
Rated: 1.5/5.0



Here is the thing, rather than spend over 2hours of your time daily to make less than a $1, how about you spend such hour building your own online bussiness.

A business that can finaly help you achieve full time income from the comfort of your home

One that you wont have to be answerable to anyone but yourself

No alarm clocks ringing up your ears in the early hours of the morning

One that you do not have to bother about inventories and stock takings

But most importantly one that can generate you passive income and ensure a better future for you

And give you that financial freedom you so much desire.

Sounds great right?

Well this business module is no other than affiliate marketing, with the right training and support, you can achieve all the above mentioned.

Note: this isnt a get-rich-quick scheme, it will definitely take time and effort, i mean real hardwork, persistence and patience to achieve this.

Still interested?

Yes! Then read our review on this awesome Wealthy Affiliate community that can help you achieve this goal. Or just signup here for free to get started with the free lessons and build your own business.

Remember its free to get started, you have absolutely nothing to lose but more to gain, so go ahead and give it a try and see if it works for you.

Neobux uk-is it worth your time?

That is it for today, hope you found this post useful, if so kindly share with others. Have you had any experience with Neobux? Let us know your view, your opinions and questions ate highly welcomed too.

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