Lucky Money App Review – Scam Or Win Lucky Money Every Day?

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Lucky Money App Review

Hi! Welcome To Our Lucky Money Review

We know that some of us love to try out these money making apps that always claim they can help us make some good bucks by carrying out some activities.

But, unfortunately, most of these apps turn out to be either scams or a total waste of our time and effort.

So today we want to take a look at Lucky Money app that claims it will help you make lucky money every day just by playing scratchers, Lotto, Daily Raffles, Lucky spins, Spin and Egg cracking, etc,

We want to discover if the Lucky Money app is a scam or truly an app that can help you make money completing all these activities as it claims.

We want to first commend you for taking the time to research this app, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legit ways to make money.

Walk with us through this Lucky Money App review as we uncover everything you need to know about this app and how it works to help you make an informed decision.

We will cover the following aspects

>>>What Is Lucky Money App

>>>How Does Lucky Money App Work

>>>How To Make Money On Lucky Money App

>>>Lucky Money App Complaint


>>>Pros & Cons

>>>Our Final Thoughts


Product At A Glance

Name: Lucky Money

Owner: Lucky Money Studio Ltd


Price: free

Rated: 1.5/5.0

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What Is Lucky Money App

Lucky Money is a mobile-based app that allows you to play lotto, scratch cards, draw raffles and crack eggs to win rewards.

This is nothing short of a gamble except you won’t be committing any money in the process. They claim that if you consider yourself lucky, then you will eventually be lucky in real life.

I gotta say, you must master all the luck force you can if your chances of ever winning big on Lucky Money depend on you getting lucky.

Lucky Money is operated by Lucky Money Studio limited and is headquartered at Hong Kong.

I believe like me you may be wondering how Lucky Money is able to stay afloat if their membership is all free right?

Well, the truth is that they are sponsored by advertisers which help to keep everything running.

These ads are displayed to you alongside every other activity you carry out on the app, you will have to watch a ton of ads frequently in between every other thing you do.

These advertisers pay Lucky Money for every one of these ads you watch, so the more ads users watch, the more money Lucky Money makes, and out of this money, they offer their users some rewards.

How Does Lucky Money Work

This app works by allowing you to complete sweepstakes, egg cracking and loads of other activities for the chance to earn a reward.

Getting Started With Lucky Money

You will have to first download and install the app from Google Play Store on your mobile device.

Next, you will have the option to start playing scratch cards immediately either as a guest, which means you can play without having to signup with them.

Or you can complete your registration by signing up with your Facebook account.

They advise that you signup with your Facebook to avoid losing your earnings.

I guess this means that playing with the guest mode may leave you with the probability of losing all the money and tokens you have accumulated.

So if at the end of the day, after reading this review and you decide to give the app a go, it will be wise to signup with your Facebook account rather than use the Guest mode and risk losing all the money and tokens you may accumulate.

They claim that signing up with your Facebook account will also give you access to unlock 3 bonus cards that could be worth up to 50,000 tokens

It will also make sure you never lose your earnings

And also allow you to play on multiple devices.

Lucky Money App Review

How To Make Money On Lucky Money App

Scratching Cards

This will be your first step into earning tokens and cash rewards that you can use in exchange to qualify for some other activities.

You will have the chance to scratch up to 40 cards each day, and you will have to watch loads of ads in between scratches in order to unlock more scratch cards.

Each card will show you an item that you have to get 3 of them on the same line in order to win a specific amount or Token, which if you don’t succeed, they will offer you a lesser token or cash prize.

For example, you may be asked to scratch a card to reveal 3 carrots on the same line to win $500, if you scratch the card but don’t succeed with having the three carrots on the same line, then you may be offered a lesser amount like $50 or 10,000 Token instead.

What I found confusing about the scratchers is that one of them made us win a welcome bonus of $5 amazon gift card or PayPal money which we had a minute to claim

But when we tried to claim the money it kept taking us to another game which we were supposed to install.

Okay, I thought that after installing this game we will be able to claim the reward but boy, was I wrong?

Lucky Money App Review

you bet! Instead of receiving the reward, we were offered a $5 bonus for installing that game and was told we needed to earn another $15 before thinking of cashing out.

In case, you stumble upon such an opportunity, this is to let you know what to expect.


Lucky Spin

With the Lucky Spin, you will have the chance to spin the wheel in exchange for tokens.

You can either choose to watch some ads in exchange for each Spin or use 4,000 tokens to spin a wheel in order to earn more token.

Lucky Money App Review

Raffle Tickets

You can also choose to enter raffle draws for the chance to win a different amount of money or tokens, depending on the one you choose to draw.

Hourly Raffle Draw – For the chance to win $1, will cost you 25,000 tokens

Daily Draw – For the chance to win $50, will usually cost 20,000 tokens but we were asked to draw for free.

A+ Draw – For the chance to win $100 Gift card, You will need to connect your Facebook account and scratch at least 100 cards to qualify for this draw.

Monthly Draw – for the chance to win $1,000 – usually cost 10,000 tokens but we were asked to draw for free.

