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we have updated this post on 30th January 2020 and will keep updating it as we discover more new ways you can get to earn more money from the comfort of your home.

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Hi! Welcome To Our Topic Of Today On Legitimate Ways To Earn Money From Home

Sometimes, being a “stay at home” can be very challenging without a proper source of income or an extra source of income depending on your situation.

The good news is, there are actually ways you can still get to make money right from the comfort of your home, and like always we have done our due diligent research and came up with this Legitimate ways that you can use to earn money from home.

No matter what you are looking for, we do hope you find something in the list that will be beneficial to you, and if you also happen to know anyway that is not listed here, you can drop us a note in the comment section so that we can include it to help others.




Online Surveys

This is one of the oldest methods by which money can be made online from home, in this method you get to sign up with different survey platforms, fill in your profile and sign in. When there is an available survey that matches your profile, the company will send you an email to join in.

After taking part in each survey, you will be notified, if you qualify or not and if you do, the set amount of money will be put into your survey platform account and when you reach the minimum amount set for withdrawal, you can then withdraw your money. Every survey panel have their various terms and condition, you be sure to check them out before signing up.

Have in mind that surveys are most Suitable for people looking to make extra bit of cash. Notwithstanding, if you look to make a full time income from filling out surveys you must make sure to sign up with numerous panels, especially those that pay well and have a lot of time at hand as this will require you filling out surveys for hours.

The downside to this is that your profile and demography goes a long way to determine the kind of surveys you get to participate in. Example someone with doctorate degree and owns or manages a company will have better chances with higher paid surveys than someone who has lesser qualifications.

Below i have listed a few of the good ones, some of which i have actually participated in:

  • Survey spotters
  • Opinion bureau
  • Surveyeah
  • Global test market
  • Vindale Research.



There are two ways you can go about this;

Online tutoring: you can get to impact your knowledge on whatever topic you are good at, to students all over the world. Be it maths, English, science, guitar, chemistry, yoga and even foreign languages, whatever you are passionate about teaching.

All you will need is a computer with an internet connection and video call application. You sign up with a tutoring website and submit your application and get to choose what works best for you. And even how much you want to be paid per hour. Below are some websites you might want to look into:

  • Tutorme
  • Superproof
  • Tutorful.

Home tutoring: this works best on a one-to-one basis/private session, where you make arrangements to tutor students with specific needs or extra support in your chosen subject. You can register with the agency that deals with private tutoring in your area. Or better still spread the word around, though this might take longer time to be effective.



How great will it be for you to still earn money from shopping you do! That’s what cashback is all about. Cashback sites pay you from pennies to hundreds of pounds when you do your shopping using their sites.

All you need to do is sign up with a cashback site, then when you want to make a purchase, you search for the retailer through the cashback site and make your purchases using the link on their site. The merchant pays them for your shop They will in turn track your purchases and pay you back some percentage of this money they received from the merchant. This can take between weeks to months, depending on their terms of payment

When this is done, you can then make withdrawals.


while using a cashback site is very good for savings, you might want to check with other retailers not registered under site back sites to compare the prices of products before purchasing. Example: you are looking to buy a mobile phone from a retailer in cashback site for £500 to get cashback of about £50, then you do some research and find this same for £400 in a non cashback site. You might want to consider the latter option as this saves you more cost. Below are top ranking cashback sites you might want to consider:

  • Topcashback
  • Quidco
  • Ebates.



If you are comfortable to have an app installed in your phone and other media equipment that monitors the daily usage of your phone, radio, t.v., and other media apps, then this is definitely for you.

INCOMPASS  will pay you £20 voucher for the first month and £10 voucher for every other month you particioate. All you need to do is sign up with them, then you download their mediacell+app on your smartphone and incompass app on your other electronic devices. This apps then monitors your behavior and transmits to them how you use your phone, watch t.v., listen to radio and on what kind of devices you do all these things.


This site will pay you to scan your household purchases and send to them which they use in marketing research. All you have to do is sign up with them and they send you a hand scanner, you use this scanner to scan the bar codes on all your purchases and send it to them on a weekly basis.

You can also try out their mobile phone panel, in which case you have to download their neilson app on your phone, that allows them to monitor your internet usage and you get rewarded for as long as you participate.




If the idea of becoming a self published author appeals to you, then you most certainly want to give this a go! Write an e-book on something that appeals to you or something you are passionate about, making sure it’s something that will be helpful to the reader. i.e. creating solutions to a given set of problems.

