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Here we are going to talk about this reward website Prizerebel, we have heard a lot about it but until recent decided to check it out, let’s find out what is in it for you and if you can make money using this website. So is PrizeRebel legit or is it a scam?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know in this well researched and detailed review of PrizeRebel.


PrizeRebel is an online GPT (get paid to’) reward site that engages you in different online activities, like mostly taking surveys, watching videos, completing small tasks and taking offers and then award you points for each one successfully completed.



Firstly, you need to signup with this website, then activate your account through an email sent to you. Once done, you then proceed to the homepage. Here you have a welcome message awaiting you, which we very much encourage you to read through, as this provides you a link to take a tour of the site to familiarize yourself with everything available and how to proceed more easily.

Completing Activities
Once you have familiarized with the site, your next option is to choose what to do from within the various activities available, to start earning points. You can choose from any of the these;
Surveys: there are lots of surveys available to choose from, from within Prizerebel and from other partner sites, like peanutlab,toluna, opinionworld, sayso rewards and a host of others.
You just need to go through the list and choose the one you want to try out and see the points to be awarded. We found out that sayso rewards seems to have easier surveys to complete and less screening out.

We also noticed that some surveys seems to be for attraction purposes, for example it will say take this 5minutes survey and win 40points and when you click on it, and asked a few details, you get this popup saying you are not a match, and then will ask if you want to take another survey for same price, if you say yes, it will end up bringing you another survey, but this one will be much longer than the initial one, say about 15minutes, for the same price.

You just need to watch out for that, to know when you are being played.

Offer Walls: here you find a huge list of different offers from different partner sites, you have to click on any of the partner site to view all their offers and select the one you find interesting. There are paid offers; ones you need to invest a little amount of money in order to qualify for them. They seem to carry the highest points, like the ones from betting sites, see below.
IS PRIZEREBEL LEGIT-OR IS IT A SCAMYou also have the free trial ones; doesn’t involve any money for subscribing at first, but once the free trial period is over, you get automatically charged, so always remember to cancel anyone you decide to try out, to avoid being charged later.
Tasks: there are also little tasks available, you can be asked to complete tasks like transcribing am audio file or matching things and identifying specific objects, this only pays pennies. The highest seen so far is about 6p, and they don’t seem to have many tasks available for beginners, but once your level increases, you start having access to more tasks.
Video Walls: here you have a series of videos from two different categories; engageme videos and video loyalties. I don’t seem to see the difference in these videos except we find it difficult to play most videos from the video loyalty section, as it always displays error and suggests it is best for people in US and Canada.


It is best not to engage your time in this, as it is literary the worst paying offer, you have to watch about 3videos only to get .55points, not even up to a penny in conversion, and you can’t be credited without completing the 3videos and numerous adverts included.

If you must watch videos, make sure you do so when busy with other things, you can just put the video on and focus on other things you have to do while the pennies accumulate.

We tried it out and barely made about 4.98points in over an hour, that is barely up to 5pence! So its best to really do this when you are busy with other things.

Reward: payment threshold starts from $-$5 or £2 gift cards upwards. Once you have completed activities and earned up to that point, you can then request for payment. Have in mind that 100point equals $1. There are lots of different gift cards to choose from any of them or choose PayPal to receive a cash cards ranges from amazon, Walmart, tesco, M&S, debenham, visa, Facebook game gift cards and a host of others.

These are in form of raffle draws, lottery(lucky number) and contests. For a given amount of money and activities completed, you get the opportunity to take part in any of the above listed to win more prices.

Promo code: this is a set of number given to you to redeem more points when you complete a specific task given. For example upon registration, we were asked to click on activation link to win a promo code, which ended up as 5 extra points when redeemed.


Though it is free to join prizerebel, there different levels of membership, starting with the bronze upon signing up and once you earn up to 1000 points with 20% refferal, you move up to silver level and with each specific amount of points you earn, you keep moving up, through the silver to gold, then to platinum and finally diamond level.

With each level comes greater incentives. Below is an image of what to expect.



Prizerebel does have a nice friendship scheme, for every friend you bring, you get 20% bonus of their earnings. You can share your link through social media, or website of you own one or talk to friends and families about it and send the link to them.


  • Free to join
  • Lots of offers to be completed
  • Lots of surveys from different partner sites to be completed
  • Easy navigation through the site
  • Good referral scheme
  • Low cash out of $1-$5
  • Little tasks to complete
  • Lots of reward option


  • Source of low income
  • Very low pay for video engagements
  • Screening out on most surveys
  • Point based system, makes it more difficult to know exactly how much is made.


Prizerebel is legit, you can make money using this website, but it can not serve as a source of full time income.


Name: Prizerebel

Owners: unknown


Price: free to join

Rated: 3.5/5.0

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