The winner of each draw will be selected at random, so this is where you will hope your lucky charm goes to work for

Lucky Money App Review

Daily Lotto

With daily lotto, you have the chance to pick 5 numbers and 1 lucky number for the chance to win the stated amount of money for that day.

In the case of our example below, we had to pick the 6 numbers for the chance to win $100,000.

A winner will be picked at random and if our number happens to be the one that matches all the winning numbers then we would be the winner of $100,000.

Below is the list of numbers and how you can win on the Lotto

1 number match = 50,000 tokens

2 number matches = 250, 000 tokens

3 number matches = 500,000 tokens

4 number matches = $5

5 number matches = $50

6 matches = $100,000

Lucky Money App Review

Lucky Code

They also post lucky codes on Facebook at some specific times of the day, you can always check out their page to grab one of these codes that you can exchange for rewards.

Lucky Egg

Scratching cards can also get you Lucky mallet hammer that you can use t smash golden eggs to earn more rewards.

Lucky Money App Review

Lucky 7

You can also scratch out numbers 7, 14, 21, for the chance to win up to $100 on the Lucky 7 section.

Lucky Money App Review

Daily Goals & Milestones

You can earn extra tokens and cash rewards by playing Lucky money daily for 7 consecutive days and also completing milestones for each day.

So basically you just need to keep scratching, cracking, drawing raffles and entering lotteries with the hope of earning monetary rewards and tokens.


Lucky Money app rewards you with both cash and tokens. You can withdraw your cash via PayPal and the tokens can be exchanged for gift cards.

It seems the minimum threshold for cash withdrawal seems to vary from user to user as some have claimed to have their minimum at $10, $50 and $100.

And at the time of this review, our minimum threshold is also at $100.

The minimum threshold for tokens is 20,000,000 which equals a $1 Amazon gift card.

Unfortunately most of the time, these gift cards are not even available to be claimed even when you finally reach the payment threshold. A real shame that is.

Lucky Money App Review

Note that if your account is inactive for up to 90 days, you will lose all your tokens if you are in the United States.

And for those from other countries, you won’t just lose your tokens, your account will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity per their Privacy Policy.

Lucky Money Compliant

Even though this app has a user rating of up to 4 stars on the app store, the rate of negative reviews from users are quite overwhelming in recent months.

The major one that is very worrisome is that of getting stock very close to the minimum threshold.

Some users complained of getting to $98 more or a little less and not being able to earn any more cash over a couple of weeks.

And you know what this means, you won’t be able to withdraw that money even though you are very close to the minimum threshold, besides that you will still have to continue watching those ads.

Which means the more ads you watch while expecting to finally reach the minimum threshold, the more money you are making for Lucky Money.

The second major complaint is not receiving any response from the Lucky Money support system.

Those who have encountered a problem at different stages have complained of not getting any response to the ticket they raised.

Some claim to have raised more than one ticket over the cause of several months but no response from the support team.

Lastly, there seems to be a scarcity of gift cards most of the time, even lasting for a couple of months as some frustrated users claimed.

Lucky Money App Review

Source: TrustPilot


It is free to register with Lucky Money and it is open to users worldwide.



You won’t need to invest any money

Different ways to earn rewards

payment via PayPal available


Your chances of winning any big money are very minimal

Can take ages to accumulate the minimum threshold for withdrawal

The closer you get to cash out the lesser chances you have to win anything.

No solid support system

You may never get paid

In Conclusion

Is Lucky Money App a scam? No, it is not a scam. It is a legit app that can help you earn a few bucks by completing activities.

The most worrying thing is the time it will take for you to reach the payment threshold and worse is not getting paid at the end of it all.

And for this reason, we do not recommend Lucky Money App. We believe you will do better with answering surveys and completing activities on GTP sites.

You can try out our favourite Top 10 Surveys for the UK and Top 10 Surveys for The USA and other countries.

Remember you won’t get rich using these sites, but these will always pay you once you reach the payment threshold which is quite low.


Not recommended

Our Final Thoughts

The truth is that apps Like Lucky Money only exploit people to make money for themselves. They make you watch hundreds of ads in between doing any either activities on that app.

Each ad you and every other member watches are paid for by the advertisers. Lucky Money doesn’t need to reach any threshold to claim their money from the advertisers but yet they set a very high threshold for the users.

Now imagine hundreds of users giving up at that $98+ just because they can’t seem to move any further after several months, that is making Lucky Money doubly rich!

They will claim all the money from the advertises and also hold on to that $98+ you have just given up.

So you just need to ask yourself if all these are worth it at the end of the day?

Are you willing to spend countless hours every day just depending on getting lucky in order to win big?

Or will you rather invest your time on something worthwhile and profitable for your time and effort spent?

Well, if you are like me, I believe the latter will be the case, and if so, then check out our Best Recommended to make money online.

This program can help you start earning $100s to $1,000s every single month through affiliate marketing.

It is free to get started and no credit card details required.

You can always signup to see how everything works to help you achieve your financial goals.

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That is it for today. Hope you found this Lucky Money App review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience with Lucky Money you would like to share with us, please leave them in the comment section and we will gladly get back to you.



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