Is My Traffic Business Scam {Review} Will Blow Your Mind!

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Is My Traffic Business Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our “My Traffic Business Review”

I bet you came across My Traffic Business that claims it will help you make $397 per day by doing little or no work.?

And you can’t help but wonder, will My Traffic Business Scam me silly or does it really have the potential to help me make legit money online?

I must first commend you for taking the time to research this product, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this review, we will expose everything about this product, how it really works and if it is a scam or not, to help you make an informed decision.


Product At A Glance

Name: My Traffic Business (upgraded to version 2.0)

Owner: Corey Lewis


Price: $297

Rated: 2.5/5.0

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What Is My Traffic Business About

This used to be a business that claimed it will help you make over $397 dollars per day doing little or no work.

But with its upgrade to version 2.0, it has become a web traffic generating membership site that is supposed to be the fastest and easiest way for you to now earn cash online.

And not only that, it will create an avenue for you to start earning passive/recurring income and also generate over 67,184 new email subscribers for you all on autopilot!

I Must say that is a pretty bold claim to make.

And knowing the impression people had for the original My Traffic Business, which wasn’t great at all, I am sceptical that this one will deliver, but then let’s keep reading to discover the truth behind this system. (Focusing on the upgraded version)

How Does My Traffic Business 2.0 Work

Once you make your purchase, you will have access to an already done for you unique traffic generating membership website that is created on your own domain with your chosen theme.

And alongside this, you will have

>>>Custom graphics, videos and sales pages

>>>You will have your site customized by hand by their designers

>>>Access to 25 ultra-sharp graphic themes

>>>3 professional promo videos to help you explore your sign-ups and sales

>>>Access to 8 killer sales letters

>>>On your site is included a professionally written Homepage, one time offer, upsell, and 2 down-sell pages

>>>You also have access to all other site pages like Member area, Promo tools, Profile, etc.

>>>The breakthrough traffic generating engine

>>>Full video training that will show you how to get your fast making money fast.

>>>High-quality product others can promote for you

>>>A fully featured membership site

>>>Complete backend sales process built into your site.

Is My Traffic Business Scam

How My Traffic Business 2.0 Really Work

With my traffic business 2.0 your sole aim is to build your email list through a membership site, and also promote offers to your downline.

My traffic Business uses web traffic as a bait (lead magnet) to lure people into signing up on your site for free and once they do, you capture their email address and at the same time promote more offers to them, especially ones that are supposed to help them grow their traffic.

Let’s break this down to understand it better..

>>>You offer people access for free on how to generate/double or gain massive traffic to their sites

>>>They become excited and quickly sign up with their emails

>>>At this point, you capture their emails

>>>Once on your site, you present them with interesting offers to help boost their traffic, but only they will have to pay for this.

>>>You also present them with offers to upgrade their membership ( Gold & Diamond)

>>>If they find your offers interesting enough, they may take you up on one or more of them.

>>>And or choose to upgrade their membership, and every membership upgrade gives them higher access and more commission percentage.

>>>On the other hand, they may decide to remain as free member.

>>>In this case, their other option will be to buy ads packages from you to generate traffic to their offers

>>>Each member also gets an affiliate link, which means they can also promote your site.

>>>And for everyone that joins under them, you will also get their email list and be able to promote your offer to them as well

This runs through to the third downline, giving your own referrals the opportunity to promote their offers to their referrals and referral referrals.

They also provide you tool for running contests that will encourage your downlines to promote your links and get more people to join in.

The idea is, the more people sign up, the better your chances at making money from them.

This idea really sounds very amazing, but may not be as enticing as it looks, especially for a newbie or someone without any knowledge of how the internet works, and here is why…


Is My Traffic Business Scam

MTB Backend

Why My Traffic Business 2.0 Isn’t Ideal For A Beginner

The irony of this whole business deal is that you are supposed to use unlimited traffic generation to get people to sign up to your site, but the problem remains..


My Traffic Business have provided you with an awesome website to start making money, but leaves you to take care of the most important factor, which is traffic.

Without having people to present your offers to, your site is as good as useless, because it is only when people join your site, then you will have opportunity to market your offer to them to make money.

Knowing that sites like these rarely rank in search engines, which means for you to get your site to people you will have to resort to paid traffic (ads) or social media platforms or creating YouTube videos with the hope of getting people to sign up.

Unfortunately Social Media platforms these days are very strict with spamming, so if you are not careful on how you promote your link, you may get banned.

I know that My Traffic Business uses web traffic generation as its lead magnet, knowing that a lot of people are desperate to get traffic to their sites or offers, but it’s no guarantee that people will be willing to sign up let alone buy what you have to offer.

Secondly asking people to sign up for free to get access to unlimited free traffic may have loads of people signing up, but when they get in and get hit by upgrades or paying for ads offers, I don’t really think that will keep them for long.

Let me explain better, for example, if you have a website and desperate to get traffic to your site

You then see this offer to signup for free to have access to free web traffic

You quickly sign up, only to be presented with an option to upgrade to get better value

Or remain a free member and pay for targeted ads to your website

How exactly will that make you feel?

