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Name: AZ Sniper

Owner: Stephen Ford

Website: azsniper.com

Price: $37+ (Downsells & Upsells)

Rated: 0.5/5.0



This System is supposedly created by a man named Stephen Ford, who went ahead to tell us about how difficult life was for him, about his sufferings, about his girlfriend of 8 years getting pregnant and how things became more difficult having an extra mouth to be fed, and how he eventually decided to make a living online since he had a degree in Computer Science, and thought it would be easy for him to succeed very easily but all to no avail.

The story goes on and on.. But trust me, this is just one of their tactics to get you sucked into this System, when a System starts out with a sobby story of suffering and difficulties, it’s just to make you think they can relate with your situation and make you believe that what ever they present to you is indeed a good way out for you. Don’t let this get to you or make you trust any System without first finding out what it is all about.

On the long run, he went for a dinner party at his Sister’s, where he met with his little nephew that taught him how to make about $20 to $40 a week on amazon.

He then went home and started learning more about how amazon worked and how to make more money from it

In the cause of doing this, he discovered secret websites and learnt some tricks that helped him move from making $20- $40 to making $400 and then to a whooping $4,000


And that is how he went on to create this Secret System to help you and as many that buy into this System, make money using amazon. (Nice try)


From the sales page, we are meant to understand that AZ Sniper is a Powerful one-click profit System that works with Amazon to help you make up to $40,000 a month

For those of us who are not familiar with Amazon, it is one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the world and possibly the biggest online retailer on the web.

In order to be able to make this money, we believe this System works by being an amazon affiliate.

As an Amazon Affiliate, you get to recommend amazon products and services to people through a website, with you unique affiliate link, so that when someone clicks through your link to the amazon website and purchases something within a specified period, you get paid a commission.

But does that mean you can make up to $40,000/month in commissions as amazon’s affiliate upon getting started?

Not at all..

Making such money on the internet as an affiliate, is something that takes time and lots of hard work. It is nothing close to what AZ Sniper is leading you to believe. You don’t just get started and begin generating such income overnight! No Secret System whatsoever can help you achieve such.

Below Are Some Eye Openers (Red Flags)
False claims: this System starts by claiming you’ve been specially selected to try a new and evolutionary e commerce System that ordinary people are using to make up to $1,500/day


This is absolutely not true, as every one who visits or ends up on this sales page gets the same special invite. This is just to make you feel excited and eager to try out this System without properly finding out what exactly it’s all about. No one has been specially selected nor is there any new and revolutionary e commerce System to be tried, please don’t get fooled by this!

High Income Claims: this System also claims you can make up to $1,500/day, and not just that, this woman below claims she made $64,000 just in 6 weeks of using the AZ Sniper System with just a few clicks on her laptop every morning

Just lies

These are outrageous claims, no one just starts off on the internet and makes such amount, not especially when it comes to making commissions for sales.

False testimonials: you see this guy below, who tells us his pathetic sobby story, and how he eventually found AZ Sniper that has changed his life, with his income claims displayed beside him in the below image?


He is nothing but a paid actor from a freelance site known as Fiverr. These people are hired at a low rate, and are given script to act out for you and I.

This begs to ask the question, why will a genuine business with high success rate need to employ the services of a paid actor for testimonial?

Don’t get sucked in by all their lies.

Hidden Cost (Upsells): Stephen makes you believe that for just $37 or $17( if you try to leave the page) you will have complete access to his System

But this is a complete lie, as there are hidden costs awaiting you on the inside. They just use the low entry fee to lure you into this System, and once you get in, you will be bombarded by the upsells. Why this is bad is because with just the entry fee, you may not get access to any helpful information, which will prompt you to make more investment just to succeed but for your own good, it’s best you don’t or you may end up loosing more than you bargained for before realising there is nothing in this System to help you succeed.

No Information on How It Works: Stephen claims his System will help you make up to thousand-five hundred dollars on a weekly basis or up to $40,000 in a month, but he doesn’t say exactly how this System will work to help you generate this kind of income. This is one of the signs to know a scam or low quality System, they are never transparent in their claims.


It will cost you $37 to gain access to this System and then comes the upsells.


  • 60 days money back guarantee. As a product sold on ClickBank, you can get a refund within 60 days of purchase.


  • False Claims
  • High Income Claims
  • Hidden Costs
  • Fake Testimonial
  • No specific way on how the System works


Is The AZ Sniper A Scam?

Yes it is! In our opinion, given all the above listed reasons. We believe this product will not live up to all it claims and is only out to profit from you instead. We do not recommend it for any reason.




Name: AZ Sniper
Owner: Stephen Ford
Website: azsniper.com
Price: $37+ (Downsells & Upsells)
Rated: 0.5/5.0


Making money online is something a lot of people find difficult to believe because of so much scam that exist online. But I can assure you making money online is possible

and not just that

You can get to make up to this $1,500 but it’s something that takes time and effort to achieve.

Lots of individuals make money online through affiliate marketing, which is the same business model we use. So you can do it too.

It only takes the right guidance and training, coupled with determination, hard work and patience to see the right results.

So if you are truly ready to succeed online, to gain your financial freedom on the long run, then let this our free step by step guide on how to make money online show you the right way. Take that step, learn how and follow the right training to attain Success. No Secret System will help you achieve that.

That’s it for today. Hope you found this Review Post helpful, please kindly share to help others.

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