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MusicMagpie UK

Hi! Welcome To Our MusicMagpie Review

We know that the current state our world is in now has put a dent on our financial sources due to the ongoing pandemic.

You may have been laid off from work, given leave without pay till further notice or you may be self-employed with no more access to your business.

These situations have caused most of us financial constraint and made it difficult for us to stop worrying about how things will turn out and what the future holds for us.

But I believe it is always better to make the most out of every negative situation than dwell on the impact it is having on us, which can lead to depression.

Which is why I want to share with you today a good way to sell items online for cash in this MusicMagpie UK review.

If you take time to look around your house in this period of lockdown, you may discover there are lots of unused/ unwanted items you still have occupying spaces they shouldn’t.

You will be surprised at how much you can make by enlisting and selling these items online, which means you can get to declutter your house and at the same time make good money by doing so, a total win-win situation for you.

I mean… who wouldn’t want to have a bit of extra cash coming in at this point in time especially with little or no work done. This is where MusicMagpie comes in.

In this review, we will walk you through everything you need to know about MusicMagpie, how it works and how you can leverage this platform to make good money.

We will cover the following in full details…

>>>What Is MusicMagpie

>>>How Does MusicMagpie Work

>>>How To Sell Your Items On MusicMagpie

>>>How To Buy Items On MusicMagpie

>>>MusicMagpie Complaint


>>>Pros And Cons.

>>>Recommended Way To Start Earning Consistently Online


Product At A Glance

Name: MusicMagpie

Owner: Steve Oliver & Walter Gleeson

Website: music

Price: free

Rates: 4.5/5.0

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What Is MusicMagpie

MusicMagpie is an online platform that provides you with a quick and easy way to declutter and get fast cash for your items.

It was founded by Walter Gleeson and Oliver Steve in 2007 and started out in Steve’s garage somewhere in Stockport.

Over the years it has grown to become this online market place which offers people the chance to trade in their unwanted CDs, DVDs, Games, Tech and Legos for free in exchange for cash.

And also the opportunity to purchase such items at very affordable prices.

How Does MusicMagpie Work

MusicMagpie work in three easy steps, as shown below;


To get started with MusicMagpie you will need to evaluate the price of the item you want to sell by using the value engine.


Once you have determined the value of your item, you can then pack them up in a box


This is the stage you will send off your items to musicMagpie, once they receive your items they will have to re-access it to make sure everything is as you claimed and if so they will pay you immediately.

But if for some reason the items do not meet the stated standard they will have to give you a new offer, you can decide to take it or reject it.

If you decide to reject their new offer they will have your items delivered back to you if the cost exceeds £15 but if not they won’t be able to return them to you but instead will recycle it.

For example, if you use the value engine to check out the price of some CDs and the value is at £50

But on delivery to MagicMagpie, they re-access the CDs and realise that some of them have physical. Damage like scratches.

This means that it will no longer meet the initial cost of evaluation because of the scratches so they may offer to. pay you £35 instead.

It is now left for you to take this new offer or reject it and I believe you have about 14 days make this decision after which they will proceed with whatever next step they need to take.

MusicMagpie UK

How To Sell On MusicMagpie

Before we proceed with an example of how the selling process works, let us first cover the types of items you can sell on MusicMagpie

Items You Can Sell On MusicMagpie












Items Not To include

>>>CD Singles

>>>PC games

>>>VHS Tapes

>>>Vinyl records.

Depending on what you want to sell, for example, if you want to sell a Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

From the homepage, you select the “start selling” button option

Click on the category of the item you want to sell, which is the “Sell Phones And Tech”

MusicMagpie UK

Then select the “Sell Samsung” option, this will take you to the page where different Samsung phone series are listed

MusicMagpie UK

Select the series of your phone, and also select the specific model and year.

In this case, you will select the Samsung A8 (2018) with the memory capacity


MusicMagpie UK

This will take you to the next page where you will select your network if any or unlocked if the phone is already unlocked

Next, you select the condition of your phone, I.e, good, poor or faulty.

It will display the requirement for each condition so you will know where your item falls in.

Like in our example image below, the Samsung A8 is in good condition and the network used is selected as O2.

The evaluated offer price will then be displayed for you on the right top corner of the page, the prices will differ depending on the condition of your item.

For our chosen example Samsung A8, being sold in good condition you can see the price is evaluated at £100.

If sold at any of the other two conditions the price will be lesser.

Next, you will accept their terms and conditions.

MusicMagpie UK

Since this may be your first time visiting MusicMagpie, you will have to sign up with them at this stage

You will fill in the form provided with your basic details, including your address, email, date of birth, etc.

But if you already have an account all you need to do is simply sign in and continue to check out

Since they offer different ways for you to send your items across, you will need to select your preferred method at check out.

Once you have completed your order, they will send you their “pack and send guide” which will include all the information you will need to pack your items.

Sending off your Items

All items are sent out for free but you will need a minimum of £5 worth of items to complete an order, which means you can’t send items that the value does not equal £5 or more.

Your order can contain up to 500 items maximum, if you have items more than 500, then you will need to create another order for them.

You can create as many orders as you want.

You will need to pack all your items in a box, doesn’t matter the type of box as long as it is in good condition and can hold your items.

MusicMagpie UK

Depending on the option you decide to use, you can either receive a free send label or a QR code to send your items across.

Sending Order with Free Label

You will receive a free send label with your pack and send guide except if you choose to send your item through Royal Mail.

You will need to attach this free label on your packed order box and drop it off at a convenient send location or hand it to your courier, or you can even drop it at a safe location for them to pick up.

