MindMover Surveys – Scam Or Get Paid For Taking Surveys?

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Hi! Welcome To Our MindMover Connect Surveys Review

So many survey sites out there that claim they will pay people for giving their opinions and feedbacks but at the end of the day majority of these sites either turn out to be scams or just not worth the waste of your time.

And Today we want to take a closer look at MindMover Surveys Panel to see if it is a legit site that will pay you for giving your time and effort or if it will turn out to be another scam you need to avoid.

But first I want to commend you for taking the time to research this site, it is the best way to avoid scams online and discover legitimate ways to make money.

Be rest assured that you are have come to the right place as all your questions and more will be answered in this MindMover review.

This review covers the following in details…

>>>What Is MindMover

>>>How Does MindMover Work

>>>Ways To Make Money With MindMover


>>>MindMover Complaints

>>>Pros & Cons.

>>>And A Better Alternative.


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Product At A Glance

Name: MindMover Connect

Owner: Mark Ursell (CEO)

Website: mindmover.co.uk

Price: free

Rated: 1.0/5.0

What Is MindMover Connect Surveys

MindMover is an online market research company that rewards people for giving their opinion and feedbacks to big brands who need them to improve their products and services.

These Big brands come to MindMover in search of people that fall into certain demographic and MindMover provides them with these people who offer their opinions in exchange for some monetary rewards and free prize draws.

MindMover Connect is operated by QuMind, a Self Serve Digital Research Software Provider, and they aim to bring businesses (big brands) and customers (you and I) together to build long term bonds.

How Does MindMover Work

MindMover works by letting you give your opinion and feedback to big brands n their website and for each one you are successful with, you get rewarded.

To get started with MindMover you will need to first signup and create your account following this process…

Sign Up Process

MindMover signup process is a little different from other survey sites s you will have to proof you are not a robot first and read and agree with their terms and privacy policy terms before actually filling in your details.

From their homepage click on the signup button

Complete the captcha to prove you are not a robot

Agree to their Privacy Policy and terms and conditions

Fill the form with your basic details like full name, username, email and select password

In a few words, you tell them about how you got to know about MindMover

Then fill in their short registration survey (Demographics) about 5 minutes.

Then in a few words, you tell them why you want to join MindMover and click submit

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account

Make sure to click on that link t fully activate your account.

Taking Surveys

Once your account is active you can now have access to your dashboard where you can check for surveys to complete or you can choose to wait to receive survey invites through email.

When you receive a survey invite it will show you the amount and duration of the survey. If you like it and want to complete it all you need to do is click on the invite link to complete the survey.


Mindmoner is a point-based system which means they reward you in points. these points can then be converted into cash or gift cards.

To be able to request for withdrawal you will need to have at least 2,000 points or more in your account.

2,000 points equal £20.

You should expect to receive your cash payment or Amazon Vouchers within 30 days after the request.

MindMover Surveys

Ways To Earn Rewards With MindMover


completing surveys are the main ways to earn rewards with MindMover. majority of the time they will send you an invite to take part in surveys. The time and duration will be indicated, for each one you complete successfully the amount will be deposited in your account.

Note that it can take up to 28 days for you to receive a reward for survey taken, so you shouldn’t get worried if you don’t see the reward immediately.


from time to time you will have the opportunity to be entered into draws, and if you become a lucky winner, then you will receive the amount stated.


They also have fun fact polls that you can contribute to by offering your opinion.


It is free to get started with MindMover all you have to do is complete their registration survey to get started.

MindMover Complaint

MindMover seems to have a lot of complaints against them from their users on different websites like TrustPilot, SurveyPolice, etc. the most common complaints are listed below

>>>Not getting paid for surveys

>>>Not getting paid after requesting for payment

>>>Account showing as paid even when the payment didn’t come through

>>>The worse is the very bad customer support system that never responds to query made.

I do know that most survey sites do have one problem or the other but it usually has to do with either not getting enough surveys to complete or not qualifying for surveys but I am concerned with MindMovers complaint since the majority of them is centred around not being paid.

And not just that but also not getting any reasonable response from the support team is very worrying. I can’t imagine spending hours and weeks to months completing surveys and when I finally get to that 2,000 points to be able to redeem my rewards and not able to do so.

That is definitely not cool and unfair.

MindMover Surveys


  • legit website
  • source of little extra income
  • Different surveys available
  • Cash reward available


  • very low-income potential
  • complaints of not getting paid
  • You have to wait 28 days to get rewarded
  • You have to wait 30 days to receive payment when requested
  • You can get screened out of surveys even halfway through with no compensation.

In Conclusion

Is MindMover Surveys a scam? No, it is not a scam but it is also not a reliable success for extra income.

I don’t think at this age and time where we have so many survey sites competing for people’s attention that it is worthwhile to waste time on sites like MindMover.

I mean why signup with a site that will wait up to 28 days to credit your account for surveys taken and not just that, you will still have to wait for another 30 days to even get paid after request.

Some sites now do instant PayPal payment like CitizenMe ( a very great website to check out if you are in the UK). Or the likes of Prolific, OhMyDosh, Pollpass, that have payment threshold of £10 to £3 and payments made in less than 24 hours after the request.

There are so many better survey sites out there yo don’t need to waste time on MIndMover in our opinion but then you decide.

You can also try these




Gener 8 ads


Not Recommended


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MindMover Surveys

Well, there you have it. Hope you found this review helpful?

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