Is Viral Market Scam? – Review Exposes Their Blatant Lies!

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Is Viral Market Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Viral Market Review

It’s so weird that in just a couple of months we’ve encountered several websites that has claimed to be the number one social media network that will help you start earning hundreds of dollars daily.

Unfortunately, none of them so far has lived up to expectation as they have all turned out to be nothing but scams.

Seeing you are I here, I believe you have somehow encountered this very one called Viral Market and would like to know if it will be worth your time and effort or is Viral Market scam only out to exploit you?

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this program, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And be rest assured you are in the right place as we will expose every blatant lies you need to know about this website.

We will walk you through…

What is Viral Market about, how it works, ways they claim you can make money, its pros and cons and finally if it is a scam or not to help you make an informed decision.


Important Notice: If you have registered on this Viral Market website with your email account and other details before coming to read this review, I plead with you to first go and change all those account details then come back and continue with this review. We will reveal every reason below.

Product At A Glance

Name: Viral Market

Owner: Zindex (Nowhere to be found)


Price: free

Rated: 0.0/0.5

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Viral Market

Viral Market is a website that claims it will help you earn $2,000 on average per month using social media.

They claim to be the number one social media influencer network that can help you succeed using your social media account.

Unfortunately, we’ve had several others like Cash4clicks, Paid4clout, Nice Cash, Kash Tree, Influearn, but to mention a few, who made the same claim but never lived up to par.

But let’s see if Viral Market will be any different as we proceed.

They also claim to have been in existence since 2015 and have paid over 60 million dollars to their 225,000 members.

And their parent company is, which happens to be the same parent company of one site we reviewed some time ago called Cash4Clickz.

The funny thing about these two sites is that their acclaimed parent company which has been in existence since 2005 is nowhere to be found.

All it has in existence is just a domain name which has been put up for sale as at the time of this writing, which makes us wonder where exactly it has been creating online solutions these past years as they claim! pssts…

How Does Viral Market Work

According to Viral Market, they aim to help social media users turn their time usage online into money. And it works in 3 simple steps:

What we are sharing with you here is just to give you insight into how they claim their site works, but further down we will expose every lie about this website you need to know, so you can also help others stay away from it.


You will first have to register and create an account with them using your basic details.

Once done, you will then have access to your member areas where you can now select activities to complete.

Share And Earn

Here they claim you can now have access to your unique referral link.

This is the link you are supposed to share on social media and wherever you deem okay to invite people to join Viral Market

Once anyone clicks through that link and signs up with them, you earn a commission.

You will also have access to their available tasks’ and offers to complete to make more money

Get Paid

Once you start completing activities, the amount accrued from each task you complete will be deposited in your account until such time you need to cash out.

They also claim to make payment through…




Mailed Check, etc.


Is Viral Market Scam


How Can I Make Money With Viral Market

There are a few ways in which they claim you can make money as summarised below:

Sign Up Bonus

This is supposed to be the first money you will make from this site, once you register with them you will have $25 deposited in your Viral Market account instantly.

But note that they won’t be giving you access to the money until you have completed some specific tasks’ given.

Download Apps

They also claim to pay you for downloading and installing apps on your device. Each successful download should earn you $10

Referral Scheme

This is the major way they claim to help you make thousands per month, by having you post your link and banners on social media so that people can click through them and join Viral Market.

For every one that clicks and joins through your link, you will earn $10. And even if someone clicks on your link but does not register with them, you still get to earn $2.

Completing Surveys

They claim to pay you $30 for every survey you complete. This is funny because surveys are known to be the most menial way to make money online because they never pay anything more than a couple of cents or more than $3 to $5 at most, which rarely happens.

YouTube Submissions

They encourage you to make YouTube videos to promote their brand and once you upload it following the guideline they give you, you will earn $50.

Simply put…

>>>Sign Up Bonus — $25

>>>Download Apps — $10

>>>Each Click from Your Referral Link — $2

>>>Each Signup from Your Referral Link — $10

>>>completing Surveys — $30

>>YouTube Submission — $50

But by now we all know there is no truth to their words, none of these is for real as this website is nothing but an absolute scam, and we will prove it to you below…

Why Viral Market Is A Scam (Blatant Lies!)

False Claims

Viral Market just like Cash4clickz claims they were founded in 2015, but on further research, we discovered this to be a blatant lie.

According to GoDaddy whois, this domain was registered on the First of May 2019 (1/5/2019).

So it’s not even up to a year old let alone going on five years.


Is Viral Market Scam

Viral Market Creation Date


They also claim Zindex is their parent company and has been creating online solutions these past years but Zindex, as we have reviewed earlier, is just an existing domain with no further presence on the internet, and not only that the domain is even up for sale.


