Is Prosperity Income Network Scam Or High Ticket Millions?

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Is Prosperity Income Network Scam


Hi! Welcome To Our Prosperity Income Network Review

I must admit the thought of making $350 to $17,500 from the moment I get approved for a program sounds pretty cool.

Especially when everything is done for me and all I need to do is just relax and watch the money roll in.

Pretty awesome right?

But only if it were for real…

We’ve come across hundreds of these products that makes these promises but never once deliver.

And here comes Prosperity Income Network that promises it can help us achieve this dream.

Will this be for real this time, or is Prosperity Income Network scam just like its predecessors only out to rip you off?

I must first commend you for taking the time to research this product, it is the best way to avoid scams online

And in this review, we will expose what this product is all about, how it works, pros and cons and if it is a scam or not to help you make an informed decision.


Product At A Glance

Name: Prosperity Income Network

Owner: unknown


Price: $597 to $25,997

Rated: 0.5/5.0

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What Is Prosperity Income Network About

Prosperity Income Network is a program that claims it will help you make from $350 to $15,000 from the first day you sign up with them with absolutely no work from you.

They claim everything is done on automation and with the help of their Success Coaches so that all you have to do is just make the required payments, then sit back and watch your money roll in.

They claim it has nothing to do with;




>>>Or Cash Gifting

Is Prosperity Income Network Scam


But simply a complete business in a box, with Success Coaches at your fingertip to take care of all that your business needs to thrive.

Like I said earlier, we’ve heard hundreds of products make these same promises but never deliver

But for some reason, Prosperity Income Network believes it is different.

So let’s proceed to see how that is…

How Does Prosperity Income Network Work

To get started with Prospeeiry Income Network you will need to call up one of their Success Coaches, with your unique sponsor ID number at hand.

Which means you can not be attended to unless you have a sponsor ID.

You can get this ID either through the person who refers you or directly through the website before you make your call.

Either way, you will need to have this ID at hand before making your call.

One of these Coaches will walk you through the process of signing up and help you make your purchase.

There are about 6 different levels that you can purchase, and they claim that you are entitled to 70 to 80% commissions on every deal these success Coaches closes for you.


There are 6 levels of membership you can buy into;

Starter Level

You pay $500 + $97 admin fee

1 position in the advertising Rotator

Success Coaches closes deals for you

Level 1 development Library Access

Deluxe Level

You pay $2,000 + $197 admin fee

2 positions in the advertising Rotator

Level 2 Development Library Access

Success Coaches closes all sales for you

Premium Level

You pay $3,500 + $297 admin fee

3 position in the advertising Rotator

Success Coaches closes all sales for you

Level 3 Development Library Access

Master Level

You pay $6,000 + $497 admin fee

4 positions in the advertising Rotator

Success Coaches closes all sales for you

Level 4 Development Library Access

Diamond Elite Level

You pay $12,000 + $697 admin fee

5 positions in the advertising Rotator

Success Coaches closes all sales for you

Level 5 Development Library Access

Executive Elite Level

You pay $25,000 +$997 admin fee

6 positions in the advertising Rotator

Success Coaches Closes all sales for you

Level 6 Development Library

Note: if you don’t have the money to join, they will offer you their in housing financing as long as you have at least a score of 620 on all the three credit bureaus.


Is Prosperity Income Network Scam


How Much Can You Make

According to Prosperity Income Network, you are entitled to 70% commission that comes from every sale the success Coaches closes for you.

Except at the last level (Executive Elite) where you earn 80% commission

So you earn:

>>>At Starter Level — $350

>>>At Deluxe Level — $1,400

>>>At Premium Level — $2,450

>>>At Master Level — $4,200

>>>At Diamond Level — $8,400

>>>At Executive Elite Level — $20,000

Sure sounds like a good deal right?

But here is what you are not told…

How Prosperity Income Network Really Works

Pass Up Model

Prosperity Income Network is a High Ticket program where you can only earn from what level you invest in.

If you purchase level one which is the starter level, you can only earn commissions on this level even if your referral purchases a higher level.

For example, if you purchase a starter membership at $597 then you are entitled to $350 commissions.

Even if you have a referral who goes ahead to purchase a higher level like the Diamond Elite.

