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Ways To Make Money From Home In Coronavirus Season

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I know the thought of making as much as $300 just for completing a single survey on Respondent will sound very bogus and set off alarm bells ringing in your ears, especially if you are used to taking the normal regular surveys.

But is Respondent .io a scam or does it truly pay its members’ such huge amount for participating in market research studies?

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this survey panel, it is the best way to avoid scams online and find legitimate ways to make money from home.

I want to assure you that you have come to the right place where you will have all your questions answered in this thorough review of Respondent.

This review covers the following in details…

>>>What Is

>>>How Does Work

>>>How To Make Money With

>>> Complaint


>>>Pros & Cons.


Product At A Glance


Owner: Harry Thomas, Jack Pratten & Pierrick Ganon


Price: free

Rated: 4.0/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is is a market research panel that pays its members for participating in qualitative studies. It is more like a market place where researchers connect with participants who help to improve their products and services by offering their opinions and feedback.

Unlike our regular survey panels that deal with mostly online questionnaires, focuses more on one-on-one interviews, Focus groups and Unmoderated studies.

They are also more focused on professional and skilled studies, which is why their researchers are willing to pay that much for their surveys.

How Does Work works by connecting you with researchers who need your opinion and feedback on their product/services, and for every one of these studies you successfully complete, you will get paid.

It follows these simple steps

Signing Up deals with the registration of both researchers and respondents alike, so as a respondent you must make sure to first select the respondent tab from the top menu before filling in the form.

You will need to sign up with your basic details like full name, age, address, email, create a password, etc, and submit the form

You will receive an email to verify your email, you should click on the link n that email to fully activate your account.

You will have access to your member area/ dashboard where you will need to also complete your profile which has four sections:

Your Contact: You add your contact details and verify your phone number.

Employment: Add your employment history till date, and select industries you are interested in dealing with.

Socials: link one or all your social networks. It is mandatory to link your LinkedIn with your account if you want to participate in professional studies.

Secondly linking your socials enables researchers to verify your identity, which will also increase your chances of qualifying for studies.

Demographic: add your demographic and a profile picture to your account.

Applying For Studies

Once you have the above sorted, you can now have access to different survey categories that you can apply for from your dashboard or you can wait to receive survey invites from through email.

There are two survey categories that you can participate in:

Remote Research Type

Studies that are not done in person, they can be carried out via video chats, telephone call or online unmoderated studies. This includes

One On One interview conducted over the phone

Focus group, involves a group of people participating in the same study and conversing at the same time over video chats, phones, etc.

Unmoderated Studies, study that doesn’t involve direct interaction with someone either in person or remotely. You will need to complete the study on your own, possibly in the comfort of your home.

Diary Study, one that takes place over a period and will have the participant documenting their experience in the course of such time.

In-Person Research Type

In-person research will require the researcher and participant meeting up at an agreed location. This include

One On One meeting of researcher and participant at a given location, usually at the researcher’s office

Focus Group, where a group of participants have to meet up at an agreed location, mostly in a focus group facilitator the researcher’s office

In The Respondent Home, this will require working with the participant in their home.

In Respondent Office, study will be carried out at the participant place of work.

You will have the opportunity to select which ones you are interested in and more comfortable with.

Qualifying Questions

Once you see a study you are interested in, you will have to take the screening question to see if you qualify for it.

These questions can last about 4 to 5 minutes and are multi questions.

Based on your answers, you will be awarded a percentage on how much you qualify for the study.

It is now left for the researcher to decide if they want you to participate in the study or not, as having up to 100% qualification does not guarantee you will have a place.

Is A Scam

Note that you only have access to 3 screening questions in a 24-hour time frame. Which means you can only apply for 3 studies within 24 hours.

This is to stop participants from applying for every survey they come across but to limit your application to the very best 3 you think you may qualify for.

Using Filters

Since there are lots of projects available, possibly over 300 t0 500 studies, it may be tedious to keep scrolling through every one of them in search of the ones that are suitable for you, that is where filters come in.

Using the filters will help you narrow your search to what is most important for you.

For example, you can choose if you want to participate in remote or in-person


Choose the range of payment you are looking for, i.e studies that pay between $5 to $200 or thereabout

And finally the duration of the studies, like an hour to two hours or more or even less than 30 minutes.

When you use the filter to select these options, the research studies available will be narrowed to these specifications.

So instead of browsing endlessly through 500 projects, you may have it narrowed down to about 150 t0 200 that you have better chances at qualifying for.


Payment is made directly to your verified PayPal account. There is no specified minimum threshold, once you complete your project and the researcher approves it, the stated amount will be paid into your account.

They claim it will take about 7 to 8 working days to receive your money but from our research members have claimed to receive payment in over 3 weeks after completing a study.

Respondent also charge 5% fulfilment fee, this will be deducted before your money will be sent across.

Other Ways To Make Money With

Aside from completing these survey activities, here are the other ways to make money here:

Referral Scheme allows you to invite other people to join them to earn rewards, once you signup you will be given a unique link that you can use to invite people to signup with them.

For everyone who signup using this link and then completes studies to make up to $75, you will be paid $20.

Referring People to Participate in Studies

You will also have the chance to invite people to participate in individual studies to earn up to $50.

Once you invite someone to a particular study and they successfully complete such study, you will be entitled to $50.

You will be entitled to earn this $50 for the first 5 people that sign up for that study using your link. So even if you have up to 10 people signup and qualify, you will only get paid for the first 5. Complaint

There has been a mixed review from members of just like most other regular survey sites, and below we want to list a few of the most common complaints from members…

Not getting paid for referring people up to the amount of $150

Not qualifying for most projects after countless of applications made

Support system very poor

And not getting paid for studies done.

Is A Scam

There are a couple of them that complained of not being paid after taking their time to do the study and this can be very upsetting.

I can’t imagine putting in my time and effort into something only to not get paid and it is even worse when you will have to try to resolve the problem yourself directly with the researcher with minimal help from respondent.

But then I guess the case is different with everyone, as this image below also shows one of the best positive review from a member.

Is A Scam


It is free to get started with, all you need is to signup and create your account.


  • Legit site
  • Make extra income
  • High paying surveys
  • Available worldwide


  • Surveys more professionally inclined
  • Difficult for an average person to qualify for surveys
  • Low-income source

In Conclusion

Is a scam? No, it is not a scam, they do pay members for taking surveys and can actually pay up to $300 and more per survey.

All you need to understand that these high paying one are meant for professionals like doctors, engineers, people with managerial qualification, web designers, accountants, etc.

So if you have any high qualifications, it may be easier to qualify for surveys with Respondent and would be worth giving a try.

But if you are just an average person you may also qualify for more consumer-related survey but those do per lower and your chances to get them may be very minimal.

You may be better of trying these top 5 surveys.



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Well, there you have it, hope you found this post helpful?

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If you have any questions or experience with Respondent you want to share with us, kindly drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.



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