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Today’s review is about My points surveys, the surveys section within My points platform, and how much you can truly make taking these surveys. We will also discover the other ways you can make money using this My points website. But before we dive into that, let’s first discover what this site is all about and how it works.


Name: Mypoints

Owner: Protege, LLC


Price: free

Rated: 2.5/5.0


This is a platform that gives you the opportunity to make money online while doing the normal things you do on a daily basis. These include watching videos, shopping online, playing games, taking surveys, taking offers, reading emails, and a lot of other ways that we will discuss ass we go further, so keep reading.

Note: My points is only available to people in the United States and Canada. If you do not reside in any of these places, kindly checkout their sister site for other countries here.

My points surveys: how much can you make?


Sign up: Once you sign up with mypoints, you get and activate your confirmation email, then you can browse through your member area to find offers and deals and all the available activities to partake in.
Earn points: For every task you perform successfully, you will be awarded the available points for it, and these will be added to your earning account in your member area.
Redeem: once you have enough points to cover the minimum threshold of 480points equivalent to $3 amazon giftcard, or 700 points equivalent to $5, you can then redeem these points for either giftcards, travel miles or cash(PayPal).
What is my points surveys

My points surveys, is a section in My points, which requires you to share your opinions on different consumer related topics(surveys) available on their platform, from different partner companies who needs these opinions to improve their products and services for better use of the people.

My points surveys: how much can you make?

How does my points surveys work
Signing up: even though you initially signed up with my points, for you to take part in the surveys, you will still need to provide your details and further demographics, this enables them to know more about you, and to tailor the right kind of surveys for you.
Receive surveys: once signed up, you will start to receive surveys to complete, you will choose the ones that soothes you the most, but remember that you can still get screened out or disqualified along the way.

Note: it is better to start with those low points and less time-consuming surveys as they tend to convert more. Less time, less money a bit more surveys to be completed.

For example, you take a 20-30 minutes survey and earn 100 points, in doing this, chances are; you will not complete that survey at exactly that time, it will take a bit longer. Secondly you might be screened out half-way through and all your effort wasted. Now compare this to taking a 5-10minutes survey that awards you 50 points, even if you get screened out, you still have lots of time to partake in other different ones and make more money.

Earn points: just like we already know, for every survey you complete successfully, you will get rewarded with points. And the good thing is, for those you get disqualified for, you still receive some points.
Redeem: if you accumulate points to the minimum amount of withdrawal, you can redeem them for different kinds of giftcards available or for cash via PayPal.

Note: it is best to always register your account with the same email you use for your PayPal, to avoid having problem with payment.

How much can you make with my points surveys?

Sometimes the amount of points paid for surveys vary, depending on the time and the company involved. Most long minutes surveys pays about 100 points or more which is less than a dollar, and an average of 50points. So Let’s work with an average of 50 points per 15 minutes and see how much you can make before being able to qualify for a cash out of not less than 480 points for $3 amazon gift card and about 700points for a $5 cash out.

Now, given that each survey awards 50 points on average, to obtain 480points for a $3 giftcard, you will have to answer about 10 different surveys, that will take you no less than 15 minutes. This means roughly 2hr 30minutes. But knowing how it is with surveys, you won’t qualify half of the time, which means way more than 2hrs and 30minutes to get $3.

So you invest more than 2hrs 30minutes good hours just to make $3! Then imagine how long it will take to gain 700 points for a $5 cash out.

My points surveys; how much can you make?

Other ways to make money from my points
Videos: they are short entertainment video clips available to be watched, and for each video watched you gain very little points. By far the worst way to make money here. Except you are able to complete a playlist in just one time and then you earn a whooping 500 points!
Take offers: there are lots of different offers available to choose from, some offers are free to take while others you will have to make some deposits. There are also trial subscription based offers.
Emails: they send you marketing emails, and for each one you click open, you get 5 points.
Shopping: this is by far the best way to accumulate points on time, for every shop you make through my points, you get points awarded and also get cashback. Isn’t that awesome, to be paid to do your normal shopping., and also get cashback.
Games: there are different games you can select from to play and earn points. Ranging from 5points upward.
Search the web: use the mypoints browser to make your internet searches to earn points.
Encrave: this is s partner company that provides you with articles and videos that you crave, to watch and earn points.
Print coupons: print coupons to use at your local grocery markets. For each coupon you print, you earn one point, and then additional 10 points when you use the coupons in your local grocery shops. You can print a maximum of 500 coupons a month.
Referral scheme: this is another good way to earn money, if you are able to refer lots of people, as you will be entitled to 10% of all their earnings.
Mobile download: this is a sure way to bag 100 points instantly, so if you use an iPhone, you can download the mobile app to use on the go and make more money.
MyGiftcardsPlus: when you buy giftcards from your favourite brands, you are awarded points, and you can then redeem these points for more giftcards.

