Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam? You Bet! {7 Reasons Why}

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Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Paid 4 Clout Review

I know the thought of making several hundreds of dollars online with barely lifting a finger is always the dream of all.

Let’s face it, you and I will definitely appreciate earning hundreds to thousands of dollars without having to put in much effort.

Unfortunately the internet doesn’t really work that way, it requires you to do the very opposite to even think of achieving success.

But Paid 4 Clout begs to differ, as it claims it can help you make as much as $500 a day by being on social media.

Which makes you wonder, Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam or is it truly a system that can have you earning several hundreds of dollars by just referring people and completing minor tasks?

I must first commend you for taking the time to research this system, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this detailed review, we will expose what Paid 4 Clout is really all about, how it works, and if it can be of benefit to you in any way, to help you make an informed decision.


Product At A Glance

Name: Paid 4 Clout

Owner: ??


Price: free (for your personal data)

Rated: 0.3/5.0

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What Is Paid 4 Clout About

Paid 4 Clout claims it is the #1 Influencer Network that can help you start making up to $500 today by taking advantage of Social Media.

It claims it was founded in 2015, and their main goal is simple, to help social media users turn their usage into money.

They claim they do not cut you short by paying you pennies but pay you for what your traffic is worth, which they claim is a lot!

In essence, Paid 4 Clout will pay you lots of money for just referring people to their platform and for completing minor tasks.

How Does Paid 4 Clout Work

They claim their system works in these 3 simple steps

Join Paid 4 Clout

You will first have to register with the platform to have access to your member area.

You will provide them with your basic details like your full name, username, email and then create a password.

You will be sent an activation link through an email.

You are supposed to click on that link to fully activate your account

Share & Earn

Once your account is fully active, you will have access to the member area where you get your unique link that you are supposed to share on social media, so that when people click on your link you earn money and when they sign up, you will also earn more money.

So the more people that join Paid 4 clout through your link, the more money you are supposed to earn.

Get Paid

This is supposed to be where you reap the fruit of your labour.

Where you finally get paid for your invites and activities completed.

They claim to make payment via PayPal, Cashapp, Bitcoin and mailed checks, for now.

And here are the ways they claim you can make money with their site

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

Supposed Ways To Earn With Paid 4 Clout


Paid 4 Clout lure you in with a huge amount of $25 as bonus for signing up with them.

So you are supposed to automatically have this amount of money deposited in your Paid 4 Clout account immediately.

Referral Scheme

This is the major way Paid 4Clout claims you can get to make loads of money.

They claim you will earn $10 to $15 for everyone who signs up to their site through your link.

And you will even make $2 for just having your link clicked on.

Minor Task/Surveys

You can also have access to minor tasks like downloading mobile apps to earn $10, and surveys to fill out to make more money starting from $25.

They even have a $30 wall offers, where you take offers to earn as much as $30 at a go.

Simply put, you earn:

>>>Sign up bonus $25

>>>Each click o your referral link $2

>>>Each sign up from your link $10 -$15

>>>Completing tasks in offer wall $30

>>>Taking surveys $25

>>>Downloading mobile apps $10

>>>Providing a YouTube video review of Paid 4 Clout $50

Only if these were for real…

Unfortunately, they are not! And I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news.

Paid 4 Clout is not a site you can trust, let alone make money from. They are simply a scam who are out to exploit people to enrich themselves the more.

And here is why…

7 Reasons Paid 4 Clout Is A Scam

1. False Years Of Existence

Paid 4 Clout claims they have been in existence since 2015 and have over 300,000 members, and have even paid out over $44 million dollars..

But this is just lies upon lies, as this Paid 4 Clout domain was just registered barely 2 months ago, in July 2019 to be precise

Which means they have been in existence for just 2 to 3 months now, so how is it possible they have over 300 members and even paid over $44M?

What lies won’t they tell just to take advantage of you, eh!

If a company can lie about its own very existence, what else won’t they lie about? This alone should be enough reason to stay clear of this site.

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

2. Sign Up Bonus

Paid 4 Clout claims you will earn $25 dollars once you sign up with them, which I must say is a great incentive

I know the highest I have seen other legit sites give people who sign up to their sites is $5, because they know they will actually pay them that money so they don’t offer more than they can afford to give away

But Paid 4 Clout promises you a huge $25 just to sign up with them simply because they know the amount is definitely irresistible and secondly they won’t be paying you such amount at any given time

So they use the alluring amount to get you to quickly sign up, and then guess what?