For one, you do not get access to any free traffic but asked to pay money to get better value

For someone like me, I will be pissed, and definitely leave that site.

Your only advantage here is that you end up having that person’s email address, which allows you to send future email offers to such, but that doesn’t still guarantee you will make sales.

And if on the long run you are unable to generate traffic through Social Media, that means resorting to paid ads.

Paid ads on its own is no guarantee, especially if you are not well familiarised with how it really works.

You may be lucky to have loads of people signup to your site just because you have a very eye-catching lead magnet

But I can assure you that very minimal of them will be willing to buy into your offers because it is not exactly what they expected.

So except you have people who are really interested in becoming your affiliate and building a downline and promoting your site and other offers to make money, I am not sure how this product will profit you.

And I really don’t see how this is the fastest and easiest way for you to make money online.

If you are interested in building an affiliate business to promote offers and build an email list, your best option is to get started the right way.

Learn the basics of how the system works, learn how you can generate thousands of free organic traffic to your site without having to pay a penny for it and that way people will come to you ( and not you scouting around for them) and sign up for your offers, then you can build your email list and send future emails to make more sales.

Wealthy Affiliate is a system that can help you achieve such a dream, they will take you by the hand and show you how you can achieve this.

You can sign up for their free membership and have a feel of how things work and decide if you want to upgrade and continue with them or not.

Traffic is the most important thing in every online business, and without these traffic, you have no one to market your offer to let alone make money, so it is worth thinking about.

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On the sales page, the amount to purchase My Traffic Business is $297.

But we are not really sure about this, as we were unable to gain access to its payment page. We kept getting an error message that the site IP address was not found.

Is My Traffic Business Scam


  • Done for you system
  • You can probably make some money if you can generate your traffic to your site to start with.
  • Tutorial on how to operate your site


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • No assurance you will make money
  • Very expensive to get started with
  • Resorting to paid traffic

In Conclusion

Is My Traffic Business 2.0 a Scam? No, it is not.

We do not consider this product a scam, but we do not recommend it, for the reasons stated above.

But then, this is our opinion, we hope we have provided you with enough details to help you make your own decision.

If you are here and your sole aim is to make consistent income online, you can check out our next section below, which we believe will be easier and better for you.

But if you are here and just looking for ways to earn some extra income fast, the below-listed sites can help you achieve that:








Not Recommended


Name: My Traffic Business (upgraded to version 2.0)

Owner: Corey Lewis


Price: $297

Rated: 2.5/5.0

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Alternative To My Traffic Business 2.0

Making money online is possible

Making up to a thousand or more on a monthly, to daily basis is also very much possible.

It takes finding the right method and training to gear you in the right direction.

That is why we choose to recommend a tried and true method hundreds of thousands of people are using to make money online today.

A method known as Affiliate Marketing

A method that keeps growing by the minute every single day, helping people like you and I earn enough money through passive income to the point of either quitting their day jobs or achieving their financial freedom.

You also can achieve your financial dreams using this method if you are willing to put in the much-needed hard work, effort and time needed to succeed.

If you are ready to take that bold step, here is Our Free Step By Step Guide on the best way to make money online.

This Guide will walk you through the process of how this method works, and give you free access to the best online training platform that can help you get started. {No Credit Card Details Required}

If you are really serious to make money online, now is the time to take that bold step.

Get Our free Guide, and take the first step into achieving your financial dreams.


Is My Traffic Business Scam

That is it for today. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on this My Traffic Business Scam Review?

Or have you got any questions/ experience to share with us?

Kindly leave them in the comment section and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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jessetoikkanen · September 9, 2019 at 3:13 pm

Good, simple but informative review of my traffic business 2.0 I would say.
I wouldn’t invest in the program to “be able to” buy for ads and paid traffic until I would be familiar enough how to
convert paid and traffic to income. Not maybe even then. As you said, it’s almost useless when you don’t have people to present your offers and I fully agree. In my opinion, creating good content like the content on your site, joining for affiliate programs and making slow but sustainable income source is a much better choice. 
I will check some articles more out here, looks interesting!

    admin · September 13, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Thanks Jesse. Fell free to drop in at anytime and read as much as you want to. You are always welcomed.

AJ · September 9, 2019 at 3:20 pm

I came across this My Traffic Business like weeks ago and I thought it was ok. I believe you that it is not a scam but thank you for your reviews. I also believe your recommendation and having said that will check out other recommended sites you stated in the article. Thank you for this very informative article. All the best!

    admin · September 13, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    You are very micj welcomed AJ. Thanks for stopping by.

My Daily Pointers · September 9, 2019 at 3:33 pm


Many thanks for this awesome review on My Traffic Business. I considered joining the program in the past and turned out exactly how you just described. Later on I discovered wealthy affiliate and with the help of Jay’s live trainings I have been able to set up my website in the right way to get traffic.

I really like how you laid the facts about using paid ads with the system. This would also mean losing money!…Organic traffic still remains the best even though it takes quite some time to acquire.

Thanks again for your honest advise.


    admin · September 13, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Glad to be of help. Thanks for stopping by.

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