When this happens, you will get a commission of $350, while the remaining $19,650 will go to the next person upline of Diamond Elite.

So no matter what level your referral buys into, you can only make commissions at the level you are.

Which means in other to earn more, you will have to purchase some or all the higher levels available.


You are told that the Success Coaches will take care of closing up your sales and then you get your commissions

But never once are you told how exactly you will generate your prospects?

Did you ever think of that?

Who will you be selling to?

Who will the Success Coaches close these deals with?

That is where advertising comes in!

In order words you have no chances of obtaining free traffic, so to even have prospects, you will need to run ads…

They will handle all this for you, but who will pay the bills?

You of course!

But no one lets you in on that.

You will have to spend hundreds to thousands in ads to generate traffic, and when things are done for you, you don’t even know what kind of traffic they will bring your way

Which means less targeted traffic, fewer chances of making sales or no sales at all.

I know they also claim to have an advertising Rotator where you get a slot per week depending on what level you are in, if you stick to this company ads Rotator alone there are fewer chances that you will even succeed at this business.

What Are You Selling?

Prosperity Income Network never for once mention any product or services that the company sells to help generate income (they only include digital marketing tools with their membership).

Which means all you are selling is recruitment, the commissions you will make is solely from recruiting people to buy prosperity income Network membership.

In MLM this is called a pyramid scheme, where a company spends solely on recruiting people to make money.

This type of businesses never lasts long.

Why you may ask?

Simply because there is no actual sales of products and services.

The only money coming in is money paid in by people who buy the membership at different levels

At some point when people realise what Prosperity Income Network is all about, no one will want to invest in it.

Some who already bought into the membership will also realise they can’t afford to be losing more money when they can’t recruit others to join.

Then the income source begins to dwindle. No more recruits, no more money coming in and before you know it the system folds up!

And in a twinkle of an eye, all your money is gone!

So before jumping onboard this offer you need to ask yourself some pretty good questions…

>>>Starting with, how much do I have to invest in a business like this?

>>>What are my chances of success?

>>>Am I willing to leave my investment in the hands of someone else?

>>>How much do I have to invest in advertising to obtain traffic and for how long can I manage this?

>>>What exactly am I selling?

>>>How sustainable is this business?

>>>Am I looking for a quick fix or long term success?

These and probably some others not mentioned here are what you need to ask your self before picking up that phone to make a call.


  • You can earn commissions but for how long
  • Success Coaches at your service
  • They offer in house financing if you have a 620 credit score on all three credit bureau then you qualify.


  • Not a viable business method
  • High Ticket Program
  • Selling recruitment

In Conclusion

Is Prosperity Income Network a scam? Yes in our opinion.

I know some people will say it is not, given that you can make money with this type of company if you join at an earlier stage

But as time goes on, when things begin to fall apart, the last set of people to join in bears the grunt.

Because their money is what will be passed up last leaving them with absolutely nothing.

So to the first set of people, it won’t be considered a scam, after all, they made good commissions.

But to the last set of people, it will be considered a scam.

But the truth is that a business that offers no products and services but solely relies on recruitment is considered a pyramid scheme by the FTC and a pyramid scheme in MLM is simply a scam.

This business only favours the owners and the people at the top who feeds off the money invested by the newer members.

And they know very well that at some point things will crumble.

This is exactly the case with Mobe and Digital Altitude.

And for these reasons, we do not recommend this product. I believe in the saying that ” it is better to be safe than sorry”


Not Recommended.

There Is A Better Way

Making money online is possible.

Making up to a thousand or more on a monthly, to daily basis is also very much possible.

It takes finding the right method and training to gear you in the right direction.

Affiliate Marketing is the simplest most effective way to do this.

And not just that, it creates the avenue for you to earn passive income too!

What could be better than that?

That is why we choose to also recommend this tried and true method hundreds of thousands of people are using to make money online today.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it definitely takes time and effort to start seeing positive results.

But you also can achieve your financial dreams using this method if you are willing to put in the much-needed hard work, effort and time to succeed.

You do not need to waste your time on MLMs and High Ticket programs that promises but never delivers.

If you are ready to take that bold step, This is Our Best Recommendation for you to get started.

If you are really serious to make money online, now is the time to take that bold step into achieving your financial dreams.

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Is Prosperity Income Network Scam

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