You will be required to complete some specific amount of tasks and make some referrals before you can have access to the money.

So if you are unable to meet their requirements, that is bye-bye to your $25.

3. Hyped Income Claim

Claiming you can make $500 today upon just signing up is a total BS, as there is no way you can achieve such.

Since referring people is their major way to earn, and they claim referring people will make you $10 to $15 dollars per person.

Which means you will need to refer at least over 30 to 50 people a day to earn such amount of money in a day.

So except you are an influencer or have a huge social media followers that are willing to do whatever you tell them, then I don’t see how this is achievable

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

4.  False Testimonials

They present you with supposed testimonies of people who they say have used and made money from Paid 4 Clout

But guess what we discovered?

These very testimonies have been presented to people in another site (Cloutpay) we believe may be their sister company.

The testimony carries the same name, image and said amount made by these said people.

See image below for confirmation

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

You can see the name on each one of them says ” clout pay” and not Paid 4 Clout.

5. False Users

This one below claims his name is Scott and that paid 4 Clout has been his primary source of income for over 3 months and has changed his life. He encourages you to also join them as they are legit and always pays out fast.

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

Unfortunately, he is nothing but an actor hired from a freelance site known as

I guess by being paid he means the money he was paid to come and present you with this fake video testimonial.

Here are other scam/low-quality products he has also featured in.

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

    Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

Which will make you wonder why Paid 4 Clout has the need to hire freelance actors to present false testimonies. My only conclusion is that they don’t have any real successful users.

6. You Never get paid

The reason you see them use fake users as proof is because no one ever gets paid with this system.

They lure you in, let you put in your time and effort and update your account with money earned to make you believe they are for real, until such time you make request for cash out and then the story begins…

Here are a few of what their members had to say on Trustpilot


Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam


Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

7. Fake Support System

They claim you can contact them through their listed email address, but unfortunately, that email does not exist.

As I tried sending them an email but never got any response, then decided to find out if it was even legit using an email checker tool, which turned out negative.

And I am not surprised at all, why will they have support when they are simply a scam?

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam

How Paid 4 Clout Really Works

Paid 4 Clout only works to benefit its owner(s)

They lure you in with $25 incentive, then have you complete activities for them with their 3rd party partners ( if there are any)

They also have you bring in more people to do exactly the same thing they have you do, then they keep all the money they get paid for all the activities you and every other person that signs up to that site are supposed to make.

Not only that, by signing up with them, and completing some tasks, you get to hand them your personal data at a platter of gold.

Then they sell your data to their third-party partners and make more money from that, while you will have your phone and email being bombarded by spam emails and calls.

Thirdly, they have offers that will require you to give them your phone number in order to receive updates, before you can get paid, you might think, oh it’s harmless and you dole out your number to these people, only to realise you are being charged for every promotional messages they send your way.(just imagine that)

Like… Seriously, this is one site you need to stay away from for your own good! Everything about it totally works against you but a total win-win situation for the owners

Ever wondered why they want to give you all that money for absolutely nothing?

Why they want you to engage in everything without giving them a dime?

Because even if you end up not bringing anyone for them or completing any offers, your basic details that you already handed over is worth a reasonable amount.


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It will cost you absolutely nothing to join Paid 4 Clout. Just your basic details.


  • There is absolutely no pro here, even the free to join is a nemesis.


Where do I start…

  • Absolute scam
  • Data harvesting scheme
  • Everything about Paid 4 Clout is a lie
  • Hyped income claim
  • False testimonies
  • Fake users
  • No payment
  • No support system

In Conclusion

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam? Absolutely yes in our opinion.

This website has absolutely nothing to offer you.

They only lure you in and take advantage of your time and effort, worse still they make you bring more innocent people to take advantage of and these people will end up blaming you for their demise.

Seriously if you want to make money online, no matter what you are looking for, be it little extra income to making real consistent income, we can help you achieve that, and save you from scams like Paid 4 Clout.

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Name: Paid 4 Clout

Owner: ??


Price: free (for your personal data)

Rated: 0.3/5.0

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Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam


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