Is PayMeDollar A Good Money Making Opportunity Or A Scam?

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Hi! Welcome To Our Pay Me Dollar Review

We are in that era that the internet provides us with numerous opportunities on ways to make money online, but with these opportunities comes millions of scam programs that are only out to rip people off.

Which is why we want to take a closer look at PayMeDollar, a program that claims it can help you earn some extra income.

Is Pay Me Dollar a scam that will only waste your time and effort or will it turn out to be a real money-making opportunity?

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this program, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legitimate ways to make money.

Be rest assured that you will have all your questions answered as we walk you through all you need to know about this site and how it works, to help you make an informed decision.

We will cover the following in full details…

>>>What Is Pay Me Dollar

>>>How Does Pay Me Dollar Work

>>>How To Make Money On Pay Me Dollar

>>>Pay Me Dollar Compliant


>>>Pros And Cons

>>>Our Recommendation

Product At A Glance

Name: Pay Me Dollar

Owner: PayMeDollar


Price: free

Rated: 2.0/5.0

What Is Pay Me Dollar

Pay me Dollar claim to be the number one global online community with multiple earning opportunities where you can get paid every day for the things you do online

They provide you with the opportunity to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, complete micro tasks and visit websites in exchange for cash or gift card rewards.

According to their stats, they have an of 27, 374 members and have paid out over $39,517 and sent out 194 Gift cards to their users.

I don’t know why they claim to be the number one global online community as their stats are no way close to sites like Swagbucks and Prizerebel who has over a million members and have also paid in the millions.

But I guess everyone has to say what they know people want to hear just to boost their business.

They are also partnered with Well known brands like Samplicious, Peanutab, Speak Up, Pollfish, Offertoro, etc all well-established market research companies.


How Does Pay Me Dollar Work

The program works by presenting its user with different activities to complete in exchange for monetary and gift rewards.

It follows these three simple steps…

Sign Up

To have access to Pay Me Dollar you will have to sign up and create your account using your basic details and submit

They will send you an email with an activation link, make sure to click through that link to fully activate your account and gain access to your member area.

Once inside your member area, it is important that you complete your profiling questions as this will enable them to know more about you and what kind of surveys to send your way, it will also increase your chances of qualifying for more surveys offers.

You will also need to complete your payment details.

Completing Activities

Pay Me Dollar provides you with so many opportunities to make money, all you have to do is browse through your member area to see the available offers, then select and complete the ones that you like to receive the reward attached to it.


Once you accumulate enough money to reach the payment threshold of $1 you can request for withdrawal.

Payments are made through Pay Pal, Bitcoin, and Amazon and Tango gift cards.

Your first withdrawal must be done through Paypal, this is done to help them verify your account and know it is legit before making any paint to you.

But any other subsequent withdrawals can be made via other paint options available.

Have in mind that if you do not have a verified PayPal account, they will ask you to provide them with a proof of Id, like your Nation ID, proof of address and a selfie with you holding these proofs before they can approve your payment.

The minimum threshold for Pay Pal is $1

Minimum for Bitcoin, Visa and Tango cards are $5.

They also offer what they call Instant Pay Pal with the minimum withdrawal of $25.

To qualify for the instant Paypal payment you must have withdrawn at least 10 regular cash out.

Payments can be received in about 72 hours after request depending on how long their security checks last.

Note that there is a 2% fees for Paypal payment and a 4% charge for Bitcoins.

If you do not want to pay the fees, you may be better off with the Visa prepaid and Tango gift cards.

How To Make Money On Pay Me Dollar


Surveys provide you with the opportunity to give your opinion and feedback to their third party market research partners in exchange for rewards.

If you are not familiar with taking surveys, then you need to know that each survey will have screening questions that you will need to complete first to determine if you qualify for a survey or not.

And this process can sometimes be very frustrating as you may not qualify for a majority of these surveys and at the same time lose valuable time and effort.

But for anyone you qualify and complete successfully the amount will be deposited in your Pay Me Dollar account until you reach the payment threshold.


You can also select from the offer tab which offers you want to complete.

Each offer has it’s own terms and conditions and how much you will earn

It is important to read these terms and conditions before engaging in offers to avoid getting sidetracked.

For example, an offer may require you to take a free 30 days trial to earn some amount of money, but their term may require you to pay for the first month after the free trial before you can get paid.

Now if you didn’t go through the terms and didn’t see that section that says you have to take an extra one month, at the end of the trial one of two things will probably happen

1. You will cancel the trial with the hope of getting paid but unfortunately, you won’t get paid because you didn’t stay on for the extra month. This will turn out to be a total waste of your time with your info also given to that company.

2. You forget to cancel the offer and it renews automatically charging your credit card, this will be more annoying if you don’t intend to continue with that offer

Which means at the end of the day it is a loss to you either way.

So it is best to know exactly what is included with an offer before engaging in it.

Completing Tasks

They also provide an opportunity for you to complete microtasks in exchange rewards.

Watching Videos

They also provide you. With the opportunity to watch video clips from their third-party partners in exchange for rewards.

Theses videos are short clips with ads in between, all you have to do is the ones you like and play them to the end to earn your rewards.

Some videos may require you to carry out a specific task like commenting on it or liking the video, make sure you know exactly what is required of you and do exactly that in order to get paid.

Referrals Scheme

Pay Me Dolar also have a referral scheme where you can get to invite people to join their program in exchange for rewards.

You will be provided with the unique link that you can give out to people inviting them to up.

For everyone who signs up through your link and completes activities on the site, you will be rewarded.



It is absolutely free to join Pay Me Dollar, you just need to be 18 years or over with a good understanding of the English Language.

Pay Me Dollar Complaint

This site doesn’t have many complaints at this point but it is understandable since it is a relatively new site compare to mist others that are over ten years old.

But we did come across an experience shared by one of their member who claimed that his account was suddenly blocked and he had to forfeit all his earning.

He claimed that all effort to resolve this with their support system proved abortive. So his hours of hard work and time spend ended up as a waste of his time.

Occasionally members do have this kind of experiences with survey panels which can be very annoying and frustrating, especially when you do not get good support from the support team who are supposed to help you out.


  • Legit
  • You can earn some money
  • Various ways to make money
  • Low payment threshold
  • Different payment methods


  • Very low-income potential
  • You may get screened out or not qualify for surveys
  • You will have to pay processing fees to receive a cash payment

In Conclusion

Is PayMeDollar a scam?

We do not see this site as a scam as they do have legit activities for members to.complete in exchange for rewards.

But to be sincere, I don’t think they fall among the best as you have these top 5 that will provide you with more value for your time and less frustrating screening outs to deal with.

I do like that they have a very low payment threshold but the fact that you will have to pay processing fees to get your money is a bummer for me.

Sites like Rewarding ways, Offernations, Superpay.Me, all have a payment threshold of $1 but none of them charges a processing fee so I believe you will be better off with those ones.



A Better Alternative

With what is going on in the world today with everybody on lockdown with no assurance of what the future holds, we believe this is the time to start working towards building yourself a solid online financial source of income.

Surveys may provide you with a way to grab a few bucks but If you want to start earning money consistently to ensure your financial safety, then it is better to start an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program and platform that can help you achieve this.

They will take your hand and walk you through every step you need to achieve this goal.

The best part is that it is free to get started, no credit card details required.

This will allow you to see how it works and how they will help you to succeed.

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Well, there you have it. I hope you found this review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience with Pay Me Dollar would like to share with us, drop them in the section and we will get back to you soonest.



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