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  • Here! Try it, type in a search word and see jaaxy in action



Running a successful online campaign/ business is most definitely the key to generating immense revenue, and this is what everyone in the marketing online world strives or is striving to achieve. Be you an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, article writer or home business online owner, local business marketers, we all want to be able to generate enough traffic that will in turn lead to revenues.

So the question is, how do I run a successful campaign/business? In order to achieve this, your use of keywords matters as it contributes most to how you write and present quality content to your audience, this goes to say, that the more useful keywords you use, to write quality contents, the better your chance of ranking in the search engines and with ranking comes unlimited traffics and with traffic comes endless generation of revenues. Now you have to wonder how on earth do I generate keywords to be able to write tonnes of content to help my audience? And the final answer to all the above questions”’ comes in the form of Jaxxy! Hence, this detailed and in depth Jaaxy keyword research tool review.


Jaxxy in my opinion is the most powerful keyword research tool in the online marketing industry. It has very advanced features that gives it an edge over other keyword research tools. Jaxxy gives you the opportunity to tap into new and untouched keywords that you can leverage to boost your SEO and PPC campaigns.





Jazxy has a lot of features attributes that serves for different purposes. I am going to walk you through the basics and then other advanced features. To use jaaxy, all you have to do is type in your desired keyword and it loads all different related keywords available in real time displaying each one with it’s monthly search and positioning in search engine. The good thing about Jaaxy is that it collects and displays all data from the three search engines Google, bing and yahoo. Here are the basic features of Jaaxy:

Keyword: upon typing your keyword in the search section and clicking it, jaaxy brings up the keyword and other related keywords, and with this you can choose which one to write an article on and pick other relevant ones to save in your keyword list to be used later.

AVG: this indicates the average number of monthly searches for that keyword. That is the number of people that has typed that keyword in any of the search engines in a month.

Traffic: this is the number of people that will visit your site on a daily basis if you get to rank on the number one pages of the search engines.

QSR(Quoted Search Result): this displays the number of websites that ranked in this same keyword that you will be competing with, in this case you will want to aim for lower number for better chances, best between 300 and lesser but for a newbie something below 200 to 100 is more advisable, it gives you better chances at ranking.

KQI(Keyword Quality Indicator) this goes to show the quality of each keyword, where Green means it’s great and has a very high chance of ranking in search engines, Yellow means it’s normal, your average keyword as in, not too good and not too bad either, you can get to rank for this but might take longer time, or might not even rank on the long run. And the third is the Red which means it’s a no go area, you will do well to stay away from these.

SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION): this shows you how possible it can be for you to rank for a particular keyword. Its on a score basis of 1-100, so the higher the score, the better your chances.

DOMAIN: This goes to show availability of the keyword domain names, for example, if you choose a keyword like steady income from home, on clicking on the domain list, it will search and present to you the available domains you can choose from, sometimes there might not be any available one for that keyword, and if this happens, you will have to choose another keyword. This is mainly useful to people who sell or create websites for others, or if you are new and want to create website for your niche.





Site Rank: this one of the most exciting things about Jaaxy, having a site rank feature means you no longer have to go and type your keyword manually into search engines to good out where you rank. All you have to do is right there in jaaxy, you type in your keyword and domain and it will show you what page and position your site ranks in google, yahoo and bing. Note: as a pro user, you can only get searches for the 1st pages of these search engines, but to increase your searches up to 20 pages and have automatic searches for your chosen keyword, you will have to upgrade to enterprise. If you are a newbie or just starting out, you won’t really need that.

Save KEYWORD List: since low keywords are always the targeted, you can always choose to save a list of related keyword topics that you can use, to develop contents at later dates. You can also create lists on different keywords to save as new lists or add more related keywords to your existing list. This is a really great feature as it enables you to always have something to write about.

Search analysis: with this search analysis feature, you get to know who is ranking for your desired keywords and the details of there rank, like there word counts, back links and internal links and even alexa ranking position.



Alphabet soup: this is also a great feature, as with the alphabet soup, you can use one keyword to generate lots of related keywords alphabetically, for example, in the first diagram I searched for home business, and it brings out lots of related keywords by adding each letter of the alphabet. So if I go on to choose one of the keywords from section c above, say “creating online home business” and make another search, then it gives me many more ideas, as shown in the diagram below, I can then go ahead and save the ones I will create a post on, in my save keyword list, with this method you find out you can actually generate loads of topics for your post from different letters of the alphabet, like the ones I marked in the above diagram.


Brainstorm HQ: This displays a list of the most trending topics from google, alexa, amazon and twitter, this will only be useful to you if those trends are within your chosen niche, as for me it isn’t so it’s less useful to.me. another way to truly benefit from it is saving new ideas you may come up with, to brainstorm on later.

Affiliate program: jaaxy can help you generate affiliate programs list from the following 4groups listed with it, click bank, commission junction, digital river and link share, also goes to show you the commission percentage too. So you can always choose which affiliate to sign up with.


To truly be successful, you don’t just need to acquire jaaxy, you need to know the best way to implement it to gain the desired result, which is to rank in search engines and generate traffics which in turn will generate revenue for you. This best way is known as the Low hanging fruit method, let me explain better with this example; lets say you have an orange fruit tree with lots of oranges hanging from it, there are ones that are high up and others lower, the ones high up are considered the best and the lower ones better, which ever one you get, makes you a good fruit juice right? Now everyone is struggling to get a piece from the high ones, while the lower ones are left hanging, think about it, if this fruits can give you same result, why struggle for the higher? Why not just pick from the low hanging ones and still make a great orange juice. Same applies to using keywords, why struggle for those that are already highly competitive when you can use the lower competitive ones to achieve same goal. There are three most important things to consider in this method, these are;

Keyword must make sense: this is a very important factor as search engines give less acknowledgment to keywords that do not have meaning, even you as a person would like to read something that it meaningful to you, so when searching for and choosing the best keyword to use for your work, make sure you pick one that makes sense. It doesn’t matter if a keyword has high traffic or high SEO potentials, if it doesn’t make sense, then it is a No! No!