My points surveys: how much can you make?


Joining my points is free, just signup with your details, activate your confirmation email and you are good to go.


  • Earn a little extra income
  • Lots of activities available to choose from
  • Get cashback for shopping through their site
  • App to download and earn 100 points instantly
  • Make up to 100 points a day using the search web tool.
  • Lots of giftcards to choose from


  • Only available to people in the US and Canada
  • Takes time to accumulate points
  • Difficult to qualify for surveys


My points is a legit site, and you can make money from my points surveys, but not enough to pay bills or make a living, takes over 3hours to make just $3 taking surveys, so you can imagine how many hours you did have to put in to generate enough money for bills.

We recommend this for those who just need a little bit of extra income, while taking surveys can be tedious, you can take advantage of shopping through their links to earn more points and also get cash back. I believe this to be a win-win situation.

You can also leverage the refferal scheme to invite people and have your points add up quickly.

We won’t forget to mention, that even though this site is legit, there has been a lot of complaints lately from the members, especially their long teem members. Complaints about accounts being deactivated, or money not paid, and giftcards not redeemed.

Likewise, there are very positive reviews too. So it is your decision to make at this point if to give it a try or not.


Name: My points
Owner: Protege, LLC
Price: free
Rated: 2.5/5.0
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My points surveys: how much can you make?


That is it for today. Thank you for your time and hope you found this post useful, if so please share with others. Kindly share your opinions and experiences with mypoints if you have any. Your questions are very much welcomed too.

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Stella · August 9, 2018 at 5:19 pm

Hi Queen, yes you are right, doing surveys for cash is worse than working for a very low-paying firm. It is well below minimum wage.

As someone said – It’s better to get 100 people to pay you £1000 each than 100 people paying you 10. If you take surveys, it works out 10,000 paying you a dollar. or rather 10,000 surveys to make a £1000. No one has that kind of time to waste.

    admin · August 10, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Thank you for your opinion Stella. It all boils down to what soneone wants and if you have the time. For thosd tjat are not looking to make full time income, they can always settle for this, as long as they have the time invest on it.

Vicki · August 9, 2018 at 10:31 pm

Great review, very honest so thank you

    admin · August 10, 2018 at 9:01 am

    You welcome Vicki. Thanks for dropping by.

David Hanson · August 9, 2018 at 10:41 pm

Hello Queen!
First I must say thank you for this review post. I am pretty sure it is very important to put this out there in the world because for one thing. I did not know that you can make real cash from MyPoints Surveys. I used to have an account with MyPoints years ago and discontinued it because I thought it was just for gift cards and at the time I needed real cash.
After reading this I might give it another shot.

    admin · August 10, 2018 at 9:00 am

    You are welcomed David. I think at some point in the past it was mostly giftcards and even later on cash out of $25 minimum, but as the years go by, you know, with much more competition things became better. You can even have giftcards of $3 @ 480points and $5 cash out @700points.
    So go for it, if your up for it! Those little extra income still counts.

Mike · August 17, 2018 at 5:49 am

I’ve heard of My points. And I have heard different things! I’m glad someone finally did a complete review on it!

I’ve tried several different survey platforms and never make over $1 per hour with any of them!
I even got 33 minutes into a survey that was supposed to take 25 minutes for $15 before a popup came up saying that I wasn’t qualified for that survey! I was ticked !
Thanks again for your review!
Maybe it will save a lot of people some valuable time !


    admin · August 17, 2018 at 7:54 am

    lol.i cant help but laugh Mike, i can imagine the fustration with such. Soend over 20minutes and make nothing out of it. Quite exhausting.. that’s why i will always stick to building my own website and writing contents to generate income. At least that wasted 20minutes woukd have seen me a quarter way through a content, which is more productive for me. Nonetheless, people’s needs are different, that is why i will not discourage any one who wants to give it a try, could work out for them. Thabks though for stopping by.

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