Sending order with a QR Code

You can choose to send your order to MusicMagpie through Royal Mail, and to do this MusicMagpie will send you something they call the QR Code through email.

You will need to take this code to your nearest post office, they will scan it from your device to create a label which they will use to send your order to MusicMagpie.


MusicMagpie will pay you the same day they receive your items provided it gets to them before 2 p.m and your money will be in your account the next working day.

Payments can be made through BACS, Cheque or Pay Pal. You can also choose to donate to charity.

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Note that if you have an item that isn’t listed on the search results then they are not accepting such items at that time.

How To Buy Items On MusicMagpie

Buying items on musicMagpie can also be a very good way to save cost as their products are very affordable and still maintain high quality.

It is very easy to buy items here just as it is to sell.

All you need is to go to their homepage and select the start shopping button.

This will take you to the store page where you have different items available for sale

You can browse through the store and select whatever item you are looking for

Just like you do your normal shopping online, you just pick each item you are interested in, read the description and if you are okay with it, you will add it to your basket.

Once you are done shopping, you can proceed to check out and make your payment.

Payments can be made through PayPal, Pay Pal credit Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Note that if you are not yet signed up as a member you will need to complete the signup form and create an account with them before you can proceed to check out.

But if you are already a member and didn’t sign in before proceeding with your shopping, you will also need to sign in before proceeding to check out.

All items are delivered for free.

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The MusicMagpie App

Musicmagpie has made everything really easy by providing you with an app that you can download on iOS or Android to use on the go.

You can get the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

MusicMagpie Complaints

MusicMagpie has a great customer review rating on Trustpilot, but we all know that no system is perfect so we wanted to share with you a few of the complaints from some of their users as well.

The major complaint we came across is users items being undervalued from the original value that was given, like the examples below.

MusicMagpie UK

MusicMagpie UK

But I want to believe MusicMagpie explained the reasons why things like this will happen and provide the option to either agree or refuse the offer in which case your item will be returned if it is over £15 worth.

They also stated that they will give you 14 days to give them your feedback of accepting or rejecting this offer and in the case where they do not hear from you, after the 14 days the will assume you are okay with their offer and they will go ahead and pay you that offer.

I believe this is what happened with this user who complained of being short paid after some weeks.

I will advise you to take the time to go through the terms and conditions of any item you want to sell to make sure you understand everything to avoid disappointment of any kind in the long run.

For instance, they said they won’t be able to return items that are rejected and do not cost up to £15, now if you are not aware of this term and experience a scenario like this, you will be very disappointed and angry at them but the truth remains that they made it clear this will be the case.

So just make sure you have everything checked before proceeding with your order.


It is free to use MusicMagpie as long as you are 18 or over, you can also use the platform if you are over 13 with parental consent.

You must also live in the UK or the Channel Islands.


  • Free to use
  • A good way to earn extra income really fast
  • Same day payment
  • Different payment method available
  • Get paid in real cash
  • Free delivery of items
  • You can also buy items at affordable prices
  • 12 months warranty for tech products you purchase.


  • Not all items are acceptable
  • Open to UK and Channel of Islands residents only.

In Conclusion

Is MusicMagpie UK a scam? No, it is not. MusicMagpie is a legit and trustworthy platform that will help you make good and fast money when you sell your used items to them.

They have made everything so easy that you can use this opportunity to bag yourself some extra cash and real fast too.

>>>So waste no further time and start decluttering now!<<<




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MusicMagpie UK

Well, there you have it. Now that you know how to sell used items online, I hope you will give it a go and see how it works out for you and hopefully come back to share your experience with us.

If you have any questions or experience with MusicMagpie that you would like to share with us, drop them in the comment section and we will gladly get back to you soonest.



Sariyah · May 9, 2020 at 1:41 pm

This is a great article especially at this time as you mentioned. I did know about musicmagpie but didn’t look into it in detail and never knew what could be sold or brought on there so thanks for going through this in a nice and simple way. After thinking about it , I’ve got a few things I’d like to sell so would be having a look at this app. Thanks for this detailed review.

    admin · May 30, 2020 at 10:23 pm

    You are very much welcomed Sariyah, we are glad to be of help.

Prithvi Raj · May 9, 2020 at 1:51 pm

Hello, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on MusicMagpie. Now I know it is an online platform that provides us with a quick and easy way to declutter and get fast cash for our items. MusicMagpie is a legit and trustworthy platform that will help us to make good and fast money when we sell our used items to them. Really very awesome platform for everyone. Thanks for sharing your review on it.

    admin · May 30, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    You are welcomed, Raj.

Sami · May 9, 2020 at 1:59 pm

Your review of MusicMagpie was most interesting.  I don’t know that I am qualified to use this way of earning money online, as I am in the US and you are in the UK.  Seems that having some limits on what can go into the listings is a great idea. Being able to resell electronics is a better way of handling items you are no longer using.  I have not been doing that and am sure have items that are aged out of being resellable.  

I am sure there are listing sites here that operate along the same lines.  I think that your well-written article about how MusicMagpie works will make me a more objective user of what I find closer to home.  Knowing how to use a site is so important and with the description you have presented of how to ship, pack, lodge complaint, pay for or recycle an item.  How you can counter-offer.  All these actions are ones I would have supposed had to happen in person.  I do know that keeping the items to the accepted list makes them easier to pack and ship. 

So thank you for making me aware of a way I had not been thinking about to consider for some of the electronics that wind up in the drawer in the office.   Who are the customers who usually use this platform?  Are they younger, or older,  I would think that with so many unemployed right now, it might not be a good time to list.  What do you think?  Thanks, Sami

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