Average search monthly search over 50: you want to make sure that you choose a keyword that has up to at least an average search of about 50 to start with, as a newbie this will be an easier target to start with, with this the higher it is the better when other factors corresponds.

QSR should be below 100: this is most certain for beginners as it will help you to rank better and faster, knowing that QSR is the number of sites you have to compete with to get ranking in the search engines, it is only natural to look for keywords with less competition. Anything from 100 or less will be great provided the keyword makes sense and monthly search is above 50. But for more advanced users, you can aim for at least keywords with not more than 300 to 400 competing sites. Remember from the above table, I searched for home business in the alphabet soup, then picked the keyword from section c and now researched with this keyword to get the result below.


So looking at this keyword, using our low hanging fruit method, I pick the one marked in red, as you can see it makes sense, over 50 average searches and less than 100 competing sites. Sometimes the competition for your chosen keyword maybe over hundred, but that’s still okay as you can still get to rank for it. Just make sure your content is of high quality.

There you have it, your low hanging fruit; sensible keywords with over 50 average monthly search and less than 100 competition. Jaxxy will give you all this.

Here! Try it! type in a search word amd see jaaxy in action



You can join jaaxy for free and get free 30 searches and if you love what you see, then you can always upgrade to pro $49/month or enterprise membership $99/month. As someone just starting out, I will recommend the pro, as it can give you all the necessary features you need but as your business grows, you might want to upgrade. If you are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, then you get the pro version for free when you become a premium member. Check out the comparison table below with details of what each membership has to offer you, and then make your choice.






  • Very easy to master and use
  • An online application,
  • no software to be downloaded or installed
  • The Best keyword selections
  • Checking your site rank
  • Save generated keywords for later
  • Opportunity to save and brainstorm ideas later.
  • Finding affiliate program for your chosen niche
  • Checking for domain availability/ domain names
  • Provides the alphabet soup technique used for more extensive keyword searches.
  • Search history, you can use, to recollect keyword that may be useful to you not on your saved list.
  • Jaaxy has an affiliate program you can take advantage of, sign up with jaaxy and use promoting it as a means to make money online. Enough to even cover your own subscription.lol.


  • Limited brainstorm ideas being offered in terms of niches
  • For starters the pro subscription may be on the high side for them, my suggestion will be to just join Wealthy Affiliate pay same price for monthly premium membership and get to use jaaxy with a lot of other opportunities available to you, that way you will benefit much more than just having keyword tool.




Well I would like to say that jaaxy speaks for itself, I got this far because of the use of jaaxy and I never have to worry about which keyword to use or how to generate a low competitive one, with a lot of other added advantages. So jaaxy is totally worth it and I highly Recommend it! Get yours now!

sign up for jaaxy and have access to 30free searches!



NAME: Jaaxy keyword research tool.

OWNERS: Carson&Kyle;

WEBSITE: jaaxy.com

PRICE:starter 30 free searches

Pro $49/month &Enterprise $99/month






Phew!! Finally, done! Love jaaxy so.much I could write a novel on it. But then. Let’s keep it simple and real. Would love to hear your take on this, or if you have been a user, let me know what your experiences have been. For those that still have questions”’ to ask, don’t hesitate to drop them below.


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Igor · May 10, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Hi Queen!

You brought up a comprehensive review of Jaaxy.
Everyone can get the detailed explanation about that great Keyword Research (and more) tool.

I am using Jaaxy as well and can say I agree totally with your statements about it.
Everyone who is serious about finding proper and money making keywords should at least try Jaaxy.

Implementation if Jaaxy in the daily routine of writing articles and creation of content is unavoidable.

Your review will help to understand why they should use Jaaxy!

Best regards!

    admin · May 10, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    Very well said Igor, and thankyou. Using Jaaxy keyword tool is definitely the best option.

Stefan Vogt · May 19, 2018 at 5:19 am

Hey, I love working with Jaaxy.

I’m using it for almost a year now and slowly start learning how to use the many different features.

It is amazing for how many tasks Jaaxy can be used. I like the search analytics part that lets me spy on my competition’s posts.

I’m also very happy there is a feature allowing to add many keyword lists with different names. It is so important for me to be able to organize and get back easily to saved keywords.

The recent search feature is another great thing because with the help of that you’ll never lose a good keyword even if you forgot to save it.

    admin · May 19, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Well said Stefan, i have always said Jaaxy is the best keyword reasearch tool in the industry so far, yet to see any other that compares to it.

Jason · August 7, 2018 at 2:18 am

Nqueen, Great article that gave me more info about Jaaxy. I just started using Jaaxy so I was on the lookout for great content to get me pointed in the right direction. I’m starting to believe Jaaxy will be the best product to help me with my keyword research. Thanks for taking the time to write this article.

    admin · August 7, 2018 at 4:05 am

    Yes Jason, with jaaxy, you dont need to worry about any other keyword tool incan asure you, everything you want and will need is found within jaaxy. Just take your time and master its use and you will see what a wonderful treasure you habe at hand. Am glad we were  of help to you.

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