Is Viral Market Scam

Zindex up for sale

Another blatant lie is claiming to have paid over 60 million to 225,000 members. This isn’t true because they have been in existence for barely 7 months. So there is no way that is possible.

All these claims is just to convince people they have gained authority, so you can trust them enough to hand over your details.

Cloned Website

Viral Market is a cloned site just like the other websites that claimed to be the number #1 social media influencer networks.

Just take a look at the image below and see it has word for word with the same content on this other website


Is Viral Market Scam


Is Viral Market Scam


Fake Payment Proof

All the payments proof they put up on their website are all fake. They are very much familiar to us, as they are the same as found in some of these sites I mentioned above.

You can go through those sites and see exactly how similar they all are, filled with the same lie about everything.

Below is just one example


Is Viral Market Scam



Is Viral Market Scam

compare the first one here to the last one above


Fake Sign Up Bonus

This is their false and enticing entry point, promising you a whopping $25 just for signing up with them.

Who gives someone $25 just for signing up to a program that doesn’t generate millions of profit, if any profit at all?

I know the highest I have seen other legit sites give people who sign up to their sites is $5 because they know they will pay them that money so they don’t offer more than they can afford to give away.

But Viral Market promises you a huge $25 just to sign up with them simply because they know the amount is definitely irresistible and secondly they won’t be paying you such amount at any given time.

So they use the alluring amount to get you to quickly sign up, and then guess what?

You will be required to complete some specific amount of tasks’ and make some referrals before you can have access to the money.

But if you are unable to meet their requirements, that is bye-bye to your $25.

You Never Get Paid

Do you know why they use fake testimonials and present you with false users?

Simply because…


The whole setup is big sham, which means there is no money to be made by you or anyone else who signs up to this website.

All that money you see them deposit at your member area is just to get you excited to believe you are earning money.

Just try to request for a payment and see what happens…

Nada! You get nothing!

Then you try to find out what is going on…

You will get one flimsy excuse to another till you get frustrated, realise its a scam and give up.

Or you keep reaching out to them and when they feel you are becoming a nuisance, they will simply shut you out of your account or even ban you from their site.

And there goes all your time and effort.

How Viral Market Really Works

Viral Market works to make money for only its owners, they don’t have you or any other person who uses their website interest at heart.

Viral Market like other social media influencer scam websites is just a data harvesting scheme.

They promise you $25 to sign up with them with hope this tempting offer will make you want to sign up without even making any research on the authentication of the site.

Once you input your details when signing up they automatically get your data.

This applies to everyone who signs up on their website.

They also get more information about you through tasks’ and surveys which they ask you to complete.

As some of them will require you to input more details other than your email, more details like your phone number, home address, date of birth, where you work and even your credit card details and so on…

These data would be stored in their database and will be sold to other 3rd parties, unfortunately, some of these buyers may turn out to be potential hackers who would now have your details at their fingertip to do whatever pleases them.

And this is how they use people’s data to make millions for themselves while these innocent people just waste their precious time thinking they are making money.

Sometimes you may be wondering how you get so many spam messages on your email or how an anonymous mail will be directed to you bearing your name and some information about you?

That is where websites like Viral Market come in, they are the ones selling your information to those 3rd party partners who want to reach out to millions of people with their marketing services.

This is how those companies get every information and details about you.

Why You Should Avoid Viral Market At All Cost

Apart from this site selling out your information to different spammers and probably hackers, the site has no security.

It is so porous that anyone can log into your account on the website, they don’t need a password, nor do they even need to create an account in the first place.

I just logged into this website with a username I just came up with and guess what?

We were given instant access to that users’ account!

Is Viral Market Scam


Is Viral Market Scam


Now imagine if this had been your account, that means every Dick Tom and Harry that decides to try their login with the same username as you will have access to your account.

This is simply giving hackers access to your data at a platter of gold.

Note that we didn’t create an account, we just logged in using that name and that account popped up and we could access everything about it.

This is risky because hackers can take this vital information to hack through one’s account.

Which is why we advised earlier, that those who already gave their details to change them asap.


it is free to join Viral Market.


  • Absolutely nothing positive about this website


  • Scam
  • data harvesting scheme
  • Nothing about the founders
  • False claims
  • Fake income proof

In Conclusion

Is Viral Market a scam? Yes, it is in our opinion.

Viral Market has nothing to offer you as you can see from all we’ve exposed above, instead, everyone who signs up with them only helps to make them richer and is also at risk of having their privacy invaded.

For your best interest stay as far away as you can from this website and as many of them that promises you quick riches for absolutely nothing.




A Better Way…

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They are just a few ways to earn some extra income like we said earlier.

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Is Viral Market Scam


Well, there you have it, hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this review of Is viral Market Scam?

Or do you have any question/experience you want to share with us?

leave them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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