You will want to make sure you have a high quality content that is well-structured and grammatically error free, should at least be up to 25pages or more. You can most certainly achieve this using the amazon’s kindle direct publishing platform for free.

This can be very beneficial as it is a good source of passive income, which is generated in form of your royalties for years to come.



if you are the type that loves taking care of kids or even just having them around you, then this will definitely be fun for you! Not only will you get the opportunity to spend time with kids and have fun with them, you also get paid loads for doing so! Child minding can be a very good way to earn a full time income as many parents will prefer their kids being in a private setting with very limited number of kids to having them go to other bigger school environments.

You will want to make sure your home is child proofed and you need to also register with the necessary authorities involved.



There are lot of people from different countries of the world looking to learn English to improve their communication skills, either for business purposes or leisure. So if you have a TELF CERTIFICATION, you can as well leverage this opportunity. All you need to do is sign up with one of these online tutorial companies, submit your credentials and they help you find someone who matches your field. The good thing about this, is that you get to choose what time soothes you and how much you want to earn per hour.

Note: you will need a computer or laptop with an internet connection and a video call app, most preferably Skype.



you can sign up with one of the numerous platforms that look to connect you with employers who are looking for your skill. Be you a web developer, writer, accountant, graphics designer, IT professional, financial adviser or even a translator. Whatever you are good at, there is always someone who needs your services. When connected with an employer or someone who needs your services, you get to bid with them and if accepted, you then get contract.

Always have in mind that starting out will be difficult as you have to compete with other well-established people in the same area of expertise. But with time and if you keep doing your work well and getting positive reviews, then things will sky rocket for you. You need to have a lot of time to put into this to succeed. Below are a few of the platforms worth checking out:

  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork
  • iFreelance.



If you are the type that loves to write, you can as well leverage it and start a blog. In blogging, you can write about anything, but writing about something you are passionate about will most likely be your best option. As you will have to write loads of quality content and doing that with something you are already familiar with makes it a lot easier for you. You keep building your content until it becomes an authoritative site and generating a lot of traffic, you can then go ahead and monetize it. Either by using google ad sense, companies advert or through affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about this process, please read  my #1 Recommendation.


if you are the type that loves accumulating things, then you probably have lots of old stuff that can actually generate money for you. All you have to do is give them to sites that are willing to pay you for them. Below are some that you might want to give a try:

Music magpie: this site promises same day payment, once they receive your items and confirms them, you get your money paid immediately. These items range from cds, dvds, games, books and even Lego!

Vinted: this platform is mostly for selling old clothes, requires you to snap pictures of your items, write the description and set your price and then wait for someone to bid for it. Once someone pays for it, they notify you and you send them the actual item and then get paid.



mazuma mobile will pay you in exchange for your old phones. All you have to do is log into their site, search for your phone model and how much it is worth, if satisfied, you go ahead and choose your payment method and pit in your details

They will send you a free post pack that you will use to send them the phone within 14days. Once they receive your phone and confirm everything is in order, you will then be paid immediately.


I hope this really helps you out. Find the one that will most soothe your situation and Give them a try, and let me know how it goes. You can also share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. Your questions are also very much welcomed.




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mike · April 8, 2018 at 10:15 pm

The truth is that there are many legitimate ways to earn money online. The problem I see with them is that most of them pay only very small amounts of money for a lot of time and effort.

After having been online for several years, I believe a person just as well spend the same amount of time online doing something with a higher income potential. I think the best way for most beginners is to learn affiliate marketing. Learning about affiliate marketing teaches you how to build a website which must be the core of all internet businesses, how to write, and many other useful skills to carry to other ways to earn money from home.


    admin · April 9, 2018 at 3:52 am

    so true Mike, affiliate marketing is definitely the most lucrative way to earn money from home. But not everyone might have the patience, time and hardwork to put into it. Hence the reason for other options. It just has to do with a personal decision..

Karen Noone · April 9, 2018 at 5:57 pm

Well everyone wants ways to make money. I do belong to a lot of cashback sites. Well it seems stupid not to. I’m going to buy the product anyway. I usually use the earnings for Christmas. This is always the most expensive time of the year.
I don’t like the idea of the apps that spy on you for marketing purposes though.
What I did like is the idea of online tutoring and I’m going to look into that.
So thanks for the advice.

    admin · April 10, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    you welcome Karen, am glad i could be of help. Treully speaking joining cashback sites is a very good idea as you are going to buy the product anyway, so why not get some of the money back. Do try out the tutorials and let me know the outcome if you dont mind

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