Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam? Or A Great Way To Save?

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Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Shopper’s Voice Survey Review

It is always a great deal to find ways we can get to save, when we engage in our buying/spending activities, no matter how little is involved.

Shopper Voice has promised to provide you with that avenue to great savings, with coupons, discounts and even free samples for trial, when you take their survey.

But is this deal for real, or Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam only out to exploit you?

We want to first commend you for taking the time to research this product, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this Shopper’s Voice review, we will walk you through what Shopper’s Voice is all about, how it works, and if it is a legit system you can benefit from, to help you make an informed decision.


Product At A Glance

Name: Shopper’s Voice

Owner: unknown

Website: shoppers

Price: free

Rated: 1.5/5.0

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What Is Shopper’s Voice About

Shopper’s Voice is a market Research company that rewards you with coupons, specials offers and free trials, once you fully complete their survey and become a member.

It has been in existence for over 25 years, but the owner is unknown to us.

It used to run as a Paper survey company until in 20013 when they moved everything to strictly online survey panel.

Unlike every other survey panel, Shopper’s Voice does not reward you with gift cards and cash payments for offering your opinions.

The benefit you get for being a member is those discounts, free trial/ sample products, special offers, and possibility of being a winner in one of their sweepstakes.

And in all these, the chance to win $1,500 draw seems to be their greatest incentive for just answering a survey.

A survey they claim you need to answer once in a year, to help brands tailor their products to the exact needs of you the consumers.

Definitely makes you wonder what’s in it for them right?

Or have they suddenly turned into Mother Theresa with only your interest at heart?

Well let’s explore further to really find out..

How Does Shopper’s Voice Work

To become a member is absolutely free, but you must first:

Complete Consumer Product Survey

You will first need to complete this survey before you can be a full member, this includes your personal details and those of your household.

They claim the survey takes just about 15 to 25 minutes of your time.

And this survey helps them send you tailored offers for your household.

Once you complete this survey, you will automatically become a member, and start receiving offers via email.

You may also receive invitations to earn rewards through their partner research panel.

And the good thing is you don’t even need to buy anything from them to be entitled to any of these offers.

Shopper’s Voice Survey

Shopper’s Voice does not offer the normal known traditional surveys, instead their survey is more like your entry point into their panel.

You only have to answer it once at the beginning of your membership, and this survey helps them know the right offers, discounts and product samples to send your way.

But sometimes they may send you invite to receive rewards through other research panel

Shopper’s Voice Sweepstakes

They have 3 different sweepstakes you can be entered into, but their most popular one is the $1,500 draw.

We are a little sceptical about people actually winning this, as in the past year results(from their winners page) shows only 3 names listed as winners for the month of June, July and September.

The other months show either “still processing or in the process of contacting the winner.”

We are talking of over a year ago, it may probably be nothing, but I don’t see why people won’t come forward to claim such a huge prize, which seems like the only great deal here.

The lower sweepstakes of $250 and $25 seems to feature way more winners.

That makes it kind of fishy, won’t you agree?

Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam

You can see there are only three winners overall.

Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam

compared to this.


Even though it’s free to join Shopper’s Voice, membership is strictly restricted to one person per household.

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  • You may probably be fortunate to receive a coupon, sample or discount at some point in time


  • No earning opportunities
  • So little offered for your time spent completing the survey
  • Your information traded for a gamble, as you are not assured of winning any of the sweepstakes drawn.
  • The $1,500 draw sweepstakes is a little shady in our opinion.
  • According to users, you ever hardly receive any of these coupons, samples, great offers or discounts.
  • Email spam

Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam

In Conclusion

Is Shopper’s Voice a Scam? We don’t exactly want to tag this website a scam, since they didn.t promise you will make any money from them, nor did they state how many offers you can receive in a given space of time, but we don’t really think it’s worth your time.

From our research, it is clear that Shoppers Voice is the one benefiting the most from all this.

Different brands pay them to get their product and services across to you but most especially to get your information.

Even though they assure you its only one survey involved, that very survey gives them all the details they need about you and your household, which they give to their third party partners and get paid.

While other traditional survey panels will pay you fractions for giving them your personal data, Shopper Voice only promises you a sweepstakes entry.

Have in mind that this same sweepstakes is offered to a thousand others.

So hundreds to thousands of people just give their information with the hope of winning just $1,500 draw per month.

Which at the end of the day never happens or just one person gets it, meaning others gave their information just for free.

And not just that, they end up being bombarded with spam emails and unsolicited calls.

Secondly, their users really have nothing good to say about this site, the major complaint from most of them is the endless spam emails, and not receiving any coupons, samples or discounts.

Which I believe is the ideal reason to join in the first place.

That said, If your intention is to make any money from Shopper’s Voice, you can save yourself and not bother registering with them.

As they do not provide you with a money making opportunity.

Here are great sites you can join to make extra income without depending only on surveys

Swagbucks( Most recommended if outside UK)

OhMyDosh( most recommended if you are in the UK)



Inboxpound/ Inboxdollars(US)


And if you are here because you want to a good way to save when you shop, we believe this sites will be of more value to you, as you can also receive cashback and discounts when you shop through their portals.





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Not Recommended


Name: Shopper’s Voice

Owner: unknown

Website: shoppers

Price: free

Rated: 1.5/5.0

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Is Shoppers Voice Survey Scam

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